THE TRANSITION OF AN ICON       
               MAJOR SAMSON IDOKO
Deputy Controller (Rtd), Nigerian Correctional Service.
13th July, 2022.
St Christopher’s Anglican Church, 14 Sokoto Road, Kaduna.
15th July, 2022.
St Christopher’s Anglican Church, 14 Sokoto Road, Kaduna.
Interment follows immediately.
Posted by Adebayo Williams on July 3, 2022
Though we can not see you or meet you, you will always stay alive and smiling in our memories and hearts. May your soul rest in peace Uncle

From The Williams
Posted by Stephanie Nwachokor on July 2, 2022
Am short of words..never thought in this life my bestie would bury her dad at a very young age...I mean we have always dreamt of how our children would enjoy their grandparents.... Mama..what can I say...I've always loved and admired your relationship with Popsi...your look alike..perfect smile...Fine Man!..God knows best...Popsi is an Angel now with God..watching over you all...May God continue to rest his soul..and grant you all the courage and strength to bear this loss...I'll always be there for you...You're one of the kindess and bravest human have come across in this life...please stay strong. Rest in the bossom of the Lord dear Popsi. Amen
Posted by Mrs Margaret Chukwu on July 2, 2022

You were such a gentle and amiable character. My close relationship with your beloved wife 'my Queen Mother' as I fondly call her invariably opportuned me to know this much about you.
You will be greatly missed .
Rest peacefully in the bosom of the Lord. Adieu!!!
Posted by Mike Idoko on July 1, 2022
Deputy Controller (Rtd), Nigerian Correctional Service.
Our dearest Bros May, sweetheart & Uncle Major.
So, the sun has truly, forever, set for you? We can’t believe you are really gone. We can’t still accept it, after so long.
You were our blood big brother. A man of the people with a great sense friendship & togetherness. You were generous, kind and always willing to help. You taught me to be bold, fair to others and never to burn bridges of relationships. You were fashionable, and it rubbed off on us your younger ones. In our student days, without us asking, you were quick to give out clothes & shoes to help us look good and trendy. Even as I became an adult, you were always there for me and my family, and you loved us so dearly. We will truly miss you with all our hearts. But now, we have to let you rest. Rest in eternal peace in the bosom of the Lord, our beloved big brother Major!
From : Mike Idoko & Family.
Posted by Helen Williams on July 1, 2022
Uncle Major….. you will be greatly missed. May your beautiful soul find eternal rest xxx
Posted by Rose Obeya on June 30, 2022

" also is the resurrection of the dead. It is sewn in corruption, it is raised in incorruption. It is sewn in dishonor, it is raised in glory, it is sewn in weakness, it is raised in power..." 1 Corinthians 15:42&43.

Dear Uncle Major, though you had been a bit down for sometime now, you passing still came as a shock. I had consistently prayed that the Lord will turn things around, and your healing will cause us to celebrate God's Faithfulness.

Indeed, the Lord has turned things around, and we celebrate your beautiful legacy evident in the life of your wife, children, siblings and all in general. We prayed for rest; today, you are resting in the Bosom of the Lord. We prayed for healing, today, we celebrate your wholeness. We prayed for strength, today, you are raised in glory.

You were the kind of person that everyone knew, full of life and vitality.
You came, you saw, you conquered all our hearts. You were always so vivacious, warm and loving, that we took your your being around for granted. As my children affirmed, you were part of their childhood, and your presence was felt by them all. You touched many lives by your thoughtful and uncountable acts of kindness.

We thank God especially for all your loved ones especially your wife, Mrs Justina Idoko, whose total dedication to you in all those days of trial is a testimony to the whole world. Indeed, a virtuous woman, who can find?!

What a painful exit to a man loved by all! Though i will not be present for your interment as am out of the Country, be assured that i will be present in the spirit. May your gentle soul continue to Rest in peace.

Mrs Rose Obeya, (for and on behalf of the Ebenezer Obeya Family)
Posted by Joy Tiku on June 30, 2022
You were a very good, humble and jovial man. Daddy Major, you have lived a life full of love. You will forever live on in our hearts. Adieu daddy, till we meet at resurrection morning.
Posted by Rita Ajumogobia on June 29, 2022
I first met Major at the university of nigeria in 1975/76. He was such a dashingly handsome young northern man and most importantly he was very caring of anyone and any thing that was dear to his sweetheart - Justina (who later became his wife). Thus i basked in his care and protection as my adopted elder brother - one of the perks of being Justina's teenage hood friends. Many years later, at various times in 2003, 2004 and 2005, I was privileged to have had him visit me a couple of times when i was on posting to jos division of the federal high court . He also had official assignments in the areas that I covered and Justina would always insist that he checked on me. It was always such a delight to have Major over as being the people lover that he was, he always had a retinue of friends in tow. Never a dull moment with Major...
Soboma never met him but had looked forward to him getting better and us taking a "Major-induced " trip to Kaduna to congratulate the family on his recovery. Sadly, That is now not to be....
To Justina and the children, we say - be strong and confident. You have all worked so tirelessly to ensure that your husband and dad had a very comfortable and dignified evening of his life. Continue to hold tenaciously to memories of good times you had with him and praise God for the privilege of having had him in your lives. May his amiable soul Rest In Peace. Amen - Rita & Soboma Ajumogobia
Posted by Faith Zubairu on June 28, 2022
You always spotted such a brilliant smile, Pa'a, and that's why it's my favourite memory of you. As if to say everything will be alright. And won't it be?! It brings a certain pain to the heart writing you a tribute but it also brings after it such peace that comforts because we know you're resting...

And oh did you fight so you must rest now...
Posted by Blessing Abah on June 28, 2022
Uncle Major, a Gee and more... Met you once and it was a good one, it was all laughs and a Joy filled moment. I never got to see you again but we spoke over the phone once in a while. A strong man, ever ready to fight for the right thing and you fought till your last breath. You have finally left this blessed Nigeria to rest in the Bossom of the Almighty. I love you and will always love you. Always and forever in my/our hearts. Till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Nino Dray on June 28, 2022
My dear uncle it’s so sad to find out I won’t be able to talk to you again ,you were a very correct man . I will miss your jovial and interesting personality uncle , I wish we had the power to pay off death you are one person I won’t mind doing that for any day , I am happy I was able to enjoy your love ,support ,encouragements. I will miss hearing you call me Baba na , it’s still like a dream to me that I’m actually writing a tribute for you uncle major , with tears in my eyes I say I love you uncle till we meet to depart no more … in this life we come and go♥️ Rest in the blossom of the lord .
Posted by Mary Idoko on June 28, 2022
Uncle Major the only thing going tru my mind right now is d way u smile and d way u always tease me, ur demise was a painful one, May God accept ur soul, I will miss u greatly... Tank u for always putting smiles on our faces and for always cracking us up. U have left this horrible world just so u can rest n be happy. May ur soul rest in peace.. I love u.
Posted by Miriam Bamidele on June 28, 2022
Sending so much love to the entire family. Praying that God will strengthen them all. Rest in peace Daddy Elsie
Posted by tony orgah on June 28, 2022
I was in so much pain seeing you the last time i did and could barely get over it but I’ll try to and focus on only my best moments with you. Remember all those times you used to come pick us from school during holidays, stopping over to eat before continuing… Heaven knows you’ll be missed but I’m glad you can rest now. Continue to rest in the Lords bosom until we meet again Uncle ❤️
Posted by Idoko Clement on June 28, 2022
Dearest Uncle Major {sir} I barely know you sir......but the way my mum spoke about you, you where awesome sir...
It's so painful I didn't get to meet you before you passed away......may the good Lord accept you kind hearted soul Amen❤️
Posted by Nnamdi Ogbue on June 28, 2022
Sam Idoko lived a fruitful and rewarding life. He treated with honour all those who came in contact with him—a testimony of his selfless simplicity towards mankind.
His love for his immediate and larger family was passionate, impartial and impactful.
We are assured that he is resting in His bosom as his toil on this side of eternity is over.

From Esther & Nnamdi Ogbue (brother-inlaw)
Posted by Maddy Onochie on June 27, 2022
To a brother, a family friend, Major S. Idoko; fondly called and known as 'Major'.

A great man taken away from life too soon, is nothing but tragedy and pains. His death affects his family and everyone who knew him.

Major, you brought so much happiness to all who encountered you, with your kind and caring ways.
You lifted up spirits whenever people were down, no matter what it was, you knew just what to do or say.

Words cannot describe the loss we feel, saying farewell to you. But heaven chose you best. You'll forever be missed.
We pray for GOD's comfort upon your family.

Adieu!! 'Uncle Major'
Rest in the bosom of the Lord
Posted by Gladinus Bature on June 27, 2022
RIP My Friend, Uncle Major I’m glad I knew you and thank you for always being good to me from my childhood. Keep watching over us all, till we meet again Uncle Major! Dus Dus misses you
Posted by Ijeoma Mmonu on June 27, 2022
A Delightful Man Gone Too Soon

Our Dear Uncle Major has departed this world to a place befitting of good, kind, loving, pleasant and generous souls such as our dear uncle's.

You were loved deeply and fiercely in life and same in death.

Thank you for the love you showered on me, my siblings and mum. God Bless You. You were far too kind, always ready to give to the last coin in your pocket.

I recall a long time ago when I fell out with my mum over gross financial misconduct, you were firmly on my side, pleaded on my side until mum forgave me. Thank You.

You made everyone around you happy and at ease, everyone was somebody in your eyes. There were no boring times once you showed up because you had a way of cracking up everyone.

Dear Uncle Major, I have been told of life battles you had to endure, now rest, I pray thee. In the bosom of our Heavenly Father, find thee REST.

We loved you and all yours (Aunty Tee, Darling Ihotu, Samson and Ehi) and still do. This love will never die.

We will meet again at the feet of Christ.
Posted by Enyinnaya Iroadumba on June 27, 2022
You lived well, you will greatly be missed.

- Enyinnaya and Ethel Iroadumba
Posted by Sonia Bature on June 27, 2022
Uncle Major, May the Lord grant you eternal rest. You lived well!
Posted by TINAM DAU on June 27, 2022
Major as we all called you, A jovial soul,sweet man.highcost will never be the same without you our to go person .we are heart broken you are no more but we believe and are comforted you are in a better place and you are resting. Rest in peace sir,heaven's gain.❤
Posted by uzonna olive on June 27, 2022
Our beloved Uncle Major, our hearts are broken because our golden heart stopped beating. The golden heart who cared completely and thoroughly. You were ever responsive to the needs of everyone around you. You always had a change to share so we could buy those peanuts, biscuits and candies that were every child’s delight. You always had a presence that brought joy, the voice that gave reassurance such as the fact that you were in touch with “NEPA” and that power would be restored in no time.
You were a unifying force and a glue that reinforced relationships. Now, a light is gone, a voice we love is stilled and a place is vacant in our hearts that can never can be filled. We will miss you Uncle Major but we are reassured that you are now free because there will be no more pain. Rest in Power, Uncle Major. Sending prayers up for my indefatigable aunt Tina who has kept the faith, stayed strong, remained ever loving and devoted
Posted by Dr. Sam Agbo on June 27, 2022
My brother you came, lived, laughed and left a legacy. You have now moved to the higher realm as part of life’s journey. May the angels guide you to the light and may we live by your legacy and care for your loved ones. As you join papa and mama, we celebrate you and thank God for your life. Hallelujah. Shalom my brother till we meet.
Posted by Pet Mmonu on June 27, 2022
And so, Our Good Guy flies home!! Damn the illness that confined our good guy to the bed, for he cannot be confined. He was an active guy who cannot be so enclosed. Major was an epitome of goodness who made and sustained friends accross the divide. He mentored my children both morally and financially. He and family were our perfect neighbour at Narayi High Cost. We mourn Major, but find solace that he is resting in the Lord's bosom. Adieu, Major, a beautiful soul. Our condolences also to Tine and the beautiful family he left behind. God be with you in your sorrow..
Posted by Kate-Elizabeth Orgah on June 26, 2022
My one and only Uncle Bambino! So surreal to be writing this but I honor this life that you lived well. I have soo many memories but my fondest memories are the days daddy gets to pick us from Sacred Heart and we would always stop at your office- oh how I looked forward to those stops. There was a lady who sold boiled corn and you would buy a bunch and we just sit there eating boiled corn while the men caught up. Ah uncle manjo, you were loved, you are loved and will be missed terribly but my only consolation is you are in a better place and you are resting and I will see you again. Aunty Tina, Ihotu, Papi J, Ehi, we are here and you all are not alone. Love you all, rest well Uncle Bambino!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Gabriel Nmadu on June 26, 2022
Daddy Idoko was very caring to my family. As member of the same church and house fellowship, he was friendly and fatherly. He was easygoing and ready to teach or correct someone with all gentility. One profound thing he taught me was to always walk behind my wife. He corrected me in church when we were going for Holy Communion and the lesson stuck.

We miss you but we know that you are in the bosom of the Lord. May your soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Funke Olapade on June 26, 2022
For everything, there is a time, a time to be born and a time to die, my dear friend's husband... Major Idoko.... You came, you saw, you conquered. Death where is your sting? On behalf of my family, I commiserate with my dearest friend Tina on this great loss, may the good Lord that you serve comfort you and your children, and may the gentle soul of our brother find eternal rest with his maker and may God continue to take care of the loved ones he left behind. IT IS WELL WITH YOU MY DARLING SISTER TINA.
Funke olapade Mrs (for Olapade family)
Posted by Stella Ekedum on June 26, 2022
Major brother as l fondly called you... you were a fine and amiable gentleman...a friend to many..a good dresser... standing tall and elegant always. The vivid memory that plays in my head since after your demise is in St Christopher Church ...the way you greet everyone with a warm welcoming smile and a complement to make one happy.
I choose to remember you just like this though l saw you when sickness had taken a toll on you.

I also remember the last house fellowship l attended in your house just before l left kaduna. You sat down
quietly and unassumingly as people came in...l was about the last to come ..and as soon as l walked in your face lit up in a broad smile...a sign that you did recognise me...l was happy and so was Tina ...but the smile quickly faded away as you said to me "what's your name". That was when l realised the depth of what you're going through and we prayed for you and continued to uphold you in prayers.

I know you're with your creator now. Continue to rest at his bosom until that day. You left a good mark in the quick sand of time....and to live in the heart of those who care about you is not to die. Your legacies live on
May God comfort my sister Tina and the children as well. AMEN

From Stella Ekedum
Posted by manga ann-marie on June 26, 2022
My dear Major, you were a brother and friend to me.

I knew you since from secondary school in 70's.  

 Thank you for that wonderful visit in 2019 to us in Uyo even when you were not feeling too good but you honoured us with your dear wife Tina.

Thank you for leaving a sweet memory of you.

 My "koko d" I will forever miss you. Sleep on my brother.

May your gentle soul Rest In Peace.
Mrs. Christy Manga
Posted by samson olatunde sule on June 26, 2022
Major Idoko, your death came as a rude shock. But haven seen you through out your travail, I found it difficult to connect. All the time we visited you at home and at the hospital, we could not connect. For me it was time to go and be with the Lord. As the psalmist would say '' precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints'' . uncle major as I fondly call you in your life time. May your soul rest in peace. May I also commend your wife and children who stood by you through tick and thin. Shalom.
Posted by Babero Daniel Obanyiro on June 26, 2022
Uncle Major, the ever jovial, the friend to all; big, small, rich or poor.

We would have still loved you are around, but JEHOVAH knows better. You'll indeed be greatly missed but we are consoled you're definitely in a better place.

Continue to rest in perfect peace in the bossom of the Lord sir. Adieu uncle Major. Adieu the friend and brother of ALL.
Posted by Mojisola Ajayi on June 26, 2022
The Iroko has fallen
A Hero has taken a bow.
My Quintessential Uncle, Your passing unto glory is a painful reality that would take me a while to accept, however i am consoled you found Christ while on earth and I can state unequivocally that you exited this pilgrim world as a hero and a General, you were successful, you touched lives, you lived a fulfilled life, and Indeed your foot prints remains evergreen in the sands of time.
Uncle Major would fondly call me Ah Mo Je: I have never seen him upset, He was the life of the party and would crack endless jokes, he was a friend to all even to the smallest, He loved literally everyone and would see no fault in people, I have so many good and pleasant memories of Him.
Uncle Major was many things to me:
-He was a giver: As a teenager I was 100% sure that anywhere i see uncle major i would get money, you can never leave his presence empty handed
-He inspired me alot; I remember when i was a child, at that time, everyone would complain about my weight, and he would say to me “Ah mo je dont mind them, when you grow up this weight will turn to height, guess his prophecy was fulfilled. Uncle Major believed so much in me and i hope i did not disappoint him. Even when he became ill, I was one person he always recognised and would still call me “Ah mo je.”

He was my Late Mother’s Brother: He was one person that stood by my mum throughout her ailment, he was always visiting her and giving tips on new diabetes rememdies that he had learnt, he did not have diabetes but he was interested because my mum had it, I learnt from his life on earth that you dont have to be blood relatives to be a brother, actually as a child i thought we were blood relatives

He was very caring: when ever we visited His house, he would chat with us, ensure we have had enough to eat and drink, play all the new movies he just bought, He was kind to a fault.

Lastly I am a witness that he was one of the best father that ever liveth and he loved his Family greatly: i remember coming back from primary school and our car would always meet with his car at stadium roundabout holdup with ihotu and Papijay at the back seat also coming back from school and uncle major is wearing his uniform, now as a working class, i wonder how he did it!! how was he able to leave his office to ensure he picked his kids himself, only a selfless father could do that? he was very comfortable so technically he could afford a driver, but he chose to pick them up himself.
Uncle Major was a good man, He would be forever missed, and He remains eternally indelible in our hearts.
Rest in Peace Sir
We love you
Ah Mo jee
Posted by Ogwa Idoko Aduloju on June 26, 2022
Pleasant to be around, authentic, straight talking, lacking in pretentiousness! Are some of the things that come to mind when I think of Uncle Major. And those were the things I loved about him the most. I remember spending a weekend at his house a long time ago, and I loved the relationship between he and his children as well as his relationship with Auntie Tina. I can't imagine the pains they're going through, but the beautiful memories they've created overtime will hopefully see them through this phase.
Posted by Jude Dagat on June 25, 2022
"O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory? The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law. But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ."
1 Corinthians 15: 55-57

Just when I was struggling to get over the death of my mum, I received with shock the news of the death of my charismatic, amiable, jovial and kind-hearted neighbour- Major Samson Idoko. "Uncle Major" (as we used to call you), you were everything a good neighbour could be, always checking up and making sure everyone around you was fine. You were an embodiment of the biblical phrase "your brother's keeper" for you exhibited a great amount of candour, responsibility, and willingness to put others before you. Your stentorian signature voice always stood out even from a distance and your presence always brought an ambience of serenity and dignity. We, the High Cost community have lost a jolly good fellow whose memory will remain evergreen in our hearts. We love you but God loves you better. Continue to rest in the sweet bosom of the Lord till we meet to part no more; for we have faith that Jesus Christ has given us victory over death.

Hon. Justice Jude K. Dagat
Posted by Taiwo Olanrewaju on June 25, 2022
My Dear Uncle... Words Fail me to express my feelings this day but in all You have lived a Beautiful & fulfilled life. It is written that a man will be born into this world & after his journey on earth will return to his creature. I will miss you my uncle Major with swaagg.. You always call mii... TBom(smiles). REST ON!! OUR HERO. GOODNIGHT 
Posted by GREG bature on June 25, 2022
Major You're a great friend. You will remain in my memory as a pleasant and trusted ally. May God continue to grant you merciful judgement. May the Angels take you to Abrahams banquet. Adieu my beloved brother.

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Posted by Adebayo Williams on July 3, 2022
Though we can not see you or meet you, you will always stay alive and smiling in our memories and hearts. May your soul rest in peace Uncle

From The Williams
Posted by Stephanie Nwachokor on July 2, 2022
Am short of words..never thought in this life my bestie would bury her dad at a very young age...I mean we have always dreamt of how our children would enjoy their grandparents.... Mama..what can I say...I've always loved and admired your relationship with Popsi...your look alike..perfect smile...Fine Man!..God knows best...Popsi is an Angel now with God..watching over you all...May God continue to rest his soul..and grant you all the courage and strength to bear this loss...I'll always be there for you...You're one of the kindess and bravest human have come across in this life...please stay strong. Rest in the bossom of the Lord dear Popsi. Amen
Posted by Mrs Margaret Chukwu on July 2, 2022

You were such a gentle and amiable character. My close relationship with your beloved wife 'my Queen Mother' as I fondly call her invariably opportuned me to know this much about you.
You will be greatly missed .
Rest peacefully in the bosom of the Lord. Adieu!!!
his Life
An amazing husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle and friend to all. A quintessential blend of a charismatic & an amiable being. He literally lit up every space with his bubbly spirit..A kindhearted, selfless gentleman who cared for all. He was the epitome of “good vibes” and there was no dull moment with him. He fancied being in the midst of people, driving was a sport to him, he enjoyed playing golf & took pride in his job. He could adapt to any scenario & he repelled situations that weren’t peaceful. He smiled with ease & saw the best in every individual. He dared to be different with a phenomenal heart filled with “Guts & Glory
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Shared by Elizabeth Amuta on July 1, 2022
I struggled with the reality of a moment like this when I learnt your condition had worsened and you were in hospital, unconscious. We prayed; friends prayed but God's will to call you home prevailed. This didn't go down well with me. Your departure at this time is painful but I have learnt to trust God who knows best and who is good all the time. I am counting on the comfort of the Holy Spirit to move on without you here.

It's okay that I cannot control my tears. Words of men barely comfort me because they were not there: when we trekked distances to school together and you protected me being my older brother; when I had to remind you repeatedly of Papa's time limits as you often forgot when you hung out with your many friends....they were your life! You were a jolly good fellow often teasing us silly and getting chased around the house. We really had fun. I cannot forget your academic distinctions in primary school. We were all proud of you. Under the peaceful ambience of discipline and godly love, our parents taught us to love and deeply respect one another. We stood with you to the end.

Your concern and care for my family was palpable. Your custom was to ask after each of my children by name and try to catch up on the latest about them. The only voice that calls me 'Professore' is silenced! My brother rejoiced with me when I rejoiced and wept with me when I wept; a brother like no other.

Your will to be interred in Kaduna was made long before you took ill. Today that will be done without any hesitation. Kaduna to you was 'sweeter' than any city on earth. You literally grew up and made most of your best friends here. No wonder you gladly responded to being called "The Mayor of Kaduna". It's hard to believe that our gists have been paused for now.
Despite my sorrow, I am full of gratitude that you knew Jesus Christ as your Saviour. My point of comfort is that 'to die is gain' for a Christian. What a joyful privilege! Oh, the blessedness of being known by God and numbered among His saints. I believe this is your desire for all your dear friends and relatives you left behind.

In Keith Getty(1974),"In Christ Alone" are my thoughts  for you now:

 No guilt in life, no fear in death
 This is the power of Christ in me
 From life's first cry to final breath
 Jesus commands my destiny
 No power of hell, no scheme of men
 Can ever pluck me from his hand
 'Til he returns or calls me home
 Here, in the power of Christ, I stand

My beloved brother, a lover of people, an excellent gentleman, my unforgettable “Mayor of Kaduna" your memory shall remain evergreen. Rest on till we meet again. Alleluia...!

Professor (Mrs) Elizabeth U. Amuta (Sister) and family.

Shared by El’ Ihotu Major on June 28, 2022
Shared by Folake Ajayi on June 26, 2022
My dearest Uncle Major!!!  Words fail me. A good heart stopped beating a good soul ascended to heaven. Nobody understands how hard a separation is remains only the eternal memory in our hearts. The news of your passing gave me instant goosebumps. The MEJ (in mama Folake's voice) The only one that calls me Folly mama, Everyone's uncle, very lively, so loving, caring, full of life and giving, so many beautiful memories of you.
My earnest prayers is that God comfort,  strengthen and heal the broken hearts of Aunty Tee and the rest of the family at this time of grief.
Rest well Uncle, your memory lives on!!!