Posted by Sunil Kumar on May 9, 2021
Amma missing you as always !!

Wishing you a Happy mother day .............
Posted by mini menon on April 29, 2021
Happy Birthday Remani Chechi. In Heaven you must be at bliss, no stress, no tension, no sickness but full of peace and happiness. Om Shanti
Posted by Sunil Kumar on April 29, 2021
Very Happy Birthday Amma,

We all miss you and your smile.....

As Rekha wrote you will have a very peaceful time there with the care of Acha too..

The Aviti's team would miss your gifts what you shared during your last birthday...
Posted by REKHA SUNIL on April 29, 2021
Happy birthday Amma. The day you have left us, my life was filled with sadness and sorrow. I am just glad because I know that you are now free from life’s problems and that you are enjoying every moment in heaven with the angels. I love you and I miss you.
Posted by b menon on April 19, 2021
Two long months, you left the earth for ever
17 long years my parents left me alone to learn lessons in life
My gratitude to you for everything. Learned life alone, struggled alone, without a word of comfort or moral support or motivation I went through though times alone without any complaint
Age is pulling back at times but I am not ready to give up
Dad and mom you are my best teacher. Lots of love
Posted by VIMAL VENU on March 1, 2021
Me and my wife had met amma many times and she had been very affectionate and was very much interested to know about the well being of all out family members. We will remember amma for her genuine interest and love towards all of us
Posted by SALEEM CP on February 28, 2021
Amma, you may have passed on, but your memories would always live on within us. I will be forever grateful and thankful,Amma will always be in my heart.
Posted by Veena Shajikumar on February 28, 2021
She was such a wonderful woman. She had a great relation with my family. Sunil and Rekha had taken care of Ramani chechi very well. We will really miss her. May her soul rest in peace.
Posted by Giriprakash Menon on February 26, 2021
My Dear Ellemma , Though days are passing by ever since you left, your memories, good thoughts and kindness remains eternal within our hearts. We seek your blessings from above that counts our happiness. Rest in peace.
Posted by Juno George on February 26, 2021
Loving AUNTY
When ever I think about you......I remember your visits to our School..... Very well dressed...... beautiful smile on your face.... very soft spoken, elegant looking,the way you carry yourself......I used to admire you.... never will remain in my heart... loved beyond words..... miss you forever....
Posted by Puthillath Mangaladas on February 26, 2021
My dear Ramani chechi was a self disciplined person with iron like will power
Chechi lived virtually for her children and her likes
And life came only second to her
I remember those days where she will have her food only when her daughters are back home
Come what may be.."
I wish she could have disclosed her health issues
Bit earlier..then things would have been a lot
We will miss chechi tremendously..
May her soul rest in peace

Posted by mini menon on February 26, 2021
My Cheriyamma was a most beautiful lady. Always a smiling face. She was very much affectionate, loving and caring. Her precious gems were her two daughters Rekha and Beena. Her world was her family. Cheriyamma, you will always remain in our hearts forever.
Posted by Haja Mohideen Jaffar on February 26, 2021
A Person that departs on earth will never truly leaves. Amma You are still alive in our hearts and minds.
Ours is just a simple prayer to Almighty god bless and keep you in his care
Posted by Pravish B on February 25, 2021
I knew Manorama Amma for 20 months . She saw the world from a bed and a wheelchair. Our conversations were brief , unless she wanted to, more . I was never a good conversationalist , there was more to listen and observe about her though . A lady with sharp intellect , adamant at times and very particular about her choices . Even about whom she talked to . There were occasions when she would be oblivious of me standing near . I enjoyed watching her talk ... about her childhood , going to the temple and Gods . Chembakam ( that was what she called the caretakers she liked ) and Unnikannan were the favourite characters that popped up once in a while .

The pandemic robbed her off the wheels . The chats reduced to words . The eyes talked more . I was sick for a while . She smiled at me when I returned wearing the mask and the shield . That was the best surprise she ever gifted ! During the last few months , she was lost in her own world with closed eyes ... cherubic ... I suppose it was filled with memories . She used to moan when I called her name . I'd like to believe that the best reels of her life played out during those days . I wasnt sad when I heard that she had moved on . She was already at peace with herself ... the silence during the last few days had spoken enough .

May your blessed soul rest in peace .
Posted by Ambika Menon on February 25, 2021
Known to me as Ramani chechi who was always the shadow of her mother kochemma puthillath. Always interacted with her during my tenure as tuition teacher of Rekha. I always felt that Rekha and Beena was her world. Yes the bonding she shared with her brothers and mother was a awesome which anyone could make out while talking with her. May her soul attain moksha.
Posted by Vidya Menon on February 25, 2021
Remani chechi , humble soul with very few words.Muthi’s dearest daughter who was very helpful to everyone around. May she find peace in heaven . Our prayers always with her
Posted by Jaibanu unni on February 25, 2021
I knew Amma since long her affection and love was never compromising…

Amma was a true character who balanced the entire family with tranquility and her hospitality is something we all admire.

Dear Rekha & Sunil : Let’s hold in ourselves the hopes and fears of those who love us. As long as there is love and memory, there is no true loss.
Posted by Veena Menon on February 25, 2021
Ramani chechi and our Muthi were the souls of Thathamangalam , Sarada house. The holidays spent there were full of energy and life . Achemma made sure that everyone were comfortable and single handedly managed everything there. She was the pillar of strength!
During my last visit ,felt very sad seeing her bedridden , had never seen her so weak before. Words falling short to express the loss, with a heavy heart bidding adieu. Praying for her ...
Posted by Lakshmanan Bakthavalsalan on February 25, 2021
I have known amma from the mid 1990’s. Seen her dedication to her life partner to his last days, seen her love and care for her children and grandchildren.
It’s a personal loss for me also, whenever I see amma she enquires about my health and my family. For the past three years I hoped that amma would come back and run things around Akshaya and sharaddha but god has other plans.........

“You brought joy, happiness to all who met you; you will be sorely missed by everyone.”
Posted by sanil vakayil on February 25, 2021
Unfortunately we couldn’t met each other but I used to call you as Amma while I am talking to Rekha Chechi. We will miss you but you stay forever in our hearts. May your soul rest in pease.
Posted by Sreeja Pallavur on February 25, 2021
Ramani chechi was very heartful person and her memories will always remain with us. May her soul have a good place in heaven and may her smile never fade from our heart. She was like a family member whose presence will always be remembered.
Posted by VENUGOPALAN NAIR Thekkada... on February 25, 2021
Om shanthi.
She was a very kindful person with a helpful mind. She will always be remembered in our heart and her presence will always be there with us. May her soul rest in peace.
Posted by Girija Menon on February 25, 2021
Her warm n loving welcome n soothing talks.......Forever missed...may her soul rest in peace
Posted by Jayesh Menon on February 25, 2021

She was the role model in our family. I am really sad to hear the loss of Ramanichechi. Moreover her cremation held without her loved ones due to this pandemic. I pray for her soul to rest in peace.
Posted by Sudhakaran Nair on February 25, 2021
Om Shanthi

I do not have too long history of interaction with Amma. However since last few years I used to meet Amma, more frequently after returned back from Dubai. Amma welcomes me always with a smile, irrespective of medical conditions. Amma has never missed to ask the welfare of my family and was always curious by inquiring my welfare.

Few years ago I happened to see Amma giving a short speech at the Brahmakumari's, which was a wonder for me to realize that she posses a strong personality.

Rekha and Sunil also used to share with me that Amma would never complaint about the physical difficulties and own pains. I believe as a mother, Amma had enjoyed the family with her own husband and kids besides caring of own mother and sibblings. They all will miss Amma like I do, and I wish Amma's soul rest in peace and Amma would have joined her life partner in the heaven.

God Bless Rekha, Sunil for their great deeds and all the family to go ahead in life with the sweet memories of this sweet parents.

Om Shaanthi
Posted by REKHA SUNIL on February 25, 2021
“When a mother dies, we lose a piece of who we are. We lose the person whose story provides the beginning of our own”

Missing you a lot Amma.
Posted by Rajani Menon on February 25, 2021
You are my cheriamma but I used to call you Ramini chechi. You used call me puppy. Whenever I used to visit Kerala you used to prepare my favourite dishes.N pack my favourite Mysorepak n manoharam. My amma is shattered she has not come into terms so far dat her younger sister is no more. Der r lot n lot memories of you. N words cannot express how much we miss you. You will b always in our heart. Rest in peace chechi
Posted by Supriya Nidesh on February 25, 2021
Always loved never forgotten
forever missed ...........
Posted by Sarada Anavangot on February 25, 2021
I will always keep talking about you my dear Achema. You deserve to be remembered

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