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Farewell My Sweet Mother

February 9, 2019

Somewhere in my heart beneath all my grief and pain, is a smile I still wear at the sound of your dear name. 

The precious word is "MOTHER" she was my world but now my heart is broken because she's no longer here with me.God chose her for His angel to watch me from above,to guide and advise me and know that I'm still loved.January 19th 2019 was the day her life on earth was through, God had  better plans for her for this I know. When I think of her kind heart and all those loving years,my memories surround me and I can't hold back the tears.I want to thank my mom for teaching me so well. Mama Bye Bye. Yondo Suewele. Your beloved daughter TiTi.

My visit with Mama Effoe

January 31, 2019

During a visit to Cameroon in 2001, I had the pleasure of meeting Mama Rebecca Effoe. Thought she was meeting me for the first time, she welcomed and treated me as if I was one of her children viting home.

She prepared a feast for me and I drank to my hearts content. Mama, travel safe and prepare a place for us when you get there.

My trips to Limbe will not be the same without you.

To The Effoe"s Family, Mama lived a great and rich life. Your loss is great, but take comfort in the fact that your mother touched thousands of lives. Cry less and celebrate her beautiful life more.

May God Almighty give you the strength to carry on till you meet with Mama again. Mama, may your soul be granted eternal rest.

Aloysius Forcha & Family

Woodbury, Minnesota, USA

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