This tribute was added by Tasha W. Hunter on November 8, 2020
Really gonna miss you Margie! Thank you for loving me Asia, Mosiah and Kai as part of your extended family. Your Light shines bright within all you leave behind. ❤️❤️❤️
This tribute was added by Gladys Gier on November 5, 2020
Margie the sweetest person and angel in my life! You came into our lives when you moved to L.A.. What a blessing! You were 19 and Czarina and I were 11years old. You were young and so pretty! You were the big sister we never had! Our mom was working 2 jobs and we were unsupervised and you took us under your wings ☺. Young as you were you took us so many places with you, the beach, bowling, etc. two little brats! We learned you were the big sister but also the mom you had to listened to! As time went on in came Melvin and you both embraced us! Next came Ida, Julie and Myrtle. Oh the fun we had staying with you all in Pedro! Here I am 69 years old and...Thank you isn't enough for the love, guidance, support help, home and family you provided. I love you dearly! Always & forever!!! Charlotte
This tribute was added by Jessica Wadsworth on November 5, 2020
Margie, thank you for all you did. No words can express the mark you have left for the many future generations. Visiting you in my childhood I always left learning something new. Your voice is one that will never be forgotten. If I get nervous and look at my nails, I can hear you telling me "you better stop biting your nails". Everything you said to me as a child and adult was a lesson and came from love. I hope to carry on my passion for family history such as you. Your presence will be missed but never forgotten.

With love and gratitude, Jessica
This tribute was added by Anastasia Punchard on November 5, 2020
Margie you were always there! Always the one to show up and care for my family. You encouraged my mother “Z” when she needed it most. Pushed her to achieve her dreams and helped raise me in the process. Took me to school, fed and loved me while my Mom was hard at work trying to create a better life for us. While we were not blood related, you always included us and called us family. I love you soo much Marge. Even though you always fussed at me about biting my nails, made me eat those black eyed peas until I finished my plate, and attempted to tame my wild hair! You were always there for me. Always there for us! You were my angel on earth and I’m forever grateful for your love and support.
This tribute was added by Noreena Pugh on November 2, 2020

I thank Margie for bringing joy to my childhood and sharing her wonderful children and adventures with me. I will miss her so much, but I have to believe that God knows best. May she forever rest in paradise, until we meet again. I love you Margie!!
This tribute was added by Julie Benson on October 27, 2020
  More than fifty years ago a young girl and her younger sister came to California to live with their eldest sister Margie, her husband Melvin, and their six-month son Michael. Those two young girls were my younger sister Myrtle and myself. Our mother had died right before Christmas 1967. Margie brought us from Pueblo, Colorado to live with her and to become part of their family. Margie had been asked by our mother to take care of her sisters if something happened to her. Margie and Melvin were just twenty-four years old and had a six-month baby. They had their whole lives ahead of them, but in keeping with mama’s request Margie and Melvin became our parent’s. Believe me we challenged them being twelve and thirteen-year-old girls. Margie loved being around people, as she was the second eldest of eight children. We were all one family and it was so unselfish of her and Melvin to take in two very rambunctious girls that he had never met. We were a family with struggles and challenges that most people could not imagine. Margie: I could never adequately express in words my gratitude for all you have done for me. Thank you for keeping your promise to Mama. May God bless you and with God’s grace I will be seeing you in heaven. I love you.  Julie
This tribute was added by Marion Dave on October 24, 2020
I love you and may you forever be at peace.
You have made a difference in this world while you were here and you have left an amazing legacy. I am so very proud to call you my "Ma" and that my sons have you to call "Grandmamma".  By your example I have learned to be selfless in nurturing and caring for others. You taught me that a child, no matter where they begin, is worthy of safety, love, care and respect. You have shown me how to care for myself, my children and my husband with vulnerability and unconditionally. You planted a seed in my soul which allows me to love our family and our friends so very deeply. I thank you for these gifts. 
I will miss you SO much Ma! I will miss your smile, your wicked side eye as well as you fussin' at me and everyone else who is in ear range. I will miss playing games with you, your jokes and your example of how to LIVE well and do what you want to do despite the pain. I will so very miss how you ALWAYS showed up at my side when I needed you the most.
God has decided that your time here is done. You have fulfilled your purpose. I will pray that God grants me the patience to remember this when my soul cries out for you. I will also remember that this is as God has planned and as I shared with you...I will hurt, I will cry AND I will be okay. I promised you and I meant it.
A leader's job is only done when their followers can step up and carry on when they are no longer able to do so.  Mom you are the epitome of strength and you have been an amazing LEADER who happens to be my mother. Thank you for your love, guidance, nurturance, care and discipline. Ma, your work here on earth is done. You have taught us well; God's got you and we got this!

I love you...I love you... I love you... 
Marion Andrea

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