Let the memory of Manuel be with us forever
  • 49 years old
  • Born on June 14, 1961 in phoenix, Arizona, United States.
  • Passed away on January 5, 2011 in suncity west, Arizona, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Manuel Lopez, 49, born on June 14, 1961 and passed away on January 5, 2011. We will remember him forever.

Posted by Sara Lopez on June 16, 2016
.......…..…........................................................... PS. I WANT TO SEE U I'S SOME TIME I TANK I NEVER WILL BE HAPPY SOME TIME I HAVE FUN WITH U I'M SAD I WANT TO TALK TO U DADDY I MISS TALKING TO U
Posted by Albert Lopez Sr on June 14, 2016
Wishing my Twin Brother A happy Birthday
Manuel Another year with out you its heard for me to celebrate my birthday with out you ever year on this day we got together and had a happy one but now you gon its been 5 years now and not a day go's by that i don't think of you it heart me so much not having you her to celebrate are birthday together but most of all i miss wen you would call me in the middle of the night just to say hey bert im in bad and i cant reach my beer you always had some think to say. manuel the moes thin that i miss is all the good days that we spent Laughing and joking you joke to the last mint but now them days are gone but not you memories that i will always have in my heart.Happy birthday Manuel miss you so much.
Posted by Margaret Lopezsantoyalope... on June 14, 2016
Happy birthday to my brother in law Manuel Lopez. We miss you we love you. R.I.P. Manny
Posted by Raquel Lopez on June 14, 2016
Hey dad thx you for the we had wish you where here to meet all your grand babbys forever missed dad,luv you.
Posted by Michelle Mary Lopez on June 14, 2016
Dear father in-law you well ALWAYS be miss and never be forgotten your members will always be in are hearts were ever we go till one day we all meet again ya it's been so hard to know that u are in a better place there's not one day that goes bye that we don't think of u cuz we always do ya is been vary heard for your daughter Michelle as days gose by she misses u dearly you were the only on who understand her about everything an always gave hear the beast evice when with everything in life up tell know I now u are looking down on us and keeping us strong for each other I want to thank u in many was to tell u thank u for everything and hearing us praying for each other to stay strange for us and are kiss LOVE U MISS U ALWAYS BUT U WONT EVER BE FORGOT IN TILL WE ALL MEET AGAIN ON DAY LOVE U
Posted by Albert Lopez Sr on January 5, 2016
To my twin brother it been 5 years. Now and not a day go.s by that i dont tkink of you. I miss all the good time that we had. But most of all i miss the times that you would call me just to say hi. On the day that God call you home you took my heart with you but i keep you in my heart brother i miss you i know that some day i will be with you . miss you brother never say good bye love you twin brother albert
Posted by Albert Lopez Sr on June 14, 2015
Happy B day Manuel. it's been 4 years now that you lift us and not one day go bye that i don't think of you.it not the same on are B-Day your not her to have a good time.as the day's go bye i keep asking why did you have to live us.brother i miss you but i will never for get you. your all was in my heart. and i know the you with me. HAPPY B-DAY Manuel
your twin brother Albert. Love and miss you.
Posted by Dopey Lopez on June 14, 2015
Happy birthday Manuel and I want to say we miss you and we love you very much and don't drink to much up there now you celebrate your birthday in heaven with your parents and my parents and with The Lord Jesus Christ we will see each other one day aging my bother-in-law happy birthday Manuel .
Posted by Albert Lopez Sr on December 24, 2014
I just want to say merry Christmas to you brother it's going on for years now that God send the Angels for you it's been very hard for me without you here I don't understand why you have to leave so soon the day that you were in hospital they tried to call me all day long but my phone wasn't working I find it hard to call about 5 p.m. they said that you're going in for surgery. By the time that i got there thay were bringing you out i got to see you but then the DR call me in and sad that there was noting thay could do. I got to spin the last 5 minutes with you. That i will never forget we never sad goodbye i miss you bro you are with me all the time in my heart. Love you manuel you my be gon but ill never for get you. Your twin brother albert some day we will be side by side and we that day comes we will be happy.  miss you never can say goodbye
Posted by Albert Lopez Sr on June 13, 2014
To my twin brother i won't to happy bday it been 4years now and theres not a day that gos bye that i don't think of you i miss you a lot i miss all the think that we did to gether and i will never forget the times that you would call me just to say that you was siting donw and cont get your beer. Manuel you will allwas be in my heart i love bro i know that some day i will see but tall then. Not one day will go bye that you will be miss. At night i set out side and look at the stars think of you i cant help it but i just cry. Sol HAPPY BRITH DAY Manuel Love you your twin brother Albert im not going to say good bye becausey you are in my heart all the time and some day im going to see you. Love albert
Posted by Priscella Lopez on March 6, 2013
Dear dad i love an miss you there are times when i still catch my self wanting to call or even tex you.....but i know that your in a better place an your watchin all of us love you an i miss you RIP no matter what youll alway be in my heart
Posted by Albert Lopez Sr on January 5, 2013
brother its be 2 years and not a day that go by that i just wont to call youi and say hi i miss you alot. some times i think of all the good times we had. y did you have to go i heart a lot with out you i miss you bro i know that some day i will see i will never say good by love you .
Posted by Priscella Lopez on July 26, 2012
dear dad
when u had came to visit me i didnt know that would of been our last days together. but yes i had loved u an u had love me. thats y its goin to be so hard to let u go but at least ur in a better place. all i want to say is that i love u an i will always have u in my heart no matter what. Sincerey ur daughter.....
Posted by Rosa Lopez on January 5, 2012
its been one year since you left us, it seems like yesterday. its still hard to believe your gone. i miss u very much you always managed to put a smile on my face i will always miss that. i will always have you in my heart, in my thaughts n where ever i am i know you will follow me n forever be with me. till we meet again someday you will forever be missed. love you manuel your sis rosa.
Posted by Veronica Sauceda on January 1, 2012
Happy new year tio!! We miss and love soo much its been such a hard year :( you will forever be in our hearts...see u again someday
Posted by Albert Lopez Sr on December 23, 2011
Well it will be Christmas in two days and this will be the frist time am not with my twin bother Manuel we get together every xmas and news years it a sad day for me but i know i have my family and Manuel kids will keep me happy for the rest of the years that go by so i wont to say Marry Christmas and Happy New! Bro. i will always love you. love aways your twin brother Albert
Posted by Albert Lopez Sr on July 24, 2011
ih bro it heard to let you go ther not a day that go bye that i think of i wish that you was her with me wen i see your pic i cry it hraet me a lot i play the songs that you love to hear i miss all the good times that we had.som day we will be to getther you all was be in my heart love you
Posted by Albert Lopez Sr on June 14, 2011
Happy B.Day Manuel I Miss You You Alwas Be In My Heat Love You Your twin albert
Posted by Albert Lopez Sr on June 14, 2011
hi tio manuel i hope you are happy were you are at and everybody misses you meaning my dad albert sr., your children and your wife, espesholly your duaghter michelle every day she crys for you and wishes that you would come back.

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