Let the memory of Maria be with us forever
  • 32 years old
  • Born on December 16, 1980 in Harrow, North London, United Kingdom.
  • Passed away on May 31, 2013 in Torbay, Devon, United Kingdom.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Maria Dance 32 years old , born on December 16, 1980 and passed away on May 31, 2013. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Martyn Dance on 16th December 2016
Happy Birthday Maria we will never forget what an amazing woman you are love you Sis
Posted by Theresa Dance on 25th September 2014
Well, ya Baba's 2 already, where does time go? you'll be well proud of how far ya kids hav come though sis, i know u will. Billy & Diamond are gonna keep makin u proud when they're in Panto at Pavilion at Christmas, every day your kids amaze me, they truly have your strength & courage. Miss u & Love u more than u know babe x <3 x <3 x <3 x <3 x <3 x <3
Posted by Theresa Dance on 24th September 2014
Your smallest baby's 2 tomorrow, i hate how much you're missing out on, i think of u every single day sis. Love & miss u so much, forever always in my heart <3 x <3
Posted by Leighanne Preston on 20th September 2014
Really want you to come home:'( missing you so much it hurts
Posted by Theresa Dance on 17th July 2014
Still think of u every day, miss u always & forever xxxxxx
Posted by Leighanne Preston on 29th June 2014
Miss you so so much mum, can't believe it's been over a year since you flew away, no words can describe how much we all miss you but everyone's doing so well. I love you loads ❤️
Posted by Jordon Preston on 2nd March 2014
From a Son to his Mum From the day I was born You gave me your love A love that I cherish Like a gift from above Your smile made me happy When I wanted to cry You showed that you cared With that glance in your eye Your jokes made me laugh You were ever so witty You didn't have to try To make yourself pretty You made me feel safe With every cuddle Helping me out When life was a muddle Then god came along And gave me some news Your mums resting peaceful Having a snooze Although she's not with me Her spirit lives on For deep in my heart She'll never be gone This was my poem I wrote for you Mum I hope that you like it From Jordon your Son xx love you mum xx
Posted by Theresa Dance on 1st March 2014
Forever in my thoughts big sis, miss & love u so much xxxxx
Posted by Leighanne Preston on 18th February 2014
MUM This past years as been so hard, you flew away, I'd lost you, I'd lost my best friend, my shoulder to cry on, I'd lost the best thing in my life, I lost my mum, everyday I think of you, it hurts all I feel is pain and upset and no body can take it away, the only way the pain can go away is if you were to come back, I know that's not going to happen but I wish it everyday, you were the one thing that kept me going you were my rock and roll, you helped everyone even if you were suffering yourself, seeing you smile made me smile, I miss all the little things we use to do, dancing in the kitchen to scooter
Posted by Theresa Dance on 8th November 2013
I miss you so much sis. Wish you were here in person. Feel like everythings falling apart, and not sure how much more i can cope with :'-(
Posted by Theresa Dance on 20th October 2013
Please look after Smudgie babes <3
Posted by Tyler Copley on 10th October 2013
Posted by Jack Cox on 9th October 2013
I know it has been qute a few weeks now but I still cant believe u have gonme and I no u r not family to me but I always think of ur family as mmine and I still do I think it is still quite hard to understand why u are not here anymore u were so young and everybody loved u and I will keep an eye out for billy and Jordan for u love u and miss u xxxxxx
Posted by Tyler Copley on 9th October 2013
for ever missed
Posted by Tyler Copley on 5th October 2013
forever missed
Posted by Tyler Copley on 4th October 2013
love u anty maria
Posted by Theresa Dance on 27th September 2013
why is it when u want time to go fast it seems so slow, but then when u want it to slow down it goes wayyy too fast?? 17 weeks seems sooo long ago. Miss u & love u big much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Theresa Dance on 25th September 2013
Serenitys 1st birthday & u were missed sooo much, but between them Kaz & David, Liz & Sue & Tony are doing their very best to make u proud by the way their looking after your babies. And each & every day your babies r doing u proud, they're an inspiration babe, u hav created some amazingly strong & wonderful kids. Love & miss u so much big sis. Til we meet again x <3 x <3
Posted by Gemmummy Luckman on 23rd September 2013
one of the memories i have is you were heveily preggie wiv dannyelle and we were doing our usual chatting in the smoking room b4 bed we went to bed and early the next morning i got woken up by one of the staff telling me you were on the phone asking for me i came to the phone and you said ive had her over nite i was like dont lie your in bed lol we had so much fun in st andrews!!!! xx
Posted by Robbie D on 22nd September 2013
:'( XOXO
Posted by Ann Chidgey on 22nd September 2013
Your loved and missed so much words could never say just how much ! I think of you on a daily basis but guess you know that already as thoughts to those passed are like prayers that u hear so sorry for going on but miss our chats and your smile :-) x feel free to drop by for a chat and cuppa your always welcome ;-).miss u babes and muchly loves
Posted by Theresa Dance on 16th September 2013
:,-( I miss u so much, i never thought missing some1 could physically hurt so bad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Jack Cox on 16th September 2013
I cant help but think of you every day you were such a kind and loving person xxxx
Posted by Gillian Dance on 15th September 2013
Love you so much & really missed you today at MJ's christening even though I know you were there in spirit. Your children are being so strong & good they are a real credit to you & the way you raised them. Will miss you & think of you every day Love Always Mum xxx <3 <3 <3
Posted by Martyn Dance on 14th September 2013
We all love you Ria so much we know that you will be there in church tomorrow at MJ's christening not in person but in spirit until we meet again sis big sis' , lil' bro still inseparable til we meet again love you loads n loads X ♥ X ♥ X ♥ X ♥ X ♥ X ♥ X ♥ X ♥ X ♥ X ♥ X ♥ X ♥ X ♥ X ♥ X ♥ X ♥ X ♥ X ♥ X ♥ X ♥ X ♥ X ♥ X ♥ X ♥ X ♥ X ♥ X ♥ X ♥ X ♥ X ♥ X ♥ X ♥ X ♥ X ♥ X ♥ X ♥ X ♥ X ♥ X ♥ X ♥ X ♥
Posted by Jack Cox on 14th September 2013
we will always miss you and no will ever forget you and u have wonderful family and friends that will look after your kids
Posted by Theresa Dance on 14th September 2013
If Only You Could Of Stayed Constantly thinking, never to be the same, the tears fall quickly just hearing your name. Silence is golden yet not anymore silence brings thoughts I just can't ignore. The nights are sleepless, dreams out of reach. Crying in my pillow to you I beseech. Surrounded by family, I still feel alone. My heart is so empty, this pain I must own. I wish I could

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