Posted by Kirk Cameron on November 17, 2020
I have had some time to read so many comments and pictures, its been wonderful. As i was cleaning up, as usual there are many thoughts and memories.
Kyle, my wonderful son has been a little overlooked. In football he was the quiet assassin. He played OLB (laser/ razor in coach Coury's skeam) and he would hit you hard and early and let the opposing team know, if you come to my side there will be consequences. through all the last couple years that was Kyle. He is quiet and yet VERY observant. He has feeling and care, and he we protect you in a moments notice.

Margaret was hospitalized about a month before she passed. Her liver had shut down and she got really sick. Her oncologist told us to GET HER TO THE HOSPITAL ER AND I WILL HAVE ORDERS WHEN YOU ARRIVE. We knew it was serious. With the liver shutting down, she was releasing toxic gas that was effecting .. everything. She was delirious mentally (didnt know what day or month it was etc) and her vitals - not good. The ER doctor ran many tests.
At the end of the day, he told us both in the tiny ER room that Margaret's prognoses was not good. Margaret, i could read .. thought crap, we are spending the night.. in reality, what the Dr was saying was much more serious.

Doc pulled me aside when Margaret was napping and asked he if I understood what he had described and what he was indicating. I said yes, but this is like a bad dream, ( we have always dodged bullets and ended up on our feet) tell me again. He told me that the hospital will try to stabilize her with meds, but there is only so much they could do at this point. I didnt believe him and called OHSU oncologist and he confirmed.

After several (3) days at the hospital, which Margaret could not accept, she demanded we go home.. and that she could self heal at home. Dr's agreed, highly recommending hospice assistance. Thank god, Margaret was released.

In the meanwhile the kids and i took turns caring for Margaret 7x24. Finally the catheter was installed and she was released do go home.

Kyle was there at the house waiting. He took complete charge. NO DOGS upstairs. All visitors must wear masks. As you enter the room their was sanitizer and it was mandatory. He had anti bacteria the upstairs and specifically the bed room. The linens had been replaced with clean.
He had candles and pictures arranged ... and on and on. The thought and effort that took place while he was home prior to Moms arrival was astonishing. I honestly had no idea he had this special gift, strength and power. There was more, but i think you get the idea. He was always there for her. In the morning - hey mom, can i get you something. At night, same followed by I love you. 

The quiet assassin was working his magic. The doctors gave us 2-3 days to
2 weeks upon her departure from the hospital. Margaret lived for 2 months after being released from the Dr.

Kyle had a lot to do with that and he has never said a word. 

He was there when she arrived at the house and with me when she passed.

He is my friend, buddy and protector 

Posted by Tom and Kim Dodd on November 16, 2020
Being and living across the country all these years, Kim nor I had the pleasure of knowing Margret as well. 
But with the few times we were around her and Kirk, it was obvious to us both what a gentle soul she was. We have fond memories of her grace and beauty.
We pray for comfort for Kirk and the kids, for Margret's family and all who knew her.
Be blessed. The Dodd's.
Posted by Rob Closs on November 15, 2020
Deb and I were lucky to call Margaret a friend. After contracting Cancer she lived a never give up, never give in attitude that impressed so many. Her selfless love, and example will never be forgotten.
Posted by Donna Posvar on November 12, 2020
Kirk, Kyle & Maddie – Our hearts are sad for you. May you find strength and comfort in the memories you made and shared as a family. As many have said, Margaret truly was a beautiful person inside and out. She always had a smile and a radiance about her. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Dan & Donna Posvar & Family
Posted by Kevin Leichner on November 9, 2020
Chris and I really valued the time that we spent with Kirk and Margaret in Portland and Oakland, when Margaret was feeling well enough to travel. Margaret was amazing and we will miss her. Our last great memory of the four of us is hiking through Forest Park and then refueling at Rock Creek Tavern. We are glad that Margaret had family around her when it was her time.
Posted by James Lundell on November 9, 2020
Posted on Margaret's Facebook page by:
Lorri Brown Kehoe
Sending sympathy and love to the whole Cameron family. Such an amazing woman. Rest In Peace Margaret .
Posted by James Lundell on November 9, 2020
Posted on Margaret's Facebook page by:
Debi Burton
Kirk...Jim and I had no idea you were all going through this. We are so unbearably sad for you, the kids and all your family at this tragic loss. What a beautiful woman, inside and out. We send our love and sincerest condolences to you all. ❤
Posted by James Lundell on November 9, 2020
Posted on Margaret's Facebook page by:
Cindy Plaster Simrill
She was so very beautiful inside and out. My prayers.
Posted by James Lundell on November 9, 2020
Posted on Margaret's Facebook page by:
Brenda Purcell
Beautiful picture of a wonderful couple, so sorry for your loss
Posted by James Lundell on November 9, 2020
Posted on Margaret's Facebook page by:
Dionnie Storino
Kirk, I’m so sad and sorry for the loss of this beautiful lady and friend. I am so grateful for a lifetime of wonderful memories! So many family vacations. I will cherish these sweet memories always❤️
Posted by James Lundell on November 9, 2020
Posted on Margaret's Facebook page by:
Marcy Patton
A truly beautiful woman - Bill, Grant and I send love and thoughtful prayers to the Cameron Family-❤️
Posted by James Lundell on November 9, 2020
Posted on Margaret's Facebook page by:
Cindy Speck
I am so sorry Sending heartfelt Prayers
Posted by James Lundell on November 9, 2020
Posted on Margaret's Facebook page by:
Jane Washington Herndon
This is such beautiful picture of them. Always and forever- my first best friend. Forever. Thinking and praying for all of the family. ❤️
Posted by James Lundell on November 9, 2020
Posted on Margaret's Facebook page by:
Lori Sieverson Charley
We are so so sorry to hear this heartbreaking news. There are no words to say how sad this is, we’re sending all our love and prayers to all of you ❤️
Posted by James Lundell on November 9, 2020
Posted on Margaret's Facebook page by:
Della Rae McGuire Shanley
Kirk, there are no words, only a heart full of pain for what you and your kids are going through. I hate Fucking cancer. Margaret, did not deserve this disease, but I’m sure she was a champion throughout her journey. Terry and I send heartfelt love to you and your family. We are so sorry for your loss.
Posted by James Lundell on November 9, 2020
Posted on Margaret's Facebook page by:
Leslie Mason Wilson
Miss you more than words can express, Margaret Cameron.
Posted by James Lundell on November 9, 2020
Posted on Margaret's Facebook page by:
Pamela Ann Pilger Sargeant
Beautiful lady! Had fun times tailgating at UofO
Posted by James Lundell on November 9, 2020
Posted on Margaret's Facebook page by:
Patty Schreibman
Her influence will always remain in our hearts! Kindness, elegance, and grace!
Posted by James Lundell on November 9, 2020
Posted on Margaret's Facebook page by:
Megan Hessel
So sorry Kirk, Margaret was such a wonderful person. Thinking of you and your family. ❤️
Posted by James Lundell on November 9, 2020
Posted on Margaret's Facebook page by:
Paul Donald Waterman
Kirk, Margaret was so full of infinite love for you three. She was beautiful inside and out, so full of grace, so very smart, so kind. She created community wherever she went in this world and made it a better place. I am so sorry.... With love, Mary Ann and Paul
Posted by James Lundell on November 9, 2020
Posted on Margaret's Facebook page by:
Doug Lee
What a wonderful lady and a real beauty in and out. Kirk my brother I’m so sorry for your loss, as everyone knows words cannot do justice. I pray we all meet up again with Margaret when our times comes
Posted by James Lundell on November 9, 2020
Posted on Margaret's Facebook page by:
Nancy Godfrey Coury
Such a beautiful woman - inside and out. Always poised, classy and so much fun! We miss you Ms Margaret but we will never forget your wonderful spirit.
Posted by Rod and Sheri Ilg on November 8, 2020
We will always cherish our unforgettable memories of Margaret. Our Christmas Eve visits at the crab feed were always filled with fun conversations and catching up with lots of laughter. Margaret was such a warm, kind, loving person, and will be truly missed! We so appreciated that she always made time for all of us. We are blessed to have so many memories and appreciated the extra love she shared, making sure we were doing ok even while dealing with her own medical battle. Much love to you all!
Posted by Heidi McNenny on November 5, 2020
Margaret was my best friend of 40 years and I cherished each and every year with Margaret. I was the lucky one to have met her and the memories are so precious. They will take me through my whole life. Love you always, my sweet angel Margaret ❤️
Posted by Debi Burton on November 5, 2020
Dear Kirk, Madison, Kyle and Family *

The world has lost one of the most lovely of souls, and our hearts break for all of you. Margaret made an indelibly positive impression everywhere she went.

Many years ago, Kirk would say that he would get into heaven because of Margaret's good deeds. Well, she was an angel on earth, and is now an angel in heaven. She will be waiting for you, at the Pearly Gates, Kirk.

So much love and hugs from Bellingham,

Debi Burton and Jim Blondeau  
Posted by Della McGuire Shanley on November 5, 2020
Dear Kirk and family,

Margaret was always surrounded by love, light, and so many people who were drawn to her.

Margaret’s heart had room for everyone—her children, her family and friends, even a stranger on the street. Most significantly, she adored her husband and sweetheart, Kirk.

Giving and gifted, she gave of herself completely, always willing to help her family, friends and her community. Be it for her family, friends and the community, she approached every endeavor with enthusiasm, curiosity, authenticity, and humor.

Our hearts are broken for you and your family and our world has lost the most amazing and wonderful woman, Mother, wife and friend.

Terry and I hold you close during this very sad and hard journey.

Much love

Della and Terry Shanley
Posted by Jess Wetsel on November 5, 2020
Kirk - Andrea & my thoughts are with you & the family. We were honored to have known Margaret through you and are heartbroken for you all as you both remember the time you had together and begin the work of bearing this incredible loss. With all our love - Andrea & Jess 
Posted by Carolyn Luty-Lopez on November 5, 2020
Kirk, I am so sorry for your loss. I didn't know your wife well but I heard about a lot about her from Maddy and Andy. I always wanted to let her know how grateful I was to her for her kindness to Maddy. Margaret would check in on her and send her messages and try to help Maddy with her medical issues even while dealing with her own. Take care and let us know if you need anything....Carolyn
Posted by James Smith on November 4, 2020
Margaret was beautiful in all ways! She had an amazing gift of treating all of Kirks friends, from many different eras, like we were part of the family.

I can not imagine your loss Kirk. I know how much you loved her.

Roxane and I wish you and the rest of the family the very best as you deal with
Margarets passing.   Smitty and Rox
Posted by Tonya Lockamy on November 3, 2020
To one of the most beautiful woman I have ever met in my lifetime. I can truly say this truly because I am her Hairedresser of maybe 27 years!
One of many conversations about being a hairstylist you get to be in people’s lives either we like or not!” How lucky am I to have known you Margaret and how lucky am i to have learned and witnessed your love and efforts on raising you Beautifull kids with Kirk! Wow! What a cool guy and funny man! Also says alot about you as a an amazing woman. My heart aches because I won’t hear these amazing stories anymore but this is YOUR time to move on as we had many conversation about life and death. There’s nothing scary about it. How can it be when it’s so Natural. My heart hurts for everybody that is close to you because we miss you more than this universe is big, but I’ll try to remember the advice you would give me through this. All I can say is thank you for giving me SO much of your life and how luck I am to be your friend and hairstylist. In about 2 weeks I’ll have your Zen tea ready with a pack of Splenda!!!! As my dad would say” Live Life Well and Raise Some Hell”!!! love you Beautiful Margaret!!!!❤️
Posted by Susan Randall on November 3, 2020
Margaret, a name used for Queens and Saints
The pearl, unique, beautiful, lovely, all words that evoke images of Margaret Cameron.
I've had the privilege of doing this amazing ladies nails every other week for over 20 years, the friendship that develops over time and years of conversations is very special , margaret was family to me.
Her incredible strength love and friendship will forever be in my heart ❤
Posted by Ryan Kopeikin on November 3, 2020
Aunt Margaret,

When I was little, I remember mom telling me I looked like you, and I felt so proud. To me, being like you was the biggest compliment I could receive. Not only were you strikingly beautiful, but you had the purest, most kind heart of anyone I’ve ever known. There are no words to describe how much I will miss you. Much love, always.
Posted by Debbie Lundell on November 2, 2020
Dear Margaret, I have no words to describe how I feel about you leaving us. Sad, lost, empty? Nothing says it. I met you such a long time ago, I was working at Papa Aldo’s, apron, green shirt and dorky hat and you and Kirk walked in to meet me (your first date to learn how to use his new microwave) you were dressed to the nines (as usual). Talk about an impression, such a stunning, charming young woman. And that began our friendship - marriages, births, vacations, holidays, anniversaries and great dinner conversations that lasted hours. So many wonderful memories. And though you are not physically here, I know you’ll always be with me, with all of us, for all the new memories. You will be forever in my heart Miss Margaret. Thank you for being my friend, my confidant, my warrior and my sister I never had. I love you!
Posted by Kirk Cameron on November 2, 2020
Jay, this is so cool, so cool ! thank you for doing this.

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