You will Be Greatly missed

Shared by Rashieka Johnson on 14th February 2019

As I write this I am in disbelief I dont want to accept what I seen on the internet this cant be true my heart is hurting you were my dr. But a friend and father figure I haven't seen you since you delivered my son I am so grateful for you if it wasn't for dr.Aja I wouldn't have gotten through my pregnancy that period and time in my life was a dark one but Dr.Aja always bought light to my day when I had appts he wasn't just a Doctor he was a angel from God he cared for his patients beyond money he never made me feel like another number on his list but a human being he asked questions his smile is something I will never forget GOD BLESS YOU DR.AJA MAY YOU REST IN PARADISE AND THE LORD GIVE YOUR FAMILY STRENGTH I am pregnant now and wanted dr.AJa To deliver my last child what will I do now God bless you 

Feeling very sad

Shared by Marlene Gallier-Williams on 26th January 2019

Dr Ajah, I am just in shock and tears is rolling down my face while I am writing this tribute. I found out of your passing when I Google you, to find out why know one at your Brooklyn office and the Queens office weren't answering your phone. I knew that it was time for me to make an appointment to come and see you. It was like you were trying to let me know something. It was a blessing when I was referred to you in 2010, when I was pregnant with my son. You knew how terrified and stressed I was, and with your calm presence and that smile on your face, you made me felt that everything was going to be ok. I thank you for your help in bringing my son in this world. I will be  forever  grateful to you. To Dr Ajah family and friends, my condolences goes out to you, the lord has gain an angle in heaven. Dr Marcel Ajah you will forever be the best doctor that anyone could ever had. Every time now that I look at my son I will always think of you. Thank you. Sleep well my friend 

The best doctor ever

Shared by Rhonda Berry on 24th January 2019

today i just found out about my favorite doctor for 17 years my heart is heavy the last time I saw him was after he delivered my son..... may his soul rest in peace 

Shared by Emmanuel Chukwu Nnamdi on 17th January 2019

It was a huge loss to Ishiagu, Ebonyi state and Nigeria at large. I can remember seeing you in September, when u came home for a traditional wedding. Never knew that would be the last time. You have left a very good legacy behind, we are consoled that you're in a good place.

Continue to rest in the bossom of the lord!!! 

Shared by Patsy ADEYANJU on 26th December 2018
  • it is with deep sense loss that I write this.In fact for a long time after the news of this huge loss was made public, i felt as though i was in a dream land hoping and praying that somebody will wake me up some day.

I have been totally and completely out of words as to what to say.what does one say in times like this that can suffice?.Nothing. Sometime you feel silence may be the best 'word' here... But can I really stay silent? I doubt it so much...Marcel was all the good that life had to offer.possessed wonderful love for his wife and children.was full of life and humour.compassionate for his community and a whole total package of a man..... What else can I say but to pray that God gives you dear friend-chinyere Jennifer Ajah the fortitude to bear this loss,give you beauty for ashes and  joy &gladness for the spirit of heaviness.cause your life to be far better in every respect than ever before.

As for the children- A father like him may probably not walk on this earth any more but there's a father far greater in respect than Marcel- Jesus is His name.May he adopt you from now on and shower you love more than ever man can give ....shower you with strength and guide you every step of the way.....May He -Jesus, be your Shield and Buckler in this world and beyond.please dont forget you are Victors and not Victims and so walk in that might. IT IS WELL WITH YOU ALL.


Shared by Ifeyinwa Okorie on 26th December 2018

Writing this note is one of the most difficult things I have had to do, for I have lingered on in denial for too long.

How can it be that you are gone, so suddenly and forever, never to be seen again on this planet; earth?

You lived a life so outstanding that history will find very difficult to forget. You were an embodiment of human perfection.

Your humility and kind-heartedness are evidently knitted within your DNA. Time and again, I remember this lesson you emphasized and lived by: that money is not everything. I was stunned to hear that come from you.

You were a major source of wholistic support towards my career formation and I looked forward to learning more from you; but while anticipating more conversations and tutoring, you suddenly left, never to return. I can go on and on and not still exhaust all your good deeds; or is it the work, humour and joy that accompanies your presence at home in Ishiagu every Christmas, just to mention a few.

O death, that was a very painful sting... Excruciatingly painful.

Your love for humanity has covered for all your sins. If man in his sinfulness can acknowledge your goodness, how much more will The Mercy of GOD speak on your behalf.

Keep resting in GOD'S bossom uncle, you lived your life to the fullest and achieved what many may not achieve even in a hundred and more years. You conquered.

May GOD bless, guide and protect your family. Amen

Eternal rest grant unto the soul of Marcel AKACHUKWU Ajah O LORD, and let Thy perpetual light shine upon him. Amen


Shared by Ezinne Nwereugwu Felly Mb... on 21st December 2018

The news of Doctor Marcel Ajah’s demise was a shock to the whole Igbo community in New York City area.  Doctor Ajah was a very good man. He was a man of the people. He never let anybody down, he was a philanthropist. He put people’s problems before his own.  He always smiles, and he was a very pleasant person I remembered when I did my Birthday Party at Obi Igbo in 2014, I invited him, he told me that he had an important meeting that he had to attend in Houston TX, he promised me that he must try to attend my party, after he would go to JFK from the hall. He came with his wife, later they left from the hall to the airport; that shows the type of person he was. Another occasion he impressed me was in 2017, when I was giving out my retirement invitation card at Obi igbo during one of our meetings, I told him I will mail their card to them, he smiled and snatched the card from me.  He said to me, “why can’t I get it, the same way other members are getting it? After all, when ever we invite you and your family for an event, you come and support us.”  That gave me a very good impression of him.  He was never arrogant.  We will forever miss him.  May eternal rest grant unto him, oh Lord and let perpetual light shine upon him, may he rest in perfect peace

​Memorial Tribute to Dr. Marcel Akachukwu Ajah MD FACOG.

Shared by Michael Ajamazi on 18th December 2018

Memorial Tribute to Dr. Marcel Akachukwu Ajah MD FACOG.

Dear Uncle and Father, they said you are gone. It’s not true. That wasn’t the Plan. You were a Great Philanthropist. Those lives you saved are still in Shock and tears. Those Students you paid their fees are still lost in thoughts. I miss you. All I wanted was for you to be happy. You invested knowledge in me as your son and I wanted to give more to see how I can repay your loving kindness. Where are you dear Father. What can I do to have you back? I am hugely indebted to you Sir. How do I pay my debts. You left us while you were serving humanity. When can I see you again? You live in the hearts and Minds of all those lives you have saved for FREE. O! Who will do it once again for Ishiagu, for Ebonyi State, for Nigeria and for the World? You will Forever remain in my Heart and Veins. Rest in Perfect Peace Dear Dr. Marcel Sir.
Shared by Ambrose Iwu on 18th December 2018


NOVEMBER 23, 2018 will forever remain the day Ndi Igbo wished was never created. What has been God's gift to Ndi Igbo was snatched from them without a struggle in an early departure of the man that's always there for their cause. The vacuum his absence created is now a challenge to all of us to come together as one family. Dr. Marcel Ajah was one of the greatest men and women who had given an identity to Igbo Community in NYC. He stood to curb pride, carelessness, praised hard work, challenged unnecessary disruptions and distractions. He always reminded those on daily pills the necessity of being healthy by remembering to take those tablets daily. Dr. Ajah did not mind driving to Flushing Meadows to purchase floor tiles when it became necessary for Obigbo Center to be prepared for the 2016 World Igbo Congress. He carried a portion of the tiles himself for the Contractor to begin the job scheduled to be completed in a matter of two days!  Dr. Ajah and his wife never turned down any Invitations, from Babyshowers to big Conversations, their busy and crucial schedules not minding!! The couple distributed their wealth wherever they went. The name DOCTOR MARCEL AJAH will forever be ENGRAVED with MARBLE in the hearts of all Igbo men, women, sons and daughters in Igbo Organization, New York. May Almighty God Bless the memories of Dr. Ajah! May He Bless his wife, his bestfriend and partner he leaves behind, his children and relatives!! We pray to God to give them Grace and courage to mourn him and to accept his gentle soul in Paradise, Amen!!!! Thank you Lord for giving us your son, Dr. Marcel Ajah.

Shared by Grace Ajah on 14th December 2018

Forever I will miss your fatherly love to my family, your words of encouragement and your never changing care to us. I and the kids justin, chisom and chibueze miss you dearly. You will remain forever in our memories. Good bye uncle.

Grace Ajah 
U. S .A

Why oh why?

Shared by Emmanuel Chukwu on 12th December 2018

As I sit here trying to write this tribute ,tears  streak down my face and words lack me to describe the man who gave all to humanity. 4 months ago we were in ishiagu doing our annual medical mission. You told me of your plans for our people. Only for God to call you home early.  I have cried and I have felt despondent. My elderly dad has been inconsolable since he learnt of your passing. 

You were not only like a father to me, you were my mentor. Your advices to me have made me a better person today. You were so humble. Your gentle smile  and kind words will put anyone at ease. Your work etiques are second to none. You put others first and self last. 

Uncle I find it difficult to accept that you have left us. We will never be the same ever. I will forever miss you. I wish our maker had different plans. 

Rest In Peace sir. We will never forget you. Your legacy will continue. May God comfort your young family. 

Dr. Emmanuel Chukwu.

Tribute from Dr Eugene Ossi

Shared by Anthony Ajah on 12th December 2018

Dr Marcel, Death have snatched you away from us together with your humorous speech, your smiles, your kindness to humanity, your numerous assistance to the less privileged, your wisdom, your uncountable attributes. Marcel where can we find your kind again?Even till death you were pursuing projects to assist humanity live with happiness in the world. Marcel, you have left us in doubt that you are gone forever. It is only God that can comfort your family, your loved ones, especially those who depend on you for their daily bread.What will I say of those children expecting their school fees from you. You have touched lives during your life time.May your gentle soul rest in peace. Amen
Dr Eugene Ako Ossi & family. Lagos.

Marcel, An Exceptional Friend Indeed.

Shared by Kingsley Nnamdi Offor on 11th December 2018

We heard of Marcel's passing into glory with shock and disbelief. His death is a terrible tragedy to all of us who knew him. Marcel was an inspiration. Marcel was intelligent, witty and had a caring heart. He always saw the cup half full and never half empty. His outgoing nature, Uplift Help International philanthropy, Ebonyi state barbecues,  Xmas parties and numerous other activities endeared him to all. So many wonderful memories which we will all cherish forever. 

Fare Thee Well, Marcel, an Exceptional Friend. Our deepest condolences to Chinyere and Kids. 

Nnamdi K. and Chinwe Offor. 

(DikembaObosi & OchendoDikemba)

Shared by Andrew Oji on 10th December 2018

I am confused, Marcel.  When a 70 year old Ibo man icontinues to cry everyday since you passed, that tells a lot. I am from Arochukwu, but was born and bred in Afikpo Road (Ishiagu); that's how far back we go. 

I am still in denial that you left us so abruptly.  I am expected to write a lot about you, about us, but find myself short of words at this time to put to paper what you meant to me and my family.  My wife, your favorite, Charity (Chari babe) as you call her, continues to cry uncontrollably.  This was not the plan, remember, Doc? 

I have a million and more things to remember about us.  In losing you I have lost a brother, a friend, and a confidant.  As if you know my pain, I want to especially thank you for showing up in my dream this past week in your white native Nigerian dress and red cap, with your usual smile to cheer me up.  Since then I have managed to carry on.

May the good Lord accept your soul, and grant you eternal rest. May the good Lord also bless and protect the family you left behind, Chi, Nneka (Nikki), Obinna, Ikenna, and Tobechi.

Go well Dr.  Ajah, you will forever be missed.

Andrew Oji for the family 



Marcel Ajah, M.D. - A Friend For All Seasons

Shared by Okoro C Ukpabi MD on 9th December 2018

A lot has been written and said about Dr. Marcel Ajah; a lot remains to be written and said. With no iota of equivocation, the man whose passing we are mourning was all that: imbued with super friendly charm and gentility, a consummate, compassionate, and caring medic who with his big heart dispensed generosity relentlessly to the needy, the communities, and organizations around him.
    Dr. Marcel Ajah was His Excellency, the Governor that his State --  the Ebonyi State --  never had. He nurtured the State in New York as if it were his nuclear family, his village, or his town. He was the President of the Ebonyi State Association from its inception approximately 20 years ago until his recent passing.
    His home was the scene of numerous Ebonyi State barbecues, and most other summertime activities. If there was any responsibility for entertainment or feast for his state indigents and their friends, Dr. Ajah never shared them with anybody.
    Individual relationships have not been always smooth sailing, never devoid of hiccups. Dr. Marcel Ajah was someone who could wrap himself around his friends and would hardly let them go. He was uniquely gifted with the tendency to thaw a frosty relationship and refuel it to a greater tempo than it was. Thank God, I was a beneficiary of that quality of his.
    Dr. Marcel Ajah carried his medical evangelism to his village of Ishiagu and spearheaded the building and running of a community hospital that at least gives such medical services that are superior compared to what is available in most parts of Igboland. As the young head of his family, when his elder brother died a few years ago he became the Atlas of the Ajah family.
    By his death, Marcel Ajah, M.D. has left vacuum in our community, his village, town, state -- and most importantly -- his young family: Mrs. Chinyere Ajah, daughter Nneka, sons Obinna and Ikenna, daughter Tobechi. As we mourn him, we should remember all his dependents in our prayers for it's only by God's Infinite Grace and Mercy can his big shoes be filled. May His Soul Rest in Peace.
    Good night Mazi Ajah.

Okoro C.J. Ukpabi, M.D. for the family

Demise of a legend and a philanthropist . Dr Marcel Ajah.

Shared by Anthony Ajah on 8th December 2018

The death of my uncle is one of the worst thing that has happened to me. My first question to God was why me again but can we question God . I have really suffered a lot of heartbreak in My life due to untimely death on my family . I lost my 4 siblings,  my maternal uncle and aunt, my mother and father and all my paternal uncles within a few years. I have really face a lot of turbulents in my life and my prayer is God to give me the strength and courage to survive the aftermath of my uncle's death. I got consoled when I read the story of job in the bible.  Job lost everything he has, his wealth, livestocks and  all his children to the extent the he regretted being born but later on God rewarded him twice his wealth and beautiful children. Job 42:12. I pray that God will consoled me. 

My uncle was a very good man with unique smile. His smiles will win any contract if contract was done by smiles. One of my uncle shortcoming is that he is over considerate. He place other people need before himself. He like to help  and he died helping. He carried every one along both in America and in nigeria. He is the man of the people. He has joy when you are progressing.  I could remember the prayers he said when I started my house back home and when I bought my house in long island New York USA. He was happy for me.  Everyone love him in the village.  He is being address as ogwo oria in my village. He built a hospital in my village and  run a medical mission in ebonyi. He awarded scholarships to university student in my place and build a hostels for ebonyi students. Uncle my question to you is who did you leave all this projects  to run. Your medical office in Brooklyn and in queens. Dr Ajah Who is like you to your patients. I received thanks from people because of your niceness. Uncle you left when you are mostly needed  but God knows the best. Igbo community is looking for you. Your patients want you, nice doctor who don't care about co pay. Your family wants you. Ajah nweke family is in your house looking for you. Uncle where are you. Who will I call again for advice.  Who knows my story more that you. You was my father when my dad left. No good man like you. You are the best of the best. You created a very big vaccum that I dont know when it will be replaced.  Your death will remain evergreen in my memory.  You will be forever missed.  I love you more than you know. May your humble soul rest in peace. 

     TONY AJAH ( clinical scientist). 

     New York university medical center. (NYU) USA.


Shared by Adolphus Ohaya on 8th December 2018

Marcel and I were in the same Freshman Orientation Class @ Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD in 1977. We became very good friends and lost contact after a while.

He was always conscientious, kind and a true patriot The news of his passing hit me with a jolt. May his soul Rest In Peace

A Great Man

Shared by Chieme Onyebeke on 7th December 2018

It was with shock and sadness that we heard about the passing of Dr Ajah. We will always remember him as a greater than life man who lived his life with smiles and laughter. 

He was always quick to praise and compliment other people and be there for his family and friends. 

He was a compassionate doctor who gave back tremendously to the community he came from in Igbo land.

Most of all he was a man who loved and was dedicated to his wife Chinyere and their four children. We pray God to give them the strength and faith to bear his loss

Dr Ajah, you will forever be missed. May your soul Rest In Peace 

William & Chieme  Onyebeke

May Jehovah Remember You for Good

Shared by Kola Bello on 7th December 2018

Dr. Ajah was indeed a friend and a brother. We met through an older mutual friend and ever since you proved the truth of God’s Word at Prov. 17:17. Not only were you selfless, you were truly concerned about the wellbeing and feelings of others. 

When we had course to mutually consummate busniess transactions, you proved to be an exceptional Nigerian. You were above board and true to your words.

I remember with combination of fondness and pain how in October 2018, less than two months ago, you insisted that we drove together to your home from your office in New York. You didn’t want my wife and I to leave. We ate, drank and danced! I was touched when you insisted on driving my wife and I back to our hotel in Brooklyn at midnight even when we objected. I still remember how you advised me to always take enough rest due to my health. We planned to spend time together when you travel to Nigeria in December. We talked about your mother-in-law’s burial. You wanted me to attend it. I never knew it was the last time we were going to be together in this world system of things.

It was a pleasure to have known you for those ten short years. You called my name in a special way - “Chief Kola!”, no one else calls my name the way you did.

My wife and I as well as my two boys you delivered by your hands will never forget you. We pray that Jehovah remembers you when he brings back to life dead ones in his righteous new world.

Kola Bello

Remembering a great friend!

Shared by Boniface Ikejiani on 6th December 2018

It is with great surprise I heard the passing of a great friend,Dr Marcel Ajah. 

 I met Marcel at one the conference during our residency and remained family friends since. I have visited his family on several occasions and our discussions span from medicine, family, business and politics. I truly enjoyed his frankness in all our discussions. 

Dr Ajah mentioned to me of his annual medical mission to Ishiagu and his effort to set up a healthcare center for the people of Ishiagu. This healthcare center has been completed.
Dr Ajah had a large heart and a great  desire to serve others.
May his gentle soul rest in everlasting peace and you will greatly be missed.
I pray for strength and courage for his dear wife, Mrs Jennifer Ajah  and all their children.

Adieu my friend:
By Dr Boniface Ikejiani

May his spirit rest!

Shared by Obiwu Iwuanyanwu on 6th December 2018

Ndo! May his spirit and thespirit of all the departed Rest In Peace. Amen!

To Marcel

Shared by Kelly Axuoma on 6th December 2018

This is one of the most painful tributes I've ever had to write. Marcel, better known to my family as Chisco's better half, was married to Chisco, my favorite childhood friend. Chisco is not just a friend, she's family. That made Marcel a part of my family.  In all the years I've known Chisco, I've never known her to be so happy. Chisco blossomed in her marriage to Marcel. Marcel was her world. He allowed Chisco to be Chisco. He understood her free spirit. He was gentle, kind-hearted, and quick with humor. Together, they raised four wonderful children. 

We're in total shock and still in disbelief at the news of Marcel's untimely death.  We have lost a giant, a good man, a wonderful husband, and a great father. 

Goodbye, Marcel. May your peaceful and gentle soul rest in the Lord. We promise to be there for Chisco and your children for as long as we live. 

Shared by Emeka Asinugo on 7th December 2018

My Lolo, the Rev. Christy and I heard about the untimely demise of our friend Dr Ajah with immense sadness. We will greatly miss him. But we take consolation in the exemplary life he lived. He was a role model to so many younger people. We cannot question God why He chose to call him at this time we needed him. God gave and He has taken. Our brother, adieu. Rest in perfect peace in the bosom of the Lord. Our prayer is that God continues to guide and strengthen your widow and the beautiful children you left behind at this most difficult time of their lives. 


Chief Sir Emeka & Rev. Christy Asinugo.

Shared by Mizdirector Drpatho on 6th December 2018



Shared by David Obi on 6th December 2018

I met Dr. Ajah at Morgan State University in the late 1970s when we were both starting out as freshmen. There are lots of memories to share but due to time and space constraints, I will mention just one incident that happened when Marcel and I were distributing the Baltimore Sun newspaper. I had used my school fees to buy a Ford Granada car and had to work hard that summer to make up the money. Marcel was in no better financial shape. So we teamed up to distribute the evening newspaper so we could still attend classes during the day.

After work one evening, I took Marcel home and he invited me to eat dinner with him. We were enjoying semolina when two white men knocked on the door. They authoritatively announced that they were immigration officers. Apparently, Marcel's roommate had been involved in fraudulent activities and the officers were there to arrest him. The guy got wind of the arrest and had fled. Marcel and I were arrested instead, for working without permits. To cut a long story short, we were taken to their detention center downtown Baltimore where we spent the night. I was able to get out the next day due to certain circumstances, but Marcel spent an extra day and spent a fortune he didn't have, to get a lawyer. He was able to avoid deportation.

We both pursued medicine but I went into engineering after a couple of unsuccessfull attempts at medical school while Marcel accomplished his goal by doing medicine outside the US.

After watching the video on his medical mission in Ishiagu, I now understand why my friend persisted to be a medical doctor.

After we both graduated in our different fields, we met again in Baltimore and resumed our friendship. He later moved to New York while I stayed in Baltimore.

Let me conclude by saying that Dr. Ajah was a very kind and generous person. He had empathy for anybody in difficulty and would go to a great length to help. He was a good man. Only God knows why He wanted him to come home so early. But we trust His judgment no less.

Marcel, you will be remembered until we go the same way you just went. May your good soul rest in the Lord's bosom. May your immediate and extended family members have the fortitude to bear the great loss.

Your friend, Engr. David Obi.

My Dream of Your Peaceful Transition to Eternal Glory

Shared by Solomon Ikechukwu Okorie on 5th December 2018

I'm yet to fully understand and come to terms with the reality that my uncle Dr. Marcel A. Ajah is now late! I struggle to with hold my tears each time I think about it, but my consolation is that God's will is always perfect for us and that death is always an unexpected inevitable end for all mortals. He was and will always remain my most admired uncle who has influenced my belief system positively towards putting in my best to change my environment to be better. Out of my admiration for him I had to name my first son and child after him as 'Ekachukwu' as my mum fondly calls him 'Eka nne Ude'. I just got to know that he writes his name as 'Akachukwu' and not 'Ekachukwu' which is the Ishiagu dialect. 

I must now share this dream I had on the 22nd November 2018 about my late uncle Dr. Marcel A. Ajah not knowing that he was undertaking a Peaceful Transition to Eternal Glory. In the dream he visited Nigeria and invited me to one of his completed project site for my input on the design and how the facility would be operated. A priest was in charge of the construction with other workers, so I pointed out a number of defects in the design and offered advise on how it would be managed effectively with emphasis on improving the welfare of workers. He accepted all my inputs and directed the priest to comply with all my inputs. As he was taking me round the facility I saw my mum running around preparing a special meal for him and I teased her saying "mummy evuwo la wanne la suso eji gila gbari ote Chukwu wannem si gbaria ngbe mu visitiriya la Ibadan" and we smiled over it. At the same time I heard the voice of my late uncle Chief Thomas Ajah discussing with his late wife (mama Ajah) about Dr. Marcel's visit and projects. In fact Late Chief Thomas was speaking very loud with so much excitement, calling on Dr. Marcel to hurry up and join them on the dinning table. It was at the point of walking to the dinning table with Dr. Marcel that I woke up realising it was a dream. Although I was wondering why my late uncle Chief Thomas and his late wife appeared in the dream, I never felt the threat of death on any body until I got a call from my elder brother Hon. Samson Okorie who wept uncontrolably breaking the unpleasant news of the death of Dr. Marcel to me. I was in shock and total disbelief until he compeled me to speak with my cousin Sct. Anthony Ajah (USA) and his wife (my auntie) Bar. Chinyere who confirmed it, directing me to ensure that I break the news to my mum in the most palatable way for the sake of her health because she need her to be strong for the family.

My beloved uncle, Late Dr. Marcel A. Ajah I pray that God Almighty may pardon all your short comings and grant you eternal rest. Amen.

I Love you uncle!

Pharm. Solomon Ikechukwu Okorie FPCPharm, PhD in view

Chief Pharmacist/ Head of Unit

Federal Teaching Hospital Abakaliki Ebonyi State, Nigeria


Shared by IFEANYI AJOMIWE-NWAKANMA on 5th December 2018

Ever loving Doc, always smiling even at things others may Kill for. Seeks for peace even when you are right, stands by you even when it is most difficult. Dependable, reliable, trustworthy, extra ordinarily generous and above all, limitless loving kindness for humanity with truthfulness. Doc, you came, you saw, you served & you conquered... you are the highest. You achieved a lot, touched a lot of souls at a young age like you were in a hurry. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED BROTHER!!! Rest peacefully in Heaven, a place made for harmless souls like yours.

While you remain in our Hearts, we will meet again when the Almighty God recalls me.

Ifeanyi & Ihuoma Ajomiwe-Nwakanma

May God Grant You Eternal Rest

Shared by Mary Onovo on 5th December 2018
  1. Still unbelievable Chinyere, that your beloved Marcel is gone barely a week my husband and I had time with both of you, before we left NY to come back to Nigeria. Little did I know it was going to be our last time with him. I can only say, let God's will be done. 

Our dear brother lived a fulfilled life and made us  proud while with us here on earth. He was a man of the people and put smiles on many faces.

The love we shared lives forever in our hearts. Big brother rest in peace. My sister Chinyere, may our living God grant you, your children, relatives and all of us the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss, amen.

Shared by Chinedu Okpaleke on 5th December 2018

Dear Chinyere, praying for you and your family. So sad, dear sister. Please take heart. May you be granted needed courage and peace. May Almighty God comfort and strengthen you all in this difficult time.

May his gentle soul rest in peace.

Shared by Chituru Nwadinobi on 4th December 2018

Chinyere dear, please accept our heartfelt condolences. We pray that Almighty God will grant you, your family and friends the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss. May God gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Our prayers are with you dear. 


Shared by Godfrey Enwere on 3rd December 2018

Most of us, including my humble self are still in shock. It took me two days to call Father Chux Okochi (a very close associate  of Dr. Ajah, and my friend) to register my condolences. As I write, it is still not comprehensible that the news is confirmed as true. 

We cannot question God. But as human beings we are forced to ask why must it be Dr. Marcel Ajah, and now?
Dr. Marcel Ajah, we miss you, people of Ishagu (as can be seen in the Uplift Hope mission video)miss you greatly, but God needs you most.
May your gentle soul rest in the bosom of our Almighty God. Amen.

Chief Iheanyi Godfrey Enwere. 

(President, Umuahia Progressive Association ,New York. )

Uplift Help International

Shared by Niki Ajah on 2nd December 2018

Dr. Marcel Ajah dedicated his life to philanthropy especially through his organization Uplift Help International. Since 2005, Uplift Help International Inc. (UHI Inc.) has ministered to the impoverished people of Ishiagu, Nigeria and most recently to the people of Ikwo, Nigeria. Members of the Board of Directors of UHI Inc. along with volunteers, both health care professional and non-health care professionals have traveled to Nigeria and provided health care for the people in difficult circumstances. Church halls are used as the sites for health care screenings and the provision of free medications. Lack of running water and electricity add to the difficulties of delivering the much needed services. These circumstances point to the urgent need for a primary health care center. 

Although he left Nigeria at a young age Dr. Ajah never forgot his roots and made it a priority to give back to his people.Before his passing Dr. Ajah was able to build a primary health care center (small hospital) that includes an out-patient department, emergency room, operating room for minor procedures, a birthing center, pharmacy, laboratory  along with office and supply space for Ishiagu. His legacy will live on through this organization. 

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