Come to me..... and I will give you rest.
Matthew 11:28

              This memorial website was created in memory of our beloved 

                           Dr. Marcel Ajah.  We will remember him forever.

For nearly a quarter century, Dr. Ajah committed his life to improving and saving the lives of others. Graduating from the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine in 1993, he proceeded to the University of Maryland Medical Center, where he did his internship between 1993-1994.

In 1995 he began his residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Catholic Medical Centers of Brooklyn and Queens, New York, which he completed in the year 2000. By 2003, he became board certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and was later inducted a Fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). 

Dr. Ajah subsequently founded the Women's Medical Healthcare and Diagnostic, P.C., a thriving private OB/GYN practice in New York.

Dr. Ajah is a co-founder and President of Uplift Help International, Inc., a 501(c)3 non profit health care mission. Uplift is dedicated to providing multi-specialty primary care to the people of Ishiagu, and more recently expanded their outreach to the people of Ikwo, in Ebonyi State, Nigeria.  Part of their mission statement includes the provision of “direct relief and assistance to those in need through healthcare screening, pediatric surgery, and the distribution of free medication.”

True to it's mission, many can attest to the selfless and tireless service of Dr. Ajah and his colleagues, in providing free medical care during their annual missions to Nigeria.

An Igbo man to the core, Dr. Ajah was one of the pioneers of the Igbo Organization of New York, a patron and immediate past chairman of the board of directors. His tenure as chairman is still reputed to be one of the most active and accomplished eras of the organization. As one past president described him, he was a “heavyweight”, in his commitment to seeing to the progress and upliftment of Ndi Igbo.

Dr. Ajah is blessed with his beloved wife, Jennifer Chinyere Ajah, his children,  Nneka, Obinna, Ikenna, Tobechi and the entire Ajah family.

Dr. Ajah's deep sense of tradition, tireless generosity and fear of God, are his enduring legacies to all who who knew him.  

All praise and gratitude unto God Almighty for a life well lived !!

Posted by Valerie Owens on 20th March 2019
I am greatly heart broken at the loss of Dr. Marcel Ajah. His work and accomplishments are outstanding. His help and charity to others are remarkable. My deepest sympathy goes out to his wife Jennifer and his children.
Posted by Sheritta Johnson on 19th March 2019
I am very saddened by this news you were a great dr and friend may your soul rest in peace sending my deepest condolences to your family
Posted by Wanda Mercado on 12th February 2019
I am in shock today to hear about Dr. Ajah's passing. I didn't even know until today. I'm in disbelief, I was just going to make an appointment to see him this month, being I haven't seen him for a little over a year. He would have scold me for not being on time for my visits. That was the kind of Doctor he was. Showing concern for his patients. I cant believe I didn't get the chance to see him one last time. How we take time for granted. Dr. Ajah saved my life numerous of times and I will forever be grateful to him. I want to thank his blessed and wonderful family for sharing Dr. Ajah with us. he was a blessing to my life as well as his other patients. He truly cared for his patients. Never was about money but about doing what was right and healthy for his patients. I'm so sad today indeed, I just can't fathom. To the Ajah family may the Lord bring you all comfort at this time of grief. Know that the Lord knows all things even if we don't understand it. Be blessed in Jesus Name. Patient Wanda Mercado-Obi.
Posted by Jennifer Vargas on 19th January 2019
I can not believe Dr. Ajah had passed away! He delivered my babies and was the BEST doctor I’ve ever had! He was so professional so caring. I’m still in denial that he is no longer with us!
Posted by Kim Amaya on 15th January 2019
Dr. Ajah was an amazing man he was my doctor for 14 years i pray that he is at peace and that his family is embracing the memories with him i can honestly say that i dont think i will find another doctor as loving as him
Posted by Camilla Coates on 15th January 2019
Dr. Ajah was more than my Doctor, he was a family friend. He delivered my son and he was my Doctor for over 9 years. My condolences to his family. In peace you rest Dr. Ajah.
Posted by Jasmin Martinez on 15th January 2019
He was a great doctor and friend He’s been my doctor for over 10 years he became family. I knew every time I was in good hands. I will dearly missed him. May he Rest In Peace
Posted by Cynthia Beal-Robinson on 5th January 2019
My condolences to the family of my loving Dr.Ajah. I was referred to Dr Ajah by a friend in 2007. At first I didn't want to see him because I had experienced insensitive male OB/GYN Drs. My friend immediately said he's not like that. I did the office visit and he confirmed what two other Drs told me. So Dr. Ajah operated on me the first time in 2008 in Mary Immaculate Hospital As we waited to go in surgery he kept checking on me I was so nervous scared and out of my mind petrified I started sweating and crying. He pulled up a chair and sat down held my hand and told me exactly what he was going to do Then he rubbed my wet forehead and said everything will be fine I wasn't serving Jesus at this time but I prayed. Two weeks later I had my office visit with him and we laughed about the situation. He ended the conversation by saying we were in Gods hands Dr Ajah operated on me again in 2009 at Flushing Hospital this time he sat and talked with me until we went in to operating room I was confident in him so I wasn't afraid Dr Ajah had an excellent bedside manner that this new generation of Drs don't have. You can't learn that in medicine school.That was his personality He cared about his patients I'm glad that I thanked him on how he treated me during surgery I had an appointment with him last summer I missed it I didn't reschedule because I thought I'd see him this month for my annual I'm sorry.Dr Ajah was cool but don't get it twisted if you didn't follow his instructions he got in your tail Well if anybody ask where is Dr Ajah just say he is one of Gods soldiers gone home. Ajah family may God strengthen you during your time of grieving but remember the Bible says to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. HALLELUJAH
Posted by Prince Lemanya on 22nd December 2018
It was heartbreaking to learn of the loss Dr. Marcel Ajah. His untimely death is a significant loss to Ajah’s family and all Igbos. Dr. Marcel Ajah was loving, Caring and exemplified great values. He was a real patriotic Igbo man whose death created a vacuum that is hard to fill. He touched many lives beyond his immediate family and through his generosity, cared, empowered and made a difference in several people’s lives. I pray Almighty God to grant all the Ajah’s family and Ndi Igbo the fortitude to bear this loss. As we mourn this loss, we should all find solace that he is resting in peace with God. May the soul of Dr. Marcel Ajah rest in perfect peace. Keeping his memory alive, his family and all affected by his death should continue to live those great virtues that he lived and exemplified while on earth. Please accept our condolences. We share in your grief. Prince Lemanya
Posted by Chijioke Metu on 22nd December 2018
Dear Dr. Ajah, It just dawned on me that I only knew you on this earth for twelve years, but those years sure felt like thirty or more, an eternity. Those years allowed us receive and witness your endless acts of friendship, kindness, wise counsel and service to my family and to too many others to mention. Driven beyond yourself, you were on a mission to serve and sacrifice for as many people as possible and exemplified the selflessness of success. As heartbreaking as your departure feels for so many, we know that God has gained a humble servant. As certain things must remain beyond human comprehension, it is now as your name “Akachukwu” suggests, in the hands of God that your work on God's green earth be done at this time. Be rest assured however, that you have left a foot print for your family to follow and continue your work in uplifting the human spirit. We remain eternally grateful for your enduring counsel on life, marriage, children and service to community. As you ascend into the great beyond, it is our unceasing prayer, that God Almighty, the creator of heaven and earth, continue to bless you and lead you home with Amazing Grace ! Chijioke Metu for and on behalf of the Metu family
Posted by Ajamazi Joshua on 18th December 2018
Dear Uncle Marcel. I miss you. Every day I think of you. I still can't believe you're gone. You didn't even give us the chance to repay you for everything you've done for us, your family. You have sacrificed so much for us. You didn't even get to enjoy life because your life was dedicated to helping your family. You have built us a beautiful home. You have worked so hard for us to get where we are right now. And now that we have the chance to give you back what you have done for us, you passed away. It hurts so much, Uncle. I don't know if I will ever get over your passing. I promise I will try. I know you wouldn't want us to be sad. Don't worry, Uncle, we will love your Family the way you loved us. I promise you that. Thank you for everything. I am who I am today because of you. You are my hero. Your memories will remain in my heart forever. Your family loves you so much. Until we meet again. Ajamazi Joshua Kelechi
Posted by Gladys Egwuonwu on 17th December 2018
Dr. Aja was a man of the people. A man with a heart of gold. A peace maker. May you rest in perfect peace! I strongly believe that God wants Dr. Aja to continue his medical mission and philanthropist work on the other side. That was why he took him. As we morn, let us remember that God knew about. It. God sanctioned it, otherwise, it would not have happened. To his family and friends, I urge each and every one of us to reflect on the lives we live, emulate the life of Dr. Ajah and to ask ourselves the hard questions " if the trumpet sounds today, what will people remember us for?"
Posted by Chichi Nwafor on 17th December 2018
Dr Marcel Ajah was a devoted husband and father, an amiable in-law. His love-partnership with Chi Nwanne m was enviable and will be missed dearly. We take solace knowing that he lived a life worthy of emulation. Testimonies of both his Christian and professional life are visibly pronounced. We shall always remember you. May God in his infinite mercies grant you, Dr. Marcel Ajah eternal rest. Ogo di nma, Ezi Ogo Mbaise, Dedicated Husband and Father, Loyal husband to Chi Nwanne m, Beloved Di Chi Nwanne m, laa n’udo. Chi Nwanne m take heart, it is well in Jesus name!
Posted by Junelle Mercurius on 15th December 2018
Deepest condolences to the Ajah family and friends. May God bless you with comfort during this time and always. Dr. Ajah you've been the greatest and most humble doctor I know. Thank you for all you've done, and the extraordinary care and compassion you provided to me for over a decade. You left a serious void that cannot be replaced. But, you'll live on in my heart and memory forever. Rest in eternal peace.
Posted by Richard Itiat on 14th December 2018
Meeting you for the first time on the day of my traditional wedding ceremony, I couldn’t help but notice the humility that came with your person. The wedding advice you gave my wife and I will forever remain with me not just because they were real, true and practical but more importantly they came from one who wanted to see us (Nkechi and I) happy forever. I have known you for a short time but your memory will forever remain with me. May God comfort Aunty Chinyere, Niki, Obi, Ikenna and Tobi at this difficult time. Adieu Sir, May God be with you till we meet again by His grace.
Posted by Nkechi Ekenna-Itiat on 14th December 2018
As a little girl, i saw uncle Marcel as "my doctor uncle who was always on call". It was common knowledge that whenever he was around we all needed to be quiet or go out to play so he could get a quick quiet nap. Well the older we get, the wiser we become. Uncle Marcel was a man with a heart of gold. He always put the needs of others before his own. Always giving, forever smiling. I would watch him sometimes and wonder how a person could be so selfless. "Can't he just say NO this time around?" This was one of the thoughts that would cross my mind. He loved life, he loved people and perhaps that was why he chose the profession that he did. Uncle Marcel had a gift of touching the lives of people he came in contact with even if it was just a brief meeting. My husband, Richard can attest to that. He met uncle Marcel briefly at our traditional wedding and was in Awe. We were later invited to their (uncle Marcel and aunty Chinyere) hotel room after our wedding in January for a chit-chat and got one of the best advice about marriage from a couple who had seen and been through it all. It was a gift my husband and I will forever cherish. Uncle Marcel inspired so many of us and was an amazing uncle and he will be truly missed. We lost a wonderful uncle, father and husband but God gained an angel. I also want to express my sincere and heartfelt condolence to my aunty Chinyere and my cousins (Niki, Obi, Ike and Tobi). I can't even imagine how you all feel or what you're all going through. I pray that God grants you all the strength, fortitude and peace during this painful time.
Posted by Charles Oligbo on 13th December 2018
I met Dr. Marcel Ajah sometimes in 2011, when he engaged me as a consultant to process Bureau De Change licence in Nigeria. Since then, i was fascinated by his gentility and kindness. He is a man that was given to helping people out of difficult situations. With the long arms with which he embraced me in warm friendship, i could discuss everything even deep family matters. I was looking forward to meeting him this December as he would usually visit Nigeria during the festive periods. His sudden death was a big blow to me but all the same, i am comforted by the truth that he has made remarkable impact. What matters in life is the footprints not necessarily the length of years. I pray the good Lord will comfort Barrister Chinyere Ajah, his loving wife and his children. Bye Dr. Marcel, we will see at the resurrection morning. Charles Oligbo, FCA, CBE
Posted by Christie Ekenna Osuagwu on 12th December 2018
Beloved brother in-law with a big heart to serve humanity, Dr Marcel Ajah, you will be sorely missed. We all ask and wonder why so sudden an exit, but only The Almighty has the answer. To our beloved sister Chinyere and the children, God is still on the throne and is ever ready to shepherd you. Trust in Him with all your heart and be not afraid of tomorrow for He will never fail you. To all our family, let’s stay prayerful and supportive of our sister and children. Dr Marcel lived a life of service and God has chosen to take him home sooner than anticipated. May his soul rest in perfect peace! TO ALL, LOVE IS NOW!!
Posted by Athena Chiquita on 12th December 2018
Dr. Ajah. When i first came to you I was terrified. I was told I can't conceive only to get pregnant yet lost her shortly into it. When I came to you with my second pregnancy I drove you up the wall the whole NINE months afraid any second I would lose my miracle a second time. You was so patient and kept me calm the whole nine months. You brought my baby into this world successfully and forever single handedly changed my life. You then did it again with my second born only this time, though I was high risk, I was calm cool and collective because I had full confidence in you and I told you I trust you with my life and my children's lives. The last thing you asked me WAS "when are we working on our girl." I cried so hard when I got the news. You will always be my miracle worker. You will remain in my thoughts every time my miracles look up at me. Will miss you. SIP
Posted by Emeka E OkekeMD on 9th December 2018
Dr. MARCEL AJAH. You will forever Missed. We often talk about the inevitability of death but when it occurs we are in a shock and surprised. Marcel, your death has robbed us of your incessant kindness, compassion and optimism.You were always magnanimous to people you came in contact with.Your love for your heritage and history propelled you to undertake and partake in many developments and projects for your people in Ishiagu and Ebonyi communities. You were a true and altruistic Patriot and Philanthropist.Suffice it to say that you also worked tirelessly to improve the health of the minorities in New York through your thriving medical practice . Marcel was proud of his family and children. He loved them and worked hard for them. He always exudes enthusiasm when talking about his family. His children returned this love and did not disappoint him . Marcel we will miss you and your larger than life smile. How can I forget our Sunday debriefings after Church services during which we discuss family, politics ,sports and medicine among other things. Although we have lost a prince on earth the Heavens have gained an Angel .I have no doubt that you are looking down from heaven and waving to us from one of the gates of heaven. Adieu,our brother until we meet again Emeka E.Okeke,MD Mrs Antonia N. Okeke
Posted by on 9th December 2018
Condolence Message from Eze R. O. Ekenna Family on Dr. Marcel Ajah On behalf of the Eze R. O. Ekenna Family, I would like to express our condolence to our sister, Chinyere, and her 4 children (Nneka, Obinna, Ikenna and Tobechi): our nieces and nephews, on the sudden loss of their husband and father, our in-law, Dr. Marcel Ajah. We would also like to express our heart-felt sympathy to Marcel’s own immediate and extended family for this untimely loss of a brother, uncle, mentor and otherwise. I first met Marcel in 1995, when he paid me a visit in Pascagoula, MS, as the oldest brother to Chinyere, to tell me he was interested in marrying our sister. The formal and big wedding was to take place several months later in Owerri on December 30, 1995. Freshly graduated from Medical school in 1993, and Internship in 1994, he was just beginning his residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology (OBGYN) in 1995. These were indeed very busy times for Marcel and Chinyere, even before the children would arrive. Chinyere would later eventually move (transfer) to the USA (At that time she still had a thriving fashion business and a law practice in Ikeja, Lagos), a resettlement that required major adjustments in both their schedules. Over the next few years, they would quickly have 4 kids (2 boys and 2 girls) who have been exceptional in their drive for excellence, attending some of the best schools in the country; three of them in College, one already graduated from Berkeley California (Nneka), and Tobechi still in High School. With all the busy schedule in medical practice and training, it was clear even then that Marcel had a business sense that would manifest in so many ways. He was later to establish his own private OBGYN practice, and later co-found the Uplift Help International, Inc, a non-profit health care mission, operating in Ebonyi State, Nigeria, which he was the President of. These responsibilities required him to travel a lot to Nigeria and elsewhere. Recently, in the past year he expressed to me the great relief he felt when he was able to drop off the obstetrics part of his responsibilities (relinquishing some of the punishing calls, waiting to attend to unscheduled deliveries); but continue the gynecologic part of his profession, which was easier to manage and schedule. He and Chinyere had great hopes and plans for their children. We expect that these would not be cut short by his untimely loss. We expect that there will be no changes in those big hopes and plans you (Nneka, Obinna, Ikenna and Tobechi) have had when your Dad was alive; and that you will journey on, and make him proud, and fulfill your dreams. To our sister, Chinyere, we say “Ndo” from the Family. You know the Family will be there to support you; and to our nieces and nephews, we will be there for you as your Uncles and Aunties. We will be available to support you and mourn with you; but always reminding you that the best way to honor your father is to carry on and succeed in whatever you do. Feel free to call on us (you will have varying and different close relationships with your various uncles and aunties) whenever needed. We love you and wish you all the best. Sincerely, Okechukwu Ekenna Uncle Okee (Dede Okee) On behalf of the Eze R. O. Ekenna Family (Marcel’s In-laws) December 9, 2018
Posted by Edith Ekenna on 9th December 2018
Dee Sam & Edith Ekenna Dear Chinyere, WHAT A LOSS !!! We are bereft of words to describe the shock of the news of the passing on of your kind, respectful and altruistic husband, Dr Marcel Akachukwu Aja, to the great beyond. Marcel was a good and peaceful man, always seeking healing and resolution of conflicts in our family and indeed every where. He was not loud but he was very very effective in all the numerous good things he did in his short life. Chinyere, we commit you and your children unto God's protective cover. God will never leave, nor forsake you in all your future endeavours, without Marcel. God will give you the enablement to continue the good work Marcel and you started together. May the humble, compassionate, and peaceful soul of Marcel rest in the blossom of Abraham and in the mansion Christ reserved for him in paradise. Amen
Posted by Edith Ekenna on 9th December 2018
Mrs Edith Ozioma Ekenna Our cherished brother in-law, the sudden news of your sudden passing on to glory ,was a big shock to me. I still feel like it's not true. You were a very loving man and unassuming. Your relationship with our family was an outstanding one and full of love.As I am writing this, I can see your lovely smiles. My husband and I will never forget your friendship and humility. Chi and children, we will continue to lift you up before the Lord. My word to you is from Isaiah 41 vs 13 "for I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand saying unto thee , Fear not, I will help thee." My brother in law, Marcel, continue to rest in the Lord. Amen.
Posted by Ijeoma Ekenna Adetula on 8th December 2018
I am short of words to express the deep sorrow and shock I felt at the sad news of my beloved Brother- in-Law's passing. In our family, we have no in-laws, you are known as brother or sister the moment you become part of us , so Uncle Marcel, you were indeed a brother to me. Even as I wonder at the suddenness of your journey to Glory, I cannot but thank God for your kind, caring and selfless life. Particularly, my husband and I are one of those that your kindness touched in many ways I cannot recount here. Even in the area of advice and encouragement you were there for me. I will cherish your memory my dear brother. I pray that the Lord will uphold, strengthen and be always there for my dear sister, Chinyere, your cherished wife, and all your wonderful children. I pray that the Holy Spirit will wrap your family in divine comfort and peace. The Lord will not forget your labor of love. Gaa ije gi nke oma my dear brother! May the Lord welcome you in His eternal rest.
Posted by Kola Bello on 7th December 2018
Dear Dr. Ajah, I am still in shock. The boys you delivered are sad they didn’t get to spend quality time with you. We take solace in the fact that death will soon be brought to nothing by Jehovah. 1 Cor. 15:26. We pray that the almighty remembers you for good when he brings death to nothing and call those in His memory to stand up for their lot.
Posted by Prisca Okeahialam-Swaray on 7th December 2018
Dear Chinyere, I am so so sorry for your loss. My deepest condolences to you and your family and may the Holy Spirit comfort you all in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.
Posted by Yesenia Abad on 4th December 2018
May you Rest In Peace..Thank you for being a great doctor, sad you left soon :(
Posted by Daisy Abad on 4th December 2018
Dr.Ajah, the office is so lonely without your presence... your passing left us all with a broken heart, you had an amazing soul always smiling! God has definitely gained an amazing angel! May you Rest In Peace and watch over your family! Thank you for always being an amazing doctor Love always, Daisy
Posted by Sonny Onyegbula on 4th December 2018
It was so shocking to learn of the sad death of Dr Marcel Ajah. I still remember vividly the last time that we met him in his home in NY. His dear wife Chinyere had invited us to a surprise dinner at a very short notice. He was full of life and love and engaged us in conversations on various issues. We had a real good time with them. Dr Ajah’s life was one of love for family and service for humanity. It is very sad that this promising life of service has been cut short by the cold hands of death. We cannot question God on why this happened but we can ask God to grant his soul eternal repose and the family the fortitude to bear this great loss. This is a time of adversity for Chinyere and the children so we all should stand by them. We should pray for them and support them in every way humanly possible. Rest in Perfect Peace Dr Ajah.
Posted by Dr. Friday Lawrence Ogboi on 4th December 2018
Dearly beloved Dr Marcel Ajah, Nice, kind and gentle. We love you but the Lord love you most. Rest in the Lord our dearly beloved. We all really do miss you. You and the contributions you have made to humanity will be in our hearts always.
Posted by Gloria Ukeje on 4th December 2018
Dear Chiyere, and Children and family, may God give you the fortitude to bear the loss. May Dr. Ajas soul rest in peace . We shall continue to remember you in our prayers. Remain blessed. Ukeje Gloria nee Anamah
Posted by Chioma Ohanenye on 4th December 2018
Marcel,the shock of your demise is still passing through like a wave. You exited this world without a warning sign. we take solace in God who formed you from the beginning and we cannot question Him why He called you now. May our good Lord who knows it all comfort and console your dear wife,Nikky and siblings and the entire Ajah family as we mourn this irreparable loss. May your gentle soul rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Rest in perfect peace. Your Sister in law, Chioma
Posted by Tochi Ezinwa Kabiawu on 4th December 2018
Dee Marcel, I can't even begin to explain how your life impacted me here 'cos time will not suffice. But we find comfort in the fact that You lived a good life worthy of emulation. Your legacy lives in every life you've touched and everyone you uplifted. Rest on till we all meet to part no more. You are terribly missed Aunty Chi, Niki, Obi, Ik & Tobee, we do continue to support you all in prayers. May the God of all comfort console, strengthen & re-energise you after this has passed & help you to be a source of comfort to all others in Jesus name, Amen!
Posted by Nkechi Ajoku on 3rd December 2018
To my friend, my confidant and my brother Dr. Marcel Ajah. Marcel, your death was a massive shock and like a horror dream. I find solace knowing that you lived an extraordinary life. You touched and changed many lives through your generosity to mankind. Doc, your legacy will forever shine on. You accomplished at your age what most people could not accomplish in their lifetime. FAREWELL MY DEAR FRIEND.
Posted by Chinwe Ogboi on 3rd December 2018
Dr. Ajah, you lived a good life and touched many lives. You may not have lived to be a 100 years but very few 100 year olds have impacted the number of lives you had. I am proud to have known you and have learnt from your life that it is not how long but how well. You are thoroughly missed on this side but I'm glad you are in a better place with the Lord. I pray for the comfort of the Holy Spirit for your family and ask God to give them grace to keep them strong, united and make you proud.
Posted by Uche Ekenna on 3rd December 2018
Our beloved inlaw, advisor, confidant and friend. You left us too soon and without warning. Your deeds touched numerous lives and communities, both in the US and Nigeria, and you have left a legacy that speaks for itself. We are partially consoled by your good works while you were with us. You will forever be in our hearts. Rest in Perfect Peace!

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