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Shared by Courtney Wages on February 15, 2019

I miss her so much! She was like a second mom to me! She ALWAYS took up for me no matter what the situation was. Especially when Stella would beat on me! She would ALWAYS tell me to make sure that I called her or Stella and let them know I made it home. She would ALWAYS give me money to get a soda and a snack everyday after school! I loved her so much! She made sure I was taken care of no matter what it was... advice, food.. anything!She was honestly one of my favorite people on earth! She wouldn’t sugar coat nothing and ALWAYS gave it to you straight & that is something I ALWAYS admired about her! She is missed more and more EVERYDAY! 

Beautiful Light

Shared by Stella Velazquez on February 15, 2019

She was the most amazing person that ever lived on this planet! She would help anyone who needed her rather it was her last dollar, if someone need something to eat. You could always count in my mommy. She was an Angel on Earth. I miss her so much not a day goes by where I don't sit and think about her. She was my mother, father and best friend. I can't wait until I can see her beautiful face, hug her and tell her I love her again. 

Shared by Maddie Martin on February 15, 2019

I remember when I was like 5 Marcy used to whoop me with her sandals like every other day. I miss her. 

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