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My Brother Malcolm

Shared by Ruth Mann on September 26, 2011

My brother was just one year older than me.  That made us the first boy and girl in the Freeman family, and he always thought I was born for him to chastise.

I was grown before I realized that he loved me.  As a youngsters he tried his best to get rid of me.  Once he dug a hole on the side of our house, hit me so that I would chase him, and when I fell in the hole he tried to bury me.  Another time, he took a hot poker from the coal stove and tried to brand me like a cow.  Me, on the other hand, would hurt anyone who tried to hurt my brother.  More recently, Malcolm told me that he had decided to move to Maryland and live with me.  Didn't take him seriously, but now I wonder if he meant it.

Malcolm could always be depended upon to show for family gatherings and we all were happy to see him.  He added flare, and in recent years was the patriarch of the family.

I love him, and will miss him forever.




Family arriving for celebration of life for Dad

Shared by Mark Freeman on September 17, 2011

The date is September 11, 2011, and my Fathers friends and Family are arriving,to honor and remember a Great Man. He was a giving and always gave his time and advice to the entire Freeman Clan. We are in Stamford, Ct. where he Captained here for 40 years.He sailed in Long Ialand Sound, and North to Nantucket,with friends like Bernie Weiss, who donated his time and shared with us his memories of my Dad. My Brothers Malcolm 111 and Robert, used to always help him with the Boat (Inspired), He had a Passion for the water, and he shared it with our family,co-workers andfellow members of the Halloween Yacht Club..

Love is Contagious

Shared by Pattie gonzalez on September 10, 2011

Malcolm was so passionate about a few things, family, sailing, and JAZZ.  Yes I put Jazz in all caps because Malcolm and I went a couple of rounds over Jazz.

Malcolms love for Jazz , sailing and family was so contagious that it would spill over on to the staff.

He educated the entire staff on Fats Waller(Jazz Musician). It was a sight just to sit and watch him enjoy the sound of Jazz, it was a true love for him. He  had no shame in tell ing you that the music was just AWFUL and that FATS WALLER was the best Jazz Muician, he would even tell us what radio station he would listen to it on and that Fats Waller was young when he passed if I recall correctly it was 1943. He loved to teach us.

Sailing was another great love he shared with us.  He loved telling us about sailing on his 6 passinger sail boat and how there is no beter place to be than on the water with the wind blowing on your face and watching the sun set from his boat.  Sharing those memories brought a big smile to his face every time.

But the most contagious love he shared with us our staff was the love he demonstrated towards and felt for his family.  He loved his family with his whole heart.  He was proud to be the only son with seven sisters.  It was so clear to see the love between him and his sister Ruth.  It was priceless and contagious.  It made you want to rush home and make sure you were nuturing a relationship with your sibling with hopes that would look something like theirs when you reach your later years.  Every day she was there,  Malcolm would give her a little bit of a hard time and she would give him a little back then you would see this sweet incredble love between the two of them.  That was what it should look like. our staff was so touched by the relationship between Ruth and Malcolm.  One staff member even said it even change her relationship with her sibling. 

I almost forgot he had one more love OREO cookie.  I have never seen any one love a oreo the way Malcolm did. 

We are so greatful for all that we gained from your journey,

Reminiscence Staff

Sunrise Alexandria

New Year's Eve 1991, Chicago, Il

Shared by Mary Davidson on September 5, 2011

 Malcolm F. Freeman, Jr. and Mary Davidson, New Year's eve, 1991, Hyatt Regency Suites. Chicago, Il.

Sailing the Carribean, 1988

Shared by Mary Davidson on September 5, 2011

 In Picture 14, Left to right, Judge John Davidson, Mary Davidson, Malcolm and to far right, Malcolm III, sailing on a 42 ft chartered yacht from U.S. Virgin Islands, to St. John, Tortola, and others to the Bitter End Yacht Club.

My View - No.6

Shared by Sylletta Birk on September 5, 2011

On a personal note - You were pretty much a name only my first 20 years, but then you gave advice on my first car, a VW stickshift with sunroof.  You were the first to meet Søren in '67 when he came to the States for the first time.  Then, in '74 we got married and you came to Denmark for a week and saw the boat show twice!  We always met up somewhere along the way when I/we visited. An art group of Philadelphia and Søren's group had a joint show, there was more support for Søren than most of the local artists, we were about 20 in all, we had a meal afterwards.  You visited our farm and saw the maritime museum in Marstal.  You and I met at Judy/Pete's wedding.  You took time to drive me/us from Manhatten to Springfield and back, just to visit  Mother or Lillian for an hour or so.  Most recently and the last time, Søren, Ruth, Zack and I met up with you in Cranberry in November.  We'll miss you.  Love, Sylletta.

Malcolm's Sisters and Cousins

Shared by Ryan Swann on September 3, 2011

From left to right:

Back Row                Middle Row         Front Row     

Reynolds (cousin)   Jimmy (cousin)    Malcolm    
Billy (cousin)            Marion (sister)     Suell (cousin)
Ronnie (Cousin)      Jeannie (sister)
                                Shirley (sister)
                                Paula (sister)
                                Sylletta (sister)
                                Debbie (cousin)
                                Ruthie (sister)
                                Linda (sister)
                                Judy (cousin)


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