Let the memory of my beautiful mum be with us forever
  • 91 years old
  • Born on November 3, 1924 in Durham, South shield, United Kingdom.
  • Passed away on April 16, 2016 in Hartfordshire, United Kingdom.

This memorial website was created by Irene

I was happy to see so many people at my mum's funarel to pay their respects to my mum.Margaret Wilson seeing so many friends and relatives show's how wonderful a person my mum was.for those of you who on here that don't know me my name is Irene l am one of Margaret's daughter's I am ninth born out of Margaret Wilson nineteen children.

When I first heard of my mum passing away I was oviously distraught .i knew that I wanted to go to her funeral but didn't khow if I would have the stenght to do so it was very difficult for me.i sat down and started to think about the wonderful memories I had with my mum.i continued to write down these memories I realised how much she positively touched so many lives. I knew the best way that I could pay tribute to my mum's life would be to share those memories.

Hope everyone enjoys those memories 



My Amazing Mum love you x

Posted by Lrene Wilson on 27th December 2018
To my beautiful Mum merry Christmas miss you love you always xx
Posted by Lrene Wilson on 3rd November 2018
Happy birthday in heaven Days go by and turn into years your birthday here again mum!! Missing you xx
Posted by Lrene Wilson on 14th May 2018
2 years has gone The day you went away mum I thought you were going to be there forever love and miss you forever x
Posted by Lrene Wilson on 3rd November 2017
Happy birthday 2nd birthday in heaven mum love & miss you so much xx
Posted by Lrene Wilson on 16th April 2017
I can not believe A year has gone miss you xx
Posted by Lrene Wilson on 26th March 2017
Happy mother day to my beautiful mum its first mother day in heaven I hope you had a good day missing you love you always xx
Posted by Alice Robinson on 29th November 2016
Peggy ,my Angel in Paradise
Posted by Alice Robinson on 29th November 2016
Peggy ,my Angel in Paradise
Posted by John Jackso on 14th October 2016
She'll be missed by loads of us irene duck..she must of been so proud to have a daughter like you.as you have got a heart of gold n now i know you got the same heart as your mother's.r.i.p Margaret ...
Posted by Lrene Wilson on 14th August 2016
I will miss my mum with all my heart and will always cherish the time we spent together . She was the most loving and caring mum in the would .even thought she is gone her memory will live on in all of our heats forever..
Posted by Leyla Steele on 20th July 2016
ıt so sad when you loose your mum ı lost mıne a few years ago ı mıss her so much thıs trıbute ıs so lovely ıt comes from the heart ı dıd no no margaret wılson but ı no her daughter ırene and she ıs my frıend for lıfe you could never meet anybody lıke ırene she ıs so specıal so ı thınk her mum would be very proud of her god bless you margaret xxxxxxxx
Posted by Caroline Peebles on 18th July 2016
My lovely nan still feel it hard to believe you've been taken from us, but I know your happy to be with your man, my grandad! You were both amazing and I love you both with all of my heart and more. RIP nan and grandad xxx
Posted by Jacqueline Peebles on 16th July 2016
My beautiful nan I love you so much and miss you you was a great woman and a proper soldier we miss you with all our hearts you will forever be tucked in our hearts safely forever until we meet again I love you with all my heart xxxxxx
Posted by Lrene Wilson on 11th July 2016
This is tribute to my beautiful Mum will always be in my Heart love you always. your loving daughter Irene xxx

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