Posted by Chetan Sankar on June 4, 2022
It is surprising to learn that it has been ten years since you passed away. I see you markings on Indian religious texts as I pursue them now. You practiced, "Love All, Serve All." Thanks for being a guide to all of us in how to live as we age.
Posted by Chetan Sankar on February 17, 2019
As I have recovered from a difficult period in my life, I am always reminded of dad in a few things he did:
(a) We inherit our genes from our parents and carry part of them with us,
(b) I try to emulate dad's patience and kindness - they defined him uniquely as he grew older; we only have fond memories of him in his later years, and
(c) he knew how to live, love, give, and take care of himself. 
The older I grow, the more I respect my dad for his unique and amazing qualities.
Posted by phanindra g.r. on June 4, 2016
Anu and me carry in our hearts the beautiful memories. We can't forget him for all the support he gave for our marriage. With lots of love. Anu & Phanindra.
Posted by Lalitha Ravi on June 4, 2015
Anna you live with us through memories pictures mails and gifts that you gave. Care compassion love and laughter in abundance to me for so many years. Love you lots anna. Your smile was infectious and my biggest take away from you.
Posted by cs murali on June 5, 2013
It is hard to recover from the loss of a person I have known and lived with for many decades.  However, the positive outlook on life my father left will remain forever!!
Posted by Lalitha Ravi on June 4, 2013
Anna, I still wait for your mails many a times. So prompt in replying and making one feel wanted and special. Our beach walk, ice cream eat out and lunch at anna manni home flashes as I remember you and our good times today. Love you lots and I thank mohan for giving this beautiful friendship to me( friends for life ). I can see you smiling and blessing us.
Posted by sujatha sriram on June 4, 2013
Appa althou a year has passed since u have left us, it feels that you are right there smiling with those twinkling eyes of yours and asking me to write to u an email and about my well being and work. I know i exist in you as your right eye, Thanks for the lovely bond we shared
Posted by Ram Mohan on June 4, 2013
A year passes by. The memories don't fade. Miss you, Anna.
Posted by Jithu Ramesh on June 4, 2013
Missing thatha very much today. Cannot believe it has been a year!
Posted by Chetan Sankar on June 4, 2013
Can't believe that it is an year since dad passed away. Lots of changes in the year, but I still miss him. Remember rushing to the hospital and Lakshmi catching a flight. Hmm!! Time and tide wait for none.
Posted by Lalitha Ravi on March 19, 2013
Anna you are in our thoughts and memories many days that I connect with suj or mohan or talk about living life to full to my kids. my office desk has pic of you with me and suj . Thanks to your children who are keeping you alive through this memorial website. god bless
Posted by CS Ramesh on March 18, 2013
You are one lovely vibrant person throughout your life.
Posted by sujatha sriram on March 18, 2013
Happy birthday appa. I know you are watching all of us and sending your warm wishes and blessings with those twinkling eyes. Miss you more today.. You remain in my heart as ever and i do remember iam your right eye
Posted by kumaraswamy sethuraman on June 15, 2012
We are also one of the luckiest family to have this gentle and affectionate soul as our Periappa(My father's elder brother). The relationship between them was always very friendly and very gentle. He was a very lovable man towards his all relatives family and always gives advice's for living a good life. We pray GOD for his soul rest in peace. We always remember YOU.
Posted by sujatha sriram on June 15, 2012
Happy father's day appa. I am sure you would be watching us and blessing us and similarly on this special day i want to thank you for the lovely association you gave me which was filled with warmth, love, kovam, advise and lots of positivity and harmonious vibrations.. On this special day i wish your soul to rest in peace and bless us always.. Miss you appa..
Posted by Amit Mitra on June 11, 2012
Mani Subramaniam was an inspiration to us all. His enthusiasm and positive attitude to life conveyed to us to make the best of the situation that we are confronted with. While there may be obstacles, there are cedrtainly ways to overcome those and use the experiences to further enhance our contributions. He will be greatly missed. May his soul rest in peace.
Posted by phanindra g.r. on June 10, 2012
Excellent Soul. Cannot forget the efforts he initiated for my marriage with Anu. My father had great love and respect for him and towards my father in law. Lived a full happy Life. He has reached the abode of God and lives there happily. God bless his Soul.
Sai Ram.
Posted by Jay Sambamurthi on June 6, 2012
Here is the day when both your mourning and joy can deepen and quiet your hearts because you know now that the many love and embraces you shared with your dad, uncle, grandpa .. were simply incarnations of the eternal embraces of the Devine himself. I mourn, rejoice and celebrate his life with each of you. Love, Jay.
Posted by Jill Luethi on June 6, 2012
For the brief time I was able to care for him, he was a true delight - his smile was wonderful and peaceful and it had a way of making you feel just as peaceful. We all fell in love with him and your family.. he is one that will definitely stay with me and I will smile every time I think of him.
Posted by Lalitha Ravi on June 6, 2012
Anna, Thank you for all the wonderful moments that we created together and for getting me integrated into your family. Feel blessed to have found such a wonderful friend and confidant in you. Non-judgemental, unbiased accepting me as I am and unconditional love that you showered. You wil live everyday in our memories.
Posted by sujatha sriram on June 5, 2012
Appa, you are with me in my heart and soul and what i share with you is unexplainable with the so called words which we all think is the best way to explain.. Seeing you so helpless and in pain was so difficult. I know you fought .

I am gifted to be your right eye. I am glad and happy you heard me.Will hold on to that sparkle in your eyes.
Posted by Sanjay Nambiar on June 5, 2012
His energy and spirit was truly inspiring. My fondest memory was hiking up High Point State Monument (when he was 92) with him. He was always game for an adventure. Halfway up Ro got a little scared climbing up the spiral stairs in the tower (he was seven). Uncle gently encouraged him saying if he could do it in his 90's surely he could do it, and he did..Thank you for the memories. RIP
Posted by Swami Nathan on June 5, 2012
All in our family were blessed to have mama as an affectionate elder relative and friend to take part in key family events and get-togethers.  His attitude towards life and ability to adjust to changes played a major role in his leading a happy life upto the end. May we all remember him most for that legacy. - Chami

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