His Life

God's call...

Mr. Manuel De Jesus Perez, Age 79, died in his town house in Richmond, CA, on Tuesday, November 29, 2011.

Sr. Manuel de Jesús Pérez, 79 años, murió en su casa de la ciudad de Richmond, California, el Martes, 29 de noviembre 2011.


As a man

He met the mother of his first 4 kids. Lorena,Juan, Silvia and Mauricio, they all grew up with him. Never leaving them until they were grown. He loved them so much. When Lorena was about 18 he separated from the mother of his kids. After marrying my mother Catalina and had Zulma and myself. He was an awsome father to us always caring for us. He loved making jokes and smiling. Loved anything about soccer, music and boxing.

As a teenager

He was a lifeguard, he used to tell me the many stories he had, saving lifes. Watching drowned bodies get pulled out of the water. He was a good swimmer he loved to swim.

As a Kid

He started working in a farm when he was about 7 years old. He did not grow up with his mother, he used to tell me the memories he had as a kid were bad because of the situation and how he grew up. He said were he slept they were rodents and animals he used to get really scared. No matter all he went thru he still loved his mom and respected her.