Miki at Coit Tower
Margaret Ashida
  • 58 years old
  • Date of birth: Jun 15, 1956
  • Place of birth:
    Nebraska, United States
  • Date of passing: Oct 5, 2014
  • Place of passing:
    Manado, Indonesia
Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Margaret Ashida’s family hosted a reception celebrating Margaret’s life on January 17th, 2015 at the Hawkins-Carlson room at the Rush Rhees Library on the University of Rochester River Campus, Rochester NY.  The event included displays highlighting Margaret’s life, accomplishments, dedication to education, and lasting impact on those she encountered.  Thank you to all who contributed and attended. 

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Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Sheila Appel on 5th October 2017

"Our beloved Margaret, it is so hard to believe that it has been 3 years since we lost your light.  I had the pleasure to work with Margaret at IBM and then the real treat, was I got to work even closer with her as she lead the Empire State STEM initiative.  In both cases, I never found a more dedicated individual to making a difference for the cause.  I will forever be blessed by having worked with Margaret.  I join a very long list of those that admired and loved you our dear friend -- I miss you dearly.  With love, Sheila"

This tribute was added by Gwendolyn Maturo-Grasso on 23rd June 2017

"Margaret's "Waves of Change for STEM Education" ROLL ON!!!

The 3rd annual Margaret Ashida STEM Leadership Awards will be presented at the NYS STEM Education Collaborative's Summer Institute at SUNY Alfred on July 31st!!! The winners are selected based on their qualities of leadership that evoke memories of  Margaret's work on behalf of America's children and STEM Workforce.

For more info:

This tribute was added by Donna DeSiato on 15th June 2017

"New York State is one of 3 states to win the STEMx Challenge! Your legacy continues!!!"

This tribute was added by Mary Margaret Small on 6th October 2016

"Margaret, the pain of loosing you just doesn't go away. So often in meetings your name comes up and the feeling of deep loss surfaces once again. Your light still shines brightly. The impact you had is felt by so  many, not just by me.We know you are guiding our thoughts and decision making.  ..and toasting our progress with a dirty martini and a wink!  I miss you, my friend."

This tribute was added by Mary Keough on 5th October 2016

"Dearest friend and colleague, you are forever in our hearts.   Your time here was too short. May you be at peace until the end of time."

This tribute was added by Terry Schaack on 5th October 2016

"Margaret lived more life in 58 years than most people do in a much longer life. I continue to be grateful she spent some of it with me."

This tribute was added by Cheryl Davidson on 5th October 2016

"Margaret's work and passion continues on.  Her spirit continues to inspire."

This tribute was added by Donna DeSiato on 5th October 2016

"Margaret's impact on the world continues and it is a tribute to her life & memory to witness the positive influence she had on so many!  She will be forever missed.
                                                    Most sincerely,
                                                           Donna DeSiato"

This tribute was added by Suzanne Needles on 16th June 2016

"Margret was born 60 years ago.  Would that we would all have had the pleasure of your company for a little longer.  The time you shared with us was always quality time, always personal, and always very efficient at accomplishing the most possible work, mission, drive and heart. You lived well and we miss you every day."

This tribute was added by Mary Keough on 4th February 2016

"I was so very sorry to hear about the passing of Maragaret.  Margaret was my manager and mentor at IBM, and a dear friend.   She was very supportive, super smart, with a great sense of humor.  We had many wonderful times working together on Extreme Blue.  She was passionate about life and everything she did, with a creative and caring spirit. She proudly spoke of her father and nephew whom she loved dearly. She will be missed by many. Her spirit will live on in so many ways and I will always remember her.  With fond memories, Mary Keough"

This tribute was added by Cheryl Davidson on 6th October 2015

"It is hard to believe that a year has passed.  Margaret continues to be an inspiration.  It is an honor to carry on the wonderful work and initiatives that she has created"

This tribute was added by Gwendolyn Maturo-Grasso on 5th October 2015

"To Margaret's family & friends...
Please know that the NYS STEM Education Collaborative seeks to keep the waves of change set forth by Margaret rolling forward by honoring 3 Outstanding STEM LEaders each year at our annual conference.

Next round of nominations will open in January and be awarded at the 2016 NYS STEM Education Collaborative Summer Institute at NYIT's Long Island campus July 10-12, 2016. Please join us as we celebrate a powerful  life energy honoring Margaret!

Please follow this link to read about the first year's winners:


This tribute was added by Donna DeSiato on 15th June 2015

"Today we are in Columbus, Ohio, the place that we first met Margaret. Margaret's legacy lives on as we prepare to present as one of 16 School Districts in the country at the Battelle Showcase of Schools. This is a tribute to the influence of Margaret. She will be forever missed and forever remembered."

This tribute was added by Joan Turner on 22nd January 2015

"Dear Janet,  
I was saddened to read about your sister's passing in the rochester review.  It has been so many years since high school and college but I remember many things from that time.  Condolences to you and your family.  Joan Baker Turner"

This tribute was added by Allan Berry on 21st January 2015

"Dear Janet,  We are so sad to hear of Margaret's passing and so happy that she was able to share her talents with this world for 58 years.  She is a beautiful person and we feel fortunate to have known her.  It is so many years ago that you and your sister were such a vibrant part of Brockport High School.  Allan and Jean Berry"

This tribute was added by Jim Lavin on 19th January 2015

"I wish to offer my sympathy to those close to Margaret.  She was a fellow U of Rochester student of mine in the span from 1974-77. She was always lovely to cross paths with….one of those frequent places was as a fellow food service worker on work study at the U of R's Danforth Dining Hall.  Margaret was always a sweet and friendly person to meet up with.  Since I left the U of R in 1977 (almost 38 years ago), I lost contact with her, but she left a warm and friendly impression that stays with me to today.  Blessings and my sympathies to her spouse and family and dear friends who miss her."

This tribute was added by Bill Graves on 16th January 2015

"Janet-san ... So sorry to hear of your family's loss.  I hope the celebration of her life brings peace and joy!  Our best wishes are always with you!  Bill and Joan Graves"

This tribute was added by Eric Joseph on 16th January 2015

"Dear Janet, We are so sorry for your loss. Unfortunately, we can't make the memorial, but our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Eric & Dorothy"

This tribute was added by James Gosnell on 15th January 2015

"I was saddened to hear of Margaret's passing last October.  The last time I saw Margaret was at our high school graduation in 1974.  She was a good friend throughout our times in high school, and I always thought that she was one person who would go on to do great things in her life.  I am pleased to see that she made such a positive impact on so many people."

This tribute was added by Denise Eassa Wilson on 14th January 2015

"How could you be gone Margaret?  Weren't we just at U of R a few short years ago?  Didn't I just see  you hanging out with Bob O.?  Although I hadn't seen you in many years you were always so kind and so smart in college.  May you rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Amy Amrhein on 14th January 2015

"Like Jeffrey Becker, I knew Margaret at the University of Rochester. We were housemates for a summer and friends through the student government network. Her smile and laugh were infectious and I looked up to her as one of the smartest people I had met. She remains an inspiration to me. I read of her passing in the Rochester Review and am stunned. I regret not keeping in touch and sharing our life journeys. From what I have read, she fulfilled her potential as a human being. I would not have expected less. BTW...I hope she found a way to eliminate the ever-present fatal flaw in her wardrobes. She said "there is always something just not quite right." And then she would laugh.  Amy Warnick Amrhein"

This tribute was added by Karen Mackey on 13th January 2015

"Dear Janet--I am so sorry to hear of your loss.  You are in my thoughts and prayers."

This tribute was added by Jeffrey Becker on 13th January 2015

"I knew Margaret during my days at the University of Rochester where we were involved in student government. She was so smart, so able to communicate, and had such an ability to make those around her feel good about themselves. Although our paths had not crossed since the University of Rochester, she was an inspiration to me and I always felt good that I had known her."

This tribute was added by Donna DeSiato on 13th January 2015

"In September 2010 I met Margaret on our Learning Tour to Metro in Columbus, Ohio and Lake Travis High School in Arizona. From the first moments of engaing with Margaret her intelligence, commitment, creativity, experience, caring and compassion was a magnet. In the days, weeks, months and years that followed Margaret became advisor, mentor and friend to myself and our team at East Syracuse Minoa. Margaret's leadership was instrumental in guiding the development and successful launch of the CNY STEM Hub. To date we have hosted more than 70 districts from 6 different states in Learning Tours at ESM with the ongoing support of Margaret. In August of 2014, Margaret joined us for the first annual Collaborative Educators' Summit and shared meaningful messages about our current work and the foundation for the future. Margaret's legacy is impacting our current students, teachers, administrators, leaders, higher education and business partners and will do so for many generations to follow. I can truly say that my life and the lives of many others has been enriched and blessed in knowing Margaret."

This tribute was added by Emily DeRocco on 28th October 2014

"Margaret, dear friend, we so often found ourselves in the same forums, at the same podium, with the same networks . . . I just reached out to ask you to join me in yet another new venture to "organize more pieces" of the global education, workforce development, economic agenda "puzzle" to which we have devoted so much of our time together.  With you, I feel I learned at the feet of the master . . . you were colleague, mentor, friend.  I will miss you.   But I will always remember.   With love, Emily"

This tribute was added by Marian Norton Miller on 23rd October 2014

"Margaret was my colleague at IBM and mentor.  I so appreciate the time spent with her and her guidance, tips and traps to avoid.  Still bring a smile to my face.  I could always count on her friendship. Thank you Margaret for being you."

This tribute was added by Hilary Reilly on 22nd October 2014

"I know Margaret as a member of our 21st Century Education team where she was instrumental in assisting us with the development of the 10 key learnings for STEM education. She joined our Greater Capital Region Workforce Coalition group when we were finalizing our document and gave us the frame of reference that was essential to its completion. Our work has been recognized by the Board of Regents and is, in part, responsible for the STEM pathway under consideration for NY State. Unfortunately, this is the second colleague I have lost within a year from that committee. Dr. Joseph Bowman, former Regent himself, also passed away. I commit to completing the work that we started and to see their passion fulfilled for NY State students. They will be missed dearly and remembered fondly."

This tribute was added by Suzanne Needles on 20th October 2014

"Margaret will always be in Paradise.

Please go to the Gallery tab and select "video" for pictures of her Indonesidan Tribute from Dale and Suzanne Needles

Our friend of thirty years was very excited to be going on a well-deserved and long-planned vacation in Indonesia. Margaret flew from New York and met my husband Dale and I in the Singapore airport. She lived in airports --never holding still-- as she simply had too much living to do.  Margaret worked harder than anyone we know and played even harder.   She volunteered endlessly and held all her family, friends and colleagues closely.  She did nothing without limitless energy and passion.  With her, everything and everyone was personal.  She had that unique talent of making you feel like you were the only person on the planet when you were with her.

We flew to the Island of Sulawesi and reached Lembeh Straits on a Saturday, October 4, 2014. Her smile as we arrived at the resort was as wide as the tropical sky.  The next morning she lost consciousness at the surface of the ocean and the world will never be the same.

As the sun rose over calm waters a few short days later, the gardener was already busy preparing the soil for the Magaret Ashida Memorial Garden.  The staff of Kungkungan Bay Resort joined hands with us in a large circle and sang.  We walked the path to Margaret's cabin.  A member of the staff played the guitar softly in front of a large boulder where fronds of a beautiful purple flowering tree and several slips of red banana flowers were waiting for planting.  Several folks took turns digging into the soil and turning it to prepare for new life.  Kind words were spoken and songs were sung. We spoke of the amazing woman that she was and of all the many lives she had touched so many thousands of miles away.  

In the afternoon, we gathered in a serene room filled with tropical flowers where Margaret's favorite photo of her sailing past the Golden Gate bridge was framed by candles.  We spoke of her good life and her large heart.  Dale talked about how Margaret was the embodiment of Mahatma Gandhi's maxim, "Be the change that you wish to see in the world." Music and song filled the room.

At sunset, we went by boat to Serena island where we lost her and  threw blossoms into the sea as the sky changed to dusk over the waves and across the waters under the shadow of a dramatic volcanoe.  A beautiful tribute to a life well lived. The first of many for such a special woman."

This tribute was added by Barry Nathan on 20th October 2014

"I only met Margaret a few times, but was struck by her passion for her mission and her compassion towards those she served, including and especially students.  She will be missed."

This tribute was added by Mike Tucker on 19th October 2014

"Margaret was a true visionary with “get it done” passion for STEM education.  Her energy, intellectual curiosity and her attention to detail leave a true legacy to the future of education across the US.  On a personal level, she was a strong mentor and friend.  She will be greatly missed.

Mike Tucker
President & CEO
Center for Economic Growth
Albany, New York"

This tribute was added by Carl/Sharon Wheat on 16th October 2014

"In 1974 a lady came to our door and said "you don't know me but my daughters are students at the High School and respect your husband,I want to help you" and from there a deep friendship with the Ashida family began.  It is with sadness that we learn of Margaret's passing but what joy and accomplishments she gave the world. Elle and Sachio welcome her with open arms. We will be praying for all of you, Janet,Don and Alan"

This tribute was added by Pat Chute on 16th October 2014

"I knew Margaret for only 5 hours as I sat next to her in a meeting in Albany just before she left for her trip. I feel cheated that it was only 5 hours but blessed that I had that opportunity. It was but a speck of time in the universe but what a lucky speck it was. She died doing something she loved although I suspect that there was not much in life that she didn't love. We owe it to her students, colleagues, family and friends to reach into the abyss of the water into which she dove to bring her memory above the waves and into the sunlight knowing she will be remembered for her greatness, warmth and incredible intellect. It was only 5 hours but what a great 5 hours they were."

This tribute was added by brad mclain on 15th October 2014

"I had lunch with Margaret just last month in Denver near the National Renewable Energy Lab.  A perfect fall day, sitting outside over a couple of fizzy lemonades, and discussing both professional and personal things.  We spoke of her wonderful appearance at our Xperience STEM conference in August, we spoke of Colorado's rapid STEM network growth over the past year, the STEMx network in general and philosophical terms, and we spoke of our common origins in Nebraska, our love of extraordinary experiences, and she promised to regale me with stories from Indonesia when we met next in November.

I've been in a depressed and sometimes angry funk since we heard the announcement last week.  The size of the void created by our loss of Margaret is bigger and runs deeper than I could've imagined. As we all know in our work and our lives, rare are those empowering optimists who not only can make things happen, but also cause us to feel the joy of doing it together.  She did just that.

I've roughly cut together a short compilation video from Margaret's appearance at our conference as part of a lunch panel -- on the Policy of Inspiration in STEM Learning.  So wonderful to hear her voice, see her views, and be reminded of why she was so essential.  It is posted on this site under the gallery videos.  Peace."

This tribute was added by Kenneth Chung on 15th October 2014

"Margaret was an integral part of Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics, Inc.(LEAP) and we are forever in debt to Margaret's contribution, her passion and her dedication to inspire and encourage Asian Pacific Islanders Americans to fully exploit our potentials. Many of us at LEAP learned so much from Margaret and was blessed by her guidance and counsel. I am still in disbelief of her passing and will for sure grieve for a very long time.
Margaret was such a positive influence and inspiration for so many of us at LEAP.  I believe the best way to honor her legacy is to channel our grief and sorrow into energy in carrying on her work. We will use her inspiration to make a bigger impact. We wanted to make Margaret proud!
We will miss Margaret, our brilliant leader and a great friend."

This tribute was added by Lynn & Barbara Adamson on 15th October 2014

"How can you summarize a 30+ year combination of working relationship and friendship that was treasured? I had the privilege of working with Margaret in the 80’s at Xerox. Her intelligence, professionalism and work ethic were enough to make her a long term friend. But, as luck would have it, we joined the same ski cabin together – a cabin that became a very special place for my wife and I. Margaret’s energy, creativity, humor and flexibility opened the gateway to good times and lots of laughter. Because she was always kind, generous and willing to do more than her fare share, she was the perfect cabin mate. Whether it was our mutual interest in skiing, sailing, good food and wine or making the world a better place, we always had much to discuss. We shared many of life’s milestones together with a common group of friends. Margaret was an incredibly loyal and supportive friend and was always there for you. Over the years we valued her interest in STEM initiatives and have vicariously taken pride in her accomplishments. The world has lost an outstanding steward and we have lost a truly special friend.
Our thoughts are with her family and extensive group of friends."

This tribute was added by Joe Dragone on 15th October 2014

"The entire team at the Clean Technologies and Sustainable Industries Early College High School will forever be grateful for Margaret’s leadership, guidance and mentorship helping our program become a reality.  She will always be an inspiration for us, and her legacy will live on everyday as we remain faithful to her vision of staff and students fully immersed in authentic STEM teaching and learning.  Margaret was a true friend to all of us; she will forever be our Champion."

This tribute was added by Amber Ptak on 15th October 2014

"I am absolutely devastated to hear this news. Margaret will be deeply missed by her STEM friends and my heart goes out to her family. Thank you, Margaret, for being a wonderful listener, a tireless advocate, an incredible leader, and a warm and engaging friend."

This tribute was added by Amy Hirotaka on 15th October 2014

"I admired Margaret for her passion and deep dedication to equity in STEM education. She was so generous with her time and expertise, and I am better at what I do because of her. Also, she was a warm, kind, wonderful person and I thoroughly enjoyed being in her presence. I hope to carry on her legacy and honor her amazing work and impact."

This tribute was added by Eve Proffitt on 15th October 2014

"Margaret has in the past two years become such a mentor to me working with STEMx in Kentucky.  She instills positive vibes and is so supportive and encouraging of others.  She is one of a kind and I, for one, will miss her strength, her dedication, and her amazing networking and knowledge base.  We will all miss her as we go forth, but are challenged to now finish the work she started.  My heartfelt sympathy to her family as they likewise go forth.  God will definitely lead us all by supporting our footsteps as we venture ahead without Margaret's presence."

This tribute was added by carol martinak on 15th October 2014

"I adored Margaret from the moment I met her in junior high school.  As smart as a whip, and she could always make me laugh.

We lost touch for many years and caught up a few years back.  I couldn't believe my luck in finding her again.  I am so sad she is gone.

She is one of the best people I have ever known."

This tribute was added by Michelle Kavanaugh on 15th October 2014

"Margaret was a beautiful soul who knew how to lift others up and leave her mark on all those who came into her world.  She inspired me and so many others through her example and her words of encouragement, leading us into her ever-growing circle of those committed to STEM learning.  Her legacy serves to spur us on in continuing the good work she was so suddenly required to leave behind."

This tribute was added by Laurie Miller McNeill on 15th October 2014

"Dear, dear Margaret! You were such a friend to all of us who cared about making the world a better place through education! You were my guide and inspiration in our planning of the STEM Stakeholders Conference for the Lower Hudson Valley - and your enthusiasm was contagious!  You will be missed, dear Margaret!  Thank you for being an instant friend in the common cause of STEM education.  My most sincere condolences to your family, along with prayers for peace and eternal blessings!"

This tribute was added by Grace Suh on 14th October 2014

"I had the great pleasure of knowing Margaret both at IBM and through her leadership on the Empire State STEM Initiative.  Margaret was passionate, smart, and kind.  She created a dedicated community through her wisdom and warmth.  My thoughts and prayers are with her family.  She had a beautiful smile."

This tribute was added by Sheila Appel on 14th October 2014

"I had the pleasure to work with Margaret as a colleague at IBM.  However, it wasn't until after she left IBM to start the Empire State STEM Learning Network, that I worked much closer with her.  I can still remember that first session at RPI, and, that amazing smile and love for STEM.  What an amazing inspiration she was to so many during those early days of  her role as the "evangelist!" -- there was nobody better then Margaret to get the conversation started. And, started she did -- under her leadership, the STEM Network became a reality, and, lives on today because of her leadership.  I had the honor to co-present with Margaret on a number of occasions, and, it was always a joy and a learning experience.  I especially enjoyed our phone conversations, which we both needed from time to time -- and, it was always clear to me that family was so important -- and, yet, equally important was her love of education and inspiring others.  I will miss her genuine nature, her love of life, her amazing spirit -- and, that wonderful smile.  Rest in peace, my friend -- your journey on this earth, although short, inspired so many - and, we are ALL grateful for your friendship.  Margaret was the "real deal", we have lost a true hero.  My thoughts and prayers are with her family.  With love!"

This tribute was added by Mark Ezzell on 13th October 2014

"Margaret was brilliant, funny and visionary role model for all of us who worked in STEM education. She had an infectious humor and unbridled passion for education, and she accomplished so many great things across the country. More importantly, she was a warm, exciting, confident person who always brought a servant leader mentality to the work she undertook. And she was funny and joyous- I can't think of much higher praise than that. Margaret will be missed, and she'll always be remembered."

This tribute was added by Jodi Atkin on 13th October 2014

"Margaret was my classmate (UR 1978).  So very sad to hear this news.  May her memory be for a blessing, and may her influence on all of our lives remind us to reach and grow and become all we are capable of."

This tribute was added by Vincent Marrone on 13th October 2014

"I had the honor of working with Margaret in Albany.  She was a passionate, brilliant woman who was dedicated to improving the lives of others.  I will miss her dearly, and extend my sincere condolences to her family."

This tribute was added by Steve Tolopka on 13th October 2014

"I had the pleasure of working with Margaret as co-chairs of the Workforce Alliance at NCWIT.  Great ideas, persistence, humor, passion for the work -- Margaret was special, and I'll miss her."

This tribute was added by Val Jones on 13th October 2014

"I worked with Margaret at IBM.  In fact she was my manager when I was in my first management job.  I remember her being so supportive and encouraging.  She was always there to provide guidance when I felt lost but even more than that she took the time to get to know me on a personal level.  I remember our Monday morning meetings which always started with us sharing stories about our weekend and our families.  I recall her passion for education and being we were both in university recruiting at the time, her drive and commitment in this area brought a level of excitement to everything we did.  Her spirit will live on in so many ways and I will always remember her."

This tribute was added by bill marean on 13th October 2014

"Dear Janet We are so sorry for your loss. Our thoguts and prayers are with you.
Bill and Judy Marean"

This tribute was added by Maggie McCabe on 12th October 2014

"Margaret was an inspirational leader at IBM and in life. She was my manager for several years and spoke with such joy and passion about her family and her life. I recall our many chats, her sense of humor and uplifting spirit. It was an honor to know you and you will forever be
in our hearts. You will be missed by all."

This tribute was added by Karen Calo on 12th October 2014

"We both knew Margaret from our days together at IBM.  Knowing Margaret enriched our lives through her passion, authenticity and caring spirit....she will be missed by many.  With fond memories. Karen and Rich Calo"

This tribute was added by Kim Madden on 12th October 2014

"Truly a deep loss for all who knew her. Condolences to her family."

This tribute was added by Gary Rheinwald on 12th October 2014

"Dear Janet and family, We are sorry for you're loss ! we are thinking about you and praying for you Margaret and you're family."

This tribute was added by Mollie Schuff on 12th October 2014

"Sweet, kind, genuine......she will be missed."

This tribute was added by Laarni Dacanay on 11th October 2014

"Margaret was an amazing leader who I met while we planned the 2008 Asian Leadership Summit in NYC, she was with IBM, I was with GE and along with our colleagues at HSBC -- we produced one of the best examples of corporate synergy for the API community.  Since then, I continued to see Margaret at LEAP events and she always had a kind smile on her face.  Margaret always took the time to share her advice and guidance and I'll always be grateful for that.  What a great loss for the Ashida family and our community.  Thank you, Margaret."

This tribute was added by Dan Sturm on 11th October 2014

"I was fortunate enough to work with Margaret at IBM a decade ago.  Always so thoughtful and thinking of others in her approach and  dealings, she will be missed by all who knew her.    Fair Winds and Following Seas my friend."

This tribute was added by Zane Zumbahlen on 11th October 2014

"Margaret was a friend from IBM with whom I frequently commiserated.  She was always inspirational, energetic, passionate, and an wonderful confidant - and a person who will be greatly and dearly missed."

This tribute was added by Albert Bunshaft on 11th October 2014

"I knew Margaret from when we both worked at IBM, but we worked more closely than every recently related to STEM education. She was so welcoming and supportive when we reconnected this past year. Margaret was providing true leadership for STEM efforts around the USA. She was always so friendly, engaging and inclusive. Margaret, you will be missed!"

This tribute was added by Fahina Tavake-Pasi on 11th October 2014

"I did not have to know Margaret to benefit from her leadership, passion, expertise, and work. I was aware of her leadership and role in moving LEAP's excellent mission forward…an organization that has made a difference in so many lives, including mine. Her rippling affect continues to move me to better serve others.  Thank you Margaret for "being the change you wished to see in the world.""

This tribute was added by Fatima Bustos-Choy on 11th October 2014

"I had the great pleasure of meeting Margaret as part of the LEAP family where she was a staunch advocate, former Board Chair, and untiring supporter. My experience of Margaret was one of high energy, passion, compassion, laughter, and plain down to earth presence. I always felt her kind and big heart, so unpretentious, always ready to help and give a hand. Though I didn't see her much, I will miss her presence at LEAP gatherings. She clearly made her mark. I am blessed to have known her. You are missed now, Margaret. Your legacy will leave on for many of us Asian women."

This tribute was added by Zarina Stanford on 11th October 2014

"Margaret had been an inspiration, a cornerstone, and a true spirit in all aspects I've known her over the years - from my early days joining IBM learning about the Asian Diversity effort more than 10 years ago, to the many inclusion activities, rallies, LEAP, and industry gatherings and undertaking, to simply being a mentor and a friend.    Margaret, you will be missed by all whom you've touched and whose path was lucky enough to have crossed with yours.   Your spirit and energy will live on. We know it.  To Margaret's family, our condolences and thank you for sharing Margaret with us."

This tribute was added by Stacia Kato on 10th October 2014

"I didn't know Margaret - at least not like many who have paid tribute here. Seeing her at LEAP events, the passion written on her face, her leadership clear, without even saying a word. And when she spoke, I hope she heard my clapping afterwards - because I always wanted to introduce myself to her and now bemoan the lost opportunity. Clearly from the tributes left here, she was a giant upon whose shoulders new API leaders are standing. Thank you, Margaret. I'm so sorry I didn't say hello before having to say good bye."

This tribute was added by Cheryl Davidson on 10th October 2014

"I first met Margaret in 2009 when she was beginning the Empire STEM Network.  She was passionate,insightful, inspiring and kind.  Over the years she became a mentor and friend.  She was one- of - a kind leader and will be missed by everyone who had ever met her.  Her impact will leave a wonderful legacy for years to come"

This tribute was added by Kang Choi on 10th October 2014

"Margaret was a key reason why I joined the board at LEAP.  I felt that if a fellow alumnus had such passion, conviction and care for what she believed in, maybe by just being around her that it would make me a better person..a better leader.  It did and will continue to influence and guide me.  Margaret, I will miss your wisdom, your company but I will try to do some justice in carrying forward your impact.  Will miss you.  KC"

This tribute was added by Karl Rectanus on 10th October 2014

"Margaret pushed me.  She made me laugh. We helped each other, and we learned so much together -- to her credit much more than mine.   She gave first, always.  A servant leader, a thoughtful friend, a trailblazer in almost every area.  The world lost a great one.

We must continue to be inspired.  And, to make time for those we love, even when we feel so rushed by the world, because it is through each other that we might elevate to a life of purpose. I think she would have wanted that."

This tribute was added by Minh-Hoa Ta on 10th October 2014

"I met Margaret in Washington D.C. at the APISF Summit couple years ago and was so impressed with her dedication to NYS STEM Initiative.  A kind, brilliant, sincere person and will be missed by me and so many!"

This tribute was added by Chris Roe on 10th October 2014

"I had the great fortune to know Margaret over several years as a champion for STEM, a beacon of hope, a fount of wisdom, and a fierce advocate for equity. She was witty, kind, quick with a hearty laugh and always knew how to ask the right question and when to lend a hand in support. She was also a San Franciscan at heart, and we had the opportunity to visit on many occasions when she came here to attend to her home. Her light has gone out way too early. She will be deeply missed by so many of us, but I can assure you she and her legacy will not be forgotten."

This tribute was added by Michele Morningstar on 10th October 2014

"Margaret was first and foremost my friend and then an IBM colleague. She offered both personal and professional support to me throughout out friendship and when she left IBM before me, there was something missing. Her passion for all people, for all things science and living was beautiful and contagious. Always striving to give her everything to everything she did and all those that she touched, especially her family which we spoke about often, her nephew meant the world to her.
I made a Dragonfly pin for Margaret .. a parting gift that to me and hopefully to her went something like this.. "The dragonfly, in almost every part of the world symbolizes change and change in the perspective of self realization; and the kind of change that has its source in mental and emotional maturity and the understanding of the deeper meaning of life. The adult dragonfly lives so much in a few months time and leaves nothing to be desired. This style of life symbolizes and exemplifies the virtue of living IN the moment and living life to the fullest. By living in the moment you are aware of who you are, where you are, what you are doing, what you want, what you don’t and make informed choices on a moment-to-moment basis.

This ability lets you live your life without regrets like the great dragonfly."  May you forever be flying with no regrets, and IN the moment. I know I will think of you when I see my next dragonfly. With love and respect ~ Michele Morningstar"

This tribute was added by Darcy Renfro on 10th October 2014

"Margaret is one of those people you meet in life that can never be forgotten.  We worked together from a distance for years on STEM, and she provided me with great wisdom, compassion and guidance. A true colleague and a quiet force of nature."

This tribute was added by Drew Valentine on 10th October 2014

"Margaret was a colleague at IBM. Her passion for ensuring diverse populations were versed and developed in STEM skills was boundless. Not only for the benefit of the individuals, but also the belief that their technical contributions would make the world a better place. Rest peacefully my sister."

This tribute was added by Gretchen Brown on 10th October 2014

"Margaret will be dearly missed by so many, including those of us who were lucky enough to call her a coworker and colleague. <3"

This tribute was added by Mary Thomas on 10th October 2014

"I met Margaret as the Finger Lakes STEM Hub was forming and finding its way initially. She was someone who built the capacity of others, was patient with people, and could see the big picture. She sought out my interest and provided me and many folks in my school districts with opportunities (through grant-funded experiences) that we would never have had otherwise. She was kind, focused, and a great person. Losing Margaret is a loss to us all. I will miss her very much."

This tribute was added by Sara Silverstone on 10th October 2014

"Margaret was a friend, a colleague, and an inspiration. We met in 2009, at the Inaugural NYS STEM Education Dialogue at RPI. Margaret was beginning the process of creating a STEM learning network throughout the state, and I was very excited be a part of that process.  We continued to work together at the state and regional level, as the network of STEM Hubs grew, with Margaret's support and guidance. She was a brilliant organizer who was energized by bringing people together. Many times, when we met at conferences or other events, although she was extremely busy and in demand, she would take the time to share a walk, meal or private conversation, to let me know that, although she had moved on to the national scene, Rochester was still in her heart and she never forgot old friends."

This tribute was added by Juliana Utley on 10th October 2014

"Thank you Margaret for all the leadership in STEM across the nation.  Your leadership is going to be greatly missed by so many."

This tribute was added by Leslie Fatum on 10th October 2014

"I had the great fortune to meet and interact with Margaret while serving as a substitute at STEM meetings in Pittsburgh and Austin.  She also came here to Indianapolis to speak to our state STEM group shortly after we joined STEMx.  She was so charismatic and brilliant in her capacity to facilitate authentic and productive discussion among diverse stakeholders.  In addition, she was such a funny, warm spirit.  I hope all who knew and were touched by her can continue to be guided by that spirit as we try to move forward without her."

This tribute was added by Valerie Celenza on 10th October 2014

"Margaret was a special person to me as well. Thank you Margaret for being an inspiration, a cheering squad as I completed my education while I worked for you, and a mentor and friend. You are inspirational and I'll miss you. I always loved our morning conversations as you shared stories of your family."

This tribute was added by Dale Toal on 9th October 2014

"Forever in our hearts, from those that will miss you. May you feel peace and happiness until the end of time. Thank you for being a friend......."

This tribute was added by Clark Greene on 9th October 2014

"I met Margaret from a distance as an audience member during regional meetings early on in the NYS STEM Initiative.  Over time, emerging educational issues, and endeavors found me working with Margaret in direct collaboration.  Whether as an audience member during a Margaret led presentation, or as one half of a two person deliberation with Margaret on various educational issues, it was always evident that she was a skillful, professional, compassionate, friendly, and real human being.  She left the world better than she found it.  Let us all aspire to such a legacy.
Thanks Margaret!"

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