"The sun will no more be your light by day, nor will the brightness of the moon shine on you, for the LORD will be your everlasting light, and your God will be your glory." (Isaiah 60:19)
  • 82 years old
  • Born on October 23, 1933 in Mamfe, Cameroon.
  • Passed away on September 5, 2016 in Yaounde, Cameroon.

This is Mummy's Farewell Program:


7pm: Praise and Celebration of Life

FRIDAY 30/09

10am - 2pm: Last farewells at family home, Limbola

2pm: Funeral mass, New Town Parish, Limbe

5pm: Reception, Holiday Inn, Limbe

11pm: Departure to Mamfe


8am - 10am: Last farewells at family home, Mamfe Town

10am - 1pm: Requiem mass, St. Joseph's Cathedral, Mamfe

2pm: Laying to rest, Family Cemetery, Mamfe Town

3pm: Reception

SUNDAY 02/10

8.30am: Thanksgiving Mass, St. Joseph's Cathedral, Mamfe

11am: Prayers at Mummy's Place of Rest

Posted by Joan Ngome (spouse) Beson... on 29th October 2017
Gone and missed but never forgotten. Rest in Peace Mama
Posted by Belinda Assam on 23rd October 2017
Happy are they who die in the Lord. You were the best mother in the whole wide world!!!!!!
Posted by Belinda Assam on 23rd October 2017
Happy birthday. As you blow out this birthday candle, pray for us as we also pray for the repose of your soul Rest in peace dear Mummy
Posted by Belinda Assam on 23rd October 2017
Dearest Mummy Happy birthday in heaven. I know you are happy and I know as a saint you behold the face of God and can better intercede for us. We are trying our best to continue in the way you taught us. The vacuum created by your passing is still there and will always be there but God has replaced my tears with peace which only He can give. You were my treasure, my friend and my companion and you will still remain that to me , now and forever . Rest in peace darling Mummy
Posted by Morh'ese Oben on 5th September 2017
Grandma, I cannot even imagine that it has been an entire year we have had to live without you. Proverbs 22:6 says, start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old, they will not turn from it. With every passing day, I hope you are proud of us and the legacy you left behind. I am saying the rosary one extra time for you today. I love you with all I am.
Posted by Belinda Assam on 23rd October 2016
Mummy, today we would have been celebrating your 83rd birthday in our usual style God , your Creator preferred that you celebrate together with Him. Who are we to question that decision? I have shed tears today because I miss your physical presence but I am in Limbola so I am celebrating still, with cakes to your friends, so even though you are not here, your party is still on. I am sure Daddy surprised you with a birthday "gift" Happy birthday Mummy. I love you and miss you. Continue to rest in peace
Posted by Belinda Assam on 23rd October 2016
Mummy, today we would have been celebrating your 83rd birthday in our usual style God , your Creator preferred that you celebrate together with Him. Who are we to question that decision? I have shed tears today because I miss your physical presence but I am in Limbola so I am celebrating still, with cakes to your friends, so even though you are not here, your party is still on. I am sure Daddy surprised you with a birthday "gift" Happy birthday Mummy. I love you and miss you. Continue to rest in peace
Posted by Alex Ashu on 20th September 2016
You were a precious gift from God who touched many lives in a positive way. Your legacy will continue to live on
Posted by Ada Dan Okafor on 19th September 2016
May her soul rest in perfect peace. The Dan Okafors ' commiserate with your family on the passing of Mama. We pray the good Lord to give you the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss, Amen.
Posted by Sharon Ekure on 16th September 2016
We celebrate with the Oben's family the life of a great and beautiful woman. She is not gone forever because of the Hope we have in Christ Jesus. Rest in peace grandma till we meet to part no more. Our deepest condolence to the entire family! -Edgar and Sharon Ekure.
Posted by Ernestine Lottin Kingue on 15th September 2016
Accept my most sincere sympathy to you all especially Anne and Julius, Trisha and Victor. God will keep you during this difficult time
Posted by Agboretchu Eyong on 15th September 2016
Posted by Adrian Tarh on 14th September 2016
Mummy, It is with a heavy heart that I write this tribute. Heavy not from the sense of your departure, but from the gaping absence this creates. Through the complex bonds of marriage, I became a son to you. I did benefit from your presence and guidance, along with your weighted words of advice, delivered in single sentences with an always ready smile. I write with a heavy heart, not because you have left for where there is infinite peace and love, but because all around me, I see the effects of your being MUMMY and what your absence means. Mummy was a name you carried with joy and act, proving that your open arms always had space for the next person, and a smile could feed a million. Your Motherly love knew no bounds. As I look back, you have not only been Mummy, but MOTHER, stepping in place of a departed parent and filling in the void this created. This is something you pulled off constantly with grace and ease. You will be missed. But your life, to all who knew you, sets the yardsticks for each of us to use as a guide to being better people, parents and being there for others when needed. Fare thee well to a well-deserved rest. I hang on to the cherished memories of your words, actions and the irreplaceable SMILE. Because of this, I will celebrate your life; Rest in Perfect Peace. Your work was well done. Abang Tarh
Posted by Alberta Manga on 14th September 2016
You have completed your mission on earth. May you have eternal rest in heaven. My condolences to the family.
Posted by Eyere Takor on 14th September 2016
Miami Regi, thanks for touching our lives at the Besongabang meeting in Victoria / Limbe. Whenever you were able to come, we drank from your fountain of wisdom. We have lost that communion now but we will certainly remember our moments together. May the Lord grant you eternal rest and may His light shine on you for eternity. Sleep in perfect peace as we wait for the rapture when we shall gather on Jordan's banks. Good night Mami.
Posted by Jonathan Takang on 13th September 2016
Bye mummy. I still remember your words of wisdom to me at my marriage. Can't also forget the sessions we had in real ejagham, rare moments which will impact me even when forever is gone. May your soul rest in peace. Jonathan Takang.
Posted by Princess Stephy on 13th September 2016
Mummy, I don't know what else I can really say, rather than say rest in the Bossom of the Lord. You have always been there for us. Especially in my academic life. God used you to do his will in my academic life. And you always made yourself present after every of my graduation from one level to the next. Always happy and smiling at me that I did not disappoint you. We have been praying for you, since we learnt of your poor health. My Grandma (M.N Weledji) could not take it at all to think that you were that sick. Up till now, we just have to console her. Thank you mummy. I shall miss your laughter. Rest in Peace and greet daddy for us. We shall truely miss you. Stephy Weledji
Posted by Richard Oben on 13th September 2016
MY SWEET MOTHER,my darling and loving MOTHER, i am not sure if i really know how to express my love for you. Neither do i know how to measure the love you shared for me; You have always been there for me as my beloved mother and best friend, Where and how do i continue without you?? Thank God you showed me,my brothers and my beloved sister what it means to live with love and harmony as a family;You did all that was necessary as a mentor before going to meet your wonderful husband and DADDY, We will continue to pass on the legacy you left behind and we will always love you for ever; You will rest in the peace of the lord and I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU
Posted by Njei Timah Moses on 13th September 2016
RIP. The calibre of children you raised is one testimony of a life well spent on earth.
Posted by Marie Akem on 12th September 2016
Mummy you fought a good fight!!! Your time is come because the Lord needs you. You were loved by us, but Daddy (Almighty GOD) loves you more. It is hard to say good bye, but this we must do. As you sleep in the Lord all I can say is good night Mummy and have a good rest.
Posted by Joan Ngome (spouse) Beson... on 11th September 2016
Mama Regina, you were a true epitome of love, peace, joy and most importantly a God fearing woman. I may not have met you in person but from the little I heard of you from your daughter in law (Ann Oben), I can confidently conclude that you left a legacy of Christianity and hard work. Mama you must have sown the right seeds. May your soul find rest in the bosom of your Heavenly Father with the assurance that the love you left in your family radiates on
Posted by Ndongla Henry on 11th September 2016
Dear Mummy Oben, the calm smile and gentle look you showered me with each time we met was so deep and appeasing that I always found myself saying "thank you mummy" even when you said nothing. What I cherish most is the light you left behind to shine our paths through. Shine mummy, Shine! Enlighten and inspire us from above! Your body and breath may be gone but your spirit lives on..!
Posted by Ayamoh Oben on 11th September 2016
The love of a grandma is unique.God must have given us grandmas to liven up our lives.Love you Grandma,you truly were a special,special woman.You may have passed on but your memories will always live within us.Thank you for all your sacrifices,your care and concern.I will miss you my "Mbombo".I am forever thankful and grateful to you for letting me have your name "Ayamo" and I will represent you in and out of the family.Rest In Peace "Mbombo"..I love you
Posted by Rachel Sone on 10th September 2016
As we mourn your passing, I can think of one person who ia rejoicing - Daddy! He finally has his wife together forever in a place where even death is not strong enough to separate you two. Rest in perfect peace Mummy! You will be forever missed but we will continue to hold you dear in our hearts.
Posted by Helen Njui on 10th September 2016
RIP mummy .As u go ahead... U are with the Lord.we all will continue to remember u.forever in our hearts
Posted by OJ Tarh on 6th September 2016
MUMMY, You were mother to us all especially in our times of most need. When Mammi passed on in 1997, you took over and made me feel like I still had a mother. I will miss you your advise and words of wisdom. But I know you are now resting in the hands of the Lord. Farethee well and say hi to both my biological parents and all those gone before. Your time on earth is done but your memories will live forever. MUMMY sleep well and rest in peace.

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