This tribute was added by Risa Simon on January 15, 2020
Mom, you surely are "forever missed" in our hearts and memories. You taught us how to love from the deepest core of our beings and we rejoice in your loving spirit and the very special way you touched us personally, as well as our planet earth and the skies above. Wally and I send BIG hugs and lots of love, comfort and peace. But, most of all, we send you bountiful joy in your angelic forever-adventures, with both new and familiar dance partners and friends.  
This tribute was added by Nicole Vignal on October 31, 2019
Hi Noni-
So funny that this morning I stumbled across the e-mail that mom had sent me to bring me to this page all those years ago. And now I'll be creating a page for her. I hope that you and mama and oma are all somewhere amazing. I hope that you guys and all the loved ones we've lost are at peace. There is not a day that has gone by, since you left, that I don't think of you. I miss you, I miss my mama soooo much. I feel so lost and lonely without her in my world. I know what I am supposed to do, what I should do. It seems like every time I take a few steps forward, something happens and I fall twenty giant leaps behind. I know there's a reason, a purpose for me being here. I need guidance. Please. I love ❤️ and miss you always.
This tribute was added by Risa Simon on January 14, 2019
Your "forever missed" presence remains alive in the hearts of all those you've touched on this planet. Thank you for teaching us how to love from the deepest core of our being. We rejoice in knowing your new dance partner and talented jewelry-maker, our beloved Kimmy, reconnected with your loving spirit. Thank you for taking her into your wings to create new beginnings while "watching over" Ryan, Jake and Nikki from above.
This tribute was added by Wally Simon on January 15, 2017
MomManon positively impacted most every human being who entered her Universe. This was a very special woman who had that "it" factor with people.
Only those who were in here presence truly understand this. This along with being one of the most perceptive human beings I have ever met.
I am completely blessed for being touched by her and can only hope I brought her a sense of me which resonated half as much as she did for me.
This tribute was added by Risa Simon on January 15, 2017
Precious mom, (AKA Mom-Manon)
Your spirit shines bright in the hearts and souls of those you've touched - especially me. I'm continually reminded of your beauty, artistic talents and brilliant mind - always sharp as a tack and so witty! Your fans and followers continue to remind me of how much they miss your energy,empathetic ear and generosity. Know that you are loved every day, not just on this annual memorial. I thank you for sharing your extraordinary talents with me. I find myself creating just as much as you painted or sculpted or shaped the mud to make those one-of-a-kind pots. I miss talking to you about the world, politics - oh, dear if you were here, the Gods would hear us shouting. When you see dad, please give hugs and kisses and let him know I miss him so much too. The two of you have created some amazing kids who are doing wonderful things in the world. Without your zealous spirit and energizer bunny DNA, these wonderful things would not be actualizing. Thank you for it ALL, on behalf of us ALL -- and with the "ALL" that encompasses the ALL of you -- we ALL bless you! I love you. - Risa
This tribute was added by Ryan Pollock on January 14, 2016
Good Morning Mom,
Its 7:00 am here.
It's been 1/2 a decade now since I seen you in this physical life,
but a second hasn't passed that Im always feeling your love & guidance eternally & spiritually !
You have always been there for me!
Without a wavering doubt your strength , love & principles have always given me the strive to be a better person.
I love you mom.
Thank you for being you!
PS: Tell dad I love & miss him more than words could ever express!
You both have a blissful day,
This tribute was added by Jamie Harmon on August 31, 2014
Happy Birthday Manon. I hope where ever you are it's beautiful and you are happy. Ryan is great and so is Jake. Much love to you from us. May your new adventures be great. We love you forever. Ryan, Kim, and Jake.
This tribute was added by Risa Simon on August 29, 2013
82 years young today in our spirits, hearts and endearing memories. We are touched by your amazing soul as we sing and dance with you by our sides. Daily hugs and kisses are sent your way as you continue to explore a new universe. You may be beyond our physical reach, though your artistic and loving spirit comes from within us all. Risa, Wally, Ryan, KIM, JAKE, SHAYNEE & T!
This tribute was added by Risa Simon on January 14, 2013
Your light shines within us all, as we play loving scenes of you in our minds. Your gorgeous images remind us of our special connection - & the magical mysterious touch you had with those who loved you most. We know you are dancing with IRA above & that you are both smiling to us below. Wally & I love U & keep your heart, smile & wildly entertaining spirit alive in our heart and soul.
This tribute was added by Ryan Pollock on January 14, 2013
Its (2) years today you continue to soar with the doves and the angels from above.Thank you so much for always looking over & after us always ! Your loving son,Ryan,your loving daughter-in-law,Kim & your grandson,Jake
This tribute was added by Risa Simon on August 29, 2012
Happy Re-Birth Day Mom! 81 years old today, seriously? For someone full of life, who rarely told her age, looked her age - or lived her age, its hard to imagine. Your youthful beauty & spirit shines through our hearts, reminding us of all your artistically creative talents & passion for humanity. Know your presence abounds our soul. I am grateful for the lessons & gift of love. We/I love U
This tribute was added by Risa Simon on January 14, 2012
I still feel the squeeze of your fingers wrapped around my hand, exactly one year ago today. I continue to see you in just about everything I do, and I breath your spirit in just about ever place I go. May that special spirit that so many of us have come to know and miss, continue to enlightened the new soul sisters that surround you now. I love you Ma!
This tribute was added by Kim Pollock on October 21, 2011
Hi Mom I miss u. Miss talking to u. Miss cooking with you. Miss your laugh you would always make me laugh. I thought you were going to always live longer then I. I wish i would have spent more time with you. I hope your happy flying threw the beautiful mountains and sea. I love u
This tribute was added by Risa Simon on August 29, 2011
We celebrate YOU a-X the universe. Thank you for protecting me & visiting us often by showing up in beauty of nature. You are the sip of a hummingbird taking in the sweet nector of life. U show-up, fluttering UR wings of beauty & return w/a kiss. May this day start UR cycle anew.
This tribute was added by J.P. Geis on August 29, 2011
Hola Querida,
Voy a recordarte siempre; tu espiritu, la energia, la alegria y tantas otras cosas.
Ya tengo cosas de mi corazon. Creo que voy a morir en corto plaza. Espero que nuestros espiritus encontraron.JP
This tribute was added by Ryan Pollock on August 29, 2011
Such a loving Mom, Her strength lives within us and grows stronger each day, though her physical life has slipped away I miss the sound of her laughter, I miss hearing her say 'I Love You" nothing could ever take her beautiful memories away! She fly’s above us with Angels every day
This tribute was added by Risa Simon on January 24, 2011
Manon touched the souls of many people, and gave life to three amazingly talented children after surviving a horrific war. Now, she continues to give hope to others by donating her body to research. As a mother she taught us to love, laugh and dance in the rain. Undoubtedly, she’s already stepped back into her dancing shoes to the beat of her new spirit-light, to illuminate her soul from above.

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