A night with Grandma ❤

Shared by Ivette De La Rosa on June 6, 2016

Well many of you may know me as Tita. I was around 15 and decided to spend the night with my grandparents alongside with my sister Jessica. She had warned me that grandma had really loud snores at night, but I didn't believe her. As the night approached we were fast asleep until I was suddenly awakened by a loud noise. I quickly woke up and tapped my sister on the shoulder telling if she had heard the same noise. She then started laughing and told me it was my grandmothers snore. I couldn't stop laughing (making the horse noice) while gndma still snored. She later on woke up and we pretended to be asleep. Hahah then we finally fell asleep. I will never forget that day !!!! That was the last time I had ever stayed with grandma ❤❤ I will never forget you and your funny stories . Rest In Peace

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