Posted by Roshan Ahuja on April 18, 2021
Madan Ji, your leaving has created a vacuum in our life and you will always be missed. It is rare event that in today’s materialistic world someone like you comes, who lives a life completely detached from it. Your entire life was dedicated to religious efforts and helping others.

According to me, Madan Ji you were was a truly saintly person. Even though you lived Geeta and Ramayan, you respected everyone’s faith and beliefs. To you all religions were same and you believed that they all teach similar values. A sign of a true religious being.

You were Ramayan’s Hanuman Ji, Geeta’s Arjun and modern era’s Tulsi Das.

We will always miss you but God will be standing with open arms to welcome a pure soul to his kingdom, called heaven.
Posted by Bhushan Bhatt on April 18, 2021
We attended all of the virtual Gita parayans and pooja in honor of Madan Ji. He was a noble soul. We fondly remember our many years of association with him at the Bharatiya Temple. We pray that his soul Rest In Peace.
We also pray that Almighty bestow his grace upon Mamta Ji and her family.

Nancy, Bhushan Bhatt and family
Posted by Mahaveer Khetawat on April 17, 2021
I have known Madanji since January 2000 as soon as I moved to greater Detroit area. They say when a drunkard moves to a new place it doesn't take him much time find all the drunkards and wine shops in the new place. So is the case with lovers of Ramayan and Bhagvad Gita. I have several sweet memories of innumerable satsangs with Madanji on various subjects. Having created a small group of Ramayan readears we started reciting it at the Bharatiya Temple in early 2000's and continued for over a decade. He also started a Bhagvad Gita class in the Temple in 2008 with some of us as the moderators. That class is still continuing online even now and well attended. His passion for Ramayan and Bhagvad Gita would continue to inspire several people in greater Detroit area. We shall continue to pray the Almighty Lord to grant the supreme abode to this enlightened soul and strength to the bereaved family members.

Mahaveer Khetawat
Posted by Ramu Vempati on April 11, 2021
Madan ji has been an inspiration to all the Gita and Ram Charitmanas lovers. I remember his fond and loving words with me; and feel a sense of personal loss of a friend.
May Bhagavan Narayana bless him with Sadgati.
I submit my loving Shradhdhaanjali to him and pray for his Shaanti and for the strength to the family members.
- Ramu
Posted by kusum wadhera on April 11, 2021
mera madan veer loved by everyone in the whole khandan. have so many fond memories when all of us growing up, spent holidays with our grandparents home in village sakrali, he came in this world to do good to others, saint in true sense. He had lots of my grand fathers genes and values,
alert sensible , intelligent and compassionate. We visited him a few years ago, he showered so much affection as if I was staying with my father.
Veer pure soul, divine light will guide him in his next journey. Persons like him are examples to all of us. His journey in this world very purposeful. My love to both daughters and regards to dear bhabi.  Toni (kusum wadhera)
Posted by Kumud Chadha on April 10, 2021
Will miss you a lot Madan Uncle, I have a collection of all the Gita books given by you on your every trip to India. You were a Saint and we all are blessed that we were part of your family. I am sure you are sitting at the lotus feet of Thakurji.
Posted by Kaushlendra Singh on April 9, 2021

I know Madanji, a wonderful soul, since 2003 part of the Ford Hinduism group. In 2004, I was fortunate to work with him as communication director/vice-president under his leadership when he was President of the group. He was very inspiring and great leader/teacher.
May his soul Rest In Peace. Om Shanti!
Posted by Anita Arora on April 9, 2021
Dear Mamta Aunty, Shivani and Amisha,
We are remembering Uncle and thinking of all of you, and wishing you much strength and peace. In much gratitude for the time we have been fortunate to know Uncle; he has touched countless lives at Ford, the Bharatiya Temple and in the community. Being in his peaceful, kind and giving presence has been an inspiration. He will be very much missed.

Shashi, Ram, Shalini, Anita & Rishi Arora
Posted by Sriram Ganapathy on April 9, 2021
On behalf of the Ford Asian Indian Association, our heart is with his family as we mourn the loss of one of FAIA’s prime supporters. His kindness and his legacy lives on through the strong pride and rich culture FAIA has. Madan-ji was also the key person who was the lead person in the Dr. Morales' Visit to Detroit event which was organized in 2004 at several locations in Detroit.

We thank him for his exemplar leadership and continuing to blaze the trail ahead and pranams to his departed soul.
Posted by Kunal Sharma on April 9, 2021
Words can not describe how much of an impact Madan Uncle has made on me. I can honestly say he is the wisest man I have ever met in my life. I am truly blessed I can look back to the countless memories we have together and one memory I will never forget is beating the chess master himself. After over a decade of trying, I finally succeeded and it was honestly one of the greatest feelings. The best part is I could see how proud he was. As I journey through my life I know he is watching and I will be trying my best to make him proud. I am grateful for the 21 years I got to spend with Madan Uncle and will carry the lessons about life, kindness, respect, love and many others for the rest of my life. Rest in Paradise Madan Uncle.
Posted by Manish Takyar on April 9, 2021
Ram Ram!
Thinking about Madan uncle on our way back to NJ & such rich legacy that he left behind. 
He was Madan uncle to me & Madan dadu to my kids, whom we all knew our entire life’s.

Almost 50 years of knowing him, getting bit more closer to him for the past 22 years since I shifted to US, Madan uncle was a pillar of strength, person who left me in awe each time we met or spoke over a telephone call.
As everyone shares, truly an absolute gentleman, simple man and such a noble soul, that even if you didn’t interact with him directly, his mere presence had a shining aura and a huge impact on you. We met regularly each year, on all family occasions, and each time he took charge of performing any religious ceremonies and knew entire Gita, Ramayana by heart!
I recall he once told me how he took Sanskrit classes to read the holy scriptures, and I always felt he was the rare person who really understood them too!! Hundreds of stories come flashing my mind with him, his style of using a different way to explain things to kids compared to adults, yet everyone felt totally relaxed conversing with him and he had so much wisdom to share on any subject.

Sample this - a very sharp Engineer by education with double Masters degrees from reputed colleges like Thapars & Michigan University, 35 years of distinguished service doing R&D work for Ford Motors as Sr Engineer, teaching Yoga, volunteering for so many causes for the fallen & deprived, his active role in Hindu society/temple for the past 30 years, translating a Sanskrit book of his Guru in English etc. were some of his known accomplishments. I am certain more shall get disclosed to us through the life’s he touched in his own philanthropist ways. He loved photography, playing chess, enjoyed travel (Rishikesh being his fav destination), a great listener/healer, he had amazing sense of humor. “Ek baar aisa hua” (once so it happened) was his catch phrase, followed by a great story or a rib tickling joke.

This isn’t really an eulogy or even a tribute per se, it’s merely saying Thank You for giving us the opportunity to know you uncle and thanks a lot for all you did for your family, friends & community. It’s been an absolute honor!

May you continue to brighten & enlighten us with your teachings.
Am certain, Gods must have embraced you with his open arms.
Posted by Misha Kaura on April 8, 2021
Madan Taya ji, I’m so sorry I couldn’t be there in person due to my grappling with Covid-19 in London lockdown. I was there in spirit and I hope your final moments were peaceful surrounded by my Dad, Mom, my brother Shawn, Shivani didi, Amisha didi, and Tayi ji. Your life touched so many in the temple and in the Ford Motor Company, but what I remember most are the times when you taught me what it means to grapple with adversity--either you eat it head on, or it eats you--and you told me I'd overcome anything in my path. You're a shining example of someone who overcame adversity and made something of yourself against the odds and I've always looked to you for inspiration to keep plugging ahead and moving forward. When I think of someone who personified the American Dream and who stood up for what he believed in—faith, family, community—I think of you. You and my Dad came to the US knowing nobody and built lives of integrity, courage, joy, and triumph. Your legacy is one of service—service to God, service to your company, service to your community, and service to your family. I hope to live up to the legacy you’ve left behind as I embark on the next chapter of my life. I’ve been thinking a lot about what you taught all of us about what it means to be a citizen oriented toward service and what it means to be strong when going through tough times. I never got to tell you in person, but I’ve taken up yoga and I’m working toward my 200 hour teacher certification. I hope I make you proud from Heaven. I’m staying strong, staying healthy, and never forgetting what you've taught me about service, faith, family, and building an extraordinary life worth living. We Kauras are a resilient people; we always have been, from the Bhagvad Gita to the present. You live forever in the hearts and prayers of this entire community and your entire family. Rest in Peace. —Misha Kaura, Mayfair, London, England
Posted by Karan Sharma on April 8, 2021
Madan Uncle was more than a grandfather for Kunal and I, he was our hero. He was a man of great wisdom and honor. Whenever he spoke, we listened because we knew the value of every single word he said. Whenever we would visit Madan Uncle and Kuku Nani, we would always play chess and it's safe to say he never lost. It's still hard to wrap my head around losing you Madan Uncle, however I know you will be with us forever. We love you so much and thank you for the infinite amount of memories we created together.
Posted by Rajashekhar Sharma on April 7, 2021
Both myself and my wife were saddened to hear that our dear friend, Madan Kaura, has passed away. We used to see Madan at Bharatiya Temple frequently. Madanji and I worked together in the Ford Hinduism Group as volunteers. Madan was a wonderfully helpful and friendly gentleman. Although we had our differences, we had a great time working with our wonderful, friendly colleagues. We worked hard and we had a lot of fun. Madan was a great devotee of Lord Sri Rama and he used to tell us stories from Ram Charit Manas, which were entertaining as well as enlightening. Madan was also a scholar of Srimad Bhagavad-gita, and used to give lectures on its philosophy. We pray to The Almighty that Madan obtain Sadgati and his family members receive strength to go through these difficult times.
Posted by Gopal Anu Raizada Raizada on April 7, 2021
We are sharing our condolences with the family.
Very saddened about the demise of our dear friend Madanji. A great loss for the community.
We will always treasure fond memories, teachings and feelings. Very fortunate to know him for a long time in Farmington Hills , MI.
Gopal ,Anu and family
Posted by Gayathri Koray on April 7, 2021
Blessed to have known Madanji, a wonderful soul!! 
I have known him since being part of the Ford Hinduism group. We used to have sessions on Bhagavad Geetha regularly at Ford. I was fortunate to attend his sessions on the Bhagavad Geetha and Ramayana at his home.
May he attain his eternal abode and be at peace forever. Om Shanthi!
Posted by Subrahmanyam Jayakumar on April 7, 2021
I am very saddened about the demise of our beloved friend Madanji. I have known Madanji for a very long time at Ford. He was very active in Ford Hindu group. We used to have sessions on Bhagavad Gita regularly at Ford. He was very active and passionate about encouraging us to learn Bhagavat Gita. We will miss him dearly. 
We pray that his atma attains the ultimate liberation from samsara bhandam.
Posted by V S on April 7, 2021
Mamta Aunty, Shivani and Amisha, we are sharing in your sorrow with love and friendship. Uncle was a gentle soul and will be dearly missed. Love and light. Om Shanti.

Posted by Vishal Kapoor on April 6, 2021
Uncle was always a kind, gentle soul. I will always remember our trips to Michigan and happily remember playing ping pong in the basement (maybe it was amusing for him to have some boys in the house)

Love and prayers from the Kapoors in Brooklyn.
Posted by Vijay Verma on April 6, 2021
Friendship transcends death,memories made will never be forgotten and created a lasting impression on those they left behind. Madan was good sincere
friend in foreign land. We found comfort in each others company and created a bond which lasted long time. Good by friend I will miss you. Your life was blessing.     Vijay
Posted by Amisha Kaura on April 6, 2021
My hero and role model and the sweetest, most caring and sincere gentleman and the strongest person I’ve ever met.

A lifelong scholar, philanthropist, healer, counselor, author, mechanical engineer, teacher. A man of God who was devoted to his faith. A selfless spiritual leader in his community who embodied Seva throughout his life. A Chess master and photographer who loved his old school “Dad jokes”. Someone who lived his life to silently serve others.

A beloved brother, uncle, nephew, husband, son and our amazing Daddy. We are so blessed to have had you as our father, a literal saint.

You fought through and beat so many health challenges over the years with so much patience and grace, our miracle man.

For every moral, value, life lesson and piece of guidance that a person could have poured into a little girl, for your unconditional love and support, for our close friendship, for the example that you set, for always taking such good care of us, for your sacrifices - thank you. I am so proud of the man you are. 

We were so blessed to spend your last days by your side, while we were surrounded by God and while your body was pure and fasted, as you would have wanted it. Your passing was peaceful and your family and community have so many lessons to carry forward from you. 

We love you so much and were so blessed to have you as our father.

May your soul live in eternal bliss and happiness Daddy. Ram Ram. I love you so much and will always be your girl. ♥️

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