Posted by Edith Omenkeukwu on June 10, 2021
I am devastated and speechless .
What a World.
Life suddenly lost it's sweetness.
Rest in Peace my dear Sister- I was so happy reconnecting on FB after so many years .
Posted by Kati Carson on May 22, 2021
I still can't believe it's true. You were going home. You were getting a treatment and going home. I just don't understand. I'm devastated. We just got reunited. We were going to go on a girls trip to Africa. You were supposed to fatten me up with your Jollof rice. I was supposed to meet Sunshine for the very first time. I'm so devastated. I still can't believe it's true. I wish this were a bad dream. I am forever grateful for God to have placed you in my life for the little time we had. I love you my friend. I know you're right at the foot of God, because there's no other place you could be. I miss you, my fast-talking friend. Peace to you, my sister
Posted by sylvester ukabam on May 2, 2021
The news of Maldy’s death was shocking and totally unexpected. My first thought was about my dear friend and mentor Dr. Tony Anidi who will be losing a much cherished daughter. The friendship between our two families has endured for decades. We have known Maldy since she was a young girl in Enugu attending high school quickly becoming a young law student at UNN. In the diaspora we have get in touch with Maldy her darling daughter, Sunshine ,her father Dr. Tony Anidi and her best friend and brother Okey in Atlanta and Boston
 We will always remember Maldy as a pleasant, cheerful, warm hearted and fun loving person. We pray that God will comfort the entire Anidi family and give them the strength and fortitude to bear   this painful loss.
 Farewell Maldy. May your wonderful soul rest in perfect peace
Posted by Chinyere Ukabam on May 2, 2021
A tribute to a dear friend and a little sister.
Maldy, it was such a shock to get the news of your passing! So sad, so devastating, totally unexpected! I just wished that it was a bad dream and that the hands of the clock could be rewound.
You were such an exciting, cheerful, loving, and respectful individual. You were so full of life and you never stopped giggling as we chatted. I am going to miss all that.
You were a “Sunshine” mother to your lovely daughter, and your star, Sunshine!
You were a good daughter and your parents were ever so proud of you from when I first met you as a young girl so many years ago.
Maldy, your early departure has broken the hearts of many: Sunshine, your aged Dad, your friend and brother Okay, your other family members and us, your friends.
You were so much loved in this world but God loves you most.
Adieu gentle soul!
Rest In Peace!
Posted by Pamela obuah on April 30, 2021
Maldyno, where do I start, our last few discussions were all about what you were going to do when you get better.
I know you fought as hard as you coulld but God wanted you home. May your beautiful soul rest in perfect peace.
Ezigbo m, its not going to be the same without you. Goodnight Sis!
Posted by Vivien Iweanya on April 26, 2021
Maldo, I still cannot believe that u have gone to the great beyond. This means that this world is really a stage & we are all players in it. Sleep on dear until we meet again at the place, where there is no pains, sadness nor sickness. Rest on my dear. U are sourly missed here
Your Viv.
Posted by Stanley Obioha on April 25, 2021
My dear friends Emeka and Okey, please accept my heart felt condolences on the passing of your big sister Maldy. Although I did not know her personally, knowing you two wonderful gentlemen helps me relate to her character and the fine lady she must have been. Stay strong.

May her soul rest in peace. Amen
Posted by Okey Anidi on April 25, 2021
Onye nke m, Molday,
Wooow!!! I wish I could call this a bad dream, pick up the phone and call you for our usually long discussions/conversations. I guess it is not a dream after all. Come on girl, we had plans, we had plans, we had plans!!. I have to say that God had better and bigger plans for you. I don't know how we will fill the vacuum your absence has created. Your strength was contagious, always willing to help others with a forever radiant smile, ready to take a bullet for your loved ones. Words can't describe the pain I feel at this time. I know time heals all wounds although the scar remains. I have to wipe my tears and get ready for the work ahead- Sunshine Udoka M. Anidi. You left a 12-year-old behind. Sunshine has lost her mother but she has an Uncle that will go to the end of the world to provide for her. For as long as almighty God continues to bless us with good health, you have nothing to worry about. Farewell, my sister. I love you and I will miss you. I know you will be watching. Ojinwayo awaits you in God's kingdom.

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