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Created in memory of our beloved mother, sister, aunt, cousin and friend, Marcia Greaves Shaw, this website is a space for us to share the love she gave, the beauty she was, and the memories she left us. It is our space to come back to when we miss her, think of her, or have something to say and it is her permanent space in the cloud (where she watches us from, now).

Let's continue to visit and add to this space months, and even years, from now - our hope is that through it, you will feel her presence and be comforted by those who loved her, too.

Maya...gone, but never forgotten!

When I die I shall soar with angels.  -Rumi
Posted by Cecelia Sawyer on June 29, 2022
Gone physically but will always remain in our hearts. Not a day goes by without a memory of you. Rest Peacefully.
Posted by Nozi Mbere on June 29, 2022
We miss her cooking. Gone too soon
Posted by Vera Greaves-Sherman on June 27, 2022
Hi aunty Marcia. Think about you all the time. I  Was trying to make that Hibiscus punch the other day that you taught me how to make, but it just didn’t taste the same. Miss you and pray you are watching over us all
Posted by Eunese Brent on June 25, 2022
Little by little, Mommy...
I hear you
Posted by Alyce Anderson on June 25, 2022
I miss you soooooooo much Maya. You're definitely irreplaceable my friend. Rest on my sister, rest on.
Posted by Goretti Okonmah on June 25, 2022
My dear cousin,you left us a year ago.You will never be forgotten.Missing you ooo!
Posted by Ellen Crayton on June 25, 2022
Although still broken, understanding this day last year is becoming clear with God's help. 

"Philippians 4:6-7, NIV Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."

I pray for the 'Promise' of peace for you and for all of us
We love you always from Ellen, Chantal, and Raynelle!
Posted by Ellen Crayton on April 21, 2022
Oh, here is another one for you.

Missing you so much! 
Posted by Ellen Crayton on April 21, 2022

I played this song for you and wondered what you might be doing in Heaven today. Peace and love to you always!
Posted by Alyce Anderson on March 11, 2022
Missing you today as always my friend. Strange feeling that I can't say "Happy Birthday Girl" and hear your laughter on the phone. But I know that God got you and that you are laughing with God and your love ones over on the other.side. Who would have guessed that you would be gone so soon? You are indeed truly missed Maya.  Thank God for good memories.
Posted by Ellen Crayton on March 11, 2022
Happy Birthday, Marcia!
Lots have changed without your voice and person. Now I know the strength and meaning of memories. I will hold those close to my heart and head.
Love you always and yes, forever missed.
Posted by Eunese Brent on October 13, 2021
I miss you so much, Mom.

It makes sense that there is no tombstone, no marker, no place to go to "see" you, no three words to describe hyphen. The life you lived between those two dates is immeasurable because you were larger than life! Your presence is everywhere.

There isn't one corner of my life that I can look and not find you.

There isn't one corner of our home that I can look and not find you: the things you gave us, things you used when you visited, the furniture we picked out together, the tiny decorations you placed all around to brighten up our spaces, your framed masterpieces on our walls, the book you wrote on our bookshelf, projects you created with your granddaughters, the bed you slept in... You were here. You ARE here. When it's quiet enough, I can even hear your laughter. I feel you; and I know I'm not alone because everyone tells me that you're with them, too. I guess that's where we'll find you.

So, it makes sense that there is no tombstone.

Kind of...
Posted by Assunta Hage on September 26, 2021
Rest In Peace Mrs. Shaw. Your Legacy will always be remembered. Thanks for placing Liberians especially women on the map. Women empowerment long before we realized what it is today. Your family must be very proud of you. To the children and grand kids I say, Mamie Maya / grandma Maya-is resting on the bosom of Jesus. Whenever you feel down cry. She’s watching over each and everyone of you. Take courage! God Loves her best. My sincere condolences. 
Posted by candace sawyer on September 24, 2021
Ayah Marcia. Death is so terrible. I will miss you oh. Soo sad. You are an ageless, timeless beauty. Not only beautiful outside but also inside. A sweet rose, my darling cousin. Will always remember your unique smile and kindness.

Posted by Joseph Brent, Jr. on August 28, 2021
As we celebrate the home going of Marcia, the Brent family was very fortunate to have her as an in-law for such a brief period of time. We wished we would have had her for many more years, but The Almighty needed her more than us; hence we have to reluctantly let go.

Through Marcia, we gained a wonderful daughter, Eunese and two lovely granddaughters who we will cherish forever. 

To Emanuel, her children, siblings and other relatives, we extend our deepest condolences to you for this great loss. We thank God for her life and the joy she brought to all who knew her so well.

Someone once wrote that the procession through the gates of heaven is constantly in progress. One by one, each of us will have to take our place in that line. Until we meet with Marcia again, we pray for the peaceful repose of her soul.
Posted by CeRue Van den Broeck on August 28, 2021
Gone too soon but never forgotten.
Posted by Lucelia Harmon on August 28, 2021
A Gem! Gone too soon!! May her fond memories bring peace and comfort. My heartfelt condolences.
Posted by CeRue Van den Broeck on August 28, 2021
Aunty Marcia,
You are wondering mother and a beautiful soul. You are missed and loved dearly!!!
Posted by Kai Crooks-Chissano on August 28, 2021
Dear Marcia,
Your death was so sudden and such a shock. I still can't believe that you are gone. We have all been enriched from being around you and experiencing your generosity. Rest now friend. You did your best.
Posted by Cynthia Garber Howard on August 28, 2021
Oh my God ! I cannot believe that you are gone. Heaven now has one of the most beautiful flower in that heavenly garden. Goodbye my friend and do rest in heavenly peace.
Posted by Gina Dee on August 28, 2021
Marcia - I still can’t believe that you are in Heaven now, my dear — I miss you here on Earth. I deeply admired your strength, beauty, entrepreneurship endeavors, and your grace and style. You were a Queen who lived your life truly like it was Golden. Thank you for being there for me. Rest easy My Beautiful Big Sis/Cuz/Soror…Until we meet again… 
Posted by Vera Greaves-Sherman on August 27, 2021
Aunty Marcia
When we moved to South Africa you took us under your wing and made sure that our move was a seamless one. We grew closer and I remember we used to talk and laugh about all kinds of mess. You gave me great advice and I would like to think that you listened to my little Unsolicited two cents! I truly will miss you and that funny little dance you used to do.
I pray for all of us you have left behind. I know that you’re in a better place and that you will be nudging us every now and then.
In love and light
Posted by Beryline Togba on August 27, 2021
There are no words to express the depth of sadness that I feel. Marcia's death hit me like a ton of bricks!

Those years in Brewerville were the beginning of our friendship. We reunited on Cuttington and became not only classmates but roommates along with Alyce Holder & Cynthia Garber. It was during those years that the four (4) of us developed a lasting friendship.

Marcia, I continue to talk about you in the present. I don't want to accept that you're no longer with us. You departed so unexpectedly!!

Gone way too soon my sister, friend & buddy. Rest in God's all inclusive love and everlasting peace. Be refreshed in our heavenly father never ending love!

Nothing in my hands I bring, simply to the Cross I cling. Our earthly life is nothing but an overture.

Till we meet again MAYA!
Posted by Shaun Skelton on August 27, 2021

I cannot believe you are gone. My memories of you are of a person with incredible artistic talent, class and warmth. You always welcomed us in South Africa and elsewhere, and were such a kind Grandma Maya to Keyan and Tyne. You hosted us when Tyne was born in Sandton, for which I am very grateful.  Not to mention all you did for Elma when she was a child in your care. 

You have lived life to the fullest, and though it ended too suddenly, your spirit lives on. You will be sorely missed :(  Shaun
Posted by Goretti Okonmah on August 27, 2021
Sister Maya…how sad it is to see you leave us so soon. We love you and will miss you dearly and will meet again on that great waking up morning. Sleep on my darling friend, cousin and big sis. Love Goretti xx
Posted by Silda Knowlden on August 27, 2021
Marcia, it’s almost impossible to think of you as gone. 
You were always a no-fuss, easy-going person with a calm presence. You left us pretty much the same way- quietly & unexpectedly.
I greatly admired your quiet strength which helped me deal with far less than you had endured.
Your Gorgeous smile came across even in your voice.
May the light of your Beautiful spirit forever surround the ones you left behind.
Rest-in-Heaven our Beautiful Angel Maya

- Silda-
Posted by Elfreda Vincent on August 25, 2021
Maya, saying goodbye is never easy. Your birthday was 3/11 and mine was 3/12. I’ve called you everyday on 3/11 to say Happy birthday. And regardless of where I was on 3/12, I got a call from you. I’ve marveled at your strength and resilience. Now take your perfect rest God has called you to your reward.
Posted by Siobhan B. on August 25, 2021
When Mommy died you said to me "y'all are my children na oh" and until the day you left us you showed it in the sacrifices you made for me and Jaden as if we were your own child and grandchild. I hope you, Gran and Mommy are smiling down at me, proud of who you raised me to be. I have gained another angel to keep watch over us. RIP Aunty Marcia.
Posted by Eunese Brent on August 25, 2021

The last of the Brewervillian Greaves

Brewerville - VOA road. Then Wilson corner. In that part of the settlement around the St Paul River, there were several corners then. . . Moulton corner, and Parker corner were within walking distances. Along the Wilson corner VOA road, there were just a handful of families - Ms. Maria, Joe Coward, Old man Booley Boot, William Edward Greaves, Ms. Burgess, John Harvey, Zack and Sarah Brown, and Jessie Banks. These were all the people up and around the train track. Arguably the most imposing structure with a manicure garden along the horseshoe style concrete edifice was the family homestead of the Greaves family. If a garden was to be a center piece and later in Marcia’s life, a garden around her and the inner peace and joy Marcia found, it could be traced to the meticulous nature and details Mummy took with her gardens and flowers. Either she would cut them herself or if they were cut, she would arrange them herself in the living room and the master bedroom. There were several areas for these fresh cut flowers from Joetta Greaves’ garden. And talk about those days and times, on reflection, the doors were always open first thing in the morning and remained open all day once Joetta Greaves was home. She was the most fulltime housewife and multitasking person we all watched who cooked even though she had a cook and cleaned and talked and directed all the cleaning. Just name all the domestic chore that could be going on. On one side of the house was Sister Marcia’s room. It was also Mummy's sewing room…I don’t recall sister Marcia in those past years. (now that is 50 years ago) spending much time as Marcia had gone off to Cuttington and by 1971 she was now married to Cousin Emmanuel, the love of her life. Their picture of a happy couple, proud parents, also handsome dude with his classic Afro. .. Joetta Hall greaves was the matriarch of that family. A large family and with Dad, William Edward Greaves, he was everybody's dad. Grandfather. Uncle and just the big man with a big family. And so the two houses Sam Shepherd House and Willie Greaves House…That was how the people of Brewerville distinguished the houses. We as kids in the shepherd household,- Samuel, Mizpah and my little self -saw Marcia as the eldest. There was Ethan, Wilma and, Ken her biological siblings in the Greaves Homestead. Marcia was the last of the Brewerville household who just left us in June this year.

As far as we could see and tell 50 or so odd years ago, ( I am relying on my memory from when I was 10 yrs and Sister Marcia was already 20 years old) only Sister Marcia in that house was the big sister..although real life aunty. Story for another day. The rest Ethan and Ken “da crowd of boys”. We were one and the same. We went in every morning to greet Dad and Mummy when we were not on the mission at Ricks or away in Freetown. As stated, all this while sister Mar or Marcia had gone off to Cuttington and by 1971 married to the Tiger,- Emmanuel Lionel Shaw III

How do you tell a 50-year-old or long story in few lines? Except for the pleasantries of the scent like the flowers she planted along life’s way. The roses and flowers provided her inspiration the flower gardens on each side of the Greaves homestead, with the front flower garden and the official flagpole, no one could go down VOA Road and not admire or pick a rose or hibiscus if you were permitted by the main Gardener. So a Garden offered so much to Mummy and invariably to all of us and Sister Marcia’s garden in South Africa became renowned.

Dad, our patriarch was a retired Brigadier General...though Ken would always remind Sister Marcia that her father was one general who never fired a shot from any gun. Dad’s office was adorned with his commission and awards.  and sister Marcia found herself in that corner of the house. She left her Corner and it was eventually taking over by Ken who was a local hero in Brewerville city as a local Singer and Band leader.

It would be Sister Marcia 's new family that would bring joy to the Greaves Homestead When her baby boy Lionel IV came along..her original nucleus gave her a sweet warm smell she savored all her life and in the lives of the larger greaves family at home and abroad....

The Greaves family did not need any special occasion but if any of the other siblings were in country or came from afar - there were Ambassador Bro Elwood. Aunty Sister Marjorie, Sis Joyce Viklund, Sister Tina Barclay, Sister Momsie McCritty, Bro Milton, Waldron, and of course our own Daddy Sam Shepherd. The Greaves home was a welcoming space and food was always available. Literally because Mummy cooked and stockpiled variety. To this date, I can only compare your food as good as Mummy's this or that.. then Sam Shepherd Jr Started cooking ..another story for another day on how the Greaves people can cook so well.

Sister Marcia would go off to start her own family. Like a rose flower, she planted it sprouted or if we stick to the rose budded. The first bud, the center of her life, ELS the tiger and Marcia to the rest of us, were inseparable love the one flew away from the other..birds don’t come back to tell their the bees they nectar and the flowers continue to blossom..the children she inherited as her own and the biological ones she cared for just like her own... the artist and painters will look for fine lines, but only the mother gardener and lover of her roses will tell you which rose bud was grafted from which tree. As far as we knew Elma and Eugene were her own children.

And while a rose garden always has a rich aroma, we know some buds and flowers die off or wither. So it was with Lionel her baby boy who had blossomed into a full man and blessed the family with grandchildren and had to leave. Literally left a fragrance on the hands of his mother. She clung on to the memory of his fragrance on his shadows. In all of this she had her moments of pain and sadness and happiness She made herself happy and she shared the infections smile and half laughter along the way or mid-way each story. She loved to laugh and looked for laughter around you.

Her garden of roses and friends was a topic and a threat for me. I threatened to visit twice when I was in Jo’burg and Pretoria but did not go to smell and savor the smell and watch her put time, skill, and energy in her own garden in Jo'burg. nor were we ever able to measure. But Elma and her buds. Eugene ..Lamelle and Eunese and all the buds will continue in the garden of life. The fragrance we all will continue to savor.

She visited our clan and Senator Wesseh or then Amb. or Minister or Hon. She took time to find his right title to make sure she got it right which almost always started the laughing. The years have gone by so fast. There was Lionel, Lamelle and Eunese all with her visiting us at Duport.Road. She was appreciating my lawn and small garden and garden we must all have and tender.

We spoke last on her 70th. My brother Sam had called, and he said have you spoken with your aunt. Sister Marcia today? It is her birthday. Oh, it was swift. I called her and she just happened to have just been putting down the phone. What a hearty laugh she gave out...when I said she hit 70 which is the new 50 now and she was beginning to look 35 going 40. I said this was encouraging to me, as by the time she reaches 90, I would know how I would be acting. A whole decade between us. She cracked up even more. I savored that moment to the day I learnt from Joyce Mends Cole that she had been taken to hospital. I called and she returned with a text. And as a registered practicing home remedy traditional medical practitioner niece of hers, I took my practice to her bed side. We kept up by text and was feeling elated when she was giving signs of hope that she was turning the curve to recovery. Until my big sister Joyce Mends-Cole, again who had kept up with her through another part of the sisterhood network - Marcia Morgan. It all came back to me. Like her roses, life like a flower, fades away. The smell lingers, her flower was gone away. It would linger as a smell. A work or the laughter ..the echo.. simmers. The doors that were always open to welcome the large Greaves Clan and all who came along to the place we longed and loved. The doors on the Brewervillian Greaves family on VOA Road can now be closed. Marcia Greaves Shaw is and or was the last and she has just shut the door…always loved and will be forever in our gardens.


Posted by Marneda See on August 25, 2021
I'll always remember Aunty Marcia's gentle and quiet spirit and her beautiful smile that would light up a room. She was class, beauty and grace personified.
May her memory live on forever in our hearts.
Sending prayers of condolences to my dear friend Eunese and the entire family.
With love and gratitude for a life well lived.
Posted by Brenda Brent Cole on August 24, 2021
Forever a beautiful gem, shining star, your light shines bright. Cherished conversations, pictures & laughs shared with you; especially last year at Joey & Eunese’s home. Jordan & Bailey’s “Yaya” your legacy lives on. You’re missed & loved forever.
Posted by Takhani Kromah on August 24, 2021
Words can not express how much you will be missed. It is hard to imagine a life without you but I know you are in a better place. From my first breath you have been a part of my life and I love you dearly. Rest in Peace Aunty Marcia.
Posted by Tina butler on August 22, 2021
My heart is so heavy writing this. I miss you so much Marcia (Yaya to me) even though I only spent a little time with you, it feels as if I knew you forever! Your pure and kind spirit was the first thing I noticed of you. How your family and grand children love you so much. Everytime when I think of you I picture you on vacation with your hair flowing having a great time:) I love you Yaya and I will always remember you and your spirit! Love Tina❤
P.s I will always remember your encouragement and kind words you spoke to me while I was pregnant. I will tell Xena about you one day!
Posted by Ellen Crayton on August 22, 2021
The days leading up to the time you crossed over, my light went dim. Throughout the hours and drawing on your own words, “You pray for me, and I pray for you - as they say in the old country.” I prayed for peace, understanding, and your recovery. At noonday on June 25, 2021, my light went dark at the moment of your crossing; then, I prayed for your safe and gentle passage. It was that moment when I turned to a place I knew you would otherwise be. I saw an even brighter light in the gardens and all of nature, among the things that you spent a lifetime embracing and making more beautiful and valuable.

This is the place where my gratitude repeats. I AM ONE OF YOUR VALUABLE MAKINGS!

THANK YOU again for always standing in during challenging times without a blink.
THANK YOU for your kind words that lifted me.
THANK YOU for the great suggestions and advisories that led me to the excellent place I am today.

In your honor, I will replicate your way, grace, kindness, and pureness of heart. I promise that!

I know you will see this post, but glad that I was able to tell you while you were still here.

I speak to the presence of your spirit each day; I hear your voice, your chuckle, and see your smiling face—— I will never forget. On Wednesday, when I saw you standing calmly in a garden of white flowers with others in the bright light – I was encouraged to continue speaking to the presence of your spirit.
Know that your last advice is in play – again, I thank you!

I love you forever, here and beyond!
Posted by Marjorie Brewer on August 21, 2021
Aunty Marcia,Time may pass and fade away but beautiful memories of you will always live in our hearts.❤️❤️❤️❤️✨✨✨✨

Love Kayma & Margie
Posted by Cecelia Sawyer on August 21, 2021
Marcia, it is becoming increasingly difficult to continue living life as we knew it. Things that were once special are now beginning to seem pointless all because we do not have you to share our joys, sorrows, stories and togetherness. All that we have done together have become reminders of how fragile life is. This was a Huge surprise to Us all. We did not see it coming.
Your words "Not Bad just Miserable!" We will never understand this particular plan of God but I guess some things are just beyond comprehension.
Rest in Perfect peace Marcia. You will Never be Forgotten.
Posted by Hawa Weeks on August 21, 2021
Sleep in heavenly peace, Marcia, my darling classmate. I will always remember how friendly, calm and gentle you were. My heartfelt condolences to Emmanuel, your children, your siblings, extended family and all your devoted friends who will miss you so much. May peace be their portion and may light perpetual shine on you as you rest in perfect peace. God Bless, AMEN!!
Posted by Joe Preston Sumo, Sr. on August 21, 2021
Bro. Roland Shaw and the rest of the family, I know these are trying times and no family wants to ever endure this but such is life. Please take heart and note that we equally share in your grief. As you cherish those beautiful and fond memories, know that your sister, aunt, cousin and dearest friend was loved beyond measures. May God Almighty continue to console the family and grant her eternal rest.
Joe Preston Sumo, Sr.
Germantown, MD
Posted by Bessie Brent on August 21, 2021
Marcia, we will miss you a lot especially our granddaughters, Jordan and Bailey who loved their "Yaya" very much. Rest in peace. Love you Bessie.
Posted by Lisa Cooper on August 21, 2021
To my darling Cousin Marcia,

I have admired you from the first day I met you. I will always cherish your gentle and joyful presence, your creative and artistic talents, and your caring spirit. We thank God for bringing so much joy, love, and beauty into our lives. through you. May He keep you in His loving arms and grant you eternal rest and perfect peace. Love you forever!
Posted by Deborah Sirleaf on August 21, 2021
To a quiet soul. Marcia was not one for too much talking. Her infectious smile said it all. As young girls at St Theresa's Convent, we called ourselves, "THE FRISKIES." She was not frisky at all, serious-minded, and loved by us all. The last time I had the privilege and joy to be with Marcia was at our Convent reunion in, 2017 at the home of our classmate, Massa Dempster Perry. We had a great time, re-living our years at Convent. You are going to be missed, my friend. You may be gone, but will never be forgotten. REST IN JESUS' BOSOM.
Posted by Eunese Brent on August 21, 2021

Dear Marcia,

As thousands of your friends and loved ones around the world were steadfastly offering prayer supplications to God for your recovery, you, in the same and respectful poise that characterized your life, yielded His call to come home and rest. 

In so doing, you became reunited with your loving Lionel, your parents, siblings and the loved ones who had accepted the same call at different times in their lives, and yours.  

So it was that exactly sixty-three days ago you took what would be your last breath and began your return to sender! Were it not for our trust and belief in God, we would be angry with Him, and, yes, you. I speak for myself, because I accept that, indeed, there may be some questioning the will of God. 

Did you deserve to get ill? No! Do we believe it was your time? How could we when you had everything to live for, were in your prime and had so much left to give? But what do we know?

When I visited South Africa in 2019, you invited me home for a lunch in Morningside. As usual, the food was excellent, you brought out the best South African wine on the market, and we talked about everything under the sun. You showed me around the convalescence facility you had purposefully annexed to your home, and how you had assisted people arriving in Johannesburg for medical treatment.    

Fully fed-up and, before I left, as you had each time Joyce or I called, you engaged me in discussion as to the timing of our eventual return to South Africa. We reflected about the plethora of good, fun and, yes, sad times our families had shared prior to our departure for Geneva following the death of my mother in 2003. Yours was an extension of our family, in the same way we were (and remain) of yours. 

Today, we are missing an angel. Earth is missing an angel. God willing, we return to South Africa in six months, but it will not be the same without you there. Afterall, we had planned this return and reunion for many years. 
We will miss sitting on the patio, eating and serving you your rum while enjoying the sunsets on the patio! Most of all, we will miss your trusted friendship, warmth, peaceful spirit, smiles and laughter. 

Thankfully, our mental memory banks are overfilled. So, while you are physically separated from us, you will always be with us. If for whatever reason we couldn’t remember the past, we would opt to repeat it. Here or there!

Go in peace, dear friend and sister. The earthly tasks with which you were entrusted are done, and God is well pleased with you. Thanks for all the memories and God be with you ‘til we meet again.

Sleep long and well!

Lorenzo Witherspoon
Posted by Grace Dunbar on August 21, 2021
I have fond memories of Marcia when we worked together at Air Liberia in the 70s. A beautiful person inside and out. She will indeed be forever missed. May her soul Rest In perfect peace, in Jesus Christ name, Amen .
Posted by Seward Cooper on August 20, 2021
Marcia radiated beauty, warmth, and an affability that put people at ease. She had a creative mind and exuded a spirit that could not be defeated. The pain we feel stems from our love for her and her now physical absence. May God grant her eternal peace. Amen
Posted by Loretta Shaw on August 20, 2021
Marcia welcomed me into her home on a couple of occasions. She was so warm and friendly. We had fun. Thanks for your kindness. Rest In Peace.
Posted by Nicole Taylor on August 20, 2021
Rest In Peace auntie Marcia
Posted by JACOB COLLINGWOOD on August 20, 2021
To the Greaves and Shaw families, I would to extend my deepest condolences for your loss.
I have known Marcia for a very long time, and we were good friends. I always liked her cool and down to earth personality.
I have also known her siblings as well. May Jehovah the True God of Hope & comfort, be with you all, at this time of grief, as we look forward to the resurrection hope. Rockville,MD USA
Posted by Marina Kromah on August 20, 2021
Rest in Peace Maya.
Posted by Williametta Dennis on August 20, 2021
  Such a beautiful lady inside and outside. Marcia had a radiant smile and a unique laugh. She had shoulders that withered many storms but through it all her smile and spirit uplifted us all. She has left a sudden deep void for many but especially for her children, grandchildren, siblings and loved one. Grateful she had quality time to enjoy her newest granddaughters Jordan and Bailey. Gone too soon but we are left with so many good memories. Her soul is at rest a beautiful lady! Our prayers and deepest sympathy Antie & Granville
Posted by Alyce Anderson on August 20, 2021
Can't say how much it hurts to have lost you Maya. I'm still numb. You were a sister and good friend; my confidant and partner in good times and bad. I will always remember your sense of humor and candor. But as much as it hurts, I will take solace in the fact that I know that you fought to the bitter end. The memories you left behind will give us strength to carry on. Rest in peace my friend. You are truly missed.
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Posted by Cecelia Sawyer on June 29, 2022
Gone physically but will always remain in our hearts. Not a day goes by without a memory of you. Rest Peacefully.
Posted by Nozi Mbere on June 29, 2022
We miss her cooking. Gone too soon
Posted by Vera Greaves-Sherman on June 27, 2022
Hi aunty Marcia. Think about you all the time. I  Was trying to make that Hibiscus punch the other day that you taught me how to make, but it just didn’t taste the same. Miss you and pray you are watching over us all
her Life

Maya's Story

Marcia Erica Greaves Shaw, affectionately known as Maya, was born on March 11th, 1951 at the Samuel Grimes Center - Miss Moore’s Hospital - in Kakata, Liberia. She was the first child of the union of her parents Joetta Hall Greaves and William Edward Greaves, but at the time of her birth, Marcia became the newest baby sister to Samuel, Tina, Elwood, Marjorie, Milton, Momsie, Waldron and Joyce. Then Ethan and Wilma followed, and Ken made the siblings twelve. As a child, she didn’t like to eat and her older siblings were often tasked with feeding her. Milton would feed her one spoonful but then take the next for himself and they would laugh when their little game tricked her mother into thinking she had eaten all of her food. She loved chicken, though! She once asked her parents for a whole chicken to eat by herself as a birthday present. Her father would say “If it left with you, you will even eat the chicken head!” Her nickname came about when, as a toddler, she couldn’t say ‘Marcia’ and began calling herself Maya. And, this wasn’t the only time she would change her name - early documents reflect the new middle name she chose for herself, as she refused to even utter the one her parents gave her. A preview, perhaps, of how she would continue to forge her own path.

Growing up in Brewerville, outside Liberia’s capital of Monrovia, she went to Lott Carey Baptist Mission School with Rosie Williams (Bryant). Always the dux of the class with Fatu Brown (Pearl Bull), Maya earned a “double promotion,” as they used to say, and skipped a grade. At STC, Saint Teresa’s Convent, she joined classmates Alyce Holder (Anderson), Cynthia Garber (Howard) and many other “Friskies,” as the Saints students were called. Always together, Maya, Fatu Kroma (Clarke) and Abey Urey were “the Three Musketeers.”

Graduating high school at the age of 16 made her one of the youngest on campus when she went to Cuttington University in 1968. Maie Karmo and Fatu Freeman were her “big sisters,” tasked to help her navigate college, and it was there that she began dating the love of her life, Emanuel Shaw II. Maya and Emanuel had crossed paths a few years before and they got engaged, married and were expecting their first child before she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from L.U., the University of Liberia.

Maya made friends easily, and kept them! Many relationships she nurtured and cherished for over 50 years. You’ve already heard of a few, and now, a few more...Marina Howard (Kromah), Loris Lawrence (Shannon), Blamo Nyekan (Lawson), Beryline Phelps (Togba) Ellen Crayton, Christine Snetter (Dick), Elouise Richardson (Sirleaf) and Adah Taylor (Clarke)... This long list of close friends saw Maya and Emanuel standing with over 30 friends, flower girls and page boys at their wedding! The Reverend Father J. Dwalu Kimba and The Very Reverend Dr. George Daniel Brown, the Episcopal Bishop of Liberia, officiated the ceremony at her father’s church, St. Thomas Episcopal Church on Camp Johnson Road. After they married in 1971, the couple moved to England with their young family.


Marcia and Emanuel were married for 30 years and raised 5 children together: Elma, Eugene, Lionel, Lamelle and Eunese. One of their priorities and greatest joys was instilling in their children that there is life beyond any border - that there is always more to learn, more to see, and more to love. As circumstances and their travels took the family to countries like England, France, Ghana, America, Switzerland, Kenya and South Africa, among others, they emphasized that experiencing the world firsthand was more than could be gleaned from any textbook.

Marcia started her career as a Personal Assistant at the Liberian National Airline then worked as the Senior Administrative Assistant for WARDA, the West African Rice and Development Agency. She later joined one of Liberia’s largest management consulting firms as Real Estate Manager and Vice President before following her passion for entrepreneurship. Marcia had trained in the field of travel and tourism in Bournemouth, England and earned a diploma with distinction in 1978. Her studies laid the foundation for her first company, Maya Travel & Services Agency, which she founded in 1986 after they returned to Liberia. Transforming the landscape of the country’s travel industry, her agency became the first local service & handling agent for international companies - previously limited to international airline companies. Recognized by Liberia’s Tourist Board, Maya Travel became the official agent for the 1988 Olympic Games.

In 1990, fleeing the Liberian civil war, they went back to England. Never one to remain idle, Marcia obtained her MBA from Huron University in London and the family moved to Florida in 1992. While in the U.S. she followed her true passion and started another company, Image Africa, where she curated art that celebrated and educated on the culture, beauty and relevance of Africa. Image Africa art pieces feature prominently in scores of homes and offices around the world, and her work has also been displayed at theLiberian presidential mansion. Driven by the fact that her children were growing up away from her home country, Marcia wrote and published Memories of Liberia, a dictionary of Liberian colloqua and popular phrases.


Marcia felt at home in South Africa after just one visit and moved to Johannesburg with Eunese in 1998 - Nelson Mandela was the country’s president. They joined Eugene and Lionel who already lived there. Lamelle soon followed, and Elma, who lived in various countries on the continent, visited often. Joburg was where Marcia finally settled and laid down new roots. She honed her craft and grew her art business; she continued developing her concept of an African-inspired children’s educational series; and, she completed a course in interior design - aspects of which she incorporated into everything!

Several of her grandchildren were born in South Africa and although some of her children left the country over time, they saw her regularly. She endured many long-haul flights to be with her children during their various life stages - especially for the births of their children. Grandma Maya and Yaya, they called her. Each had a special relationship with her and they sometimes spent weekends, weeks and even months at a time with her. She drove them to school, helped them with homework, painstakingly labeled school supplies and took them to do their hair. She rooted for them at sports meets and recitals, scoured stores for gifts to match their individual interests, went all out on their birthdays and shared many laughs with them on WhatsApp video chats. When she heard about one of her grandchildren being bullied at school, she went to the school and put the fear of God in the bully - forget talking to the teachers or parents! A grandmother of ten, she seemed to relish that role the most!

In the twenty-one years that she lived in Johannesburg, Marcia literally planted herself into the community and created a family of friends. That very family was her pillar of strength when her son, Lionel, gained his wings in 2014 and they were her steadfast support and encouragement during her illness this year. Her home in South Africa became a home to many. She welcomed family, old friends, friends of friends, her children’s friends, her friends’ children, her sorority sisters and their fraternity brothers; she even hosted strangers in her rental units and they would often become friends. Joyce and Lorenzo Witherspoon, Rachelle and Wendell Wilson, Marcia & Mike Morgan, Teresa and Alex Cummings, Candy Kasonkomona, Ann-Marie Hosang and so many more...her South African crew was large and they were her constant companions.

Like her mother before her, Marcia could cook! She was in her element when she was feeding people but unlike Joetta, she had tricks to make delicious, Liberian food fast, because what she really enjoyed was hosting. She also loved gardening and hers was like a museum of modern art in the Garden of Eden: beautiful flowers, fresh fruits, herbs and potato greens, wind chimes, a waterfall and unique sculptures all around. Her sunroom was a greenhouse bathed in light with whimsical decorations tucked into every corner - it was where she had Special Sunday breakfasts with her grandchildren and many celebrations for family and friends. It opened out to the back garden, and with the surprise birthday gift she received this year to fund her patio project, she finished the extension and was looking forward to hosting there again.

In 2014, Marcia, along with Tracy Whitfield, Angela Deh, Nozipho Mbere and eleven other sorors, chartered Psi Tau Omega (PTO), the South African chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated. As the chapter’s official hostess, Marcia welcomed and hosted other AKA’s who were visiting or moving to South Africa - the perfect position for her! She was a proud and active member of the PTO chapter, where her now 27 sorors stepped in stride with her. The community and charity work they did gave her a deep feeling of purpose and their sisterhood, a sense of belonging.

And, we come together today because she truly belonged! Marcia, our Maya, touched so many and as long as her memory remains in the hearts of those who knew and loved her, she lives.

Love and light she gave; love and light she is.

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An Original Recipe ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Shared by Elma Shaw on March 10, 2022
When Mom was last here with me, she made a dessert so delicious I just had to have the recipe. I think it was her magical version of bread pudding, but it truly deserves its own name.

On the eve of what would have been her 71st birthday, here, in her own handwriting, is the recipe. I'm going to experiment with it for the first time tomorrow, and continue celebrating the awesome person that she was. I hope you'll try it too someday - another loving gift from her! ❤️

3 eggs & 1 cup sugar (whisk), 1 can coconut milk, 3 cups milk, 1/4 tsp cinnamon, 1/4 tsp cardamom, 1/4 tsp ground ginger, pinch of salt, 1 baguette. Soak 15min, bake at 350 F for 35min.

Ebony Magazine Article (2014) - Alpha Kappa Alpha Launches First South African Chapter

Shared by Eunese Brent on August 29, 2021
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., made history while expanding its global service reach when it recently chartered its first chapter in South Africa.
Link to article:

The chapter, Psi Tau Omega, embraces Pretoria and Soweto. Its 15 members include business executives, attorneys, foundation leaders, educators and financial agents. Tracy Whitfield, an entrepreneur from Johannesburg, is the chapter's first president. Other members include Theolyn Blackwood, Letitia Campbell, Angela Deh, Pamela Graham, Monica Douglas Howard, Nozipo Mbere, Rhonda Lege Scott, Mokgadi Machaba-Abiodun, Cynthia Parrish, Louis Paulsen, Rufaro Rugara, Marcia Shaw, Cindy Thompson and Allison Watson.

Gone Too Soon

Shared by Miama Wallace on August 24, 2021
Marcia, I am still perplexed and sadden by your passing. So surreal but, find consolation in the fond memories and special bond between the CTH Dennis and Willie Greaves families.
Family gatherings at the Greaves Estate in Brewerville or Dennis Farm in Lakata where we had so much fun. Papa and God-pa sitting under a tree or in a secluded room laughing and talking for hours. Mama and God-ma (they called each other My Little Ditday) having their heart to heart talk in the kitchen another room. We dared not eavesdrop. The kids roaming the property, climbing trees, picking fruits, playing games, and teasing the animals. We had an old roaster called "Giant" who would chase us. We thought that was fun. 
When it was time to leave, no one wanted to. Not even the grown-ups. We would sadly leave, looking forward to the next gathering. Thank God we have memories to hold on to.
Rest in Peace
My condolences to family and friends. I pray for peace and comfort at this difficult time.
Miama (your god-sister)