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Shared by Heidi McNenny on November 6, 2020
Margaret was always a giver and I remember fondly one year, Margaret and Kirk flew out to California to surprise me for my birthday. I was so shocked. She was always thinking of others. It was a very special day for me, one I will never forget.

A Margaret New Year tradition

Shared by James Lundell on November 2, 2020
Margaret was a lovely Southern Belle who added class, elegance, fun, and tons of love to our family. Debbie and I often spent New Years Eve with her and Kirk, along with many other holidays and vacations. On one occasion, Margaret brought out underwear for us all to wear while we cheered in the New Year. I guess it was some sort of Southern tradition from her family. I love this photo of that New Years Eve!

If Tomorrow Never Comes

Shared by Debbie Lundell on October 30, 2020
Tomorrow is here, and you’re there

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