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From Dhawanji Maharaj

Shared by Madhvi Doshi on April 10, 2021
This message is regarding Madanji 
You should not worry about the salvation of he who has met Shri Swamiji Maharaj even once.  You simply pray,  O'  Lord  !  O' my Lord !
Dhawanji Maharaj,   Rishikesh, India   
जो एक बार भी श्रीस्वामीजी महाराज से मिल चुका है, उसके कल्याण की चिन्ता नहीं करनी चाहिए !!  आप प्रार्थना करें.... हे नाथ ! हे मेरे नाथ !!

From Rameshji Maharaj (Vrindavan, India)

Shared by Madhvi Doshi on April 10, 2021
English Translation -  
There is no certainty about life.  
One must not be saddened by death.  Let us pray at the Lotus feet of the Lord that we become alert and careful so that our remaining life is success.  
A true tribute to Madanji is that with promptness we become engaged in God.  We make every effort to adopt his (madanji's) good points and habits in our life.  
Ram ji Ram,  O' my Lord !  Let me never forget You !  
From Rameshji Maharaj,  Vrindavan,  India   
જીવન નો કોઈ ભરોસો નથી 
એમાં દુઃખ ન થવું જોઈએ, સાવધાની થી આગળ જીવન સફળ થાય એવી પ્રભુ ચરણો માં પ્રાર્થના
મદનજી પ્રત્યે સાચી શ્રદ્ધાંજલિ એ જ છે કે ખૂબ તત્પરતા થી લાગી જઈએ
એમની સારી વાતો આદતો આપણા જીવનમાં ઉતારવા માટે પ્રયાસ કરીએ
रामजी राम प्रभुजी  हे मेरे नाथ ! मैं आपको भूलूँ नहीं !! 

From Prahladji Maharaj

Shared by Madhvi Doshi on April 10, 2021
श्रीमदन जी परम धाम के अधिकारी थे।बहुत सज्जन लगे।  हे नाथ !
अपने भक्तोंको विश्वास ,आत्मीयता एवं प्रेम प्रदान करो यही प्रार्थना है।जी।राम राम। 
(From Prahladji Maharaj, Gorakhpur)   

English Translation -  
Shri Madan ji is entitled to the eternal abode of the Lord.  He is a great gentleman.  O'  Lord ! it is my sincere prayer that may you bless your devotees with deep faith, a close affinity with you and divine Love !    Ram Ram 
(From Prahladji Maharaj, Gorakhpur)    
Shared by Madhvi Doshi on April 10, 2021
Shri Hari 

I am eternally indebted to Madanji, one of my closest friends.  It is due to him that I met Swamiji Maharaj (Shradhey Swami Ramsukhdasji Maharaj), and life changed once and for all.   

In Ford, I met Madanji at the weekly Bhagavad Gita class which he meticulously prepared for us. He also ran a Gita class in his home in the evening, and a Gita class at the Bharatiya Temple, which I attended after work.  Often Madanji  caught me snoozing off, which he gently reminded me later on. All his dealings were very polite, even his email messages ended with “HUMBLE REGARDS”.  

I was fortunate to attend several Interfaith events,  where he was representing the Hindu faith. Madanji was always eager to share the Gita, wherever he went. Most people who he met for the first time, would be given some spiritual book to read. We attended some kathas and spiritual retreats over the years and distributed spiritual books from Gita Press.  He took an active part in various Memorial services, sharing the message of Gita.  Madanji’s messages were always very positive and encouraging.  When I lost my job he said - ‘God knows best, all happens for good only, ….  better things are waiting for you!’     It was so true ! It was the best thing that happened in my life.       

Since Ford,  we hardly met except at spiritual events.  But once every fifteen days Madanji would call saying -  “you are very good about keep your Mauna vrat (silence)”.  It always made me laugh. It was our common joke. Then, just as Lord said in Gita 10/9 (my devotees derive great satisfaction and bliss in enlightening one another about me, and conversing about my glories), he would share what he had learned that day.  Every conversation with Madanji,  was inspiring and with renewed enthusiasm I would set out to read Gita - Sadhak Sanjivani.   

Madanji’s eagerness to help others always amazed me.  He had limitless energy to offer his “Seva” whether it be reciting Ramayan or Gita at various homes,  or chanting Hanuman Chalisa for the terminally ill,  or fund raising drives for the temple, or clothes drive, or food distribution for the homeless, teaching people yoga, or setting up new programs at the temple, or whatever it may be. The list is endless. 

Madanji lead a very disciplined,  spiritual life that began at 4:30 am for over four decades, and one that most people would envy.  He has been fortunate to meet many holy men, saints and spiritual leaders and travelled to practically all the hindu spiritual holy places in India. Each of those yatras turned out to be memorable, blissful and divine.  He was blessed to attend many kathas (spiritual discourses) in many different cities in the USA.  All this was only possible with the love and support of Mamtaji (his wife),  who always provided the best in terms of fresh meals and all the necessities to make it possible for him to pursue the spiritual path. He spoke highly of Mamtaji and her abilities, both in running of her school and her relationship skills, her generosity, kindness and compassion. 

Madanji was very proud of the achievements for both his daughters - Shivani and Amisha and had great admiration for them. He had the most memorable trips visiting Florida and NY and staying with Amisha. It was a very special father-daughter bonding and with great pride he shared pictures from his visit.  He was also very comfortable and spoke highly of both Mark and Trevar.  

His life has been a success, a role model for all of us.  I feel deeply blessed to have had Madanji in my life, as a friend, an advisor, a mentor, and a spiritual guide.  

Life will not be the same, but I know Madanji will always be there to guide me with a smile, full of enthusiasm. I see him right now smiling, sitting comfortably in God’s lap, and happy with all of us. Every thought of him brings  joy and peace in my heart.

Meethe Meethe Lago Mohe Ram Ram Ram !  

Pyaare pyaare lago mohe Ram Ram Ram !  

He Naath !  Bhulu Nahin Ram Ram Ram ! 
Shared by Ratna Rao on April 7, 2021
Madanji meant a great deal to me.  He was first a neighbor, then a friend and most
importantly, my spiritual guide.  I feel fortunate that I was able to spend so much time with him in the last few years in the Gita classes, listening and learning.  I do believe I was his most annoying student, always asking questions but his favorite student as well because he wanted his students to be curious. 

Now that he won’t be teaching me anymore, I wish I had listened more closely, considered his words more deeply and agitated less about the philosophy of rebirth in Gita.

I will miss him so much.  There is no replacement for a teacher who takes all your stubborn views seriously and patiently keeps guiding you.  I have no doubt that he is in the place he taught us to seek, a place of eternal peace.

With much gratitude,
Shared by Sheela Tejwani on April 6, 2021
Madan Bhaisahib will be missed by uspersonally and our community! He gave so much to all of us .He reminded us thru his Gita classes -reality of our lives, existence , death is natural and will come to all of us. He worked on so many projects for our community. He will be remembered in our upcoming temple Ramayana. 
May God rest his soul in peace.   Sheela and VK

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