Nyar Odera maka Nyando, that is all you!
Rose Akoth Ouma
  • 59 years old
  • Date of birth: Feb 14, 1956
  • Place of birth:
    Migori, Nyanza, Kenya
  • Date of passing: Aug 12, 2015
  • Place of passing:
    Kisumu, Nyanza, Kenya
In loving memory of Rose, she lived, she loved and we loved her back. She will always be in our hearts and minds.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Rose Ouma, 59, born on February 14, 1956 and passed away on August 12, 2015. She will remain forever in our heart!

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Nyithi Apoa on 29th August 2017

"Mama, it’s now 2 years since you’ve been gone.
This month has been trying…
I tried to keep busy so that it wouldn’t hurt so much
Your image flashes now and again
Your touch brushes me when I am low
Your smile brightens my day when I am dull
Your advice echoes when I am in need
Thank you…
Your teachings gave me roots
I feel you close, even if I don’t see you
You live….
In my heart
In my mind
In my life.
I miss you
I’ll always Love you, till the end of the world
Your loving daughter

This tribute was added by Nyithi Apoa on 12th August 2016

"Mama Night!  My mother, my sister, my best friend!

As we commemorate your 1st anniversary since you left us a year ago. I am thinking of you more than ever.  I wish you were still here. I wish there was a telephone connection to Heaven, then we could talk again as always. There is so much to share. Even though you are a zillion plus miles away, I know you are in a quiet and peaceful place and I know your spirit is with us every day!

A zillion times we needed you,
A zillion times you were there,
A zillion times we talked with you
A zillion times we laughed with you,

A zillion times you loved us,
A zillion we loved you back,
All in our special ways.
If love alone could have saved you, you would still be alive

Your heart of gold stopped beating
your twinkling eyes closed to rest
A zillion times we cried for you,
But in our hearts, you live forever!

Your memories are forever treasured,
Your legacy lives on forever
May you continue to rest in eternal peace!
Forever loved! Forever missed!


This tribute was added by Nyithi Apoa on 8th May 2016

"On this mother’s day, I remember you mama. The beautiful rose surrounded by thorns.  Today I remember your eternal love for me and all your children, including your foster kids. My memories are full of our endless talks, our laughter, our singing, and your meaningful advises. You were my guiding star, telling me what was always best for me…the only thing you didn’t tell me was how to go on living without you. I miss you more and more everyday and even your death can never make me stop loving you. REST IN PEACE Mama Night. Happy mother’s day! Forever loved!"

This tribute was added by Nyithi Apoa on 14th February 2016

"Hey Mama, today is your 60th birthday, I light a candle and lay a rose flower for you. Happy birthday and happy valentines! I miss you so much and love you always. I hope you are happy and peaceful! I will always be grateful for having you as my mother, my best friend, and my confidante. May God continue to rest your soul in eternal peace! Till we meet again. Loving daughter, Night!"

This tribute was added by aggie akelo on 17th November 2015

"Mama Jackie, u were truest, dearest, and more than a mother, not only to your children but to many.
You were precious a gift from God, you possessed so much beauty, grace, love and patience.
You touched our hearts in so many ways…..your strength and smile even on dark days was always amazing to me,
I remember how you kept me encouraged when I lost my beloved husband Hezbon…you taught me to trust in God and let his will be done,
And during the many times you called to check on me…you always told me to remember this quote during my low moments…‘kaka ber ne nyasaye”
Thank you for everything you did for family and friends over the years. We couldn’t have asked for a better mother and role model.
You will be missed by all and your memory will live in us all forever.
Rest in peace Mama Jackie!"

This tribute was added by Josephine Okere on 9th October 2015

"Jacque, be consoled as you continue to grieve the painful departure of your beloved mom. I remembered how devastated and broken you were in 2012 when you received the sad news of her cancer diagnosis. I know it is even now more devastating as you mourn her death.The death of a committed and practicing catholic like your mom is not an annihilation but is rightly viewed and celebrated as a transformation of life. The preface for Christian Death notes: “Lord, for your faithful people life is changed, not ended.” We are also comforted by the words of Wisdom that, “the souls of the virtuous are in the hands of the Lord, no torment shall ever touch them.” (Wis. 3:1).Eternal rest grant unto her o Lord. And let perpetual light shine upon her. May she rest in peace. Amen"

This tribute was added by Floice Angatia on 26th August 2015

"Mama Jackie as I used to call her came to my house a month ago to see my baby. We had a lot of fun, she looked very strong and healthy though she had a lot of pain which she never expressed.
Whenever we met she really used to encourage me especially about my  past which is well known to some people.  We became very close to a point that  if she doest hear from me she calls to find out if am ok. Her death has really saddened me. May God  Rest her soul in peace."

This tribute was added by Floice Angatia on 26th August 2015

"Mama Jackie as I used to call her came to my house a month ago to see my baby. We had a lot of fun, she looked very strong and healthy though she had a lot of pain which she never expressed.
Whenever we met she really used to encourage me especially about my  past which is well known to some people.  We became very close to a point that  if she doest hear from me she calls to find out if am ok. Her death has really saddened me. May God  Rest her soul in peace."

This tribute was added by Floice Angatia on 26th August 2015

"Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth,  for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, New Jerusalem,  coming down out of heaven from God,  prepared as a bride  adorned for  her husband.  And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, " behold, the dwelling place of God is with man. He will  dwell with them, and they will be his people and  God himself will be their God for he will wipe away every tear from  their eyes. And death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning nor crying nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away
Revelation 21: 1-4
Rest in peace mama Jackie."

This tribute was added by Jack Mutongi on 20th August 2015

"Words can't express what we feel nor can any amount of literature explain what we are going through...mother in law you are gone too soon.
We thank God for your journey on earth. You did what every proud mother would do and I know through your children's smiles you live on among us. Above all I will always thank you for the gift of a beautiful wife in your daughter.
Fare the well till we meet again."

This tribute was added by Irene Odhiambo on 19th August 2015

"The last time i saw you at Dan's, you were so upbeat, full of words as usual, never forgetting to ask how everyone  in my life was doing, the children, my mom, all my siblings; you were as strong as always, showing your usual concern. I was supposed to give you something i was working on and in fact you asked me about it.... i never thought that would be our last encounter. You always mentioned my dad to me, the few instances that you met were always a memory you held dearly and you constantly reminded me about those memories, i remember how you wept at his funeral...I know he is there to welcome you to the other side. I will miss your strength, your encouragement, the things that you always reminded me to do.. your gratitude at the smallest of things always amazed me. I will truly miss you mothee. I know God has relieved you of your pain, and taken you into his loving arms, may you find peace......Sleep well, until we meet again."

This tribute was added by Hon Mc'Ayodo on 19th August 2015

"Whenever I think of "kanera" it's you and the short Memories we shared that click my mind. You were ever friendly and charming. You never missed to advise and give correction where its due. I remember in 2007 after I had just done my KCSE exams, the results were out and I was confused on what to go for, Aunty you were there for me, you gave me the motherly encouragement that I was missing, you gave me the courage to go for what I had, you opened my eyes Min Night, though you are gone so soon, you will always be missed. The sweet Memories you have left in the hearts of everyone around you will forever be cherished. Nind gi kwe Aunty."

This tribute was added by Carol Opee on 19th August 2015

"Mama night, my childhood memories of you will forever be treasured. You were kind, loving, generous, happy and your beautiful smile was always infectious. It's still very surreal to believe that you're gone. While we're left to mourn, weep and deal with the void of your loss, I'm certain that the time and life you shared with your loved ones will keep their hearts going on. The beautiful angels must have received you with open arms. Sleep with the angels of God."

This tribute was added by Tyler Omune on 18th August 2015

"Mama, although you are gone physically, spiritually you are living within our souls.We thank God for your life and the time you lived with us.Your contributions to us will always remain in our minds and hearts.I never knew you were to leave us so soon.We would have wished that you stayed longer, but because it is God's plan, we give thanks to God since we have lived under your love, guidance and care. I really admired the act of generosity you embraced through your passion of helping others in any difficult situation.Your presence will still always be felt and will live with us for the rest of our lives.May God rest your soul in eternal life

Your loving Son-in-law,
Tobias Omune Onyando"

This tribute was added by charles okwaro on 18th August 2015

"A cheerful mother, full of stories...not just stories...I call them advises...Oooh' gone too soon!  The Lord giveth and taketh, The lose is unbearable to the family, but God is the Supreme cosoler who is in control and will surely see us through this dark period. May Mamanight's soul rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Allan Oduor on 18th August 2015

"Dear Mama,it feels sad and empty that you are gone,the love you've shown us and the care that you gave us will always be remembered.The people that you touched who still refer to you as mom shows the extend of your love.You always showed us the way and was always there to correct us when made mistakes.You offered us advice on every aspect of life.Personally you believed in me even more than i believed in myself, you always believed that i could be somebody and that with education everything will work out.I promise that when I have my own kids i will raise them the way you raised us.I hope you are at peace now mum, no more pain again.Till we meet again!"

This tribute was added by Duncan Onyango on 18th August 2015

"Mum, i have finally gathered courage to pen down something in your memory. It still feels, sounds and seems unreal to me that you are long gone. Mum you loved me and gave me your own Dad's name by that i became your dad. I returned the favour by giving you two beautiful granddaughters all named after you - i became your father a second time! The last time we spoke on Thursday you lied to me that you were to come back after one month for treatment, it's the first time and the last time that you ever lied to me. Evelyne-Rose is still waiting for the chicken you promised. Kendra-Rose is waiting for her cucu, and the entire family are still looking forward to the Thanksgiving in December which you were very upbeat about. I've released you Mama, I've released you my daughter, go in peace, watch over us as you've always done - till we meet again!"

This tribute was added by Tom Semelang'o on 18th August 2015

"Sadly missed along life's way, quietly remembered every day...

No longer in our life to share, but in our hearts, you're always there..

Seasons change and songs do fade. Death cannever be detached in our fate: dont worry we will meet her some day; In heaven where eternal happiness stay. Mama Night will live in our memories forever.

My Deepest Heartfelt Condolences

This tribute was added by Beatrice Ouma on 17th August 2015

"Mum i went home knowing  i would find you, talk to you while taking your favourite meal (tea) till midnight the way you usually do with your children, i kept talking knowing you were there listening, checking your normal siting place if in deed you're there. We cld story upto 4:00am in the morning without realizing but stories kept on flowing, you were a story teller. with all those pain you cld still come and check on us if we've slept comfortably (if we've kept ourselves warm) truly you loved mum. I woken up in the morning went to your bedroom to say "good morning" coz to me i knew you're there sleeping just to realized you're no longer with us. The little you had you shared with the less fortunate i thank God for the kind of heart he blessed you with (giving freely and cheerfully). Mum i don't know where i'll run to for advice, if i had an issue i cld call and immediately i find help and was confidence i would achive coz you were the best teacher and counselor.  Mama i prayed by your beside and i went home convinced that i was going to see you the next day but God the giver of life had his plans for you"

This tribute was added by Tyler Omune on 17th August 2015

"Cancer took away a loved one.
Pain surfaces within our hearts
But We still stay strong
When we always remember how you
were such a Blessing to us.
Grandma ,"

This tribute was added by Tyler Omune on 17th August 2015

"The wounds within my heart cannot be healed at this
moment because you're
presence has been a major influence in my life.You have
taught me right
from wrong,You have  showed me nothing but love and
care, You have made me
become the best I can be, You have given hope to the
hopeless. You have
been our Guardian Angel. Grandma, you were a blessing in
disguise not only
to me but to many people.Your generosity and kindness are
the character
traits that not most human beings possess, and that's what
makes us
treasure you in our hearts.I know right now your are in a
better place, and
all I want is to give you thanks. Thank you Grandma for
being there for all
of us. I LOVE YOU.

Your loving Grandson,
Tyler Omune Hezron."

This tribute was added by Tyler Omune on 17th August 2015

"Grandma Rose was the best thing that ever happened to me.
She was a one of
a kind grandmother, she was kind and always had a smile
whenever she was
with us.Not to mention she was a strong woman. She use
to tell me
teachings about life .She also used to encourage people
especially Tyler
and I to always work hard and never loose hope. I also used
to sit beside
her as I enjoyed her interesting stories. What a loss of such
a wonderful
person. R.I.P. Grandma, I sure am going to miss you

Your Grandson,
Tevin Omune Paul."

This tribute was added by Joab Achola on 16th August 2015

"Mom this came as a shock to me because the last time we were together u told me you would be going back to hospital in nbi.I was to pick you up but God had his plans.You were my mom from my childhood and i learnt alot from you.The gap you have left in the family cannot be filled and we will forever miss you.R.I.P Mama Ninght."

This tribute was added by Betty Andrew on 16th August 2015

"Am grieved beyond expression mum. I don't understand why God had to call you at this point in time. I feel a great sense of loss! I will miss your warmth, cheerfulness, love and respect. How I wish you lived longer!
However, my consolation is that God has a purpose in everything. God saved you from the pain you were feeling. Ma when we last spoke you told me you had shortness of breathe l promised to come n see you but little did l know you were telling me bye. I know you are watching over us from heaven......but the pain inside is way beyond me mum l miss you. You took and lifted me up mum when l was low....you would read my mind and tel me exactly what l was going through. We laughed n cried together mum. The best grandma your grandchildren could ever have. My heart is breaking as l write this....my love for you will remain...
You were so hardworking mum and you taught me that a woman is the pillar of the home. You taught me how to cook traditional vegetables mum l can write so many words without exhausting your goodness. In my heart you live forever. Goodbye mum."

This tribute was added by Beatrice Ouma on 14th August 2015

"Mama i'll miss you so much litna any moment i'm trying to leave an attribute pi wanga wuok a wuoka. Rest in peace osiepa"

This tribute was added by Mercy Cherutich on 14th August 2015

"Mum, words cannot express how we feel. Your passing away has left a big gap. I thank God that he gave me the opportunity to spend time with you in the last moments of your life on earth. You were so dear to your children and treasured your grandchildren. You made friends with everyone.

Home will never be the same without you, I can't forget your generosity. We'd always have our car boot fully packed with foodstuffs when we left. Something for everyone. Even when you were being brought on Monday with all the pain, you had time to pack food for us... You were an amazing woman.

Rest mama. We loved you and we will keep talking about you always."

This tribute was added by Nyithi Apoa on 12th August 2015

"Forever loved........
              Forever missed....

                        Forever remembered........."

This tribute was added by Nyithi Apoa on 12th August 2015

"Oh mama! I can’t believe you are gone. You were only 59 years young. This pain is so unbearable mama! You were the greatest gift to us all, your love was so unconditional, and your strength so admirable! You were resilient through it all. This is the saddest kind of sad…. My tears can’t stop flowing. I looked forward to talking to you every day, but now a million words can't bring you back. We were going to meet again in just three months. I have lost all the sunshine! I have lost my best friend! Your memories are my life’s only solace now mama. I miss you already!! I will always look up to you no matter what. May God rest your soul in eternal peace until we meet again in heaven. I love you mama! Always and forever! Loving daughter Jacque (Night)"

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