The grave hath no victory, and the sting of death is swallowed up in Christ.

Margaret Wheeler Carini, 92, of South Glastonbury, CT died peacefully in her sleep on the 8th day, September, 2013.

Margaret was born November 3, 1920 in Presque Isle, Maine to Frank and Rose Ann Fleming Wheeler.  In 1943 she married her handsome Pratt & Whitney coworker, the late James F. Carini, and moved into the home he built in the hills of South Glastonbury.  They were known as a couple with a great love for one another.  Margaret and Jim worked together in harmony, operating residential home building and various businesses, and raising a family.  They enjoyed 58 blissful years together before he passed away 2001.

While her children were in high school, Margaret became the painting contractor of her husband's homebuilding business.  Her crew management and hands-on labor allowed her to buy her dream car, a '64 Thunderbird Limited Edition, designed by Grace Kelly.

With her husband, she opened and operated three group homes for the mentally handicapped in Hartford, a pilot program in the State of CT starting in the 1960s to integrate institutionalized residents into the general community.  This new program got the attention of the wife of the Vice President of the USA, Hubert Humphrey, who came to see the group homes and visited with Margaret.  With her son, she worked successfully in different sales businesses until retirement.  Margaret, just under 5 ft. tall, was known for her sparkle, spunk and spaghetti sauce.

Margaret’s greatest joy was in her family and in living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She served as regional president for the women’s organization of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the 1980s. She loved her many experiences teaching the youth of the church. The family matriarch, she enjoyed an extraordinarily close relationship with her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren throughout her life, helping to raise 3 generations. She was a counselor, confidant and a friend-in-need to many in and out of her family.

Among her last words were, "I've lived a good life and I'm ready to go and be reunited with my Jim." 

She is survived by her two children Ralph James Carini and Marjorie Lee Pasternak, both of South Glastonbury, CT.  She is also survived by 11 grandchildren, and 19 (soon to be 20) great-grandchildren who will be sustained in their loss by the following thought:

"We are closely related to our kindred, to our ancestors, to our friends and associates and co-laborers who have preceded us into the spirit world. We cannot forget them; we do not cease to love them; we always hold them in our hearts, in memory, and thus we are associated and united to them by ties that we can not break . . . . I claim that we live in their presence, they see us, they are solicitous for our welfare" -- Joseph F. Smith


Margaret requested that in lieu of a funeral, her immediate family hold just a private graveside prayer.  We created this website to honor her with memories and to share our favorite photos of Margaret.  We invite you to share any sentiments or stories with us here. 

Posted by Amy Lemco on 24th October 2017
I am sorry for missing the opportunity to speak with my great Aunt. Her genealogical wirk on the Wheeler family was largely what inspired me to research my family. My grandfather Gene Richardson was the grandson of Frank and Rose Wheeler. If anyone has memories or photos, I would appreciate being in touch. Thank you so much for wonderful photos on this page. Amy
Posted by Greg Boucher on 4th February 2015
My dear friends of the Carini Family; I had the great blessing to feel your love at the most crucial time of my life... when my family turned their back on me after my conversion. Margaret and Jim became like parents to me, and Ralph & Marilyn and Margie my big brother and sisters. Before, during and after my mission you all were mentors and guides for me. You truly loved me. The great legacy that Margaret left and thread that wove through the entire Carini fabric was her love and testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ. People could not know her and not marvel at her indomitable spirit and willingness to go a long, long way to succor those in need. I was a witness to her family lovingly administering to her needs, in the waning years of her life, as she had done for thousands before; generations have a bedrock in Christ because of who she was and forever will be. I thank Margaret and Jim and her children forever leading me to my Savior. Greg Boucher
Posted by Shaan Blamires on 2nd February 2015
You are forever missed, dear Margaret! Your sweet smile and shining eyes still soothe my memories of you.
Posted by Clay Hewson on 2nd February 2015
This is by far one of the greatest ladies that I have ever had the pleasure to meet and be taught by. Margret and Jim taught a bunch of us young adults at church by example of what love, nourishing and respect were/are. While I have traveled the world and have raised my own family, I often share with my wife and children the kindness that the Carini family bestowed on a lost 17 year old. They have been a constant light in my heart and they are sorely missed, however, I have the knowledge that they are together again in a far better place. Thank you for the kindness and love that you gave to me along with so many others. It was not wasted.
Posted by Laureen Grosso on 15th September 2013
Please know you are in our prayers at this time and always. Your family was of the very first to welcome ours to our new home in the Cromwell ward many years ago. We have many fond memories of Margaret and her eternal companion and all of your family! May God hold each of you now and may you find comfort in knowing Families truly are forever! We Love You All!!!
Posted by Marion Richardson Putzel on 14th September 2013
Goodbye, Auntie, We were always close and I'll never forget you. You were the best aunt to me while I was growing up. Love you, Marion
Posted by Lisa Grogan Shaw on 11th September 2013
What a lovely tribute this page is, the pictures are wonderful. It was a trip down memory lane to see pictures of Margaret and Jim and all the kids, so grown up. I grew up next door and the Carinis will always be remembered when I think of those years growing up. I was sad to hear of Margaret's passing but smile to think of what a nice long life she had with her family. Best wishes.
Posted by Ethel Tautkus on 11th September 2013
Dear Family Members. Irv and I send our deepest sympathy to all of you. Jim and Margaret were members of the Manchester Ward when we were there. She was and excellent seminary teacher. She had a way of reaching the youth. Our son Keith and daughter Teena loved her very much. May God bless you all and I know she is happy.
Posted by Louis Putzel on 11th September 2013
I heard the news about Auntie's passing from my mom, Marion, today. She was the last of my Grandma Doris' generation. I know she was blessed in her life, especially in having such a wonderful loving family who gave her so much to live for. Thank you for sharing the photos. I always loved visiting in Glastonbury and send all of you much love. Your cousin, Louis
Posted by Heather Parker on 10th September 2013
I'm so sorry for your loss. Mrs. Carini was a lovely woman and I remember Amy and I as kids would enjoy visiting her bedroom because it was so posh! Fond memories.
Posted by Shaan Blamires on 9th September 2013
My poem, my final gift to Margaret: "MARGARET'S GIFT"
Posted by Paul Carini on 9th September 2013
She was my "Aunt Margaret" and she was full of love and energy. She loved the Carini picnics that she and our so-loved Uncle Jim hosted for many years. When my Dad was dying, she often brought the family to visit him which always lifted his spirits. I agree with the comment above that Margaret and Jim were exceedingly generous, kind and loving. Our deep sympathy to her beloved family.
Posted by Bill Puida on 9th September 2013
My first encounter with Margaret was about 1975 when she taught our seminary class. I was the kid in the back with his head down and eyes closed. I'm sure she thought many times "How can I reach this kid?" Ironically I WAS listening. She had a way of teaching that made you want to listen and you could tell that she loved her students by the concern that she expressed. I will miss her!
Posted by Amy Estes on 8th September 2013
I have many wonderful memories of Grandma that I am grateful for and will cherish forever. She was sweet, kind, loving beautiful, classy and hilarious. She always had great advise and always took the time to listen. I will miss her, but am happy in the thought that she is reunited with Grandpa. Love you so much Grandma!!!
Posted by Douglas Buck on 8th September 2013
first met Margaret in 1964. She and the Carini family have been wonderful friends ever since. Margaret had a way of listening when you wanted to talk, and giving advice in a non threatening way if you needed it. Always courteous, always friendly, always hospitable.
Posted by Walter Balinski on 8th September 2013
In the summer of 1973, I was asked by one of the Carini's what my plans were for the future. I said I was considering becoming a minister.That led to a discussion with Margaret that introduced me to the Restored Gospel. A year later I was baptized. I will be forever grateful to her sharing new truths with me. Her family has blessed me as well. I'm grateful that she passed away peacefully.
Posted by Lois Puida on 8th September 2013
Woodside Branch, building Manchester Ward, Home teaching the Carini's with my husband Al, receiving Jim's Poems, our dear friendship with Margaret. I remember the sparkle in her eyes and just a hint of an imp. The Puida's have been friends with the Carini's for four gen-erations. United at last with her Jim. Tender wishes to you all.
Posted by Evelyn Paine on 8th September 2013
My Beloved Mama Margaret.,I will Oh so miss you! I got my strength from you & your strong testimony. I know you're in a better place & with your precious Jim but my heart is breaking! You're children were lucky to have you as their mom & I'm so thankful they allowed me to share the love of a Christian mom. I LOVE YOU MY DEAREST MOM
Posted by Roland Francoeur on 8th September 2013
Mr and Mrs James Carini were among some of the most generous , kind and loving two people that i have been blessed to have come upon in my lifetime.Two of the mosr wonderful people that i have ever known. May their souls rest in peace.

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