How i got my wife back through the help of

Shared by Davis Lawse on June 14, 2017

How i got my wife back through the help of

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Davis Lawse
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How i got my wife back through the help of

Shared by Davis Lawse on June 14, 2017

How i got my wife back through the help of

Hello friends, an awesome and amazing testimony about a Great spell caster i really love to share. My name is Davis lawse from the Canada. Getting my wife back is what i least expected and could never imagine. I and my wife have been married for five years and we have been living happily but all of a sudden she changed completely and turned away from me and i never knew what was going on, i tried to ask her but she refused to tell me what the problem is, and as time went on she sought for a divorce. I was so worried and confused, and i did all my possible best to get her back but it wasn't easy, i thought all hope was lost, and during my search for a way out, a friend of mine who had similar problem told me about a great spell caster called Dr PEPOKO who helped him get back his wife also. I never believe in spell casting in my entire life or a magic because i never thought it will work but i tried to give this man a chance and to my greatest surprise, He cast a spell to bring her back, but today we are back together into a lovely home with three beautiful kids.Thank you Dr PEPOKO. We are happy together again and i am using this opportunity to tell anyone passing similar situation to contact him on website
Davis Lawse
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Notes from Lubbock Journal Guest Book

Shared by Orlan Thomas on January 17, 2014

Jan. 28--Jerry and I will be forever blessed by our association with Orlan and Marcella. Enjoyed traveling with them in the Singing women.  We had lots of fun witnessing with our music.  Marcella will be missed.Our prayers, The Becknals  

Jan 26--I have many memories of Mrs. Marcella always serving somewhere at FBC Lubbock; I can still see her in her spot in the choir loft! Prayers are being said for the Thomas Family. Rhonda Brown

Jan 26--Marcella, I remember when I started as student 2006...I will miss you dearly, loved our conversations.  Anita Mata Vouge Beauty Academy

Jan 26--What a precious lady who brought music and joy to those around her. God bless all of you. Charlene Killgore 

Jan 25--Marcella lived a beautiful Christian life, and the two of you were perfect together.  Now she is with Jesus, and everything will be fine. Love to you and the family, Pat and Stephen Benson 

Jan 25--Marcella was a wonderful lady, whom I was blessed to know. Roxanne Taylor (Brown)

Jan 25--Orlan and Family, Ray and I were so sad to hear of Marcella's passing; however, it was peacefully, in full hope of a glorious resurrection through faith in Jesus Christ.  Celebrate her life through your loving memories.  She was a devoted wife, loving mother, and we're sure, a doting grandmother.  Her beautiful voice now makes the Heavenly Choir even richer.  Sherilyn and Ray West


E-Mail Condolences

Shared by Orlan Thomas on February 11, 2013


Dear Mr. Thomas, my sympathies in the loss of your dear wife. I'm sure you remember me--Beth Lommasson flute player. I am currently in the Roswell Park cancer hospital in Buffalo, NY being treated for a rare cancer of the blood. I have wonderful memories of being in the band and all the special events: concerts, parades, district music contests, marching championships at the city auditorium, etc. You were a great director. Thanks, Beth Hodgson

Dear Orlan, Thanks for the note. I'm so sorry for your loss. I have always anticipated opening your emails. But not this time. Yours truly, John are you doing? We have been praying for all of you during this new journey you are walking through...My brother's,  sister & I have decided to send money for her memorial....which one would you prefer? The service that was printed was absolutely were celebrating her life!! Praise the Lord! I don't know how people cannot have God in their lives and go through situations like this without His comfort and His guidance....we love you and so will get that sent off as soon as you let me know which one...have a blessed day and maybe a trip to Missouri would be good u..Diane Hickman

Orlan, I know these must be lonely days for you, and I am so sorry for your loss.

Marcella was a special lady, and all of us will miss her . . . but nothing like the empty place in your home.

It has been seven years since my husband lost his battle with cancer, and I still miss him. Wanda (Elmbrook)

Orlan, Ron & I pray that you are truly blessed on your special day. Happy Birthday! Just know that our prayers are with you during this difficult time." Suzanne Keitzer

Dear Orlan,
We have just read (all at once) the emails reporting Marcella's admission to the hospital and the sequence of events that followed.   We are deeply sorry that we did not open and read our emails to be able to promptly respond to you. Our hearts are filled with emotions.  Sorrow for knowing that Marcella has left this earth, but relief for knowing that she no longer has to endure any pain and is now looking down on us from heaven.  You more than anybody else know that it has been a long battle for you have been at her side all those years, interfacing with doctors and providing her with love and care with faith as you anchor.  It is a battle that no one can fight alone and without GOD giving us the strength needed; it is hard to imagine how anyone can pull through.   We will always remember Marcella very fondly and take comfort in knowing she is in heaven but we know her departure will create a vacuum and we do feel for you and for your Family and we offer our deepest sympathy. With love and affection, Victor and Annie

Dear Orlan, I don't know what to say. Sadness is filled in my heart. I can never forget her vocal teaching on me. She is a good teacher. I can never forget those days Marcella and you and me going to the tailor's shop tailoring those beautiful attires. I can never forget the journey with her and you to Weihai, Shandong. I can never forget the journey with her and you back to my two hometowns and the spring festival we spent in my home. I can never forget the discos in Zhengzhou, the fabric market in Zhengzhou. I can never forget Marcella is a good teacher. I don't know what to say. I'm in a gloomy mood when hearing this news. For I've lost a good teacher. May Marcella with our Lord to be in the heaven and the eternal happiness. So to express my sadnessStuart

Uncle Orlan, "Happy Birthday. Hope you had a good day despite Aunt Marcella unable to be by you side. I know and trust that The Lord will provide the peace to carry on without her. Love you very much." Susan Kisella

Dr.Thomas,I was saddened to hear of Marcella's passing. I know this must be a difficult time for you and I pray for God's peace and comfort for you and your family. She was a lovely lady and I'm sorry for any suffering she had to endure. Please know you are in our thoughts and in our hearts! (I'm sorry to send this via email, but I'm not sure I have your current address.)
Sincerely, Donna and Paul Schmidt

Hi Orlan, I share your sorrow, but I also appreciate the joy you had with her for many decades.  So glad we got to visit you in Lubbock in 1980, and that we have maintained contact over the years.  I still appreciate all the help you gave me during my formative years.  I don't believe I had sent you my Christmas letter, so it is attached.  Best wishes, Bob Probasco

Thank you for sending this e-mail.  I am so sorry for your great loss.  It was wonderfully to go to the forever missed website and read about your life together and all the wonderful things you had to say and others as well.  What a blessing of having 50 years loving each other and serving the Lord together. You will be in my thought and prayers in the days ahead knowing He will answer for comfort and strength for you as one of His precious children. In His love, Kay Brown

Orlan my prayers and sympathy to you and your family! I was not able
to log on to the site to send my condolences, but did want to send my
thoughts to you! From the moment I moved into my little apartment, both you and Marcella made me feel right at home!! Beautiful Lady, Beautiful Spirit!!! I never once felt a stranger. Her graciousness, her warmth, always made me feel as if I 'belonged' right there. We had good talks, and laughter, and she was always encouraging me to go the distance! When I moved back to Longview, I missed being there, missed the delight of her presence, so much, that as you know I came to visit several times, and almost made it to China. I know it would have been an adventure! Wish I could be at her memorial service! I know she leaves a legacy of faith hope, love, and joy!! And I am a part of that legacy! How blessed I am! My heart will be with you and family in the days to come. In HIs Love, Jimmie Ziegler      

Sky wrote: "I am so sorry to hear that. She’ll always live inside our hearts. Those valuable memories will last forever." Sky Sun

Orlan, The tribute to your dear wife was well-done. It was full of beauty, hope, comfort and the Gospel. Each person had a good word, especially your son. I was blessed to be there. May the Lord fill you with His comfort and love in these difficult days ahead. He will be with us until the end of the journey, and this is not it! Blessings!

Dear Orlan and children! We're sorry to hear about the loss of Marcella. We are glad that we got to know her and y'all. We've got good memories of the time y'all stayed at our house in Preetz so many years ago. May the Lord comfort you! Kristiane and the Ernst family
What a beautiful Memorial Service for Marcella yesterday. You could feel the Holy Spirit there in a very special way. You were so blessed to have her in your life all these 50 years Orlan. What a gifted life she lived before many people she touched. So bless to have known her as a friend and neighbor as well as you. She is totally healed now singing with those who are there in heaven. You will be in my daily prayer Orlan." Kenneth Harrell

Orlan & family How sorry I am for the Home going of Marcella, your great loss and her gain.
May God comfort you all with His unique grace and mercy. She was a special lady. Glenna Fetters

Janet wrote: "Dear Olan, for the loss of your dear wife and friend. I always remember seeing you together"Janet Arthur

Password for both is: fbclubbock

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Orlan, I am so sorry for the loss. She was a remarkable lady." Steve Hewitt

Dearest Thomas & Marcella ,
We love you, I praise our Father I could see the Faithful life and the glory of love between yours! Dear Thomas, we will meet her again, and in the Lord we are always together, as we live in China, you live in US, dear Marcella live in the most beautiful Country now, and we will meet her there one day... I know Our Lord is the best Comforter. The night I received the email, I got a dream, one is I lost all my money and I running after the thief, when I run until out the door of hospital, I only have a defect necklace, but when I look at it, the incomplete words on necklace became to a gold "ALLEY", "It means Healing!" a voice in my heart. in another story  I met a tsunami I see a big wave…tears, then a little girl come hug and singing a baby's song for me, I feel so when I think about it, I want share it with you, As you told us: Our Father & Lord always Heal and Comfort us, when the storm come He is be with you! We love you and our heart be with you. Yours, Anthea

I will always remember Marcella and Orlan arranging for the teachers to
sing Silent Night in Chinese and English at the 3 self church downtown on Christmas eve in Xinzheng in 2002....AND the Sias Alma Mater she wrote touched us all....She was so generous with her time, so professional in her teaching and so kind and loving...She is no longer in pain and with her
Lord and Savior..It was such a privilege to know her!! Carol Blanchard 2002-2009.

Orlan, Amanda and I send deepest sympathy to you for your reat loss. I won't forget the beautiful SIAS anthem you both wrote and sang nor your great service to China when most would just retire. I love her middle name. She was true to that as well as yourself. No doubt she has already heard "Well done thou good and faithful servant". Much love, Kevin and Amanda Coyle

"Bro. Orlan, our thoughts and prayers are with you." Ferdinand

"Sorry for your loss and Marcella will be missed. Bless you!" Cece Ji

Dear Uncle Orlan, We are sorry to receive your message of Aunt Marcella's passing but know that she is in a better place with our Lord. Heaven has welcomed her and we know that someday we will be with her again. Praying that God will give you strength in the days ahead. Love, Julene and Joe McGraw

Orlan, I just got to my email since last Monday morning.  We had to go to NM to help with a granddaughter with severe pneumonia. All is better here now. I am broken-hearted for you, Orlan, but I praise God for Marcella's final healing.  Know we are with you in spirit through this time.  I rejoice in your strength in the Lord. Linda Howell

"Dear Dr. Thomas: I am so sorry for your loss but so happy that you had fifty years of love and support from this wonderful woman. Sincerely, Judith Luther Wilder"

Dear Orlan, I am so sorry for your loss, Orlan; but it certainly is a comfort knowing that our loved ones are with the Lord.  My brother, Harold F. "Fred" Stocking, Jr. passed away from cancer on Dec 31st, and my mother and I are still having a tough time.  Mom turns 101 years old today, and perhaps we will have a get-together when she and I get over the virus that we've had this past week and a half. I did not know that Marcella had been ill, and so your message came as a shock.  I lost my husband to Acute Myelogeneous Leukemia in 2006, and so I know that it is certainly a life change when our spouses go on before us.  I hope your children are able to be there some more with you, and help you through this change. Sherry Kline and Dorothy Barry

"Deep Prayers for you!!!!We love you!" Oprah Wang

Orlan, Amanda and I send deepest sympathy to you for your great loss. I won't forget the beautiful SIAS anthem she wrote and sang or your great service to China when most would just retire. I love her middle name. She was true to that as well as yourself. No doubt she has already heard "Well done thou good and faithful servant". Much love, Kevin and Amanda Coyle

Orlan, We praise the Lord with you, and ask Him to fill the empty spot with Himself!  She has her reward and you will have one too. You have been very restricted, we know, but if you have an opportunity to come north, please stop to see us.  This is a great place for a retreat!  Helen & Bob Bitner

"My thoughts and prayers are with you. I know our blessed Redeemer is great comfort." Mary Headley wrote:

Orlan, "We'll see Marcella again in a better place." Gordon Wolfe

"Praying for God's comfort for you all" Michelle Hibbard

Orlan,  "You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers." Margaret Hammer

Orlan, "In our thoughts and prayers", Charles Headley

Dear Orlan, our condolences to you upon reading your e-mail today.
What a battle dear Marcella and you both fought. I am truly proud of you for all the ways you were so helpful. How wonderful to know she is free of hurt forever and with the Lord she has long loved and served. Yes!!! HOME at last!! May our father embrace you and your family with every comfort and all the wisdom needed in the coming day. Prayerfully yours, Don and Barbara Roe  

Orlan, "Deeply sorrowed! You guys brought Jesus into my life, the most precious gift; the Lord remembers that, He will surely reward Marcella and you. I am so grateful to have you in my life and all the influence you had upon me with Biblical standard Godly model!" Keith Wang

Orlan, "Recently Laure and I have been very concerned over her mother's health and for some reason I have recently felt I needed to make a more serious statement about being with family as well as friends in my daily prayers. I see the reason for my feelings now!!! I know I am probably the last family member you would ever expect to be praying for you and yours, but you are in my prayers. Knowing a lost loved one is in the presence of our Lord is a blessing but they are still missed. I cannot relate to your loss and very few people in this world have a life partner they have been with for fifty years. Quality of life is something we all seem to have different opinions on and I am trying hard to understand some of the medical procedures some will endure to live." Cousin, Don Arthaud

Dedicated to my cousin in law who just lost her battle! Marcella Thomas God bless all touched by cancer, or have lost a loved one to cancer.....   Let there come a day when there IS a cure for that HORRIBLE disease that cares not about age, race, or gender.    PLEASE LORD!!!  AMEN......Mary Lois

Orlan. We love u and will pray for strength n comfort for the days ahead....she was a remarkable woman.. .I know she was welcomed into His kingdom with open arms. I know momma n her r catching up....let us know about services...." Diane Hickman

Orlan, I will be with you and the family in prayer this weekend. Sorry we cannot be there. We are ministering  at Bayside Community Church in Tampa.  Our love to all, Ron and Libby

Orlan, "Stunned and sad to hear! More grace to you and the family!" James Lee

Orlan,  "My wife gave me this just now : Psalm 116:15....precious in the sight of the LORD, Is the death of His godly ones." Jerry Starkes

Orlan, "May the reassurance of the Lord's faithfulness surround you, as His glory surrounds Marcella. Bless you, brother." Peter Bowling

Orlan,  "Love you! The whole family is in our thoughts and prayers!!! I hadn't heard you called mom on her Birthday!!! she was thrilled!!!!!" Mary Lois

Orlan,"My sympathy and prayers are with you and your family." Elsie Hayes

Orlan,"Our deepest condolences sir, from the Ragland's Family" (Jeff & Mary Jane, & kids Mary Jane Ragland)

Orlan, "You will ever be my friend & neighbor." Ken Harrell

"Dear Orlan, Christine and I wish to offer our deepest condolences and tell you that it was such an honor to have met you and Marcella while at SIAS. We have fond memories of both of you and want you to know you are in our thoughts." William Jones

Orlan, We're sorry for the loss of Marcella.  She was a special lady, and will be missed. We praise God that her suffering is over and she is with Him! We pray for God to comfort you and give you strength. Love, Elisa and Richard Adams

Orlan, "Saw your e-mail yesterday morning telling me about Marcella's home going. She is totally healed now In the Presence of the Lord along with Angela. You all are in my prayers. You all have been really good neighbors as well as Christian friends all of these years. Matthew sends his love & prayers to you from Louisville, Ky. He was sad to hear about Marcella." Kenneth Harrell

To Orlan, Marcella is a good MaMa, teacher, and friend. I feel great pain in my heart for her passing away. Though in another way, she could finally feel no pain from her cancer.  Orlan, I wish to give you some strength to go through this difficult time. It's a difficult time for all of us.  Li, Songxin (Dustin)

Dear Orlan: I am terribly sorry to hear this bad news. I have been following every email u sent about Marcella's situation and passed to our friends to pray for her. We all felt so bad to lose her. But we are happy that she is with our lord now. We still pray for her and praise her for her contribution to Sias University and many hearts she touched. She will be always remembered by all Sias people and students, especially the song "Sias is always in my heart" that she wrote and sang. We should look into some naming opportunity for her and to keep her spirits at Sias to encourage young people to grow. We will follow up and discuss with u more later. I want to extend my condolence to u on behalf of Sias University. I am sorry that I can't come to attend Marcella's service, but all of our hearts are with her. We miss her and love her so much. We want u to come back to Sias whenever u can and do a service there for her with students if u feel so. With our best regards and love. God bless. Shawn Chen

Orlan--a million blessings to you.   I am sure Marcella will be so extremely happy and really enjoying her new home and so grateful for all the time she has had here and her family. We surely do stand with you and it was just so lovely to read your encouraging email. God richly bless you and all your family
Love Marian Mephan

Thank you for your beautiful letter.  I grieve with you. Prayers for all at this difficult time.  I remember accompanying Marcella fondly. Many years have passed. Blessings, Ruth Holmes

Dear Dr. Thomas, Our sorrow and our hearts go with you! We are sad to hear the news that Mrs.  Marcella could not physically be with us. Yet we thank the Lord that she is now with our Father in a much more, better place. Please know that you and Mrs. Marcella have been a great source of encouragement and blessing to us (Toby & Elizabeth with Enoch). We love you! In Christ together! Blessings, Toby

Dear Orlan, Faith Yang and Sharron Stelter let us know about Marcella's step into Glory!  What a long struggle.  She was very brave from what we have been told.  We are thankful you were with her for that last breath here on earth.  So thankful you had those 50 years! We are thankful to have known her.  Loved watching those little feet dance on the piano pedals as her fingers raced across the keys.  You two brought lots of joy to the Internationals.  Bob and I are glad to have served the Lord in that ministry with you two. May God continue to lift your spirits and be with you and your family.  We will be praying for all of you. Sincerely, Bob and Sandye Killebrew

Orlan,May the peace of God sustain you through these sad times.  Marcella has won her victory at last. In His name. Jerry White

Orlan, So very sorry for your great loss.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.  Love and blessings, Stan and Edith Johnson

Dear Orlan, I am sad to hear about Marcella’s death. She was a very kind person and I will always remember the pleasant time I had with your family. Please say hello to your children. Unfortunately they are not living close to you any more. I could not reach the web site you mention in your email. Kind regards, Michael

Dear Orlan, This is Francis. I am deeply sorry to hear that Marcella passed away. It is a great loss for all of us. She is truly a great mentor and teacher of mine. I still remember when I went to your house, I was deeply touched by your love and optimism. Marcella's love to her students will never be forgotten. May she has peace in heaven. Please take care of yourself. Best, Francis

Dear Orlan: My heart goes out to you and your family as you grieve Marcella's passing.  She is finally at peace with the more pain and suffering. 
Thank you for including me as a special heart has been touched.  My prayers for a peaceful passing have been answered.
God bless all of you.... Sincerely,  Lynne Halterlein

Hallelujah! She's In His Presence, What a profound understanding, "She's In His Presence." Orlan, dear friend you are one of God's pillars. Yet I know you must be weary, we will continue to pray for your strength. I have been asked where you'll be, so when you have time, you might let me know, so I can tell others. Do you still have your house? Where does your family gather?  So folks will know how to find you. WE ARE PRAISING GOD & ASKING HIM TO STRENGTHEN YOU. Always, Sharron & Doug

Thanks Orlan, I've passed your notes on, we'll check with you later. Only God's children can truly have a Blessed Day; may yours be doubly blessed. S

Orlan, I am so very sorry to hear of your earthly loss of Marcella.  She pain and suffering are done and you will see her again one day.  Thank you Lord for your salvation!  I pray that God will comfort and give you and your family peace through this difficult time.  Due to having double pneumonia, I was not able to come and sing for Marcella.  It would have been a special time and I am sorry that I could not sing or be there. Many blessings are wished for you as you continue on your journey here on earth. Dolly Belknap

Dear Orlan, My heart is so heavy with the news of Marcella passing.  Even though she is in a much better place, it is never easy to say goodbye.  She was, and always will be, an inspiration to me and everyone she met!  Our thoughts and prayers are with you and everyone in your wonderful family. I know the Lord will show you comfort and strength at this time. Love to you, Vicki and Henry

Orlan, All our love and prayers are with you, Praise be to God for His loving kindness and matchless grace during this difficult time.  Marcella is now singing His praises at the feet of Jesus! Your friends in Christ, Chris & Neal Barnes

Thank you, so much, Orlan, for the news about Marcella. As hard as it was for you to tell us all, we appreciate your doing so in such a timely manner. I rejoice with you and your family that Marcella is with the Lord and has a new (spiritual) body. Now, we pray for you all for strength to go on without her. We know that "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints" and we shall all go the way of death one of these days (unless the Lord comes again). We shall all miss her beautiful voice and who she became in the Lord. God bless you all! In His Name; Marian J. Anderson

Dear Orlan and family, My prayers and thoughts are with you today . May God hold you close during this difficult.  Nelda King

Home!!!!!! Jimmie Ziegler

Uncle Orlan, My heart goes out to you at this time. I have been through this too many times with members over the years. However, I know you are trusting the Lord for His grace and we know where aunt Marcella is, we have not lost
her. I am so blessed by the testimony of faith you two have lived before us all these years, especially over the past few. I will always cherish the time I had with you two in Arizona. I know Marcella had to be in great discomfort with her back and other things yet she was not bitter or complaining. I have always admired how you took care of her and loved her. I can't thank you enough for being such a good role model for me. I know the Lord is pleased with you and that your mother, father and sister would be pleased as well. I will continue to pray for you as you go through this transition period. I would like so much to be there with you but I would be unable to come at this time. Just know I Love
you and count it a privilege to have you in my life and am always willing to be an ear if you need one. Keep us in touch with developments as the days and weeks go by. Much Love to you from us, James, Brenda and Katie Phil 4:8, Rom 8:28  

Orlan so sorry to hear today of Marcella's passing into heavens gates. We love you all so much and continue to pray for the family!!!! We go to Mom's on Tuesday evening usually so I will tell them tonight!!!"

Orlan,  Suzanne and I offer our deepest sympathy - Marcella is one fine lady! Ron & Suzanne Keitzer

Dear brother Orlan, Yes, Jesus Christ is sufficient in all our needs. As the passing of my father was approaching I prayed that God would make it easy on me.  He has, and on my mother also.  He shall make it easy on you - the last 4 years have been work for you.  Rest in the Lord - rest and do not grieve for Jesus Christ said: "He who believes in me shall never die" Love in Christ, Iris and Jorge and Sebastian 

Glory to God! I'm thankful for your faithfulness to The Lord and His into you and your family. Both you and Aunt Marcella have always been an outstanding example of Jesus Christ and I thank God for that!

You and your family are in our prayers, Love, Mary & Terry

Orlan!  My prayers are with you and your family today.  Marcella fought a hard battle and the battle is over now.  She is totally healed In the Presence of her Lord & Savior.  Sure Angela gave her a big hug welcoming her to her Heavenly Home.  Let me know when the funeral is ok? Ken Herrall

Orlan, You've been a strong testimony to God's care in your life and in Marcella's life. We will continue to remember you in our prayer.
In Christ, George Vogel

Dear Orlan,
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this time of great loss. I hope you will feel the strength and love from the many people who care about you and your family. Please let us know when would be a good time to visit you and call me whenever you need me. We love you and we are here for you, anytime!! Peace in Him, Abigail  

Orlan, We rejoice that Marcella is now in the arms of the Lord.  She ran the race well, and she accomplished so much for her Lord.  May peace and comfort be yours, Orlan.  You have served Marcella, and been a wonderful husband and you were a wonderful team.  The Lord is not finished with you yet.  I pray you have the help you need at this time. Love, Vicky David and Jonathan

Orlan, I am so sorry for your loss. Wish I was closer so that I could attend the services. My thoughts and prayers are with you Doc

Orlan, Sorry to hear of your loss but rejoicing of hearing Marcella's gain!   Your beautiful witness of the grace and mercy of God has been a blessing.  God has plans for you in the future....He certainly is going to bless you....but He does have plans for ministry ahead.  Love you. Dot Garlow

Orlan, I am so glad for you and Marcella that the battle is over and that she, indeed, is with Jesus.  I hope Marlan told you about the dream Steve had in Dec. in which he talked with Dan--so realistic that Steve could feel the whiskers on Dan's cheeks.  Dan told him this:  "It's all true."  They had a brief visit, and Steve shared all of this with us the next morning.  It was very comforting.  Marcella is with the Heavenly Host, and all are rejoicing that she has come Home.  I join them.  I never shed a tear when and after Dan died, because I knew that he was in Good Hands, and that he would have been a vegetable if he had survived the stroke.  We have to remember the good times and count our blessings.  We will see both of them again when God chooses to make it happen.  Both are missed here on earth, but the suffering is certainly not missed. You, also need a break and some rest from all of this. If I can help you somehow, let me know. P.B.

You are in our prayers, Orlan.  You and Marcella have been faithful servants who have praised God through all your good works. Bless you and your family in your time of sorrow.  Peace be with you,  Albert & Wanda

Hi Orlan,
Please let me know if there is anything I can help.  Take care of yourself and I am sure Marcella went to a better place and she will not suffering anymore. Love, Cindy

Orlan, Duane and I send you our condolences.  We are so thankful Marcella and you know the Lord, and you know where she is.  She will be so missed by us.  We love you, Duane and Betty

Our hearts are
saddened by the news, The GPO family and me send our many prayers to you and your family. May the Lord hold you strong at this time. Many blessing. Diane Ferguson

Dear Orlan, We are with you in prayer in these difficult days. You have been so faithful to keep us informed. It was a special treat to be with you for your 50th anniversary. We now look forward to the reunion in heaven. Ron and Libby

Dr. Thomas: Marcella is now resting peacefully with our Lord and Savior and not more suffering.  We marvel at your faith and worship at such a time and this is only through the Grace of God that you can feel such peace. Please know you and the family remain in our prayers. Robert and Sara George

Orlan: I am so sorry to hear about that. And so sorry i wasn't be there! I don't know how to say in a word. If you have time you can have a travel in China. I will arrange all the stuff. Talk to you later and take care. Love you, Orlan! Jackey Zhao



Greetings of Sympathy to Orlan & Family

Shared by Orlan Thomas on February 9, 2013

Sympathy Cards to Orlan and Family

Hershel & Cheryl Spears:  “We are so very sorry about the loss of Marcella. May the Lord comfort you, as only He can.”  LeEarl (Wendy’s Friend): “I’m so sorry about the loss of Marcella, but I know that you are counting the many blessings and joy she brought to all of you.  I count myself blessed to have been invited to so many Wendy dinners with Marcella, Orlan and friends.  Especially memorable are the short moments we had alone when she shared treasured moments from the past—her birth, family history in the cut-glass art business, love of God, and much more.  Her funeral was one of the most joyful though also sad events I expect to ever experience and, I thank her, Orlan and the rest of the family for its many blessings.  I’m sure God’s grace and presence will help you through the days adjusting to her absence, peace knowing she’s no longer in pain and growing memories of the sunshine and love she shared.” Madge Webster: “Marcella was a lovely person in so many ways.  She will be so missed.  My thoughts & prayers are with all of you.” Ann Apple:  “It was an honor to play the organ for the beautiful tribute to Marcella.” Nelda King:  “Marcella’s service was beautiful and a true testament of her life.  You and your family have many wonderful memories.  May God continue to comfort you.” Linda Lamon:  “I am sorry to hear about Marcella but I know she is with Jesus, free from all pain and suffering.  I am sorry for your loss and if I can help in any way please feel free to call me.” Janie & Mike McCoy:  “What a beautiful testimony Marcella left for all of us.  We are thinking of you and your family.” Janeen  “I just wanted you to know that I’m sending lots of hugs & prayers.  Please keep in touch!” Julene & Joe McGraw: ‘There’s a path that leads to a turn in the road, and we each must travel there, where the Father waits to take us home to the shelter of His care. Where happiness and peace and joy replace the tears and pain, and our loved ones rest in the arms of God to sweetly live again.  Praying God will hold you close, and gently ease your sorrow, Heal your heart, and strengthen you for every new tomorrow.’ Robert & Juanita Hudson: ‘May it be of some comfort to know that others are thinking of you and remembering you in their prayers.’ Mallory Barnes: “I know you don’t know me, but I am a member of First Baptist and was a soprano in choir with Marcella for a few years (2008-2010). I have been receiving your updates and praying through the sickness. I’m sorry to hear about your loss, but so glad Marcella is at home with our Savior.  I just wanted to write you a note to let you know that all of your   e-mails (full of confirmations and faith) and your steadfast faith through this entire ordeal has been such a testament to me (and I’m sure, others).  I was constantly amazed at your marked faith and biblical affirmations.  I know that even though Marcella is in heaven, there will be times of hardship and pain and I just encourage you to continue to be steadfast and strong in your faith.  You are still here for a reason.  God has already used you to bless my life and I only know you from afar.  Richard and Elsa Adams: The deepest sympathy of the donors who made a gift to First Baptist Church Global Missions are conveyed with this memorial in honor of Marcella Thomas, for their thoughts are with you in this hour. FBC Lubbock.  Larry & Bette Hynes:  “Remembering the good times we all had in China especially our trip to XinJiang” Janet Seever: “May the Lord comfort you at this difficult time.  Yes, she is Home in Heaven, but she will certainly be missed here on Earth.”  Dan & Joy7 McDowell:  “You are in our prayers!”  Bruce & HaiYan Franson: “I remember so fondly being with you and Marcella all those years ago in Lincoln… And, the cross-country road trip from Lincoln to Penna.  I was so sorry to hear of Marcella’s passing and her brave battle with multiple myeloma.  She contributed so much to so many and I know she will be deeply missed.  We can take comfort that Marcella is now with the Lord.  With Our Deepest Sympathy and Love.”  Eugene & Estelle Wade:  “Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family in dealing with the loss of your dear one, Marcella.” Dan & Jeane Law: ‘At this sad time, may it help to know how many hearts are touched by your loss, how many thoughts are with you and your family.’ Jimmie Zigler:  “I will always be grateful to the Lord for allowing me to be a part of Marcella’s Life.  An amazing Lady of Faith, Courage, and Beauty, who inspired & encouraged me in my work, and most importantly in my walk with the Lord!! Her warm gracious and loving spirit made me feel as if we had been friends a long time!  I will miss her!!! In gratitude!!!”   LaWanna Moore:  “Just want you to know I care for you during this time of the burial of your precious wife Marcella.  But when I say you in church Sunday morning, I know you could carry on and God was near.  Praying for you!”   Samuel & Lek Huang:  ‘When we lose someone we love, things change—life changes, but the love in our hearts grows stronger, deeper even warmer than before. ‘  Dale and Cleta Bradley:   “Having just returned from Marcella’s service, I feel so blessed by having known her.  I never realized she had such a beautiful speaking voice—wish I could have heard her singing also.  The service was so inspiring, a glorious testimony to her Savior and to her life.  We shall miss her.  She has been such an inspiration to all of us, as have you and the Thomas family.”   Carolyn Ater: “It has been some time since Marcella and I have seen each other—and I did not know of her illness.  The notice in the A J brought to mind, the joy I’ve always found in my acquaintance with her. Briefly, as her voice student, sharing our friendship with Arlene Harris, and just knowing of her musical ability at work.  Briefly I have heard a bit about your family—all of whom are in need of comfort as well—tho’ also realizing what a friend she has been to them.  Her cheerfulness will be missed—for a while—‘til the meeting in eternity.  In deepest sympathy and trust God is the source of much comfort.  In His love.”  Marian & Kathy Van Warmer Anderson: “Thank you for keeping us all up-dated on Marcella’s condition right up to her passing.  We appreciate you and your family and we have such fond memories of when we were neighbors on 28th Street.  We will all miss her and we are grieving with you and wishing you peace at this difficult time. Katherine: ‘Our thoughts and prayers are with you as we all grieve and miss Marcella—such a loving, gentle light for the Lord! God Bless you all!    Such a wonderful couple.’ ” Wendy & Huiliang Wang:  “We’re sorry for your loss.  Marcella was an important person in our lives.  She was Wendy’s English tutor for many years and she prepared our son’s wedding at your home.  Overall, she helped us in many ways.  We do love her and honor her no matter where she is.  A beautiful soul is never forgotten.  She is alive in our hearts forever.  Please know that our hearts are with you and how much we care.  Orlan, please know that you are like our big brother.  Welcome you to our home any time.  If there is anything we can do for you, please do not hesitate to let us know. With deepest sympathy.” Gary Owen: ‘I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.’ John 14:18 Berwyn & Carolyn Tisdel: ‘Praying you will find assurance in His Word, peace in His presence, and comfort in His love. With Heartfelt Sympathy.’ Ruth Holmes: ‘The Lord has comforted His people and will have compassion upon them in their sorrow. Isaiah 49:13 Thinking of you and asking the Lord to strengthen your heart and comfort your soul.’ Bud & Nancy Lovell: ‘Praying that God will comfort your heart, uplift your spirit, and carry you through this time of sadness to a place of peace. Aunt Louise & Tom Burkhart: “May it be a comfort to remember this: The more you need Him, the closer He will be. Bill & Eva Glaser:  “Thanks for the fond memories we have of you at Sias—we will know that all is well in Heaven.  Won’t we have a time when we get over yonder? We’ve sure we are all looking forward to be together singing in the heavenly choir.  Isa. 51:11 Willie Bob Gschwend:  Orlan, my friend, “May God hold your close and put a smile on your face.  We will all rejoice together one day. W.B. John & Sherry Anderson: ‘May you see God in the faces of friends, hear Him in their voices, feel Him in the touch of their hands; may their help caring & sympathy reflect His love and kindness at this time when you need Him most.’ Bob & Sue Graham: ‘May you be surrounded with His Peace & Comfort in your Time of sorrow.’   Bill:   As we prepare for Sunday’s celebration of Marcella’s life, I know it will be an amazing tribute to her life, but more especially her Lord.  With Loving Admiration, Bill (Hartwell?) Diane Ferguson & GPO Family:  “ May you and your family find strength in the Lord at this time” Allen Anderson:  “Our prayers are with you all in this time of loss, but we know that Marcella is in a far better place with Jesus!” Lynn and PJ Halterlein: “Our hearts are with you and your family!  Marcella is now free of pain and with the Lord.  God bless—“ Richard and Yuonne Courtney:  “We were so pleased that you were able to come with Kaz and Gosia for dinner.  We were thinking that it would be perhaps a help and blessing for you to be with others at this difficult time.  But I think it turned out that you were the blessing to us!  Your singing was such a treat & blessing.  We know where Marcella is so even at such a time we can sing God’s praises.  You have been, and will continue to be in our prayers.  God’s promises for strength, grace and comfort for such a time are not empty words.   Rita Woetovech: “With my deepest sympathy to you Orlan & your Family Anita, Jolita and Marlan.” Carol & Powell Adams: “Thinking of you and praying God will hold you close and shower you and your family with blessings.  Know the service will be a wonderful tribute.  We’ll be there!” Gaines & Gigi Magee: “Just a note to let you know that your church family is praying for you.  We are lifting you up to our Father in prayer for peace and comfort during this time.  We pray the Holy Spirit will make Himself known as only He can do.  You are special to us all.  Bless you in Christ.” Wanda (At Elmbrook):  “My heart aches for you & your family.  I lost my husband Jan of last year.  He was 72.  The sun will shine again for you, but it will never be as bright.  Take care of yourself.” David & Ann Abbott:  “We thank the Lord for your and Marcella’s witnessing of God’s grace and now she is experiencing His glory!” Ella Mae Gentry:   “I have many sweet memories of singing beside Marcella in Singing Women since ’94.  All through his life she had a song for our Lord.  Such a privilege and blessing to learn & perform her arrangement of “And Can It Be” this year.  Thank you, Orlan, for asking us to be a part of her service.  Such an honor! You have demonstrated such strong faith and trust in our Heavenly Father through her illness.  God will reward and sustain and continue to use you in the days ahead.” Lisa Palmer:  “Thinking of you during this time of sorrow and rejoicing for her as she sings in the Heavenly Choir!  Your wife and mother was a beautiful woman inside and out.  The epitome of god’s love, grace and Compassion.  May God continue to hold you close to his Heart?  Love & In Him.” Doris Heagy:  “Our thoughts & prayers are with you all.  May our Lord meet all of your needs in the coming days.  God bless each of you! In Christ” Glenda Keyton & Carolyn Young:“With Caring thoughts.” Ken Harrell Family: ‘May you be surrounded with His Peace & Comfort in your time of sorrow. Thoughts and prayers are with you.’ Ruth & John Wilkerson:   “Our prayers are with you and all your family.  What an inspiration your lives are even during these difficult days.  With our love & prayers.” Barbara Field (Elmbrook): ‘She had a special way that warmed the hearts of everyone who knew her and the qualities that made her the wonderful person she was have left us all with many beautiful memories. May your own precious memories be a comfort to you now and throughout the days to come.’ Psalm 116:15  James & Brenda Holliday:"Uncle Orlan, I appreciate your testimony and example of Christlikeness. You are a wonderful inspiration to me. I continue to pray for you as you adjust to your new chapter in life. I know the Lord will continue to care for you as you faithfully represent Him. I trust you will have a meaningful and blessed birthday. I love you!!

Jess and Treva Stiles: Our thoughts and Prayers continue to be with you and    your sweet family as you adjust to live without Marcella.  We know your faith in God will see you through the difficult days ahead.  You have truly been a wonderful example to all of us as you and Marcella walked through these tough four years together. We love you!  Jim and Kay Rhodes; Continuing to pray for you and your family.  Marcella was an amazing woman and showed God’s love in all she did.  In Christ. Royce and Mary Jo Newsom: Royce and I have been praying for you and your family.  May the Lord continue to comfort you! With His Love. Johnnie & Dale White: We continue to think about you and lift you and your family up in prayer.  May God richly bless you as you walk through this dark valley.  The service for Marcella was beautiful! Dr. Fred Hardwick (John 11:25) and associates (Marcella's 1st Cancer Doctor): Jaine: One of the strongest women I knew.  I so enjoyed our chats.  Orlan, we’re praying for you. Tommie, Prayers of comfort for your family. Kristina: May God bless you and keep you at this time. Sharon: My heart goes out to you.  She fought a brave battle & you were by her side the whole time.  Will miss her! May God comfort! Jim & Donna Holland: What a sweet life Marcella lived here on Earth for our Father!  She was such a blessing to so many here & in China.  We pray the Lord will surround you with peace and comfort each day.  We love you! Jim and Joyce Dumm: Many fond memories of Marcella and her “songs to the Lord.”  It was an honor to know her.  May the Lord keep you in His hands in the days to come. Gail and Ray Fargason: May God bless you and your family, Orlan.  May He comfort you all as you grieve your loss but celebrate the love and joy Marcella brought to your lives. In Christ. Jim & Jean Stephenson: The memorial service for Marcella was a beautiful tribute to her and our God.  Thank you.



The footprints she left in our hearts

Shared by Yu Lee on February 4, 2013

My name is Abigail Torres. I was a student of Orlan and Marcella’s while a university student in China. In that time 13 years ago I was also their first translator. For me, this was a privilege. I am standing here today, not only representing myself but also the many Chinese students that Orlan and Marcella were able to reach while working together. To this day, because of their work and especially because of the loving care of Marcella, we were introduced to and came to know our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Before I met and got to know Orlan and Marcella, I had never heard of the name of the Lord. I had never read His Word. We were taught to believe in nothing but ourselves. No faith, no hope, no God, no life. That was the old me, and that was my old life. Then God placed Orlan and Marcella as shepherds in my life. The first time they took me to the Church, I found myself for the first time in a state of peace. The first prayer we said together, I found myself in tears for no reason. The music they played was the most beautiful sound I had ever heard before. I was always wondering what makes them so loving and so diligent to serve. And they used all kinds of wonderful ways to share the Lord’s love and taught me His words. That's where I found the source of the joy, peace and love they had, the Almighty God. He is the source of the life. The reason why we love and serve. My life has been changed ever since. I was saved because of the work they sought out to do for the Lord.  We can never thank her enough for awakening our spirits to a new hope and for opening our hearts, for always being there for us, lending a hand, offering a prayer, inspiring, encouraging, shepherding, and supporting. It takes an extraordinary person to touch the lives of so many people and make a difference.

For me and many Chinese students, she was a loving friend as well as a teacher and a counselor. The birthday cake she made for us. The nice dinners she cooked for us. The advice she gave to us. The love she showed to us. The inspiration she was to all of us. All of those loving and kind things made our world a little brighter, a little warmer, and a little more gentle to remind us to be a blessing for others too. That’s what love does. It takes a few loaves of bread and fish, and then feeds the masses. It heals blindness. It frees you. We were loved. We were so fortunate to have been loved by her.

I read a saying somewhere before that one day when I stand before the Lord at the end of my time, I hope I could tell Him, “Lord, I don’t have a single bit of talent left, I use everything you gave me.” I believe that is what Marcella may be able tell the Lord when she meets Him.

We are here today to remember Marcella’s life and what she meant to us. Each of us is here to grieve, to let her go, and to thank God for the gift of her life. Because of Him, we know Marcella is resting in peace. Because He lives, we can face tomorrow without sorrow but with hope for what lies ahead.



Walking on Water

Shared by Orlan Thomas on January 28, 2013

In 1981 our family spent the summer in Germany helping a church that was already established begin another church in a nearby community.  We had met the people in the “mother” church in the spring of 1980 when our family went on a partnership mission trip to Germany with a group from our church.  All through the fall and winter that year we kept trying to think of ways that we could go back and spend a longer time helping them establish this church.  Sabbatical leave?  No, Texas Tech didn’t have any kind of program like that, especially in music.  At one point the thought occurred to me that maybe I could learn to tune pianos to help support us there.  We were aware that it was difficult to find a piano tuner Germany.  Finally, in visiting with our German friend Hans Dieter Swarz by phone, he suggested that maybe we should think about the summer, that that might be enough time to establish this new ministry, though we didn’t make an immediate commitment.


At that time our church was without a pastor and we were having various speakers every Sunday.  On one particular Sunday there was an administrator from one of our Baptist Universities in Texas who preached about Peter stepping out of the boat and walking on the water to Jesus.  His scripture was Matt. 14:22-32.  Though I remember very little of what he actually said, I remember saying to Orlan on the way home from church,             “Honey, I think we need to step out of the boat.”  We did, and we had a wonderful summer in Germany, living with a German family, remodeling an old house that   became the church building, and doing music as a family 3 or 4 evenings a week for the guests that our German family invited.  Before the evening was over we were able to share the Lord with those who came.  Our son was 11 years old and our girls had their 9th birthday a couple days after arriving in Germany.  It was a time our children will never forget!  At the close of our three-month stay, our family did a dedication concert in the courtyard of the church the evening before we left to come home.


Then many years later we found ourselves teaching in China.  We would never have imagined ourselves being in China.  Going to China was not in our plans, but a local doctor in our church who went on several mission trips a year had been to China to Sias University and shared about the school in one of his prayer letters.  Once again this couple about to retire, stepped out of the boat and we have felt like we have been walking on water for 6 years. (Incidentally, Wayne McNeil, the doctor, married his Chinese translator and they now have 3 little girls).  Many of our retired friends thought we were crazy for going to China, and have had many excuses why they couldn’t go.  We are very thankful to the Lord for providing the way for us to go to China, and He will do the same for anyone He wants there.  A couple from Poland who both have doctor’s degrees in chemistry doing research at Texas Tech University have been living in our home and taking care of things, even to keeping the rental spaces filled all these 6 years.  


Let’s look at the disciple’s situation again.  The disciples were terrified when they saw Jesus walking on the water.  They thought it was a ghost, but when he spoke to them they knew it was Jesus as he spoke courage and peace to them in the midst of the storm.  “Don’t be afraid, It is I, said Jesus.”  But Peter didn’t believe him and said, “Lord, if it is you, tell me to walk out to you on the water.” Jesus said, ”Come,” so Peter got out of the boat and began walking.  Though successful at first, he became distracted by the storm and began to sink.  That’s what each of us experience sometimes when we hear a


message on missions.  We think, “That’s really great what you are telling me, but I couldn’t do that.  It’s not for me.”  But the Lord led us to say, “Why not?” Is the God who gave us our family and put us in our circumstances not able to take care of our family and change those circumstances that would keep us from following His plan?   Too often we let our surrounding circumstances distract us from God’s plan.  This was Peter’s problem!  He took his eyes off of Jesus and looked at the storm, losing faith in the one who created the storm in the first place.  Keeping our eyes on Jesus is an important thing we learned in our China teaching experience. God took care of the people who were a part of our family. In spite of any small discomforts we may have had with our surrounding circumstances, we were continually seeing students come to know Christ as Savior, and we were led to see those discomforts become meaningless—they became very unimportant. It blew our minds as we realized that we were having the opportunity in China to change young people’s lives forever.  Many of these could become future leaders of China.


 It’s so easy to find reasons not to follow the Lord when we feel that we would lose our comfort zone. We don’t want to leave our comfort zone.  We want everything to just remain the same, but there is no adventure in living this way.  Peter actually walked on water but when he got distracted by his circumstances and took his eyes off of Jesus and saw the storm, he began to sink. Every day in China I would thank the Lord for bringing us to China.  Each day we would continue to walk with the Savior’s words of courage.  Jesus reached out to Peter and saved him from drowning, at the same time reprimanding him for his lack of faith. Yes, it took courage to live in China and not let the things that made us uncomfortable distract us from the purpose God had for our being there. Yes with Jesus by our side and his words of courage: “It is I. Don’t be afraid”—we could keep walking.  And Jesus speaks that to each of us every day when difficulties arise.  We must keep our eyes on Him and He will give us the courage that is needed. 


And then, look at verse 32:  “They both got into the boat and the wind died down.  Then the disciples worshipped Jesus saying, ‘Truly you are the Son of God.’” And we too can say this with the disciples worshipping our Lord Jesus, as we think of the lives that are being changed every day on the campus of Sias International University.  Pray for the faculty there every day as the Lord reminds you.   Last year we had 100 foreign teachers on the staff and probably 90 – 95 of them were Christians.  This year we have heard that there is a communist party member living among them in the foreign teacher flat, eating in the dining room, so they will need our prayers.


Yes, in fall of 2001 we stepped out of the boat and we are so glad we did.  Our lives have been so enriched with the relationships with the students and the foreign faculty that we truly feel like we’ve been walking on water these 6 years.  And I would like to say that you too can walk on water if you will be willing to step out of the boat.  But you must keep your eyes on Jesus or you will begin to sink.  In closing, I would like to leave you with a question for thought.  It was about 5 years ago after our first year in China that we heard a preacher ask this question of the congregation, “Is your vision for the future more compelling than your memories of the past?”  After that first year of teaching in China, Orlan and I looked at each other and said, “Yeah!”  What is your response?

Marcella in my life

Shared by Cindy (Shaoying) Qing on January 24, 2013

For the eight years from 2005 to 2013, I was so blessed to be close with Marcella.  I got to know her when I joined the English Choir organized by Dr. Orlan Thomas and Marcella Thomas in SIAS International University.  From there, I learned Memory, What a Wonderful world… a lot of beautiful American classic songs.  Marcella wrote a song for my University, “SIAS in our heart.”  We all love this song and it makes us very proud when we sing this song.  After I got to know Marcella more, I played Ping-Pong with her every week inside of the foreign teachers’ building, Peter Hall in SIAS.  I also went to the Chinese tailor shop with Marcella whenever she needed the tailor to make clothes for her family.  She really liked the traditional Chinese clothing.  She and Orlan look so good when they are wearing the Chinese style clothes, especially those silk ones.  She loves China and Chinese people.  And she helped a lot of Chinese students on the English.  She always looked so beautiful.  So many times I went out with her and heard other people complimented her.  “What a pretty American Lady!”  That is what people usually say.  In 2007, they went back to the United States.  And then they came back to China for graduation ceremony in May 2008, when I graduated.  Of course, the SIAS students who know them were all so happy to see them again.  After that, I came to the United States and stayed in their home while I was pursuing my Master degree at Tech from August, 2008. It feels like Marcella and I were never disconnected.   Marcella was diagnosed with the Multiple Myeloma in December, 2008.  From that time on, I saw how strong Marcella was when she was fighting against Multiple Myeloma.  She still did a lot of things for people around her during this period.  She even held a wedding shower for me and Kunyu in 2011.  I really appreciate that from the bottom of my heart. 

She is such a sweet and nice lady.  It is really a blessing to have her in my life.

God Has a Plan

Shared by Orlan Thomas on January 24, 2013

                  GOD HAS A PLAN

                           His work in the lives of Marcella and Orlan Thomas


In spring of 1961 I was graduated from Houghton College (Houghton, New York) with a Bachelor of music degree and headed for Sandy Cove Bible Conference where I had been waitressing and singing in the choir for several summers.  I had no idea what the future held, for there was no job and no prospects for the fall.  About midway through the summer, the choir director, Chuck Pugh offered to make some contacts for me in areas where someone might need a vocalist.  He had me prepare a résumé and sent it out to about 10 or 12 people he knew.  Four of these returned with positive replies.  Two of these were involved with missionary radio stations on the foreign field, one was a traveling evangelist and the other was Back to the Bible Broadcast in Lincoln, Nebraska.


I did not feel particularly called to the mission field so I didn’t follow through with the radio stations, but I really was interested in the position with the traveling evangelist, so I proceeded to make an audition tape and sent it to him.  Back to the Bible was to be in charge of the conference the last week before Labor Day and when they came they brought along their typing test, etc. for a position in their office, so I also followed up on this opportunity. 


Shortly after, the summer season was over and I went home to Pennsylvania to wait.  Before the first week was over I heard from Back to the Bible and they invited me to come and join their staff in the music office and as soloist and choir member.  I did not give them an answer at the time, but decided to wait through the weekend to see if I would hear from the evangelist since I really thought I would enjoy doing this. In my quiet time with the Lord I told Him, “If I don’t hear from the evangelist by Saturday, September 16, I will know that You want me to go with Back to the Bible.”  The weekend came and went and I didn’t hear from him, so on Monday I called Back to the Bible and told them I would come.  I then began to prepare to leave a little over a week later, and the Lord began to confirm my decision.


My mother decided she would like me to take her to visit her sister in southern Pennsylvania since she had not been there in a while and with me going away so far, would not have transportation to get there.  She did not drive long distances by herself.  We left on Tuesday to do that and came back home on Saturday.


When I was still in college I had consented to be guest soloist with the choir of a fellow-student who was currently music director at a church in Bradford, Pa.  He and his wife were getting ready to go to the mission field and his choir was doing a special program on their last Sunday there.  This man called me while we were at my aunt’s and visited with me about final preparations for that occasion.


My mother and I arrived home mid-afternoon that Saturday following the 16th, and there was a letter waiting for me from the evangelist saying that he had tried to call me on the 16th and had not been able to reach me.  The reason for this is that my parents lived three miles outside the town of  Hawley.  Even though the address was Hawley, the telephone was listed in the little village of Rowlands.  If the current operator did not know where to look for other families by the name of Frisbie, whoever was calling would not find my family.  I was overwhelmed with a great sense of awe at God’s leading in this circumstance as I contemplated these things.


The next day was the Sunday I was to sing in Bradford, in the western part of the state, which I did. After the concert was over I spoke to my friend, Charlie, and began to tell him how the Lord had made it clear to me that I was to go to Back to the Bible confirmed by these circumstances.  You will remember that he called me while I was in the southern part of the state with my mother.  He gave me this look and said, “That’s strange!  When I needed to talk to you I called and the operator put me through to your dad in Hawley and he gave me the number to reach you. I didn’t have any problem at all.”  Again I was overwhelmed with the sense of God’s working in my life.


A few days later I got on the train and traveled halfway across the U.S. to Nebraska to work for Back to the Bible Broadcast.  Before a month was over, I had met Orlan, who would later become my husband. It would be interesting to know what my life would have been had I not followed the Lord’s direction at this time, but maybe I really wouldn’t want to know, because the Lord has given Orlan and me such a wonderful life together. After we were married, we remained in Lincoln, Nebraska for another year and a half and then we moved to Rochester, N.Y. for Orlan to work on his doctorate.


Orlan: The doctorate was quite an undertaking! When I was accepted for admission to the Eastman School of Music of the University of Rochester, I was accepted for the Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Music Education rather than the Doctor of Musical Arts in Performance and Pedagogy as I had applied.   My main goal in mind for a Doctorate was to obtain a doctorate while undertaking advanced Oboe study.  Though I was not admitted for the degree for which I had applied, I didn’t have a problem with doing the degree in Music Education.  I was soon to find out that schools of higher learning have a way of making things difficult and too often causing disparagement of one’s self esteem, to put it mildly!  (In Matthew 14:27-34 dealing with Peter walking on the water, Jesus said, “O you of little faith, why did you doubt?”)                


My first confrontation was when I went to be advised by the head of the Doctor of Philosophy in Music Education degree program.  After introducing myself, he proceeded to announce to me that “when he reviewed my application, that he had rejected me, and that, if I had been admitted to the Eastman School of Music, that I should go to the one heading the department to which I was admitted.”   Talk about having the wind knocked out of one’s sail! I was dumb-founded!


I proceeded to go to the Director of Admissions who directed me to be advised by the head of the Doctor of Musical Arts in Performance and Pedagogy, the degree for which I had actually applied. This got me under way for a three-year term of study and research. After one year of study, I was formally admitted to this program—subsequently passing two Oboe Lecture Recitals and the one required formal Solo Oboe Recital, as well as the Qualifying Oral Examination that every doctoral candidate fears. Indeed, a Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow!


Then when it came to the dissertation, my first advisor who headed the Performance and Pedagogy degree program was difficult to please.  He was the type of advisor that would say  “what you have here doesn’t read well, organization is weak etc., perhaps it would be best to start all over again, without giving any point of direction as to how I should proceed.  It seemed as though he could not be pleased with anything, and yet unwilling to give me needed direction. Needless to say, the degree virtually sat from the time I left the Eastman School to take the teaching position at Texas Tech University School of Music in the fall of 1967, until the fall of 1972. 


The Lord brought be to the point where I simply turned it all over to Him!  He gave me special verses of Scripture as promises in facing the battle before me of finishing the degree.   In Philippians 1:6 the promise is “For He who hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.”  And another is, II Chronicles 20:15, “Be not afraid or dismayed by reason of this great thing, for the battle is not yours but God’s.”


Subsequently, in the fall of 1972 I received a letter from the Eastman School advising me that my advisor had died (The Lord’s provision?  No question, The Lord’s Provision!) and that I should send in what I had underway for appraisal as to whether I would be assigned to another advisor to work toward completion, or whether I would have to forfeit the whole undertaking since my seven-year limit on the degree was about to expire that fall. I tidied up the work that I had prepared to this point and sent it in. (Note here how the one year delay in being formally accepted to the program gave me an additional year at the end—no coincidence here in how the Lord works in the lives of those who trust him.)


Much to my fleshly surprise, I received a letter in return from a new advisor who had studied my submitted efforts and proceeded to outline how he felt I should proceed to finish up the dissertation.  He asked me to plan to come to the Eastman campus during the upcoming spring break for final consultation, which I did after pursuing the project in the direction he had advised.   During the time with him in Rochester that spring break, he spent at least 25 hours with me in tidying up every little detail. With only a minimum of finish up work, the dissertation was ready for its defense in early May.  The final oral exam was passed and commencement followed in the Spring Class of 1973.  I simply, Praise the Lord!   He is good and sees us through our struggles, as we trust Him! [By Orlan]


We had decided that we needed to wait to start a family until Orlan was finished with his degree, so when we came to Lubbock in 1967, we knew it was time.  About five or six months into my first pregnancy my doctor asked me of what blood type was Orlan? Of course I didn‘t know, because we hadn’t paid any attention to that when we were married.  We found out, after a blood test, that the Lord had saved another little surprise for us—Orlan and I were both the same rare A-negative blood type.


We lost that first baby, Bernieta Ruth when she was six months old.  She had a Paten-Ductus, which means there was a hole in her heart. She was a little Angel the Lord shared with us for only a short time! About a year after Bernieta’s death, the Lord gave us a healthy son, Marlan Paul and about two years later he gave us another big surprise—Twin girls, Anita Berniece and Jolita Elise! The doctor didn’t know that the pregnancy was with twins until Anita was born, after which he said, “I believe there is another one!”  Our generation should not have expected to produce twins, but the Lord saw fit to bring it about; we believe, to replace the one he took home with Him.  The Lord is good! And to know Him as personal Savior is eternal life!


When I think of the birth of the twins I am always reminded of the verses in Psalm 139 where it says, “You created every part of me; you put me together in my mother’s womb. …..When my bones were being formed, carefully put together in my mother’s womb, when I was growing there in secret, you knew that I was there … saw me before I was born” (verses 13 & 15).  I always tell Jolita that these are her verses because only the Lord knew she was there.


Before we finish with this time of remembering God’s hand on our lives we must share about His provision of the house on 21st street here in Lubbock, Texas.  We were looking for a way to acquire some rental property to help with our finances.  Orlan heard about a real-estate seminar someone was coming to town to give and decided that he would like to attend.  He went to the preliminary part which was free and found out that the real seminar would cost $500.  Well, we scraped up the money somehow and he went to the seminar.  I was thinking, ”There goes that money down the drain”, but he did learn some important things, one of which was that in order to have money to invest in rental property, we needed to get the equity out of the house we had lived in for 17 years.  We proceeded to get the house ready to sell.  When the house was put on the market of course, we began to look at other houses, and we found several that would work for us, but there was one problem: we needed to sell the old house in order to have money to buy another.  This went on for about 5 months.  During this time we were attending a prayer seminar at church each Sunday by video.  The man who was presenting this seminar told of how he and his wife paid for their house in 2 ½ years through prayer and claiming God’s promise in the following verse.  As a result of hearing this, we decided to pray, claiming Matt. 18:19.  “If two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.”  We claimed this promise and asked the Lord to send someone to buy the house.  Within a week we had a contract on the house!  Only the Lord could do that!


Next we needed to look for a house.  All those we had looked at were long gone. The realtor gave us a long computer list of available homes that would appear to meet our need and encouraged us to drive around over the weekend and decide which ones we wanted to explore.  Of that whole list there were only about two that we decided we should see.  We were to let the realtor know on Monday which places we wanted to see, but before Orlan had a chance to call her, she called him and told him about this house down near Texas Tech that had 3 bathrooms and six bedrooms.  He made an appointment to see it at 6 o’clock that evening.  The price had been lowered on the house that day to $89,000 which made it a lot more possible for us, and furthermore, we didn’t have to qualify for the loan because we could assume the current loan and pay out the additional equity as a second mortgage.  Yes, this was the first house we walked into after we sold the other house, and it had everything we needed: a separate place for Orlan’s mother (Bernice Virginia Breneman Thomas, who lived with us for 29 years), and a bedroom for each of our teenagers. This is not all, there is a Guest House on the back of the lot for rental in addition to a full apartment in the basement of the main house; and, since our young people are away from home, we are able to rent out the upstairs.  Little did we know that the Lord would provide in such abundance all on one property lot.  All this, in no small way, has additionally impacted our quality of retirement for which we Praise the Lord!


A few years later when we looked into refinancing the house, Orlan took all of our financial information to a local bank to apply.  When he went back to visit with them after they had had a chance to go over the information, they said, “You don’t make enough money to own this house, but obviously you have been making the payments for all these years, so we might be willing to work something out.” Again we experienced an overwhelming sense of awe at what God had done about five years earlier when we were able to move into this house.


I never cease to be amazed when I look back over the years, at how the Lord has worked in our lives through circumstances He has brought us. God is not dead!  He is very much alive.  If you are reading this and you do not know Him as personal Savior, I would encourage you to give your life to Jesus in total commitment.  He is interested in your life; He loves you and wants you to know His plan for your life.


Our prayer is that all who come behind us find us having been faithful and that they in turn will be faithful themselves.


Recorded by Marcella Evangeline Frisbie Thomas and Orlan Earl Thomas,

January, 1, 2000

Marcella’s Most Unfilled Wish

Shared by Orlan Thomas on January 22, 2013

Over the years, Marcella was dedicated to reaching Internationals for the Lord.  For about 18 years she worked in a program at 1st Baptist Church Lubbock teaching English to Internationals one day a week called “TOUCH”  [Teaching Others Using Christian Principles”]  She became particularly burdened for the Chinese and had wonderful opportunity to teach various ones,’ one on one with significant success.  She always used the Bible in her teaching and was instrumental in putting together a series of Bible studies in simple English specifically for Internationals.  These were written mainly by Walter Hunt a retired missionary to the Philippines, but Marcella wrote some of the lessons herself including the book of Acts and the Book of Hebrews I believe.  A two-year series of these Bible Studies in simple English were completed.  All these lessons she personally recorded in the First Baptist Media Department and made them available on cassette in 8 quarters of lessons along with the printed text in quarterly booklets.

During our China teaching years 2001-2007, she would often hand a quarter or two of lessons to a student to take home for the summer to help them keep up their English realizing that during their time at home that they would have little to no opportunity to speak English.  At least two Chinese young men accepted the Lord through reading and study of these Bible lessons over their summer vacations.  It is my goal to manage to get these lessons transferred to CD, so that they can continue to be used in ministries and to help reach her goal to reach Chinese for Christ.

Here at home, there is one Chinese couple whom Marcella has known for about 20 years now, working with the wife extensively and witnessing to her all along the way.  I worked with the husband for a time, helping him with his English and witnessing to him.  Neither she nor her husband have yet come to realize their need of a Savior, thinking they are good persons (which they are, but that of course is not the criteria), therefore they believe they are not in need of repentance and salvation, consequently they have not come to know Christ as personal Savior. For these I covet the prayers of God’s redeemed, that each of these would yet come to accept Jesus as their Savior and come to salvation in Him.

There is yet another Chinese Lubbock couple that she has continually reached out to in witness of God’s love and saving power, but failed to see them come to Christ before her passing.  Pray for this couple to study God’s word and someone to reach out to them, so that they will yet come to salvation.

There are two Chinese young people who lived in our home while obtaining Master’s degrees at Texas Tech University who have not been willing to see themselves as God sees them—as lost and in need of a Savior.  Please pray for these to truly search truth in Jesus and yet come to salvation before it is too late for them.  These and many others were on Marcella's daily prayer list and I know she lifted them up to the Father each and every day.  What a pity she did not get to see them come to salvation.  But there is still hope that all of these will yet come to repentance and salvation in Jesus and will meet Marcella in Heaven!

I don’t believe there is anything left undone that meant more to her than to be assured of these coming to repentance and accepting Jesus as personal Lord and Savior. I solicit those who would pick up the torch and reach out to these dear Chinese people as well as others within our reach.

God's Faithfulness

Shared by Orlan Thomas on January 21, 2013

Great Is God's Faithfulness

Back in June of 2009 early on the day Marcella's stem cells were to be collected for her bone marrow transplant, she received word that her oldest sister, Virginia had passed away with brain cancer.  She knew that she could not do anything to help, or to go there to be with the family or to the funeral, so she decided just to sit back and listen to her IPod.  A CD of piano arrangements of Christian Hymns had been put on the IPod that her first cancer doctor (Hardwick) had recorded and given her at the time of her diagnosis. As she listened, before too long her favorite hymn came up, which could not have been better timed—“Great is Thy Faithfulness”—yes, God was faithful to meet her need that day!

 It was the 3rd verse of the hymn that was particularly impressed upon her:

“Pardon for sin and a peace that endureth,                                                      Thine own dear presence to cheer and to guide.                                          Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow,                                       Blessings all mine, with ten thousand beside.”

As she further mediated upon the text, she thought, “Yes, Lord, You have forgiven my sin and you have given me your peace for the day;” and went on to say, “yes, I know your dear presence is with me today, to cheer me and to guide my every thought. Lord I praise you for your strength today, as well as the bright hope you’ve given me for tomorrow! Yes, your blessings are all mine, even with ten thousand more.”


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