Let the memory of Maqbool be with us forever
  • 74 years old
  • Born on September 6, 1940 in Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan.
  • Passed away on March 22, 2015 in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.

This memorial website was created in memory of our father, Dr. Maqbool Hussain Jafary, who was born on September 6, 1940 and passed away on March 22, 2015. He was the most loving husband, father, son, grandfather and brother.  He was a healer of thousands.  He was a benefactor to the poor.  He was a mentor, a teacher and a role model to many.  Rest comfortably, Dad.  We and the rest of the world shall never forget you.

The Jafary family wishes to express their deepest gratitude and thanks for so many people expressively sharing our grief with their condolences.  Judging by the way people spoke of him either in person or over the phone, we realized that he was truly loved by people.  They weren't just paying lip service to him, they expressed deep genuine affection.  You have to be really special to have so many diverse people from so many different walks of life hold you in such reverence.  We are blessed to be part of his family.

We were very moved by the numerous comments that were posted on the mailing lists that Daddy was part of when the news of his passing broke.  We are very grateful to Mr. Shaukat Jawaid (his dear friend and colleague for over 40 years) for compiling all those wonderful words of affection and condolence from so many well wishers and publishing them on Pulse International.  We have taken the liberty of copying and posting them down below (full text can be viewed online at http://www.pulsepakistan.com/index.php/main-news-april-15-15/1137-condolence-messages-received-for-late-dr-maqbool-h-jafary-from-all-over-the-world).  

The family requests your continued help in keeping our Dad's memory alive by placing some comments or sharing some anecdotes of your association with him on his memorial site.  

Gratefully yours

Mrs. Perveen Jafary
Dr. Fahim Jafary (son) & Dr. Tazeen Jafar
Tehseen Jafary (daughter) and Robert Ali Virden
Samina Ali Vardag (daughter) and Ali Vardag
Tahira Jafary (daughter) and Faisal Hashmi
Amna Jafary (daughter) and Mansoor Jafary
Faizan Ali (grandson)
Ali H. Jafary (grandson) and Sarah Jafary (granddaughter)

Maya Vardag (granddaughter) and Nyle Vardag (grandson)
Minah Hashmi (granddaughter) and Emaad Hashmi (grandson)
Mikail Jafary (grandson) and Alisha Jafary (granddaughter)
Manzoor Jafary (brother) and Salma Jafary
Javaid Jafary (brother) and Shaan Jafary
Dr. Mahmood ul Hasan Jafary (brother) and Nighat Jafary  
Tahir Jafary (brother) and Farhat Jafary
Bilal, Mansoor,  Qasim (and Suzan), Hasan Jafary (nephews)
Masooma (and Asim), Zaira (and Adnan), Hajira (and Sohaib), Myra, Tania, Manal and Maha Jafary (nieces)

Posted by AZHAR KHAN on 7th September 2018
Posted by Tehseen Jafary on 6th September 2018
Happy birthday dad. Miss you more than ever. The emptiness, the pain hasn't gone away. I've just learned to put up a brave face. Rest in Peace. I know you're watching over, but I so wish you were here, on this earth, watching out for us like you always did....
Posted by Fahim Jafary on 6th September 2018
Happy Birthday Dad. Miss you today September 6th. Rest well, love Fahim
Posted by Robert Virden on 26th March 2018
Dad, gosh do we miss you. I only wish we'd have had the opportunity to spend more time together, distance being the only thing preventing us from doing this. Skype or Facetime on Saturdays and hearing your voice, AHH MY DEAR ALI,,, I can still hear this in my memories. You'll forever be a part of me as I am one with Tehseen, and that makes me a Jafary. I love being a Jafary and your family is my family. I could never go thirsty again were I to have to drink only the tears your wonderful daughter sheds mourning her loss. I'm trying to take care of her as to you I promised. You left me the greatest gift of my life your - lovely daughter and I will care for her and keep her away from harm until we are all together again I love you and miss you Dad.
Posted by Muhammad Aslam on 26th March 2018
"Your family and friends remember you in thoughts and prayers. There's no such meeting of EMAME or PAME where Dr. Jafary's contributions and good memories are not attributed. This is the reward of your love, selflessness and struggle. May your soul rest in peace (Aamen)". Countless Prayers!
Posted by Amna Jafary on 22nd March 2018
Again that day of the year ! Sigh ! Miss you dad always !
Posted by AZHAR KHAN on 22nd March 2018
Your sweet memories are unforgettable and you are always with us. May Allah bless you heavenly abode and your soul rest in peace.Amen
Posted by Robert Virden on 6th September 2017
I miss you Dad J. I miss hearing you say "...ahhh, my dear Ali..." in such a loving voice. Today is a sad day for all of us. But it is also a reminder to me of how incredible a man you are, and how much good you created in the lives of everyone you touched. With much Love, Ali V
Posted by Tehseen Jafary on 6th September 2017
It's your birthday today daddy. I am sure you're celebrating in heaven with ammiji and abbaji. Miss you. Today and everyday. Your loving voice, your calming guidance...a big vacuum in our lives that doesn't seem to lessen with time...
Posted by Fahim Jafary on 6th September 2017
Miss you Dad. September 6th (your B'day) will never be the same.
Posted by AZHAR KHAN on 6th September 2017
Maqbool today is your birthday,the 6th Sept..We your friends,class fellows miss you very much.May Almighty Allah Shower His grace on you and bless you the highest place in Jannah And your soul rest in peace.Ameen
Posted by AZHAR KHAN on 30th April 2017
Maqbool you will be missed,forever.Its hard to believe that you are no more with us. May Allah Shower his blessings on you and your soul rest in peace. Ameen
Posted by Amna Jafary on 23rd March 2017
so two years have passed already!read yasin for you dad yesterday.... that is the only thing i can do for you. I hope you are happy up there ...you have left a void in my heart...ive been lucky to have a father like you, that makes me proud, i try to follow your foot steps in somethings but i really cant be like you. YOu were exceptional. But i try, its hard .... rest in peace. I miss you, please come in my dream, ive only seen you once i think....
Posted by Amna Jafary on 23rd March 2017
i miss u daddy........ Shared by Amna Jafary on 02/08/2017 Almost two years!! how do i get use to this reality??? how i miss you dad each day every day. I loved the way you praised me and encouraged me on small things.Things that dont even matter. I really wish i could just hug you and feel your warmth just one last time. Please come back daddy, come back and see us and how much we have progressed. i wish i wish i wish that could happen....... i miss you terribly! your daughter amna.
Posted by AZHAR KHAN on 22nd March 2017
I shall never forget my childhood associations with you.I very often remember you and pray my Lord Allah to bless you heavenly Abode. "Sing on,as if in pain; And dreaming through the twilight. That doth not rise nor set,
Posted by Tehseen Jafary on 22nd March 2017
It's been 2 years today daddy. The void is huge, the sadness is immense. You've left a vacuum in our lives which seems impossible to fill or get over. I know. Time is the best healer; we are not there yet though. At least I am not, most certainly. Others at least meet you in their dreams. I've seen you just once. Wish you would visit more and talk to me more in my dreams....I yearn for that. You're always present in my heart and thoughts daddy. Miss you more than I can ever, ever express in words. You've left a huge responsibility on our, on my shoulders, to take care of mom's affairs in the best possible manner. Guide me through it as well please. Love you dad.
Posted by Mubarak Ali on 22nd March 2017
We will never forget Dr. Jafary Sahib. He is very much missed by all of us. May Allah (S) shower His mercy and give him highest place in Jannah. Aameen.
Posted by Qasim Jafary on 7th February 2017
Dearest Baray Daddy!! Its been almost 2 years since you passed away and I have had the most difficult time visiting this page and leaving a tribute to you. I guess I never wanted to accept that you are not there anymore and leaving this note just knocks the reality of it into my face. Nonetheless, I guess sooner or later, we have to accept these harsh realities of life and face them head on. Baray Daddy, I feel no matter what I write here can do justice to how I feel about you and the irreparable loss your passing away has been for our entire family. When our Grand Father (Abba Ji) left us, you filled that void with so much grace and beauty. I feel you went 2 steps ahead of him when it came to being an exemplary human being, loving us and providing absolute strength and support to the family. You Baray Daddy have earned so much respect for our Jafary Family name for which we all will always be thankful to you. I hope we can replicate the same and follow your footsteps in our day to day conduct. I wish I had the opportunity to ask, how you managed to develop so many qualities as I haven't seen many people who are that good at so many things. Just to name a few of your countless attributes: You were a thorough professional who reached pretty much the top of the corporate ladder, an amazing physician recognized at all levels, a wonderful singer/musician, calligrapher, editor, writer, poet,...... the list just goes on. How did you do all this Baray Daddy??? At the end, I would like to just say this. I wish I can be a fraction of as good a human being as you were. I am honored and blessed to be related to you and part of your larger family. You Baray Daddy will always be remembered in our hearts and will continue to be an inspiration for many Jafary generations.
Posted by Shakil Ahmad on 26th January 2017
Almost after two years when I came to know about the sad demise of our school and college friend “Maqbool” the only words I could utter were “Inna Lillah Wa Inna Ellehey Rajeoon”. From our childhood at Rang Mahal School to the evenings of sungeet and delicious food at his home in London and Karachi, his radiant face and welcoming words will always remain in our memories as one of the happiest persons Blessed with God gifted qualities. Maqbool’s most salient childhood characteristics remained unchanged in his life. I remember our teacher Harnam Das used to praise Maqbool’s Urdu and English hand-writing as “it is like pearls threaded in silk lines – Aey Munda app vi Moti ay tey eday sub kam vi moti nain”. Needless to say that this praise became an everlasting inspiration in my life-time to improve my handwriting. Our Geometry Drawing teacher Kahn Singh used to say about every three dimensional drawings of Maqbool “yeh sheeshay main tasveer uttar di haey”. Other passion of Maqbool’s life was his incessant desire to help the needy as quietly as possible. This divine gift was certainly etched in his most successful Medical profession. In my remaining life, he will always be remembered by me as a friend in the true meaning of his name “Maqbool”. I pray for his soul to rest in peace and May God be with all family and friends to accept this Divine decree. Shakil Ahmad Friend since 1949.
Posted by AZHAR KHAN on 25th January 2017
Posted by AZHAR KHAN on 24th January 2017
I am one of his class fellow of our child hood.I am deeply grieved to hear the death of my dearest friend,Dr.Maqbool Hussain jafary.He was a great friend,a professional concerned doctor for the fellow human being.May Allah rest his soul in peace and grant,"SABEREJAMEEL" to his family.Ameen. Engr.Raja Azhar Khan
Posted by Mubarak Ali on 22nd March 2016
Still not believe that Dr. Maqbool Jafary is no longer with us. He was a very kind man and an institution in himself. We are missing you a lot. May you receive the highest place in Jannat. We will miss Dr. Jafary a lot at the PAME conference being held at UHS Lahore from April 1-2, 2016.
Posted by Muhammad Aslam on 7th September 2015
What a lively, positive, helpful and jolly man he was! Dr. Jafery, you are very much missed by your friends! May Allah bless you soul. (Aamen)
Posted by Mohammad Ishaq on 9th July 2015
Jafary sahib was an Institution in his personality,I had the good fortune of his association for more the 3 decades.His oustanding quality was that he was a perfect gentleman.As a Founding member of Pakistan Hypertension League he played vital role in its academic activities,he developed the national guidelines on Hypertension which received wide acknoweldgement both nationaly as well as internationaly.I enjoyed each moment spent in his company full of knoweldge,humor & humanity he was a very lively personality.His commitment to profession was remarkable,despite his illness he participated at the last PHL meeting at Larkana where we were delighted to confer the life time achievement award for his services for PHL.Jafary sahib has left us but his memories will remain with us for ever.I pray Allah to bless his soul. Prof Mohammad Ishaq Sec General,PHL
Posted by Tania Jafary on 30th June 2015
Not a single day passes by that I haven't miss Daddy and it has never been that I haven't shed tears at every thought. The most amazing thing is that he had a distinctive relationship with each one of us and what is even more amazing that no one else knew of the depth and specialty that the relationship held. I was no different. I cannot put the relation I shared with him into words but maybe there's one thing explains it and that is when I called him "My Friend". Even though this was a recent developement, we would greet each other that way and have a great laugh over thinking how cool this was. Now, I sit and think who I can call "My Friend" with such joy. No one. Not to forget, Daddy and I had a special bond over sharing our own world of music. Needless to say that he inspired me for it. We would often sit down with his Ustaad Sahab in his music room and just indulge ourselves into all those harmonies and music notes. I would sit there listening to him and being mesmerized ovet what amazing control he had over the knowledge of music. I would often share a music track with him that i'd think he would like and he on the other hand used to suggest tracks that he would think would suit my voice. It was an on going process. Till date, his melodious voice rings in my ears and God! what would I do to hear him sing again. Now, I feel lost. I have almost begun thinking that my own music died with him. Singing is not the same without his encouragement and has become a painful memory. Thats the uniqueness everyone's bond with him! Everyone lost something or the other when he left. I miss you unimagineably My Friend. I would be the luckiest in the world if I get to become even half of what you were. Love, Tano.
Posted by Mahmood Hasan on 15th June 2015
"Dr. Maqbool Jafary was,indeed,humanity with all its virtues personified. He and I became classmates in our undergrad college and went through medical school together.Maqbool was a bright student,who went on to become a physician par excellence.His perfect manners,polite temperament and an infectious smile distinguished him. He will,always,be missed and remembered dearly."Maqbool,may your soul rest in peace in Junnat, Aameen!" Best regards, Mahmood Hasan,MD,FRCS,FACS,DABUrol.
Posted by Iman Samir Farag on 3rd May 2015
Speechless! This is indeed a great loss and Dr Jafary will definitely be missed. May his soul rest in peace and my condolences to all who knew him and above all his family.
Posted by Fahim Jafary on 3rd May 2015
We have lost one of the most loveable healthcare professional Dr. Maqbool H. Jafary. It is an irreparable loss for all who knew him. He was an intelligent learned doctor, a very affectionate friend and colleague and above all a gem of a human being. He had a distinguished career lasting thirty two years in Pharma industry. His services towards improved medical care to the ailing humanity, his contributions to promote the use of Aspirin in its well established indications are praiseworthy. We pray that his soul rest in peace and may Allah grant his family the strength to bear this loss. Ameen. Mrs. Qaiser Rehman, Ishtiaqur Rehman, Icon Pharmaceuticals Private Ltd. Karachi. Pakistan.
Posted by Fahim Jafary on 3rd May 2015
Although I personally did not have the privilege to have met him, all these kind words from his colleagues goes to show in what high esteem he was placed by those who knew him. My condolences to his family. In the name of Allah, most gracious most merciful, “O reassured soul, return to your Lord, well-pleased and pleasing (to Him). And enter among My (righteous) servants And enter My paradise.” Holy Quran Fajr: 27=30. Prof. Yousef M Abdulrazzaq Emeritus Professor of Paediatrics and Neonatology, UAE University, Al Ain, UAE.
Posted by Fahim Jafary on 3rd May 2015
Thanks for sending me the link of “Off the Record Column” about death of Dr. Maqbool H. Jafary. I felt so sad by this loss of a truly dedicated professional who will be remembered for years. His contribution to promote scientific publication was a singular honour in addition to his other role in the uplift of education, teaching, training and supporting ethical way of practice in our country. I only had a limited contact with him. He was very kind to me and especially always appreciated and supported our work in the field of psychiatry. May his soul rest in peace. I know your grief as you have lost a great friend. I join you in passing on our sympathies to his family. Dr. Afzal Javed, UK.
Posted by Fahim Jafary on 3rd May 2015
We would like to express our deep condolences on sudden death of Maqbool Jafary .We know this is very difficult but you have to accept this reality. We will pray to God to give peace to his soul. We understand that words are not enough to heel this great loss but you need to keep patience. All the members of our journal team have sent their sincere sympathy to you. Please, pass on our commiserations to his family and convey to them our condolences and ask Allah to give patients them in these difficult times. Mehran Zarghami ijpbs.editor@gmail.com
Posted by Fahim Jafary on 3rd May 2015
It is with great sadness and sorrow to hear the news of loss of Dr. Maqbool Jafary. I pray to God to offer his family and beloved ones the patience for living with tragic event and to rest his soul in peace. Prof Faisal Alnasir, Former, University Vice President, Arabian Gulf University,
Posted by Fahim Jafary on 3rd May 2015
I was deeply saddened by the tragic news of the demise of our brother, friend and colleague Dr. Maqbool Jafary. We all remember that the credit goes to him and few of his colleagues for establishing EMAME. I met Dr. Jafary for the first time at the first EMAME conference in Cairo when he was playing a leading role in the conference deliberations and in the evolution of EMAME as a reputable organization. I remember his zeal, dedication and friendly nature. Dr. Jafary’s great contributions to EMAME will always be remembered with honor and pride. He will be greatly missed by all. My sincere condolences to Dr. Jafary’s family and all Pakistani friends and colleagues; specially Mr. Shaukat Ali Jawaid. Prof. Hassan Bella, Editor-in-Chief, Saudi Journal of Medicine & Medical Sciences College of Medicine, University of Dammam, Saudi Arabia.
Posted by Fahim Jafary on 3rd May 2015
My deepest sympathy and condolences to Dr. Maqbool Jafary’s family and the people of Pakistan and all EMAME members. It is indeed a great loss to all of us in EMAME. Dr. Jafary was a great leader and a very persuasive one in inculcating interest in EMAME. May his soule rest in peace, Ameen. Lamk, Editor-in-Chief Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal (SQUMJ), Muscat, Â Oman.
Posted by Fahim Jafary on 3rd May 2015
I on behalf of myself and Editorial staff of Audiology (journal), and Auditory and Vestibular Research (journal) convey our deepest condolence on sad demise of Dr. Maqbool H. Jafary to his family, friends and all journal’s great society. we hope by heart Allah bless Dr. Jafary’s soul to rest in peace. Mahin Sedaie Chairman & Fuculty member Tehran University of Medical Sciences
Posted by Fahim Jafary on 3rd May 2015
Grieved to know the tragic loss of Dr Maqbool H Jafary. Please convey my heartfelt condolences to all concerned and particularly to the bereaved family. May God give them the courage to bear this great loss. Ameen Prof Dr Ahmad Iqbal Editor, Pakistan Oral & Dental Journal, Islamabad.
Posted by Fahim Jafary on 3rd May 2015
The following needs to be sent to Dr. Jafary’s family. We are deeply saddened by Dr. Jafary’s death. He was such a great and lovely person which we will never forget his good memories. Please accept our heartfelt condolences. May God bless his soul and rest him in peace. Seyed Hesameddin Abbasi, MD, The Journal of Tehran University Heart Center, Tehran, Iran
Posted by Fahim Jafary on 3rd May 2015
Dear Dr. Shaukat, My deep condolences to you Dr. Shaukat and to his family. Losing a friend or a member of our families comes like a swift wind but what it makes it a bit comfortable in the beginning is that Dr. Maqbool is now resting in the arms of Allah (God), and Inshallah rests in Heaven. May Allah bless you and his family during this time of grief. It is really hard to lose a scientist like Dr. Maqbool. Thank you Dr. Shaukat for your kind. Best regards, Dr. Younis Skaik, Palastine.
Posted by Fahim Jafary on 3rd May 2015
Dear Shaukat Bhai, Let the tears to flow. They will flow. Let them flow. That is why I wrote conjoined twin. But the world moves on whether we weep, sob or cry. Ahmed Badar, Saudi Arabia.
Posted by Fahim Jafary on 3rd May 2015
It is very sad news about our friend Dr. Maqbool Jafary demise, its great loss of a dear friend who was very helpful and had a smile at all times. God bless his soul and give his family courage to bear this loss. Ahmed J Jamal Former President, EMAME, Bahrain.
Posted by Fahim Jafary on 3rd May 2015
I was immensely grieved to know the tragic loss of Dr. Maqbool H Jafaray. Please convey my heartfelt condolences to all concerned and particularly to the bereaved family. May God give them the courage to bear this great loss. Ameen Prof. Dr Ahmad Iqbal Editor, Pakistan Oral & Dental Journal, Islamabad.
Posted by Fahim Jafary on 3rd May 2015
I pray to almighty Allah to give him mercy, rest his soul in heaven and provide his relative the patients on his loss. Abdullah Alkhenizan Professor, College of Medicine, Al Faisal University, KFSHRC, Saudi Arabia.
Posted by Fahim Jafary on 3rd May 2015
May Allah rest his soul in Jannah. Dr. Jafary is an irreparable loss to the country and EMAME. Hasnain Raza
Posted by Fahim Jafary on 3rd May 2015
It was a very sad news. May his soul rest in peace and have highest rewards in Heaven. Prof. Dr. Nasir Khokhar Shifa International Hospital Islamabad, Pakistan Editor, Rawal Medical Journal.
Posted by Fahim Jafary on 3rd May 2015
Dr. Jafary’s death is an irreparable loss to the country and EMAME. May his soul rest in peace! My deepest condolences to the family, the country and EMAME. Muhammad Haider Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, UK.
Posted by Fahim Jafary on 3rd May 2015
Extremely shocked to hear the sad demise of Dr. Maqbool  H. Jafary, Chairman Editorial Board of PJMS, Founder member of PAME and former President of EMAME. He was indeed a thorough professional, gentleman and a polite physician. When I first met him in a PAME meeting I reminded him that he was my parent’s old-time physician. He was very encouraging. I pray to Almighty Allah to keep his soul in eternal peace and give courage to the bereaved family to bear the irreparable loss. Ameen. Muhammad Zafaruddin Managing Editor, JCPSP, Karachi.
Posted by Fahim Jafary on 3rd May 2015
This is certainly a loss for the EMAME as an organization. His contribution in the medical field will always be remembered our. Condolences to all and to his family. A. Abyad, Libya.
Posted by Fahim Jafary on 3rd May 2015
May Allah rest his soul in peace and grant sabrejameel to his family. Ameen. Dr. Ali Yawar Alam Saudi Arabia.
Posted by Fahim Jafary on 3rd May 2015
Deep condolences, although i have not had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Jafary but i have got know him here through the email correspondence in EMAME, very active and encouraging person. Doaa El-Sheikh M Younis Editor of The Egyptian Science Magazine Cairo University, Egypt.
Posted by Fahim Jafary on 3rd May 2015
“Ina Li Allah Wa Ina Ilihe Rajaoon” May Allah Rest His Soul in Peace. Please accept our condolences. Omran Bakoush MD PhD Associate Professor Department of Nephrology, Lund University, S-221 85 Lund, Sweden.

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