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Madison Rae Sweitzer
  • 29 years old
  • Date of birth: Jun 15, 1986
  • Date of passing: Jun 22, 2015
Let the memory of Madison be with us forever
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Madison Sweitzer, 29, born on June 15, 1986 and passed away on June 22, 2015. We will remember her forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Secor Family on 22nd June 2017

"Thinking of your beautiful smile and sweet spirit! Missing you. Love you Maddie!"

This tribute was added by Amber Jones on 22nd June 2016

"Hey Madi!  You've been on my mind.  I still feel you around.  I miss you.  I love seeing your beautiful kids growing and thriving.  They are doing so well.  Matt is an amazing father, and your sis is the best aunt!  I hope you see all this from where you are.  Lots of love to you friend."

This tribute was added by Secor Family on 16th June 2016

"Happy 30th sweet Maddie! I think about you each and every day. I miss your genuine friendship. Love and miss you!"

This tribute was added by StarrLynn Woodbury on 16th June 2016

"Happy birthday Maddie! I love and miss you more then words can say, and wish you were here everyday. Your kids are growing fast and remind me so much of you. You were the most amazing mom sister daughter and friend. Thank you for teaching me and always helping me along the way. I try everyday to remember the sound of your voice and hear the advice you give me. Miss you and love you always and forever."

This tribute was added by Jim Abbott on 15th June 2016

"Happy Birthday Maddie. We miss you and all the things you did for Matt and my great grand kids"

This tribute was added by StarrLynn Woodbury on 22nd August 2015

"2 months ago today I lost my best friend and sister. Not a day goes by that I don't wish you were here or miss you like crazy! You were the best friend and sister I could ever ask for. I love and miss you so much!"

This tribute was added by Rachel Webb on 23rd July 2015

"In high school I looked up to Madison. She was so beautiful yet so down to earth. She never acted like she was better than anyone and greeted everyone with a smile. Her family is very lucky to have her watching over them."

This tribute was added by Julie McFarland on 6th July 2015

"You were such a great daughter in law, great wife and mother to my grandkids. I felt so blessed at every thing you had accomplished. The amazing way you brought our family together was wonderful. Not all of my family was into participating in activities and you had a way of getting them involved. Easter egg hunts decorating people as Christmas trees :). My brother, now that was amazing. Thank you for being so genuine and we will all miss you more than you will ever know. I love you so much Madison"

This tribute was added by Kelsey Jensen on 29th June 2015

"I remember always sitting on Madison's bed and looking up to her so much. I specifically remember her words of wisdom when it came to being a good friend. She used to tell Starr and I that growing up is hard and we will drift apart but we need to always remember our friendship and always have each others backs where ever life takes us. We looked up to her and tried to copy her every move. She was always so effortlessly cool and always made us feel loved. She will be deeply missed!"

This tribute was added by eva walyet on 28th June 2015

"You wore an amazing person that words couldn't Describe I will miss you so much!"

This tribute was added by Tanya Trodahl on 27th June 2015

"Madison always had the biggest smile on her face! She was kind to every person she met! I wasn't close to her but we hung out with the same people. I remember always being so envious of her amazing spirit! Her smile and bubbly personality was so contagious! Rest in peace Madison I know you are no longer in pain and smiling down on all your loved ones! Thank you for sharing your amazing spirit with us all!"

This tribute was added by tosha stevenson on 27th June 2015

"She was the first person to be kind to me when I moved here in middle school. She welcomed me with open arms and made me feel like I was going to be ok. Her smile is contagious and has always been easy to love. I love you Madison!"

This tribute was added by Amber Jones on 26th June 2015

"I met Madison through our neighborhood HOA when we moved into the neighborhood.  She reached out to me with her warm personality.  Her smile and light was amazing and she had the ability to make you feel good about life when you saw her.  I will miss her, so very much.  Every day i would walk my daughter to school and would see her getting Krue out the door.  Last October she hosted a neighborhood carnival for the neighborhood kids and it was amazing.  We talked about doing it every year....  She will be sorely missed by so so many people.  Including me and my family.

Matt, Krue and Axzelle,
We are so sorry for your profound loss.  I know that your will feel Madison's love for eternity because she had nothing but love for the three of you.  She will always be there for you....."

This tribute was added by Kyle Wilson on 26th June 2015

"The image of Maddie I always have and always will hold in my head has three components. First, the smiling slight teenage girl whose house I would give my little sister rides to and from. Second, the beaming, beautiful young woman waddling around pregnant with Krue. And third, the thoughtful, charismatic, and loved mom who went out of her way to keep size 15 shoes in her store for me. I know that's a silly thing to think about, size 15 shoes. But it wasn't the shoes that meant so much. It was the fact that in the sea of people who loved her (and who she loved) she thought about me. And the remarkable thing about her is she thought about everyone to the same degree. I think she knew some detail about everyone with whom she associated that could make them feel loved. And that is something that doesn't exist very often in the world."

This tribute was added by Ty Atkin on 26th June 2015

"In high school I was taking a Japanese class and when the Japanese exchange students would come to visit they would go to classes with us. It didn't take long before the entire group of Japanese kids were talking about Maddie. We passed Maddie in the hall and her and I said hello to each other and the Japanese kids went nuts! They were like "You know her?!" They just loved Maddie. They thought she looked like Christina Aguilera and Maddie was so sweet to them and took pictures with all of them."

This tribute was added by Malia Seamons on 26th June 2015


I am amazed I was blessed enough to have a friend like you in my life. Your desire to give and to serve others is beyond that of anyone I know. I hope and aspire to be the kind of friend to others as you have been to me. I miss you. I hope you can comprehend how much of a loss it is for so many people not having you in our lives. Love you Maddie."

This tribute was added by Jennifer Gotti Martinez on 26th June 2015

"I didn't know Madi very well but what I did know about her I loved. I loved her smile, I loved how friendly she was, I loved how inviting she was. I loved the kind of mom she was. It was easy to see that she loved her kids and her family. I loved how truly nice and sweet she was. I loved how when she was around the atmosphere just seemed to be happier and things were more fun. I was looking forward to our girls playing and building a friendship. Not only for them but for us moms too. Our girls can and will still be friends though. Madi was just one of those people that you meet and you are truly Wowed by them, and you want them to be your friend, and you walk away feeling like you’ve know them your whole life. She will be greatly missed and never forgotten. I just wish that I did get to know you better so that I had more stories and memories that I could share with your family. I read this quote today and it reminds me of you Madi. “While an original is always hard to find, he is easy to recognize.” –John L. Mason. You were truly an original, and those of us that were lucky to cross paths with you have been blessed and are better for the imprint that you have left in our hearts."

This tribute was added by Tenille Gubler on 26th June 2015

"I will never forget Maddie and how accepting and loving she was. Whenever I saw her she made sure to talk to me and make me feel so good. I remember I was going through a rough time and my best friend Starr told me Maddie had been through a similar situation and offered to talk to me about it. I will never forget how kind that was. I really wish I would have taken her up on the offer because I know I would have treasured words from her. She was so good to me and especially my sister kylee. A memory I have of Madison was at her bridal shower. I will never forget how personable she was that day. After each gift she unwrapped she would go hug each person and really thank them. It probably was the longest present opening I have been to :) but those glimpses of love and sincere appreciation really stuck with me and make me want to be just like her. Maddie you will be missed but never forgotten. Dawn, Starr, jasmine, and Madison are true examples of mother and sister love. They truly are best friends and I look up to them all and love them."

This tribute was added by Carrie Chamberlain-Nicolaides on 25th June 2015

"I have shared so many amazing and memorable memories with Maddie in our younger years. When I lived in St. George Maddie was such a great friend to me and we did everything together. Maddie was adored by everyone who came in contact with her and she spread light and sunshine everywhere she went. She had a magnetic personality, to know her was to love her.  From a young age she was a leader, trend setter, and always kind to everyone. I always wondered how I was lucky enough to be friends with Maddie. There was never a dull moment with Maddie, she would find the fun in everything she did and saw the beauty in everything around her. She loved her family so much and found so much joy in being a sister to her siblings. We lost close contact during the last few years but I always knew that she would be the BEST mother in the whole world. Above anything I want her two adorable kids to know what a special person their Mom was and IS and how much she meant to everyone that knew her. I know she adored her kids and Husband and know that she will be the best guardian angel watching over them throughout their entire lives. They can go throughout life having pride in knowing that their Mom was an incredibly special person and she will live on in them forever. I have no doubt that she will walk with them hand in hand, step by step throughout their lives- not wanting to miss a moment. My thoughts and prayers are with the entire Staheli and Sweitzer family. I have so much love for Dawn and Kole and all of her siblings. My heart truly is broken for their loss and the tremendous loss for her Husband and Children. I love you Maddie!"

This tribute was added by Chris Hagblom on 25th June 2015

"Dear Maddie,
We will forever miss your infectious smile, vibrant personality and amazing gift of capturing everyone's heart you were around.
You were never afraid to be just yourself!
We our so blessed to have had you in our lives. You will always have a special place in out hearts.
Until we meet again. All our love.
Aunt Chris and Uncle Dave"

This tribute was added by Whitnee Holt on 25th June 2015

"Just last week I was talking to my dad about Robin Williams movies & I told him Mrs. Doubtfire was my favorite, it reminded me of being a little girl sleeping over at Maddie's, in the basement of their house on Staheli hill.  Since she's passed away I've thought of countless memories we had together, some of them being: making up dances at Aunt Dawnes house when Jenna & Kim were down, planning & planning but never actually giving the performance, we would spend hours just setting things up. Swimming at the city pool. Going with Kole & Korys families to the Stahelis big easter party. The teddy bear sleepover party with Aunt Dawne & all her granddaughters at Abby Inn. In the later years I remember her being pregnant with Krue, at Amy Cannon's wedding we sat and talked forever, she was trying to decide if she wanted to name the baby Maddux or Krue & was so excited to have him on 08-08-08.  She always asked how everyone in the family was doing & you could tell she genuinely cared.  At the Ivie Christmas eve party this last year they had just walked in & Dylan had called Dawns house from his mission, they were trying to decide if they should go talk to him or stay, but Maddie said she wanted to see the family & let the kids be apart of the Christmas Eve party.  She sat down & talked to my Dad & I for a long time about what the family was up to and reminiscing about our younger years.  We kept laughing about the time Kole & Dawn left town & the kids stayed at our house, Jazzy went missing one morning & we didn't know where she was until Nikohle called & said she'd showed up on her doorstep across the street in her jammies with her blanket.  So many fun memories!  Everytime I saw Maddie I was greeted with that big smile & a warm hug, I will miss that.  I know Maddie will live on through her wonderful husband, gorgeous kids & amazing family.  Please know you are in all our hearts & prayers...Love you!!"

This tribute was added by Secor Family on 25th June 2015

"My girls and I will never forget how much fun we had when we were with you. You are a beautiful, sweet, dear friend. We will forever cherish the friendship and memories we have. My girls vow to look out for your adorable children whenever given the chance. Axzelle has won a special place in their hearts, just like you did in mine! Keep smiling down on us from heaven. We love you, Madison!"

This tribute was added by Matt 'n Irvin on 25th June 2015

""I have so many fun memories of Madison! When we were kids Maddie, Starr, jazzy, Megan and I would all dress up in sparkly dresses from aunt Nancy's house and have parades around the neighborhood on Staheli hill. We would sell lemonade, walk or bike to little nissons to get candy, play "school" and she would always be the teacher because she was the oldest. I adored her then and always looked up to her and how beautiful she was on the inside and out! That girl lit up any room she was in and made everyone smile and feel loved. I love you so much Maddie! I hope you know how many lives you touched by just being the amazing and beautiful person you are!

-McKenzi irvin""

This tribute was added by Chase Loader on 25th June 2015

"I knew Madison since we were little but never really got to know her till we were older and ran with the same group of friends. I'd often see her here and there. We'll stop and visit her at Zumiez. And even though we weren't close friends she would always put an arm around me and it was like we knew each other our whole life. Invited me to things and always excepted me and everyone around her. Her personality was just so fun and it was contagious. She was truly a loving individual and I have and will continue miss that special love she shared. My thoughts and prayers extend far and beyond. God bless her family in all things."

This tribute was added by Kelli Porter Jacobson on 25th June 2015

"I worked with Madi at the pool for several years life guarding and teaching swim lessons together. She was a year younger yet some how I felt like she was so much cooler! Her beach babe tan and blonde hair, beautiful long legs, spunky energy and the ability to pull off any trend, but more importantly.. She had such a kind heart. She was always sweet to me and had a gorgeous smile and energy about her that left me wanting to know more about her. It's been years since I've seen her but anytime I would see a picture of her it made me smile that she looked like she hadn't aged a bit! What beautiful children she has, Im  sure their mommy loved them and I pray for them and the rest of her family to find peace."

This tribute was added by Daniel-Mckayla Johnson on 25th June 2015

"I worked with Maddi for about 5yrs. She always saw the best in me and truly wanted me to succeed. Zumiez and Maddi were a huge part of my "growing up years", and I'll forever be thankful to her for the example she was to me. She was always such a hard worker, and then when she got pregnant with Krue I saw a shift in her, she was still a hard worker, but she worked for him, and lived for him, then when Axzelle was born and she quit to stay home I knew that was her dream, and her calling. I always wanted to be that kind of mom/wife. I feel so blessed to have known someone so amazing."

This tribute was added by Sydnee Zach Zisumbo on 25th June 2015

"Madi you will truely be missed. We weren't super close and our families don't often see each other enough but everytime we got together you were always so pleasant to be around. Your party planning at your house was always so cute and fun! You were a great mother. Your wedding was one of the gorgeous and most endearing I have been to. I wish we would have had more time to get together and do things together with the kids. I am so sorry and wish that I could have been there for you in some way to help. We will always remember the light that followed you , by all the remarks that everyone has made you have left footprints in everyone's hearts. We will miss you ! Love Syd, Zach and Treysen"

This tribute was added by Brianne Hallmark on 25th June 2015

"My friend I didn't get enough time with you. Your friendship gave me confidence and your smile reassurance. I will cherish the long talks we shared. Your example as a mother and woman has forever changed me. Love you Maddie."

This tribute was added by Sierra Van Cleve-Archibald on 25th June 2015

"Maddie had the most contagious smile and radiated a beautiful energy any where she went and who ever she met. I feel lucky to have met Maddie in my lifetime and I will treasure the memories of her. She will be so missed. Love ya girl."

This tribute was added by Matt Sweitzer on 25th June 2015

"No words are strong enough to explain my love for you honey. You have truly given me life and a feeling of heaven that I never could have dreamed possible. Our children are the proof of your unselfish love and devotion to life. YOU truly showed me what it means to live a purposeful life. I promise I will give every bit of my energy to our children and try my hardest to cary the torch you have always had. You are a lover and leader like no other and my reason for breathing. Know that I am reaching for your feet, smelling your hair and kissing your ears. I love you Madison"

This tribute was added by Charlotte Stephenson on 25th June 2015

"I remember the energy, and that never ending smile.  It was wonderful to see her grow into such a lovely wife and mother.  Rest in peace Madison."

This tribute was added by Jim Abbott on 25th June 2015

"You  will be forever mossed. Love you Maddie"

This tribute was added by Aubree Sullivan on 25th June 2015

"I met Maddie through my lil sis Ashlee! Seeing Maddie on any given day would make that particular day so much better! With every hug, smile, laugh or joke she left a piece of herself imprinted on my soul. She was a giver! The type of person that naturally brought love and light wherever she was! I felt comfort when I was around Maddie! I felt I didn't need to take things so serious! She is literally one of the sweetest most bright souls I've ever met! Glad we got to share a crazy summer together! I'll cherish those memories! Even just thinking of her brings comfort! Her light will forever shine and I believe it will seek us In our darkest hours to help us find our way!!   Love you sweet Angel❤️"

This tribute was added by Emilie Parker on 25th June 2015

"Love you!!!!!"

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