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Shared by Joanne De Giorgis on April 22, 2021
My 5-year-old dog Chloe and I have been sharing our time as SJA Therapy Dog/Handler Volunteers for just over three years now, however, my sweet pup has been giving her love and comfort to Margaret long before she became an official therapy dog on January 24, 2018. I would like to retell of a great love story between Margaret and her grand-puppy Chloe.

Margaret and I go way back to the choir of St Barnabas Church. We’ve known each other over 40 years. Although we started as choristers and friends, time turned our relationship into soul-sisters. I visited Margaret wherever the spirit moved her to reside and when she thankfully moved into Providence in the Spring of 2017, I visited as often as I could. Margaret had met Chloe when she was just a couple of months old and living in Stouffville. They became fast friends. After deciding to enroll Chloe in the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Testing, and passing, I requested us to be placed at Providence.

Chloe has displayed great affection and sensitivity with all her Providence friends; however, her excitement knew no bounds when we entered Elm House, whereupon she would take the lead to room 201 where her granny Margaret resided. She would prance into the room and if Granny was laying on the bed, she would jump onto it to let her know “I’M HERE!” Margaret would squeal with joy and the two would hug, romp and give kisses. It was always a special visit that left Margaret happy and wishing she could keep Chloe with her always. The feeling was mutual because Chloe always dawdled when it was time to leave.

Many was the time I would get a video call from Margaret on Whatsapp just so she could see her baby (even before 7 am at times). She would ask for kisses and I would have to oblige Chloe kissing me thoroughly because the phone was not an option for my little pup. Margaret would giggle and squeal in delight while she kissed her phone.

The pandemic stopped the wonderful, in-person visits with Margaret and it took its toll on her health and well-being. She lost the ability to use her cell phone so Whatsapp visits ended. Margaret’s illness also removed her ability to speak so phone calls became impossible. Knowing how much seeing Chloe meant to her, I had to find another way. On February 9, 2021, Chloe and I had our first Skype call with Margaret. Oh, the joy! Smiles, laughter, lots of wet, puppy kisses from Chloe to me (for Granny) and many kisses from Margaret to Chloe on her tablet. We so looked forward to these weekly half-hour visits. Tuesday, April 13, 2021, was our last Skype visit with Granny. I say farewell to a great friend, my soul-sister. I don’t know how Chloe will react when we can once again walk through the doors of Cardinal Ambrozic Houses of Providence. She hasn’t been able to say her good-bye to Margaret. I am, however, so happy that Chloe was able to have that final puppy-kissing session with Granny!

Rest in peace my dearest friend. Until we meet again in that glorious choir in heaven. xoxo

From David and Mano Gouveia, Margaret's Brothers

Shared by Melissa Williams on April 22, 2021
David and I will be lighting a candle this afternoon at 4 PM. We will be doing a meditation, prayer, a deep listening time to embrace Margaret's spirit from 4 PM to 5 PM. If anyone wants to join us in silence please do so. Margaret’s beautiful song voice and her laugh will remain with us forever.

When we visited Margaret at Providence Village we were there at lunchtime. Margaret would put a serviette so tenderly under a man’s shirt at the table. She picked up his soup spoon and encouraged him to partake of these nutrients. She fed him. She would say to him “come on Tom you need to eat. The soup today is so delicious.” Margaret was always serving. May we today give back some of what she has given us. Let us listen deeply today to the messages she is giving us.

David Gouveia

Message from Joan Boyko at Providence

Shared by Melissa Williams on April 22, 2021
I just wanted to express my deepest sympathy in the passing of Margaret.

It was very sad to open my email Thursday morning to learn of her passing, I thought we had more time with her.

I have a lot of nice memories of Margaret’s time here on the unit. I will always remember how much she cared about the other residents, always looking out for them and advocating for them. For example, Margaret would walk by a resident and if they called out to her she would go over to them, hold their hand and ask them if they were okay. If they said they were cold Margaret would go to their room and get them a blanket. These random everyday acts of kindness showed me the wonderful caring person she was.

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