Marcus  was a 35 yr USAF  veteran whom entered at the age of 18 and a veteran  of the Desert Storm & Gulf war where he earned several medals, including the  Silver Star, and a Civil Action Unit Citation, Achievement Award.

Also serving his country with a second career as a Law Enforcement Officer with the  US Marshal office  for 28 yrs . 

The discipline and patriotism he learned in the Air Force never left him, as friends and family will speak of. It never left him as he carried the intergrity,  honor and trust to serve the people in the Law Enforcement field. Marcus died in the Line of Duty that evening. 


Mr. Johnson was predeceased by his Grandmother Cecil and Grandfather Gregory-Arwin Johnson and the predeceased   son of Thomas   and Elizabeth Johnson at age of 2. 

As a child, he learned ranching & carpentry from his grandfather, who taught him from their Texas home. Marcus continued these interests but grew others.   Marcus  continued this legacy after he came out of the service, running the ranch for his family and expanding. He created many special camps for people with  special needs of all ages especially therapy camps. 

Also saved ,  worked and rescued wild horses and rehabilitated the horses also. Continued expansion of the ranch with the help of a collegue, friends and soon business partner. Also introduced their homemade bake good and jams.  

Marcus's other passions , included spending time with the family, riding, fishing ,church along with eating some of his collegues wonderful cooking for 28 yrs ,and volunteering at various organizations. 

Organizations included : The veterans homes, AFB, Woman & Children shelters , Churches, Children Sport Leagues, Special Olympics, USAF marathons, USMC Marathons, Wounded Warriors, NLEOM, FEMA.