This tribute was added by John Hinson on March 31, 2020
Madelyn Tan was a very noble woman. She was always an encouragement to me.  She stood for righteousness and rejoicing in the Lord, and her children rose up and called her blessed------plus me, her brother, I rise up and call her blessed.
Yours in Christ,
John Hinson and CHOIR
This tribute was added by Jonathan Mitchell on March 31, 2020
Our prayers and condolences to all of you in the loss of an amazing and precious lady that we had the joy and privilege of knowing. I first met Sister Madeline at a 10-day teacher training seminar at Bowen's Mill in spring of 1980. My mother, Evelyn Mitchell, "dragged" me, a 16-year-old guy, to this seminar because she had nothing else to do with me for the 10 days (plus 5 more for convention following). Not what I wanted to be doing. Was not a teacher??!! One of the major, incredible highlights of this seminar was meeting this little Chinese lady, Madeline Tan, with the warmest heart and sweetest spirit, and I believe her son, Steve, was with her. They were two of the most amazing people I've ever met. Sister Madeline was so passionate about teaching, about the Lord, about children, my life was forever changed as a result of that conference. I'm grateful to my mom for taking me. I'm a CPA by trade, but have been teaching full-time for 20 years in community college! Seeds were sown 40 years ago that have borne so much fruit and joy. I am forever grateful to have met and known and loved Sister Madeline and precious Steve also. I only very recently learned that Steve had passed also. Wow is heaven brighter having these two souls there! Thanks to her amazing family for sharing her with all of us. I have met Winston and Julie a few times, also precious. What a great and amazing family. Time may have separated us physically, but hearts are forever intertwined with the love of God expressed through these awesome people. Love and blessings to all of you!
This tribute was added by Edith Nee on March 30, 2020
Aunty Madeline left a legacy of faith for the generations of family who follow her. Her relationship with our God and her desire to spread the Christian message to others were her priorities in life. She was strong yet gentle. And she was always loving towards those around her. In 2008, when my kidney was failing, she asked her doctor if she could donate one of her kidneys to me. The doctor said "no" because of her age. That's the kind of love she has for others in need. I will miss everything about her. Her mission on this earth is now over and she can rest in peace with Uncle Gilbert and Stephen.
This tribute was added by Ray Cheng on March 29, 2020
We will miss you forever.
This tribute was added by Margaret Chau on March 28, 2020
I met Madeline some 15 years ago while I was living in Milpitas, we had a fellowship of bible study at her place until I moved out to Stockton . But occasionally , I called her and she would ask me about my Faith , or sometimes  I called her and asked for help in understanding some verses . Nevertheless, after this medical need after her stroke , i had a chance to work as a caregiver for her here and there whenever I could . Although her physical and mental conditions had been affected but she always knew that The lord would never leave her or me . As much as she wanted to share with me about her Faith , she would use her body languages to communicate with me , that I must pray for all the cars lining up at the back side of her unit , and she also wanted me to pray for our country as she used her figure to point out so that I was able to see an American flag hidden behind the tall big tree . It was beautiful to witness that she loved the world and she was so loved as well , There are many memories of which we spent time together by doing what she loved to do just 6 months before she finally had joined her loved one in Heaven , She had been a blessing in my life all along till I day i will see her again . Blessings to those who have known her and continuing to live our life to His glory as Madeline had always taught us .
This tribute was added by Teri Yeung on March 28, 2020
From May Ling Shen:

Dear Teri, Winston, Bernice and Family,

Madeline was an incredible woman of God and an inspiration as is the family she raised. The Tan family was instrumental in my salvation. Their faith was a testament to God's blessings and care over the years. You welcomed me into your home when I visited the Oakland church where I accepted salvation. Madeline has left a great legacy of service to Jesus and an example of faithfulness that her family can be forever inspired by.

May Ling

P.S. It was fun visiting you at Shiloh and going to convention in Texas with your family.
This tribute was added by Andrew Giles on March 28, 2020
Sister Madeline visited Ireland and left with us the indelible memory of a praising, God-fearing, joyful saint. We thank God for her and the beautiful example she was. We send our love and sympathy to her family. From Andrew and Kathy and the family of God in Blessington
This tribute was added by Fred Vanderhoof on March 27, 2020
Sister Madeline was one of the finest women I knew. Always had a smile and a kind word. She will be missed by everyone that was blessed to know her. A had three fine children, which is a real testimony these days. My love to those of her family that I knew--Lord bless Fred
This tribute was added by Gary Young on March 26, 2020
Aunt Madeline took my mom to a church meeting - must be 50 years ago. My mom came back a different person. She seemed to have more peace. Sometimes she would disappear and we would find that she locked herself into the bathroom so she could read her Bible. That was the beginning of the transformation of our family. We are so thankful that her life touched ours in such a profound way.
This tribute was added by Tom Rowe on March 25, 2020
Madeline Tan crisscrossed the Nation and the world, taking a message of hope and love to a people with a heart for Kingdom culture. From the frozen tundra of Alaska to the jungles of South America; from the white cliffs of Dover to the lush green hills of Ireland and Scotland; from the canals of Amsterdam to the plains of Spain; from Atlanta to Asia; from Sequim, Washington to Searsport, Maine; from Canada to Colombia, and cities and towns in between, multitudes have been taught, trained, and transformed, thanks to the faithfulness of a little widow woman, Madeline Lee Tan, who had caught a vision which extended beyond her own house and impacted a generation of ministers (like me), parents, teachers and young people across the globe. We love you, Sister Madeline, and thank God for bringing you into our lives. We will miss you, but we know where you are, and we will meet again.

Tom R. Rowe, Jr.
March 2020
This tribute was added by Betty Eng on March 25, 2020
Flowers from our garden cultivated by our parents:
This tribute was added by Dori Fox Faust on March 25, 2020
I first met Madeline Tan at North Valley Christian Church. I remember her at the women’sBible study always with such wise words and amazing insights to share. I remember going to her apartment for some type of gathering and she was such a gracious hostess serving us tea and cookies. I had a great admirationfor this great lady of God. She will be forever missed but her wonderful spirit will live on in her children and grandchildren and great grandchildren. What a beautiful and godly legacy she leaves.
This tribute was added by Raymond Lee on March 24, 2020
My sister was a teacher by profession but, more importantly, she was a teacher by example. The life of my sister was a teachable life.  Few people walked the path of life my sister walked, few walked in her shoes. And fewer people walked through with such grace and good cheer. My sister is a testament to and an affirmation of courage, grace, and the indomitable human spirit. A tree is best measured when fallen and few stood taller than my sister. Her journey is over, whether she's in a better place, I don't know, but I know the pain of the human condition is behind her now. She paid her rent for existence on this planet and left the joint better than when she came on board. I love you, Sis. It's cruise control from here on. Some flowers don't just bloom once or twice, they bloom forever. Bloom on Sis!
This tribute was added by Betty Eng on March 24, 2020
Celebration of Life: Madeline Lee Tan
March 18, 2020
Madeline and our family were cousins, but I think I saw her as my first Asian American big older sister. Herman, Madeline’s brother, told me that our paternal Grandmother was the daughter of their Great-Grandmother. I was about six years of age and my brother, Ben, about five when we and our mother immigrated to the U.S. from Toishan, China to be reunited with our father. Madeline’s father, “Uncle Stephen”, and my father, “Uncle Jimmy”, were partners in the grocery store, “Big Town Market” in Sacramento.
Madeline was already married with children when we first met around 1955. She was happily married to Gilbert, an M.D., with a growing family, Stevie, Winsty and Teri. I remember Gilbert’s generous and warm smile who shared his enthusiastic laughter with everyone. As a young immigrant child, I saw Madeline as a “model” for how the American experience could be lived: educated, professional, married, children….
When Gilbert died unexpectedly, everything changed as Madeline became a widow and single mother. In her books The Bruised Reed and This is my Story, This is my Song (2010), Madeline movingly chronicles the narratives of her life with Gilbert and family. She is strong, resilient, and brave.
It is her faith and belief in God that guides and shapes her life and family. Her devotion and deep commitment to God is inspiring and life affirming. She writes: “When I am weak, I am strong because it is no longer that I live, but Christ that lives in me.”
When my father passed on, Madeline kindly telephoned my mother frequently to express her care and concern as well as reached out through email messages. Extending her own experience as a widow, Madeline wanted my mother to know that she will not be a broken bruised reed and to move forward with hope.
Madeline is in our hearts forever and leaves a legacy of her faith in her children, Teri and Winsty and her many grandchildren.
Betty & Leung
Sacramento, California

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