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Shared by melinie milner on October 28, 2014

U will be forever miss madison I love u sooo much if know we did not talk a lot but I miss u I ways will love cus we all love and miss u

madison michelle milner

Shared by michelle irby on October 27, 2010

well i have so many neices an nephews they all call me aunecidedt shell but not madison she decided she would call me aunt hell an to be so little she had her aunt hell figured out just writting this makes me smile sometimes i remember her an smile but mostly i cry i was playing with her hair when she died and i kissed her an told her goodbye maddie i know you knew i was there. i dont think my heart will ever mend i love u baby i will see you again


Shared by anna irby on October 27, 2010

Madison and I use to play school. and she would always be the teacher. and i would always fail school. ! me and her were so close, you would think we were sisters. we use to get into fights over the stupidest things. but we were back talkin and being the best of friends the next day. I miss her so bad. We made wedding plans together and we were gonna get married on the same day and the same time. we swore we would find a way to work it out. And the some she wanted played at the wedding was honkeytonkbadonkadonk. and We were gonna have pink and blue dresses because pink was my favorite color and blue was hers.:) her babies middle name was gonna be my name, and my babies middle name was gonne be hers. and it still will be. i cant wait to see her one day. then we can be bestfriends in heaven and we can be close and talk like we use to. i remember when they didnt uderstand what madison was saying because she had a speech problem, they would call me nextdoor and ask me. and i wlways knew. because we talked so much.. we lived nextdoor to each other for the longest time, and we were never seperated. and thats how it will be one day soon. Madison is the best thing god ever did to this earth and now she is gone, but she is in a better place. we all miss and love her. and we know she is doing good because she is in gods hands now. i will never forget her.. ILOVEYOU Maddie

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