Posted by Teresa Shearon on July 4, 2022
Madison aunt teresa loves you and i imagine the beautiful lady you would be when we lost you heaven gained a special angel u are thought of and missed everyday rest in peace pretty girl keep watch over the family love you so much     forever missed
Posted by nicole milner on June 25, 2022
My sweet sweet little girl mommy misses you so much I have missed you graduating from school and getting married and have your own little girl I really gets harder and harder everyday that passes I'm so scared of losing another child or grandchild I don't think I could take losing anyone else I will be with you again one day until then rest in peace my sweet sweet angel
Posted by nicole milner on June 28, 2017
Momas beautiful angel I miss you so much I miss you more and more everyday I wish so much that you were here with me not a day goes by that I don't think of you we will be together again one day until then you are in my heart and in my thoughts you were taken away from me at such a young age we have so much catching up to do moma loves you and I can't wait to see my angel again soon
Posted by Julie Moore on October 28, 2016
Happy birthday beautiful! Constantly you are in my thoughts, reminding me how short life can be. You were my best friend, and I'll never forget that! I still have the photo your mom gave me just weeks after it happened, it's sitting high above my books where I know you are. I know you're here with us all, helping us through it. You would have been in college now, walking around campus with me, getting lost and confused with all the crazy lessons. It's been a crazy ride without you, but I know you're happier there! I love you Maddie!!!
Posted by Michelle Irby on October 27, 2016
My beautiful Madison, not a single day goes by that I don't think if you and wish u we're here. I want you to know that I've been taking care of your mommy since you left, she misses you baby. When u left it affected us in such a way, nobody will ever b the same. Happy birthday beautiful girl, aunt he'll hopes to c u again
Posted by nicole milner on October 26, 2016
My beautiful little angel you are missed so much everyday you are always with me you're in my heart you're in my soul no one can ever take that from me when I gave birth to you it changed my life forever and when you left me it broke my heart but I can now say that I didn't really lose you at all you're always with me in everything i do and everywhere I go I love you my sweet angel
Posted by b. s. on October 29, 2015
We miss you maddie
Posted by Frankie Milner on October 29, 2015
18 years old! Wow I can even imagine! I just wish so bad I could see! I miss you Maddie not just today but every day that passes. You were on my mind all day today. Just a very emotional day and to top if off it was your birthday, but yet you were not here to celebrate it. But I do know you were smiling down on us from heaven. That just fills me with joy knowing your there smiling down and watching over us. I need you to keep a close on Mama and Daddy Maddie. Let them know that your there with them at all times. I love you baby girl so freaking much. I wish I could see your beautiful face. Until we meet again, I love you
Posted by Angela Tucker on October 29, 2015
Happy birthday my love
Posted by Loretta Goodman on October 29, 2015
To the sweetest little girl you're forever in our hearts and beautiful memories from the precious memories of the way you could get everyone who came into the room to smile and laugh when we were doing something else,but you always did get me to slow down to read book together.and I miss your smile and laugh may you always show your family your presence somehow to ease their pain to know that you'll never be forgotten ➕
Posted by Delores Shearon on October 29, 2015
Madison,I miss and love you so very much my precious angel. I think about you every day. Granny longs for the day when I can be with you again. Love You, Granny.

Posted by melinie milner on October 28, 2014
Wish u was here love cus
Posted by melinie milner on October 28, 2014
U are always in my heart love u Madison always will miss u
Posted by melinda milner on October 28, 2014
Maddie your always called me your other Moma and said when I grew up I would Get my own house and youwould come to love with me and then I really would be your other Moma. baby girl today I have all that and in spirit you live with me. I remember like it was yesterday. . A few days before the fire I was leaving for aunt jeris and you told me exactly that. I love you so much.
Posted by vicki davies on October 28, 2012
Will always miss you and think of you. You are in our heart.
Aunt Kiki
Posted by Frankie Milner on October 28, 2011
And i believe this is the biggest one. I love you do much madison. Whenever i start to think about how truly unfair it is i try to remind myself God has a reason for everything i just wish we would all know thstt reason so that maybe we will have a peace of mind. Well even though Ur not with us i know u are celebrating in heaven i love you so much angel and happy 14th birthday wish we coul
Posted by vicki davies on October 28, 2011
You will always be in our thoughts and heart. You are missed by so many people who loved you. You will never be foregotten.
Posted by Frankie Milner on October 28, 2011
Could see it
Posted by Frankie Milner on October 28, 2011
Here we are again. Today is sipposed to be a happy day but instead its not. Its a day that belongs to you but yet your not here to enjoy it. It hurts so bad to think that you should still be here with us. As I'm writing this I'm thinking to myself if you were here today how would you celebrate? What would it be like? There are things in life that we can never understand
Posted by nicole milner on June 29, 2011
Your Memory is a keepsake from which i'll never part.Creater has you in his arms.I have you in my heart.Always and forever.Love Moma.
Posted by nicole milner on June 29, 2011
Wish heaven had a phone so i could hear your voice again.I thought of you today,but that is nothing new.I thought about you yesterday and days before that too.I think of you in silence,I often speak your name.All i have are memories and a picture in
Posted by nicole milner on October 28, 2010
"Madison"You truly were an angel,Sent from god in heaven above;Your shocking death just broke the hearts of everyone you loved.When i found out that you had died,I just knew that they were wrong.You were so alive-And just like that,You were gone.A flame blown out in seconds;Confirming our worst fears.A lite that shines no more on earth;For which we shed so many tears.But still you are my angel.
Posted by vickie dennis on October 28, 2010
I have lit a candle for you Madison. I know we did'nt know each other,but i know i would have loved you just like so many others do.Your mom is my best friend and i have heard so much about you i feel as i do know you.I see how badly missed you are,but we all know God had special plans for you and one day you and your family will meet again. Your mom and dad's friend.
Posted by phillip woods on October 28, 2010
It's your birthday.I Love You,I miss you,But you are always with me.I wish that i'd been there for you.I know that you would have been a beautiful thirteen year old princess.I miss scratching your back even though you never wanted me to quit.I love you sweetheart;See you soon!
Posted by Frankie Milner on October 28, 2010
"I cant believe you would be thirteen today! Its amazing how fast the time flies..I miss you so much angel..i hate that i cant see you grow up I would just love to see how beautiful you turned out...but the thought that you are in a better place gives me a peace of mind somewhat..but i still wish you were here with us to celebrate..i love you maddie more than you ever will know.."
Posted by melinda milner on October 28, 2010
Maddie i wish you were here with us everyday. you are very much still apart of all of us. Even the boys know who their Aunt Maddie is. They would have loved you so much and i know you love them. We look at pictures all the time. I think of you everyday. Happy birthday baby girl. You would be so beautiful today on your 13th birthday. I just wish you were here so we could celebrate with you.
Posted by Jason Smith on October 28, 2010
Happy Birthday Maddie. We can't believe how time has past. It seems like it was not too long ago you were here with us. We hope you are up there smiling down and watching over us. Just think we will all be together again one day. We all love you baby girl. The kids say their prayers everynight and tell you Good night, they love you, and blow you a kiss. We love you Maddie!
Posted by James milner on October 28, 2010
Baby sister I love you and your always on my mind. I will never forget about you.
Posted by amanda johnston on October 28, 2010
"To maddi, you were so sweet and loved. You will always be missed . On this day u would have been so big and beauthiful. Everyone misses our maddi and she will never be forgotten. To our angel madison milner. In loving memory."
Posted by anna irby on October 27, 2010
madison, i love you so much. i wish you were still here. i know you are in a better place, but i miss you. you were my bestfriend. we did everything together. and everytime i hear honkeytonk-badonk-a-donk, i cry. because that was the song you were gonna play at our wedding. i remember all the plans we made together. i love you. i will see you soon one day.
Posted by vicki davies on October 27, 2010
We will never for Madison, she will live in our hearts forever.
Posted by nicole milner on October 26, 2010
You may be gone,But never forgotten.For the rest of my days I will keep you right here in my heart where you belong.Until then;Until the end.Someday soon my Angel,We will be together Again!Love Always;Your Dear Mother for my Dear Madison!
Posted by carey shearon on October 26, 2010
dear madison i know that you are a little angel above us.i know that you are so deeply missed and loved i only hope that one day we will all see each other agian until that time i know that you are forever young and beautiful full of peace and always aunt carey
Posted by hollie irby on October 26, 2010
maddie, i miss you so much. it doesnt seem like its been that long since you were here, but its been about 4 years. and, its almost your birthday. wow, you'd be so big. and so beautiful. i remember all the times me, you, and anna would argue over stupid little things, and how no matter what.. eveything always had to be your way(: i miss that. i cant wait to see you again someday, iloveyou maddie.
Posted by michelle irby on October 26, 2010
My beautiful madison we miss u so much aunt hell doesnt go one day withouy thinking of you.I wonder what u would look like but it gives me some piece of mind nowing that you r safe and the most beautiful angel in heaven and knowing i will be with you again one day. I LOVE YOU BABY.
Posted by angela tucker on October 26, 2010
i loved this little girl so much i remember helping with her homework and our easter egg hunt she was so beautiful and had the prettiest smile and was sooo spunky she will be missed but god had another plan for her and she is happy watching over everyone i love you maddie

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