his Life

Marc Tannlund

My older brother brother Marc and  younger brother Chris and  and I lived in a small refinery town in Wood River.We were raised by divorced single Mother who preceded him in death in 2003.  I won't lie to you and say to you he was the perfect brother. but he mellowed with age.  We all went our separate ways after High School.  I became an RN,  Chris went 400 miles away and is getting ready ready to retire from a job from a state job working with DCFS We were a small family but a hard working family. Marc went to work for Olin and worked some 40 years there Marc had many friends in High School, and kept many of them after High School "Mike" seemed to be the common name....there'ed be Big Mike, Fat Mike so on and so forth He was quite camera shy and I didn't have any pics of him, so thank you Mark Stover for the one posted.  Marc is the blonde, who looks toasted LOL This song playing is perfect for him..   He did do it his way til the bitter end. God Bless Him.