Shared by Joy Durrant on April 26, 2019

Marcine was a great mother-in-law and grandmother - who dearly loved our two sons Ian and Evan.  When I was a newlywed, she taught me how to make apple pie, gravy, and Raspberry Bavarian - the last her own creation.  She excelled at making recipes her own by freely substituting whatever she had on hand - and she came up with delicious meals doing so.  I remember her frequently singing "Catch a Falling Star and Put It In Your Pocket" while she was cooking.  She loved games - and all of our family played many a game of Pitch and Scrabble with her.  

Shared by Noel Durrant on April 25, 2019

Words can't express my sense of loss.  However, I find comfort in this memorial as it lightens my heart.  Mom was a loving, wonderful mother to us.  Always available to talk, listen, dry my tears or discuss a book she was reading.  I attribute my musical interests and profession largely to her love of singing, playing the piano and continuous support of all my related recitals and music events.  Thank you, Mom.....Posted by Jan Durrant

Mom and Music

Shared by Noel Durrant on April 23, 2019

Mom loved to play the piano and there was always plenty of sheet music and hymnals to choose from. When I was young she would play and we would sing together.   I learned many songs that were popular when she was younger.  Songs like This Old House,  Chickery-Chick,  Little Brown Jug and Moon River were the staples.  But she also introduced me to songs like St. Louis Blues and  Summertime.  A couple of her favorties were Oh! What a Beautiful Morning and Somewhere Over the Rainbow - which was popular when it came out around 1939 and she would have been about 14 year old.  In the Garden and People Will Say We're in Love were also among her favorites.   Those song sessions were times of fun and pleasure for her, and gave me a lifetime interest in jazz, classical music and big band tunes. 

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