Moments in time, make
Memeories forever!
  • 58 years old
  • Born on September 7, 1958 .
  • Passed away on October 16, 2016 .

In loving memory of a mother, grandmother and friend gone far too soon.

Posted by Sharon Ballard on 7th September 2018
My best friend. I can't believe you are not here to turn 60 with me. I miss you so very much. Hope you are enjoying Heaven and that you will meet me at the gates when God calls me home. Thank you for being such a wonderful part of my life. It isn't the same without you. I love you dearly.
Posted by Linda Scheffers on 10th November 2016
I only knew you my friend for a few short years but you had endearing qualities I will treasure forever! Mark considered your family our family! And knew John wanted to go to Sturgis! We brought his spirit with us and left his name everywhere! Too soon you are both gone both in ways that shouldn't have happened! I wish your daughters and grandchildren could continue to feel your love and hugs long into your silver years! You were true friends and a loving couple! RIP my friend! You will be missed forever❤️
Posted by Sharon Ballard on 31st October 2016
My Dearest Friend, I can' believe after 45 years our journey together has ended. You were the best friend I have ever had. I will always cherish the memories of us growing up together. Man, we had some good times. We called each other sisters for a reason. Our friendship was one of a kind and lasted through out the years. I keep going to the phone to call you. My heart is shattered. But, God got tired of seeing you in pain and took you home. I have comfort in the fact that you are at peace and pain free. I will see you again and then we can spend eternity together riding our bikes like we used to do. Meet you by the Gates of Heaven my sister, I will be looking for you. Thank you for being in my life. All my love always. xoxo
Posted by Julie Wollaston on 29th October 2016
We'll someday meet again my SPECIAL FRIEND ANN ..... THIS IS EVER SOOOOOO HARD FOR ME TO WRITE .... I had just txt u about my birthday party and i had notice that night you had responded to tell me what had happened to your knee...Well you sounded just like we always talked u were my best friend and always will be ANN YOU AND I HAVE BEEN THROUGH SOMESHIT & MY HEART HURTS SOOOOOOOO MUCH THAT I CANT EVEN FOCUS ON WRITING THIS I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU ANN I NEVER THOUGH IN A MILLION YEARS THAT YOU WOULD BE GONE SO SOON!!!!!!!!! I KNOW WHAT WE ALWAYS SAID WHEN I WAS MESSING AROUND AND WE WAS BUZZED U PUT IT AT THE END OF THE LAST TXT YOU SENT TO ME AND IT WAS. "SHIELDS UP" you know our " invisoshields" BECAUSE THEM IS 12!!!!! LOVE YOU ALL & ANN I WILL NEVER EVER FORGET YOU TIL WE MEET AGAIN SHIELDS UP MY FRIEND !!!! TELL JOHN I LOVE HIM TOO !!!!!
Posted by Dannille Peeler on 26th October 2016
As I have read all of these more then once trying to help me find some words to express I've came to the conclusion no words can say how hard it is to lose someone close to your heart. Ann you were a amazing human one of the special ones. As I believe that you are now at peace with john I know the pain felt by the ones you left behind. Thank you... thank you for helping me become the person I am today. If it wasn't for the guidance you gave me through the most important years I'm not sure what path I may have taken. Thank you for being a women you never had to be.
Posted by Shauna Boden on 24th October 2016
Mom, It's hard to choose one amazing memory of you so I'm going to share one of my memories that helped shape who I am. One day after school you picked me up and I was crying so hard. You said honey what wrong, with a concerned look on your face. I told you that we had to stand infront of the class and tell them about the word we got assigned. I had gotten the word bird. Now of course cause I'm dyslexic I wrote it as birb and the teacher told me infront of the class, I was going to grow up to be a French fry stuffer at a fast food restaurant. I was heartbroken, but you told me that I could do anything I wanted and that me having dyslexia wasn't going to hold me back!! Those words have always given me comfort. whenever I'm struggling to understand something I think of those kind words. Wish they could give me comfort right now cause I am definitely struggling to understand this!! After that you always made time to help me do my homework even when you had a lot going on you would still make time to help me. I know that without all the time you invested I wouldn't become the overachiever I am today!! I love you mom and I truly believe I was lucky to have such an amazing, caring, loving mother.
Posted by Heather Breshears on 24th October 2016
I think that there a lots of incredible memories that can be thought of and shared. To Lilith especially but also Sabrina and Shauna when I thought and thought of one special memory it was her laugh. Always laughing. And for everytime she laughed thats one incredibly difficult thing to loose. Her laugh brings a lot of great memories into one special memory of hearing it countless times. Lilith how many times we must have given each other a laugh when our Mom's where laughing not knowing why. Thankful for so many memories. Anne laughed all the time. Even when we couldn't understand what she was laughing about she would laugh.
Posted by Amber Tresch on 24th October 2016
When I was 9 years old Tina my birth mother brought Shauna to my house for my birthday party, after that I met the whole boden family mom Ann and dad john took me in as one of their own and actually wrote up adoption papers with my birth mother! Mom (Ann) has been more of a mother to me then my own mom. The last time I talked to her was about a week before she went into the hospital, she told me how proud of me she was and how she missed me and the girls and if I could come get her to come see my new place :( my life has been crazy with work and kids and I feel extremely quilty for not making the time for mom and letting life get in the way! I just hope she knows how much I love and appreciate her for loving me and everything she has done. Without her I wouldn't know what a real family would feel like! Mom I love u so much and will forever miss you and dad..
Posted by Michelle Bross on 24th October 2016
I will always remember her caring heart. No matter what she would give the shirt off her back to help anyone and everyone. She would go without to feed a friend. So many of us called her Mom. She taught ne how to hustle gor my family doing whatever I could to make sure my family had good on the table and a roof over our heads. She wasn't always successful in her own life but she always tried and alwayd looked for the positive in ecery situation. I love her and will miss her everyday until the day I die
Posted by Kierstien Drouin on 24th October 2016
So happy I was able to be apart of your life and to be able to take the very last picture of you smiling happy!!
Posted by Lilith Lerma on 24th October 2016
My heart hurts today, and I'm unsure it will ever go away. Don't get to hear your voice again, because you couldn't stay. No conversations, no how's it going, just a moment that's been frozen. I wonder now who will advise me, who will criticize me with love. I wonder when I'll stop reaching for phone, about to call then remembering your not home. We got no sad goodbye, got no time to talk. But Mom I thank you for helping me learn to walk. I'll stand on my own, never alone because of your lessons.
Posted by Liz Sandwyk on 20th October 2016
I met all of you many years ago on Bethel Island. For me, Ann and John were the definition of unconditional love. Through it all they stood together. A love like that is so very rare. Clyde Holbrook and I send {virtual hugs} to all of you.
Posted by Ty E on 19th October 2016
I've known Ann and the Boden family since I was about 6 years old, Ann has always been extremely welcoming to me and all of the other children that grew up around their home on Bethel Island, some have even turned to family because of their open arms. I am so thankful to have spent the time I did with her and John. Growing up I remember I needed to finish a school project, my mother was at work and I needed help baking cookies and she stayed up and helped me until late at night. To this day I remember all the effort she put in to make sure I got it done and ready for school. Whenever I seen her she always gave me a hug, told me she missed me and to come visit. I will always miss her and her warm welcoming hugs.
Posted by Ayla Quesada on 19th October 2016
I met the Boden Family ~25 years ago in what is now known as the infamous Purse Club. I consider Lilly, Shauna, and Sabrina my cousins, and John and Ann my uncle and aunt. Us kids would perform choreographed Bangles dances on the street corner or sit in their cherry tree eating cherries. We would watch Marilyn Monroe movies and run around Concord playing in fountains. I remember one day I crashed my bicycle into the back of a parked RV (yes it's possible) and broke my arm. I went to the Boden's house first and I remember Ann's gentle, soothing touch in trying to calm me. Our families are forever intertwined, because we share so many memories and so much love. I love and miss you Ann, and John. Love you and miss you Lilly, Shauna, and Sabrina.
Posted by Lilith Lerma on 19th October 2016
I've been so wrong for so long Thought I could live Without the love that you give I was wrong, oh, so wrong I have been so wrong for so long I didn't know that I loved you so I was wrong Well, I never knew I could want you, darlin', oh, so much Now that you're gone I dream of you and your sweet touch I was so wrong for so long But I've seen the light Darlin', I'll make it right I was wrong Well, I never knew I could want you, darlin', oh, so much Now that you're gone I dream of you and your sweet touch I was so wrong for so long But I've seen the light Darlin', I'll make it right I was wrong
Posted by Sabrina Boden-Wagner on 19th October 2016
Posted by Sabrina Boden-Wagner on 19th October 2016
Oh mom!!! Things moved to quickly. I miss you so much more then I ever realized I could or would. Give dad a hug for me. I love you guys.
Posted by Lilith Lerma on 19th October 2016
I miss u deeply mommy

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