Let the memory of Maria be with us forever
  • 68 years old
  • Born on October 31, 1942 .
  • Passed away on March 1, 2011 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Maria (Lucy) Martinez 68 years old , born on October 31, 1942 and passed away on March 1, 2011. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Julie Jones on 15th September 2018
Hello sis, please welcome Alan's mom to our family. She joined all of you on Sept 2nd. Alan & I said our last goodbyes a bit late...but she knew we were on the way to see her. We are all sad to lose her so quickly...but she is now free of all pain and ready for her new life with her husband Ron and her brothers that went before her. Isobel was a wonderful mother-in-law and I always called her mum. Watch over us and spread your angel wings on the Jones, Gascon, Mendoza, and Martinez family here on earth...til we meet again...love you forever...
Posted by Julie Jones on 17th June 2018
Hi Sis, thinking about you last night...left a story for all to read...love you so much...Julie
Posted by Louisa Mendoza on 2nd March 2018
My dear Lucy! How I miss you! Another year has gone by and time has not healed the hurt I feel. As tears appear I think about your life and how special you were to us all. May God keep you in his comfort forever. Love you, La Prieta
Posted by Julie Jones on 1st March 2018
Dear Sis...another year has passed...and you are in my heart and thoughts each day. I had hoped that 2017 would be calm and no new visitors to you, Manuel, and Dad...but not to be...Sal is now with you...so I hope all of you watch over us as we live each day. I hope Tia Juana can make it through 2018...but her body and mind are becoming tired. Mama is staying strong...but her body and soul are also going down the tired path. Send your prayers to both of them, Kathy, and to Louisa & Carlos...you should have seen Carlos' mom and dad by now. Take care of Rambler, Renzo, & Shadow for us. Also watch over Alan for me...he needs all of your angel wings to keep him healthy for the years to come...Love you forever Julie
Posted by Alicia Martinez on 1st November 2017
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!!!! I miss you so much and need you so desperately they say as time goes on it gets easier, well as you know it doesn't seem to get any easier for me as time goes on. We all miss you so much me Robert, Orlando, Alexandria, Merrissa, and Gabriel. Please watch over all of your grandkids and great grandkids mom as we all really need your guidance. Especially watch over Robert and Alexandria you where right when i saw you when i was in acoma that they where going to be the ones that needed me the most. And as you know what they are going through please watch over them and give them the strength to get over their issues. I'm there for them the best way i can be, but at times i feel my hands are tied and don't know what to do to help them. I hate feeling so helpless that i can't help them and i turn to you in those time and that's when it hits me that your no longer here and i get sad and cry alot for you. You where my mother and my very best friend mom and how i miss you so much and just you being there for me no matter what. You never judge me no matter what and always where there for me no matter what or no matter what time of the day you where there. You always forgave me for all my faults and you always knew the words to say to make things better for me in any situation. I can't wait to be with you again mom. I love you so much and miss you every day. Tell grandpa, tio Manuel, and tio Chava i said i love them also.
Posted by Louisa Mendoza on 31st October 2017
My dear Lucy, another year has gone by and more sorrow has plagued our family. Not sure I can take much more. Please take care of Chava and help him adjust to heaven. I miss him very much like I miss you, Manuel and Daddy. Please watch over us and tell God and all the angels and saints to guide us thru this tough time and all the challenges we are having with the family and illnesses. Please put ina good word for Carlos so that God will heal his pain so he can enjoy life. Also that Roxy is watched by her guardian angels. And me with my stress at work. Please give me the strength to carry on. Please watch over Dals family they are so young to encounter tragedy and sorrow in their lives. My heart goes out to them. Lucy you were always strong please send some of your strength to me. I'm a sissy lala at times. As always I say my prayers every night and send my love to you. I miss you dearly sis. Till we meet again. Love you always Louisa
Posted by Julie Jones on 31st October 2017
Dear Sis, Happy Birthday...I miss you so much. As I noted, Sal is now with you, Manuel, and Daddy. Please take care of each other and watch over the remaining family. Keep Rambler, Renzo, and Shadow close to keep you company. Will never stop thinking of you....love Julie
Posted by Julie Jones on 24th September 2017
Hello Sis, please tel Sal that we will try to ease mama's sorrow today...she cried so much after he passed away today...please meet him along with Manuel, Dad, Renzo, Rambler, and Shadow...Keep each other together until we meet you and the family can all be one again...I feel so empty now...............
Posted by Alicia Martinez on 2nd March 2017
Hi Mommy, It's been 6 years today that you left us and everyday is so hard for me to be here without you mom. I would do anything just to hear your voice, hug you, kiss you, and laugh with you one more time. Mom they say it gets easier as time goes on but it's been 6 years and honestly it's not getting easier for me at all. How I need you so much mom and I miss you with all my heart. I still cry a lot for you especially when I feel helpless and I don't know what to do about the kids and it's hard for them to especially Robert, and Alex those two miss you so much also. So does Orlando, Merrissa and Gabriel. Mom Alex is finally having a baby girl she's due in like 10 days. Please watch over my baby girl when she has her baby girl they say alex may have difficult complications mom they say it's her heart. Please watch over my changa and her lil changa that they both are ok. I don't know what I will do mom if I lost my changa and her lil changa. I don't think I will be able to handle losing them too. Robert to watch over him he's where we both never wanted him to be at so please watch over him to. Orlando, Merrisssa, and Gabriel are doing good. I'm so lost without you mom, you where not only my mom but my BEST FRIEND and I miss you so much. I miss the talks we would have. I could talk to you about anything and you never judged me and never held any grudges against anyone even if we did you wrong. Even after I explained all the situations that I have done you still forgave me and loved me unconditionally. I miss that from you. I can't wait to see you again mom. I Love You so much and miss you dearly. Tell Grandpa and tio Manuel I said hi and I love them to. Your #1 Favorite Daughter (LOL) , Alicia
Posted by Julie Jones on 1st March 2017
Hi Sis, it's been 6 years since I saw you the last time...but you are never forgotten. Alan & I think of you each day and how you always had a positive attitude no matter the situation. Just to let you know we will never stop thinking of you. Take care of papa and Manuel up there and give a pat to Renzo, Rambler, and Shadow. Mom and Tia also send their love. xoxo Julie & Alan
Posted by Julie Jones on 1st November 2016
Dear sister Another year has gone and we still miss you so much...please have Daddy and Manuel pray for Kathy ...Sal's,wife...she is in a coma...she fell and hit her head after Manuel's memorial mass on Saturday....you will always be in our thoughts until we meet again...also send a prayer to mom about and tia...visit them tonight...love Julie
Posted by Mamaloca Alicia on 8th October 2016
To my mom and my best friend, Mom I miss you so much and you always told us not to cry but I can't help it. I don't know how to do this without you mom. You never judged me now matter what I did wrong, you where always there for me no matter what or what time it was, I could tell you literally anything, you always gave me your opinion or advice but no matter what you always knew the right things to say to me and to the kids even if it just made us feel better. I need you so much mom, I have no one to turn to when I need to talk about things. Robert, Orlando, Alexandria, Merrissa, and Gabriel we all miss you so much and we always say that we don't know how to go on without you. But we are trying. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MOM AND CAN'T WAIT TO BE WITH YOU.
Posted by Julie Jones on 7th October 2016
Hi Lucy, Please tell Manuel that we miss him so much...we will try to do our best to help Matthew and Jessica continue...So gather everyone with you tonight and look after all of us here...Daddy, Manuel, Shadow, Rambler, Renzo...Mom will try to stay strong for as long as she can...love Julie
Posted by Julie Jones on 3rd March 2016
Hi Lucy, Another year of missing you...can't believe its been 5 years. Time is going by so fast...Thinking of you today and what lies to us in the future...will try to live life as best as we can...with whatever time we have left. Say hi to dad, Shadow, Renzo, & Rambler...till we meet again. Love Julie & Alan
Posted by Louisa Mendoza on 2nd March 2016
My dear Lucy, I miss you very much. A lot has happened in our lives and as we grow older more things are yet to come to pass. Please send out a prayer and tell God to take care of Susan, Manuel's wife. She is in the hospital and has a bad heart. Matthew is so young so please ensure that God keeps her safe and helps her heal quickly. Also please pray for Manuel, he to has a bad heart so please have God guide the drs. to help him and cure him from his illness. He is not feeling well these days. As for Mama and Tia, they are hanging in there. They will out live us all. Please help me and my family thru the hard times we are having and tell God to watch over us. Say hi to Daddy, I miss him too. Watch over us everyday and never forget me. I love you so much . . . You said not to be sad, but you know it sometimes is good to cry. La Prieta
Posted by Julie Jones on 13th December 2015
Dear Lucy, By now you have seen Shadow up there with you and Renzo and Rambler...that little puppy you brought home from work one day passed away today around 5:30 pm on 12/13/15...Take care of him and take him over to daddy...Shadow was his favorite during the time of his illness...now they are together again forever and ever. No pain, no hurt, just forever joy and peace. jj
Posted by Louisa Mendoza on 31st October 2015
Dear sister Lucy, I miss you so much! I think about you energy day and pray for you and daddy every day. Mama and Tia Juana miss you to and pay for you everyday you probably heat their prayers. Give papa a kiss for me I miss him too! Wishing you the best on your birthday. Take care of us and bring us luck when we go selling. Actually we go tomorrow so come with us and help us bring in customers. Bring daddy along too he loves to sell too. I love you very much. Carlos always thinks about you we remember you jokes. See you in my dreams. Love you always! And watch over us. Louisa, Carlos, Mazon,Roxene, and Auzja
Posted by Julie Jones on 31st October 2015
Hello Dear Sister, Another year has passed, another year of missing your so much. I think of you each day...and whisper to take care and watch over us. You made a difference in my life...thank you. With Much Love -Julie
Posted by Julie Jones on 1st March 2015
Hi Lucy, 4 years now...I can't believe how time has gone...You are always in my thoughts and I never stop thinking of you. Please take care of dad. Renzo and Rambler are with you always to keep you company until we meet again. Love Julie & Alan
Posted by Julie Jones on 2nd November 2014
Hey Lucy, Wishing you a wonderful birthday...I know you had lots of cake with daddy and even gave a piece to Rambler...Oh yes, Renzo arrived to see of you too...You may not have seen him this past Wednesday...but he told me he would come to you on your birthday...Please give him a big hug and kiss from me and Alan...we miss him so much...Rambler and him were the only ones that have given us joy over the last several years. Love you and look over daddy, little Rambler & Renzo... Julie & Alan
Posted by Louisa Mendoza on 31st October 2014
Happy Birthday Lucy! I miss you so much. Sometimes I can't believe you are gone and that is has been so long. Not much has happened since you left. Life just goes on ... strange huh. I get sad sometimes when I think of you and just missing and wishing you were here. Thank you for being my sister and making me happy when you were alive. Actually you make my laugh now when I think about your ways of saying things and your jokes. Carlos, Mazon, Roxene, and Auzja Washs a miss you too. Please keep an eye on us and tell God and the Angels to keep us safe. I love you so much. Please go to Julie and pay her a visit she is so stressed lately and moody. I can't even speak to her anymore I just don't want to lose my other sister too. You always made me feel better when I talked to you. Please send me a sign that everything will be alright. Also tell God to help me feel better since my health seems to be failing lately. I pray to him but since you see him everyday put in a good word for me. Sorry to burden you with my thoughts but you were always a good listener. I love you Lucy and I miss you dearly. Visit me in my dreams. Love always La Prieta
Posted by Julie Jones on 27th September 2014
Dear Sis, Give a big hug to daddy...his birthday is in a few days...he is missed...and your are too!!...Love Jules
Posted by Julie Jones on 12th July 2014
Hi Lucy...thinking of you today and our adventures in Las Vegas...Take care of dad and rambler and look over us when you can. Love Julie
Posted by Julie Jones on 11th May 2014
Hi Lucy, Wishing you a happy mothers day up in heaven...so much has been going on here that at times it becomes overwhelming...but I will always try to remember you each day...love Julie, Alan, and Renzo...
Posted by Louisa Mendoza on 1st November 2013
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Lucy, Happy Birthday to you. Julie says you are 71 today, wow how time flys. Carlos and I always talk about you and laugh at your humor. I always tell God to take care of you and I always know that you are looking after us. Mama and Tia made menudo today to celebrate your Birthday. Love always, Louisa, Carlos and Mazon
Posted by Julie Jones on 31st October 2013
Hi Lucy, Happy 71st birthday...I miss you so much. Sometimes at night I see you in my dreams and we laugh and joke around as though time had stood still. Maybe that's as it should be...remembering only the good. Look over us from above...love Julie, Alan, & Renzo
Posted by Julie Jones on 17th September 2013
Lucy...your baby Alicia needs you tonight..please visit her in her dream...she is hurting so badly. love Julie
Posted by Nilda Paxman on 21st March 2013
Hey Maria, Thought about you while I was traveling with my daughter and remembering our trip to Texas. It was nerve wracking for me but I wanted you to have a good time. I hope you did. I wanted so much for you to feel special as you made others feel. You will ALWAYS be my very special friend and co-worker. Miss you!
Posted by Julie Jones on 1st March 2013
Hi Sis, I dreamt about you last night. You were with daddy and petting our little Rambler. I know you will watch over them up in heaven. And Rambler will be with you forever. Mom, Tia Juana, Alan, and I miss you. Love Jules
Posted by Louisa Mendoza on 1st March 2013
Beloved Sister Lucy, it has been two years since you passed. It has gone by so quickly, its kind of scary. Carlos, the girls, Mazon and I miss you dearly. May God give you peace. Please watch over us every day as I remember you everyday. I love you! Louisa
Posted by Julie Jones on 23rd November 2012
Hi Sis, Wishing you and daddy a Happy 2012 Thanksgiving. We had a turkey dinner with Louisa, Carlos, Rozene, and Mazon. Auzja stopped by later and had some dinner. We are thankfull for all we have and thankfull for our memories of those in another place. I never stop thinking about you...it just seems you are still with me. Love you sis
Posted by Julie Jones on 31st October 2012
Happy Birthday Sister, You are always in my thoughts...Alan is going to buy you a cake and celebrate on your special day with Mama and Tia. They miss you so much, but know that you are keeping Daddy company. Please watch over us...Love Alan & Julie & Rambler & Renzo
Posted by Louisa Mendoza on 31st October 2012
Happy Birthday Lucy! The whole Mendoza family remembers you everyday. I found a pencil drawing of you the other day. You looked so beautiful. I miss you. I hope you were here to come and sell with us at the different flea markets. You would love it. I know that you see us everyday and know what we are going through. Please pray for us and be our angel of hope. Love "La Prieta"
Posted by Salvador Gascon on 6th March 2012
Saludos hermana, Lucy! Descanza en paz haya en tu glorioso espacio. Aqui, yo y mi familia, luchando por la vida y los problemas que nos trae. Pero un dia en el futuro estaremos tambien en ese glorioso espacio de paz! Por lo pronto, seguiremos sonando el sueno de la vida!
Posted by Julie Jones on 2nd March 2012
To my dear sister, although you have been gone for 1 year...your presence is with me always. Never stop watching over us in whatever way you can and pray for us...mom and tia are doing well...Linda and family the same. I will visit you in my dreams. Love always Julie & Alan
Posted by Louisa Mendoza on 1st March 2012
"Lucy, there is so much that I want to say to you and this small box does not do justice. Well you know how everyone is since you watch over us daily. As each of us struggle with our lives, always know that we/I love you always. You are in my heart and soul. May God bless you and keep you safe Hi daddy! We love you. Please keep us safe and watch over all of us. Love Louisa and Carlos
Posted by Louisa Mendoza on 1st March 2012
"Lucy, I can't believe it has been 1 year since your passing. Carlos and I think about you every day in one way or another. We miss you dearly. It's funny how we take for granted the loved ones in our lives when they are alive and don't realize the void they leave when they depart from us. That is why, we should always cherish our loved ones every day. Life is too short not to."
Posted by Julie Jones on 1st November 2011
Hi Lucy, We did not forget your birthday...Louisa and I sang Happy Birthday today...we miss you so much...I hope you and daddy look over us and help us be safe. Momma and Aunt Juana miss you too. Love always..Julie
Posted by Louisa Mendoza on 31st October 2011
Hey Sis, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Lucy, Happy Birthday to you. Just wanted to say that we are all doing well and we think of you often. We miss you dearly and we love you. Watch over us and tell Daddy we love and miss him too! We are going to celebrate your birthday tomorrow with some cake. Cheers to you my dear sister!
Posted by Salvador Gascon on 8th March 2011
Hermana Lucy te recordare para siempre.Y como dijo el dramaturgo espanol,Pedro Calderon de la Barca:"La Vida es Sueno". Y como dice un dicho popular:"El Morir es Despertar". Si,hermana Lucy,la vida es un sueno donde uno nace,vive y sufre;y al morir uno despierta libre de todos esos problemas y sufrimientos. Ahora ya estas libre. Descansa en ese tiempo y espacio. Adios!
Posted by Louisa Mendoza on 8th March 2011
To my sister Lucy how I will miss you. Though you are not here with us, I know you are at peace with God. You are a beautiful person and you never gave up when life's ups and downs came your way. You are my inspiration to go on and succeed with my schooling and with life's tribulations. Take your seat beside Jesus in Heaven and enjoy eternal life. I love you forever. Always, "La Prieta
Posted by Julie Jones on 6th March 2011
To my sister & friend you will always be in my heart until I meet you again. Your laugh and positive view of life will be remembered for years to come. It is your time to rest now. Love Julie

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