Major General Peter Gravett

Shared by Peter Gravett on November 6, 2020
I met Margie early 1960's thru my best friend Melvin Haynes when they were dating. We double dated a lot, me with my girl then friend Dorothy Marks. When Dorothy and I married Melvin was my Best Man. When Mel and Margie married I was his Best Man. Our families were inseparable, their children and our son were very good friends and on the same bowling team. I am their son Michael's God Father and Mel was  my son Mark's God Father. I was Mel's friend since childhood, and until he passed and Margie's friend even until my dear wife Dorothy passed away. They were still best friends at the time. Margie offered me much comfort then. Margie was a remarkable and loving person whom I personally will miss. Rest in peace Marrgie. With sympathy,


Shared by Aaron Walker on October 29, 2020
Well, my name is Aaron Walker and I’m a friend of my Maisha and I got the opportunity to meet this wonderful woman last year around the holidays at Maisha’s house. I remember her sitting in the reclining chair eating those alcohol filled chocolates and really enjoying herself. We all had a great conversation which felt like an extended family. I believe this is before she initially left for Colorado. It was a pleasure meeting her for the short time that I did but it was most definitely memorable! God bless and RIH

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