Shared by Asonganyi Miranda Forsoh ... on October 12, 2020
Ohh my granny you may have pass on,but your memories will always be within us.thank you for your sacrifice,care,and concern,your love and everything you have done for me.I know you are in a much better place,and will be forever grateful and thankful that you are my will always be in my heart my sweet grandmother.Thank you for giving me the name Asonganyi.Rest in peace grandma.


Shared by Asongne Done on October 11, 2020
Mama Asonganyi my (mbumbu) I rimeber the days of class one went I will camback from school she will shuod at me mbombo cam and ate something there will be a day that she will note cook food she will give me garri . she was a lovely woman not only to me but also to the tangweh children rip mama we shall one day meat again
Shared by Hannibal Awungnjia on October 8, 2020

Mama Regina Asong (Asongatemnkeng) was born on January, 7 1947 to the family of Mbuah Aleambeuh Nicholas and uwah Atemnkeng Dorothy in Nkong, a neighborhood between Nwehchen and Atoageh. Where she spend her early life. Her beauty and good character attracted one of the most handsome man in the name of Philip Atangabeuh to the neighborhood Mama Regina Asong was leaving. She got married to papa Phillip Atagabeuh(Mbe Asiambeh) of Nwehchen Fossung where the young couple started their life. Her hard work, multivation and the support she gave papa Philip Atangabeuh, pushed him to go extra miles, in achieving what they have today. Mama Regina Asong was a mother to all children in her neighborhood. Her kitchen was always with children. She treated all children not different from her own real born children. Her hard work, and motivation, gave her husband the support he needed for his achievements of today. Mama Regina was a Roman Catholic Christian who served God without compromise. She was very active and devoted to the catholic activities for evangelization. She was never absent from church services on Sundays, and morning prayers. She also attended pilgrimage organized in the late 80s.Covering a distance of about 20 miles walk form nwehen to Lewoh. Pilgrimage later gave way to Mariapolistin the 90s initially organized at Our Lady Seat of Wisdom college campus before moving to the Mariapolist center at Nveh.. She was also a strong member of Catholic affiliated establishments such as Catholic woman Association (CWA), and the Charismatic group of Munyenge Catholic Church (Muyaka sub Division, Southern Region, Cameroon). Mama Asong was also very good runner (athlete).She was a two times winner of three miles marathon race, women series Organized every 8th of march to Commemorate International Women's day. In her 60s, she contested with women as young as 18 years old, and was champion. She left behind, her Husband Mbe Asiambeh Philip, Her Made Anyi Deborah Nchisah, eight(8) children, twenty two (22)grand children, twelve(12) great grand children, eight ( 8) step children, three younger siblings(Ndua Nkrakem Lazarus, Ndua Mbonwoh GodFred(Mbeteh) and Ndoh Achievement Juliana) To morn her.

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