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Linda Lamori Memorial site

Here is our sister's Linda lamori's memorial website.  Both Marc and Linda are in heaven now.  Click HERE

Marc's Biography

Born in Flusing, NY on January 27th, 1954, Marc Stern began his journey through life. Marc was the oldest son of Harold Stern and his wife, Mary Stern. Marc's first sister, Lillian Stern, was born a year later, followed by Linda Stern and Ben Stern.  Marc is survived by his wife Penny Stern, two step children, derek and Justin, sister Lillian Stern Durkel and brother, Ben Stern. 

His love of flying at a young age set the course for his life and career. Marc obtained his first flying license in1974 and began pursuing his career as an airline pilot.

Shortly after graduating Farmingdale University, in Long Island, NY, Marc landed a job at a small company flying charter flights. In 1979, Marc was hired by Empire Airlines, a commercial airline based in Utica, NY. Marc initially flew smaller turbopropeller aircraft but quickly upgraded to a Fokker F28 Jet aircraft and was promoted to the rank of Captain.

Around that time, Empire Airlines opened a new base in Syracuse, NY and Marc moved from Utica to Syracuse and built a beautiful home there. He was surrounded by many of his friends.

During one of the most tulmultous times in the airline Industry, Empire Airlines was merged with Piedmont Airlines and then later, acquired by USAirways. Marc decided to move where it was nice and warm, and ultimately chose to relocate to sunny Tampa Florida.

In 1992, Marc built his dream home in Tampa Palms. He enjoyed his time there, especially since his close friends moved to the same area. He was also close to his brother, Ben, who lives in Orlando.

In 1995, Marc decided to pursue another passion of his, which was selling Real Estate. Marc acquired his Real Estate License and began working for Florida Executive Realty, located right in the heart of New Tampa.

In the course of 20 years, Marc made such a difference in the lives of his clients and co-workers. Marc won many awards and received many acolades thoughout his time and contributed to his Real Estate office in various ways, including working on various projects with his Broker, Doug Loyd.

Marc was a jack of all trades but especially a master at video production and powerpoint presentations. He helped develop and implement a sales training course that was both entertaining and informative.  Marc's success as a Realtor was such a great gift to him, as he felt blessed to have met so many great people and form such close friendships with his business partners.
In 2008, Marc was diagnosed with Colon Cancer but quickly bounced back and continued living life to the fullest. In November, 2014, without warning, Marc was diagnosed with Stage 4 Brain and Lung cancer, which originally came from the colon cancer. Marc passed away peacefully on June 20th surrounded by his family and friends.

It is not as important as to how Marc passed, but rather how he lived. Marc was a passionate man, full of energy and life.  He inspired and touched so many peoples lives in so many different ways. He was a mentor to many and possesed a great amount of wisdom and leadership skills.

Marc's sharp wit always had others laughing and smiling and was the king of one liners.  Marc was a compassionte, caring man and lived each day with purpose.

Marc loved the theatre, loved movies and film production. Marc was a master chef, loved to cook and entertain and always put on "a show" when cooking for others.  Marc was a master at computers and technology, and always had the latest and greatest gadgets and gizmos. Marc was passionate about real Estate and loved working on his home, making it an amazingly warm, inviting place to come home to.  

In the end, even though Marc passed at such a young age, he lived a full life. Marc will be sorely missed but never forgotten.  May he rest in peace.