Marcia Lynne Hunt (Marchese), a passionate activist, dedicated educator, loving mother and loyal friend, passed away unexpectedly April 11, 2013 at the age of 72. A long-time San Francisco resident, and recent transplant to the Sacramento area, Marcia was a formidable woman who knew her mind and wasn’t afraid to share her opinion in any situation.  A feminist who empowered others to find their inner strength, she sparkled in a crowd as she drew one in with her quick wit, sharp intellect and dazzling smile.  A voracious traveler with an eye for the adventurous in both cuisine and locale, she grabbed onto life with a gusto that few possess but all will remember.  

She is survived by her loving husband of 49 years, Jay B. Hunt, her brother David Marchese, her children David and Deborah Hunt and her two grandsons, Hunter and Tyler who loved their Nana beyond words and wish she could have played with them longer.

Memorial services are currently being planned.  In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions can be sent to the Indiana University Foundation for the Frank & Carolyn Marchese and Donna Bye Hunt Scholarships at PO Box 500 | Bloomington, IN. 47402 or a charity of your choice. 

To our wife, lover, mother, friend - you will be missed but remembered always in our hearts and minds. 

Condolences may be sent to:
     The Hunt Family
     6423 Faustino Way
     Sacramento, CA 95831

Posted by Claire Guarniere on April 11, 2018
Marcia, you are always in out thoughts and prayers. Forever missed and loved! Claire,Joe and Gena
Posted by Susan & Bob Hanning on June 13, 2017
Happy Birthday dear friend ~ you are forever missed ~ left two messages, I thought on June 9th, but they didn't get posted~ maybe I'm not techy enough! Love seeing items around my house that we bought together, and remind me of you...... paintings, photographs and such...wonderful times together!
Posted by Claire Guarniere on June 9, 2017
Happy Birthday Marcia! Sitting here having a cup of coffee and thinking of you. And I am smiling thinking of you - A great way to start my day! 
thank you! Hugs from PV!
Posted by Susan & Bob Hanning on April 16, 2017
Your message made Gretchen and me very happy. We three were in agreement ❤. I think of you and the good times often. 4 years seems like a long time and yet- like you were just with us yesterday. S Hanning
Posted by Claire Guarniere on April 12, 2017
Marcia, You will never be forgotten! What a gift you had to make one feel special! I think of you daily. I want to challenge myself. Gena and I have lots of dreams and goals and we are up to the challenge. Wished you were here to tell you, but I know you are listening and cheering us on. Hugs up in heaven
Posted by G Rogers on April 12, 2017
Susan and I got your message. Job well done, as always. Would love to hash it around with you but Susan and I will
Posted by Susan & Bob Hanning on June 9, 2016
Marcia, I made our birthday call to Jay tonight! It was so good to hear his voice. Plus, he called me for you on my birthday. Was very sweet!
Missing you and thinking of you often .. A fun picture of you is prominently placed where I see it daily, multiple times! Comforting good friend. A toast to you...Susan H
Posted by Claire Guarniere on June 9, 2016
Marcia, thinking of you on your birthday today! Will toast your after work! Miss you!
Posted by Claire Guarniere on May 6, 2016
Marcia, I lost two friends of 35 years this week and even though they were not educated, they were both brilliant women who taught them selves to read and write, plus worked several jobs to support their families. You would have loved their perseverance, their strength, their smiles, their love of life. Marcia you are missed! Love you Jay B and family! Much Love Claire
Posted by Bill & Eve Strawn on April 11, 2016
Eve and I send JB and the family our heartfelt Best Wishes on Marcia's third anniversary. Hard to believe three years have passed; we would have loved her speeches on The Trumpeteer, and her support for the first woman President. She is missed, every day.
Posted by Mary Jo Kulp on June 10, 2015
Thinking of our times together and memories of your smile continue to light up my life. I think of you often.
Posted by Polly Babcock on June 9, 2015
Happy Birthday, Marcia! I think of you often, especially when I go to the theatre.
Posted by Claire Guarniere on June 9, 2015
Happy Birthday Marcia! Thank you for shining down on me today - your kindness to me is remembered today and brings a smile to my face - which brings light to my day! This background music also brings me joy and peace. Thank you for sharing your life with us.
Posted by Sigrid Insull on June 9, 2015
Marcia/love for always/and the fondest of memories/sigrid
Posted by Dave Dolliver on June 9, 2015
Thinking of you, Marcia...Jerome says Hi...we all miss you, in oh, so many ways. And I often remind the kidlets that you are frowning on some of their table manners!
Posted by Sigrid Insull on April 11, 2015
Marcia /your love of life will always be around us/we will always remember and send love to your family! Sigrid
Posted by mary ann & dave brangacci... on April 11, 2015
Marcia, We miss you very much. So many wonderful memories over the years. Love you!!
Posted by Claire Guarniere on April 11, 2015
Marcia, thinking of you today and many days as I walk thru the gallery and remember your many visits. And of course any time we have meat balls you are their sharing them with us. Honored to have been among those you called friends. Thank you!
Posted by dan pearson on June 9, 2014
Happy Birthday Marcia,

i am certain in the world you now inhabit you are sharing this day with your eternal friends. please know you are remembered fondly by those of us still over here.
with much love,
Dan W. Pearson
Posted by Dave Dolliver on June 9, 2014
Jerome says a big, deep voiced Happy Birthday. It hasn't been the same without you...hope you are keeping folks on their toes up there!
Posted by Claire Guarniere on June 9, 2014
Marcia, You are missed by many - thank you for sharing so many wonderful moments with us. Our memories of you are still so vivid. Thank you for your love.
Posted by Mary Rapoport on June 9, 2014
Thinking of you dear and wearing your necklace here in Chestertown, MD having crab soup and crab cakes; you would approve.
Posted by Mary Rapoport on April 16, 2014
Chuck and I are in New York now and at the time of Marcia's passing and I am wearing her scarf and her necklace and carrying her purse, but she is with me even more in my memory. Sending love to her loved ones and wishes for their strength and healing.
Posted by maryellen pacific on April 12, 2014
To Marcia's family,
I never realized how much Marcia( or as I had known her Ms. Marchese
teacher at Ridgefield High School during the 60's)influenced my life. I later became an English teacher, then an administrator finally retiring this year after 45 years in education. I married a man from Bridgeport and went to college in Bridgeport. I was and still am very out spoken and always speak the truth. I guess that is what I really respected from Marcia especially at Ridgefield High where there where so many fake people there who didn't have the courage to speak the truth. Marcia did and made you feel good about yourself at I did. I walked away from her class with confidence while the boys were all acting sophomorically I could still feel in charge. I only wish I knew her longer when she lived in Ridgefield. We never left the area. The other strange thing is that she died on my sister's birthday a day I wont forget. So in a way she left a little legacy to me which I never was aware of until I read about her life and remembered those days in her class when she always be ready to tell me the truth. step up to the plate and get the job done. How fortunate her family was to have her for such a short time. I never realized that she was only six years older than I was when I was in high school. She was the epitome of sophistication certainly not like our Italian moms back then; such a great role model. Believe it or not Marcia and my second teacher are the reason why I became a teacher. I only hope I have made an impression on someone during my time. Thank you for sharing
Posted by Mary Jo Kulp on April 12, 2014
Marcia-Your infectious smile and exhilarating approach to life will never dim for me. I’m sure you are now VP in charge of attitude and change. I miss you. Love to JB, David, Deb and the kids.
Posted by Barbara Black on April 11, 2014
Today I went to get the mail and on my way in, I admired my roses and the first bloom. I thought of Marcia and our shared passions for gardens, art, children, and families. Oh how I miss her! My heart still hurts. Life at times is bittersweet. Know that I loved-love her and her dear family. 

Posted by Claire Guarniere on April 11, 2014
Marcia, thinking of you, Jay and your family today! Your spirit is still so strong around us and we continue to celebrate your life. Thank you for sharing your life with us! We remain blessed for knowing you.
We have lit a candle in our home for you! And today surrounded by art in the gallery, I can't help but think of you. Thank you!
Posted by Polly Babcock on April 11, 2014
Well then, this date must be why I've been thinking of Marcia so much lately. I still think of calling her to tell her of something I know she'd enjoy hearing or have advice about.
Warm regards to Jay and the family.
Posted by Kit Goldman on April 11, 2014
Thinking of the amazing, inimitable, irreplaceable Marcia today. she always knew a lot, now she knows it all. Love you, gorgeous.
Posted by Brian & Jennifer Costanzo on June 19, 2013
I attended school w/ Marcia at city college of san francisco in the hotel & restaurant school. I admired her a great deal and we got along because she liked to do things differently; her way. Marcia taught me a great deal about standing up for ones beliefs and saying whats on your mind. I am grateful for the leadership skills that I learned and the compassion & love she shared with all.
Posted by mary ann & dave brangacci... on June 10, 2013
Happy Birthday, Marcia I can see you smiling down on us. Miss and love you.
Posted by Margel Kaufman on June 10, 2013
Marcia was a fabulous friend and political mentor to me. I miss her greatly, but I still think about her regularly. She's here in my memories and in my opinion she's still here period! As long as we remember her, and those we love, they're still here. Thoughts and
prayers to JB, Deb, David, Hunter&Tyler.Margel Kaufman
Posted by Claire Guarniere on June 9, 2013
Marcia - you are remembered fondly today! I know you are smiling down on us all! Thank you for sharing your life and love of life with so many of us! We miss you dearly! We toast "salute" you on your Birth day! Much love from your Sicilian family in Mexico, Joe, Claire and Gena
Posted by Deborah Lopez on May 24, 2013
Marcia was such a force of nature and although visits were not that frequent, her spirit was always with me - encouraging me, inspiring me, reminding me to be myself - as she always was. Her love for her family and her willingness to do anything to protect them will be with me always. I just try to emulate her - always moving forward. Love to all, remember the flame that was her life.
Posted by Susan & Bob Hanning on May 13, 2013
We miss Marcia daily! She was so vital in so many ways. We send our love to Jay B, Deborah, David, Hunter, Tyler and her brother David Marchese, during this time of loss and remembering. So glad we got to be with her this year in Mexico. She's on to her next life and journey, but we find she's with us daily! Forever remembered!
Posted by Rhonda Shapiro on May 7, 2013
Dear Jay and Family ~ I was shocked and heartbroken to receive word of Marcia's passing. You two were so very supportive and kind when I lost the love of my life, Allan. Your words meant so very much. The kindness we give in life are flowers, and I've found when you need them the most, God gives you back a bouquet. My love to you all. RS
Posted by maryellen pacific on May 5, 2013
I'm very sad that Marcia has passed. She never knew that she was my inspiration to become an English teacher. It was her flair for the dramatic,her excitement in the classroom, her love of life that has lead me to 45 years in the education. Now as an administrator I am able to be (I hope) as passionate with my strong opinions (in tact) in further helping my students as she did at RHS '64
Posted by Chris Wilhelmi on May 2, 2013
Marcia and Jay B were Godparents to one of my siblings. Leni Wilhelmi's impression of her is this, “Your being leaves a mark on human history. There will never, ever be anyone exactly like you. It is up to you leave a mark. A volume, a book, a chapter, a paragraph, a sentence, a punctuation mark, and blank space. You will leave a mark." Marcia clearly left a mark. Sentiments shared by all.
Posted by Mary Baurd on May 1, 2013
Jay B. and family so sorry for your sudden loss. I know Marcia was a tremendous force, influence, presence and inspiration in your lives even though we never knew her well. Our thoughts are with you and your family.
Posted by Bonnie Boren on April 28, 2013
Marcia had a huge smile, a large voice and an enormous presence! My first job in San Francisco was with the School Volunteers. I felt at home with her East Coast energy and send my condolances to Jay and family. Upon reading the tributes, I learned something new about Marcia's past and discovered a new connection. I did my student teaching at Tappen Middle school in Ann Arbor in 1966.
Posted by Tobin O on April 26, 2013
Marcia was my mother's boss (and mentor) in the early 80's. I was a shy little kid with a precocious older brother so I didn't speak much. But Marcia wouldn't let me hide behind my brother. It wasn't simply that she was interested in what I had to say; she was interested in my having the courage to say it. She was a badass with a big heart and she will be missed.
Posted by Mandy Wilhelmi on April 26, 2013
JB – my condolences to you and your/her family. My parents have shared many stories about her with me – and I am sad that I was not able to get to know her better. My love, prayers and sympathy. Amanda Wilhelmi
Posted by Claire Guarniere on April 24, 2013
Marcia will be great missed! I learned so much from her, especially about her art - likes and dislikes. I respected her opinions. I will miss her visits to the gallery, our talks about food - mostly Italian -meatballs and sausage. So many fond memories - her warm smile, her support of our family! She was an Amazing woman - we were so lucky to have known her & Jay B. ..The Guarniere family
Posted by Michael Henkin on April 24, 2013
This tribute is very touching, and my deepest sympathies and wishes go to Jay B and family. It is clear just by reading these messages what a significant and positive impact Marcia made on everyone who knew her.
Posted by Barbara Black on April 23, 2013
She was so loved! She was so passionate! She was bigger than life, and we will always hear her voice! My love and bear hugs to Jay B, Deborah and David.
Posted by Graham McDougal on April 22, 2013
Sending my condolences and best wishes to Jay B and the rest of the family- condolences for the sadness accompanying the loss of Marcia's companionship, best wishes for the joy found in celebrating a life well and truly lived.
Posted by Johnny Wee on April 22, 2013
I certainly not sure what to say, "My Dear Marcia, I will miss you deeply." You have been a great inspiration to me.  Heartfelt condolence to Jay & family.
Posted by cyril seligman on April 22, 2013
Dear Hunt Family.

I had the pleasure ot meeting Marcia late through working with J.B. Marcia was kind, intelligent and a formidable and accomplished woman. I must admit that I admired her strenght and dedication to her beliefs. She will be missed but left a strong legacy for her Family/friends.
Posted by Steve Browning on April 22, 2013
Thanks, Deborah, for the wonderful tribute that you left for your mother. You did her proud.
Posted by Barbara Lifton on April 21, 2013
Marcia was a tough lady who fought brilliantly for women's rights and for peace. She was dedicated to justice and public service, and accomplished so much for others in her lifetime.  I will miss knowing she was still with us, battling on our side.
Barbara Lifton, former Chair, Conn. Women's Political Caucus.
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Posted by Claire Guarniere on April 11, 2018
Marcia, you are always in out thoughts and prayers. Forever missed and loved! Claire,Joe and Gena
Posted by Susan & Bob Hanning on June 13, 2017
Happy Birthday dear friend ~ you are forever missed ~ left two messages, I thought on June 9th, but they didn't get posted~ maybe I'm not techy enough! Love seeing items around my house that we bought together, and remind me of you...... paintings, photographs and such...wonderful times together!
Posted by Claire Guarniere on June 9, 2017
Happy Birthday Marcia! Sitting here having a cup of coffee and thinking of you. And I am smiling thinking of you - A great way to start my day! 
thank you! Hugs from PV!
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February 1, 2021

Shared by Jay B Hunt on February 1, 2021
Well, it's February 1st again and our 67th anniversary!  Loved you then and have never stopped.  You watch over every aspect of my life>. 
Love you now and forever!  Jay B.

Your birthday today

Shared by Jay B Hunt on June 9, 2019

Ever day in every way, you are always with me!

I love you.

Jay B

I miss you still. Sweetheart, you made me the person I am.

Shared by Jay B Hunt on April 11, 2019

More, I cannot imagine what I would have been without you.  Every night as I meditate, I bring up reveries of our life together.  You made me, you made us, you made our life.

Six years on it it is still hard and every night as I dream, you are still there, still there.

I love you.

Jay B.