Posted by Esther Atilola on June 16, 2021
Mama, like I always call her. Didn't want her to go yet. Wanted you to see your great great grandchildren but God knows best. She is always checking up on us. I just even thought about it that I never saw you angry. Mama, so calm and gentle with a kind heart.
We'll really miss you mama. Rest in peace mama.
Posted by Atilola Stephen on June 15, 2021
How I wish the time of death never catches unawares
Probably, I might have all been at gear to bid you a grand farewell before the palm of death closed your eyes. A glorious exit it is, but surely I do miss you here.
Grand ma, mama sikeade, iya atilola, a woman of faith and wisdom. Your love towards everyone is iconic; it lives on in my heart. As much as grandma was a disciplinarian, she has the perfect ways to put a lasting smile on the faces of her grandchildren and children. Grandma cared so much about all and believed in everyone, she never ended praying for us and enjoyed our company. Her presence was always home.
Our hearts still wish for some more time, days, weeks, months, years with grandma. But your demise was divine, soar high in glory mama sikeade. Every second counts till we meet at the feet of our Lord Jesus. REST ON GRANDMA.
Posted by Lanre ATILOLA on June 13, 2021
Mama wa, as you are fondly called. You are such a loving and caring mother that is ready to sacrifice everything for the comfort of others.
Mama was, you have come, you have seen and you have conquered and the crown of glory is waiting for you in the kingdom of God.
Continue to rest in the bossom of your Creator till the resurrection morning.
Adieu!!! Mama wa
Posted by Temilade Adewale on June 12, 2021
Beautiful memories are silently kept of someone we loved dearly and will never forget. Mama, you were a generous, compassionate and caring mother. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Atilola Olabode on June 12, 2021
To God be the glory for the life well spent. You have done your best while you were alive. You were a mother indeed and a dedicated, hardworking and trustworthy mother, ready to help at a point in need.
A mother in millions, a neighbor who always seek for peace within the community. Mama ONINURE, mama normally call my daughter abi, mama ODIGba, keep Resting till we meet to part no more.
Pastor and Deaconess Atilola Olabode.
Posted by Atilola Praise on June 11, 2021
A woman of notable virtue
GRANDMA, I grew up to know you as a caring mother who lived a successful life you were indeed a heroine of faith a woman of notable virtue who lived a life Worthy of emulation. You served the Lord and you contribute immensely to humanity.
You are .
G- God fearing
R- Reliable
A- An adviser who
N- Never believe in failure
D- Diligent
M- Motivator
A- Adorable mother of mother's.
Mama, the lives of your children and grandchildren truly reflect who you are. You have fought a good fight of faith and laid down the sword at the feet of the master... Good night mama, continue to rest at the bosom of our Lord Jesus till we meet to part no more...
Posted by Olabisi Atilola on June 3, 2021
Mama, we didn't know you will leave so soon. We thought you would soon be back on your feet but God has his own plan .We will miss you mama.
You were so loving and a caring mother that always thought about how every member of the family should be in unity. You believed in oneness and that is what make your children to be one .You were so sweet, gentle and loving.
I never saw you angry since I came into the family as your daughter in-law. Oniwa tutu bi adaba. Odaro. Ma sun laya Olugbala..
Posted by Tayo Olatunbosun on June 2, 2021
The saying goes is not how long but how well. Mama wa pataki, you have come and conquered. Without mincing words, you are already resting comfortably well with the Lord, the only giver and taker. We shall always remember you and your ubiqoutos smiles. Always calm and helpful! You are indeed a great mother, Abiyamo tooto. May you continue to rest in peace. Amen.
Tayo Olatunbosun.
Posted by Emmanuel Atilola on June 1, 2021
My dear mother and friend, I never thought you will leave us so early like this. I remember when I saw you last, you kept on telling me, you would soon be well and get out of your bed and give testimony of God's goodness concerning you alas, never knew you were preparing for your transition.

Mama mi Owon, nothing any one could do to get you angry all through your sojourn on earth, you are always with smile.

We rest in the solace that you knew JESUS as your Lord and Saviour, you taught us in the way of the Lord and did all you could to train us to know God as our father.

Good night Mum, sleep on, till we meet at the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ.

By Kayode Atilola (your first Child)
Posted by Bose Laoye on June 1, 2021
Auntie mi, as I called her, in her pre-marriage years; later Mama Kayode, since she became a mother, Marian Sikeade Aweni, my senior Twinny, your brief sickness and death remain a shock to me. Both came in quick succession. Without doubt, you were the apple of God's eyes, hence God saw that you did not deserve to suffer the agony of 'stroke' and He took you home to Himself. Thank you, Jesus, for doing that for my loving and kind-hearted Auntie Sikeade. You were harmless, and could not hurt an ant. You were always calm and quiet in your relationship with almost everyone... even the difficult to please ones.
Auntie mi, even on your sick bed, you always affirmed that your God would make you whole again in Jesus name. I love the way you trusted your Lord and Saviour, JESUS CHRIST, the Son of the living God. I admire your unflinching FAITH. Your Faith has made you whole indeed, and fit for His Kingdom. E ri Aanu gba l'otito ati l'ododo.
I shall miss you, my gist partner till your death(we spoke at length when I visited you a week to your death, and on early morning of Friday preceding your death on Saturday).... the evidence of our bonding! My benefactor in our early growing up years. Oh, my friend of all times!!!
Jesus loves you more than we do, your own room in that Mansion Jesus told us about, was ready, and He had come for you. I rejoice with you!
May your rest be sweet in the bossom of the Lord. On our part, we shall not mourn like the unbelievers, but we shall hold fort here till our own time comes. On the Resurrection Day, when we shall all see Jesus, we will sing and shout the Victory!
Thank you, my amazingly beautiful Auntie, Sikeade Aweni, for being part of my life history.
I shall forever cherish your good memory, Sikeade Aweni, Omo Alawo, yaade Osun; Omo Opomulero moja alekan; Omo Opo ro'so, Opo gba'ja; Omo Opo kan ruru ninu aso; daughter of Zion, suunre o.

Deaconess Boladale Bosede Laoye, JP
(nee ADENIRAN of ADEEPO Compound, Oranyan, Ibadan)
Posted by Kay Olatson on May 24, 2021

It’s with great shock but in acceptance to the wish of the almighty God that my family and I received the news of our mama, the last born of Our grandpa- Late Isaiah Adeniran (of blessed memory).
I remember clearly how we used to come all the way from ile Jagun Ojagbo ibadan during our elementary school/ childhood years for home lesson with late baba Depo Atilola ( RIP). Mama would fed us with sumptuous food after the lesson and gave us one kobo from her sales in her shop infront of her house to take home. In fact, the thought of having food and got free money after the home lesson motivated people like me not minding the distance to be a regular attendant at the home lesson and helped me to do well in my education... the rest is now history.
I have not seen her for decades since after I came abroad.
I’m sure she has gone to rest in the Lord. May her gentle soul Rest In Peace!
May God give all the family the fortitude to bear the loss. She will be greatly missed for her infectious smiles and gentleness...

Kola (Ambali) Olatunbosun
Calgary Canada.

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