My Uncle Malvin

Shared by Laurie Smith on June 27, 2011

I did not know my Uncle Malvin because I was born in 1961.  He passed years before me.  I remember going with my parents and grandparents to his memorial every year as far back as I could remember when I was a little girl. We would go to the Battery in down town Charleston for the service.  The years went by and they didn't hold it anymore.  I remember looking at the stone where my Uncle Malvins name was, at that time it was eye level on the far right side......I would read it over and over again. I would have loved had known him.  He had the best brothers in the world and one of them I am happy to say was my Dad!  Uncle Malvin had a daughter named Libby and for some reason she was my favorite cousin.  I remember my Dad teaching her how to drive a car.  And now two of my other uncles have passed, Uncle Albert and Uncle Billy.....I loved them so very much and I miss them dearly.  They were a big impact on my life and I will never forget them and look forward to being with them again one day in Heaven.  In fact I can't wait to meet Uncle Malving and my Aunt Sarah too. God Bless to everyone that reads this memorial!

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