Posted by Linda Warren on May 24, 2020
Jasmine wrote ‘You Are My Sunshine’ 
That was Margaret to so many people. 
I was so blessed to meet Margaret & Blanche in 2007. Her love & prayers for me are deeply missed. I miss Blanche’s biscuits & gravy with Margaret’s stories over her kitchen table, & me telling her she should write a book. What a great listener too. Thanks for all the love & laughter
We laughed so hard when Margaret didn't want to hear about bugs or french kissing at the feast. How she loved being with God’s family!
What an inspiration of survival she was, esp. with her health trials these last four years.
She even saved Blanche when she had her stroke. Now Margaret is HOME with God! Anytime I eat a reuben sandwich I’ll be thinking of you Margaret. Xoxo

Posted by Jasmine Meyer on May 12, 2020
Mamo was a light in my mother's life, and in turn became a guiding light in our childhood well into adult hood. I remember her iced oatmeal cookies, the Yahtzee lessons, playing in the time machine that was her basement filled with my mother toys from the seventies, making corn husk dolls and swinging from her rope swing. Of course what I will miss most are her stories. She possessed such a mesmerizing way of transporting us to some of her funniest and important moments in her life just through her words, and for that I will always be thankful.

She shaped my mother and my grandmother to be independent women who carried themselves with pride, and my mother graciously passed these qualities down to me and my younger sister. We are lucky to be founded in a long line of strong women. One day I hope to be as impactful as Mamo in my long life, leading a family of strong men and women- keeping a strong faith, a strong work ethic and making sure the love and warmth never dulls. Her impressions on this world will never be washed over, and I'm so happy that I have a little piece of her with me always, pushing me to be my best self.

So, thank you Mamo.

Thank you for raising my mother to be one of the best.
Thank you for teaching me to enjoy the little moments, because they are the moments that we will look back on.
Thank you for your strength and endurance for all of these years.
Thank you for your hugs, kisses, wisdom and your love.

but most of all,
thank you for giving me some of my most cherished memories.

You are my sunshine.
Posted by Kerry Smith on April 28, 2020
Mamo... How do I put this into words?!? She was my heart, my soul, my everything... She taught me my morals, my values, my standards, and everything I know about family. I cannot express in words how much you meant to me. The one lesson she taught me that I feel the most strongly about was... "Do unto others..." She practiced this every day, and I hope you will also. I know I will forever have a guardian. I love you so much and I know you are finally resting now. Love you forever and passing your legacy on to anyone who listens will be my mission... Xoxo, Kerry
Posted by Jennifer Hoskins on April 27, 2020
You meant so much to all us mamo
Your smile, your laugh, and the sparkle in your eyes could brighten up any dark and rainy day . You had enough love in your heart to fill up the world with joy. I would give absolutely anything to have back and standing here well and by my side so I could change the way your life was when you died I’m so sorry mamo the Tears you cried are gone I know that you are happy now at home with God until we meet again
Love you forever

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