Maria Nwabuogo Azoba
  • 83 years old
  • Date of birth: May 4, 1929
  • Place of birth:
  • Date of passing: Feb 16, 2013
  • Place of passing:
    United Kingdom
Let the memory of Maria be with us forever: Mother of faith.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, MRS MARIA NWABUOGO AZOBA (nee AGWAI), 83, born on 4 May 1929 and passed away on 16 February 2013. We will remember her forever. 

The Azoba Family regretfully announces the transition and memorial service program for their late mother, grandmother, great grandmother and wife; 

Mama Maria passed on to the great beyond on February 16, 2013 in Essex, UK, after a brief illness. She is survived by the following who mourn her deeply:
Mr Christopher Nwabufo Azoba (beloved husband), 
-Rev. Sister Lucia Benedict Azoba (AGM), Mrs Monica Osemeka (Dominic), Mrs Anthonia Nduka (Ifeanyi), Francesca Ifeyinwa Azoba

Grand and Great Grand Children 
-Rose Molokwu, John Molokwu, Ejiofor Molokwu, Frank Anyaji, Okey Molokwu, John Bosco Nduka, Ngozi Osemeka, Uju Nduka, Anthony Onukwuba, Chidi Nduka, Chiedu Valentine Molokwu, Tobechukwu Chukwukadibia Daniel Wilson, Lucy Isioma Gold Molokwu, Basil Chukwukadibia Molokwu, Mikel Olisamedua Molokwu;

Memorial and Thanksgiving Service
You are cordially invited to join our family in praying for the repose of the soul of our mother to eternal glory. Memorial Services have been scheduled as follows:
Date:    Saturday, 2 March 2013 beginning at 5.00 p.m. 

Venue: Holy Name Catholic Church, 2901 Fontenelle Blvd, Omaha, NE 68104
            followed by refreshment and remembrances.
Date:    Saturday, 9 March 2013 beginning at 1:00 p.m. 

Venue: Holy Cross Catholic Church, Easington Way, South Ockendon, Essex,
            RM15 5EJ, including viewing, followedby refreshment at the Parish Centre.

According to tradition Mum's remains will be conveyed to Nigeria from the United Kingdom for interment. 
Full funeral mass service: 
Date: 11 April 2013,    Venue: St Mary's Catholic Church, Awka Road, Onitsha.

Cortege itinerary:
- 5C Wilkinson Street, Onitsha, full funeral service until 5pm. 
- Transfer from Onitsha to Umuyagbo village, for burial.
May Mama's gentle soul through the mercy of God, rest in Peace. Amen. 

For and on behalf of the family:
-Sister Lucia Benedict Azoba -  (402) 201 8758,
-Ify Azoba - (+44 7956 539 434, /  

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by ify Azoba on 14th October 2017

"Mum...Tears still run down my face when I relive that last day with you at Basildon not believing that you won't be going home with me in human form. Mum every time the lift the host I remember you as a faithful believer and pray to have your kind of faith. Mum I love ❤️ and miss you."

This tribute was added by NGOZI AZOBA on 21st February 2017

"I miss you and papa, Joseph, Charlie, Chizoba, Maria Theresa, Eyiuche, my beloved papa Onitsha, papa Umerum, my best friend Lucy and all the family members. I pray that you will all Rest In Peace. Amen"

This tribute was added by NGOZI AZOBA on 21st February 2017

"Mama I can't believe you are gone for four years. I hope you all our loved ones are looking out for us. I miss you dearly. Some days are better than the other. However, your anniversary brought tears to the eyes of your last born child Francesca that zip had to console her. Do pray for her. She took care of both of you very well. I miss you my lovely mom and I hope you continue to intercede on our behalf to God.  God be with you. Sister, that was what you called me all the time. I feel like being your sister is lovelier than being your daughter. Sister Azoba. The Ad Gentes Missionaries are going to profess five ladies this year and ordain two priests and two deacons. One is Issele-Umu diocese your own. Thanks for giving us life. Love ya plenty even in death"

This tribute was added by ify Azoba on 16th February 2017

"Mum, four years gone seems like four days...I really miss you.
You'll forever be loved... were all praying for you and dad.
Eternal rest grant on to you o Lord and let the perpetual light shine upon you. May your soul Rest In Peace.
Amen.. I love you mummy...."

This tribute was added by ify Azoba on 20th February 2016

"God chose a perfect angel to place  in His beautiful garden.  
I love and miss you mama.
But I shall weep no more for you are resting in a good place.xx"

This tribute was added by Francis Anyaji on 16th February 2016

"It's been three years already grandma, and I weep no more, but instead I smile and look for how to make the person next to me smile as well cause that's your way of life. You always gave hope to all around you and inspired more than three generations. You will forever be a symbol of hope and a shinning example. Love you loads.....Frank"

This tribute was added by Ngozi Rosemary Molokwu on 16th February 2016

"Hmmmmmm Mummy 3yrs seems like yesterday. Mama Obodoyinbo! Onoyinokwo,Ojenawayo, Ochiedike Mama!!! Words are not enough to describe you, people may wonder why all the Praises but because You were God representative when you were with us. You were /are second to none. Whenever am faced with overwhelming challenges of life l always ask God to remember your prayers and show me Mercy. You were so unique and very humble. Like they say you don't know what you have until you loose it. Love you mama Obodoyinbo, Nne Joe. It is well."

This tribute was added by nwando bosah on 16th February 2016

"My ever loving grandma ever smiling mama I miss you so much. How times flies it'sbeen 3 year siblings and i were just talking about you the other day about all the wonderful advice and love you gave to us. We shall  continue to do you proud all your teaching, love and advices shall be passed down to our children.
May your soul continue to rest in perfect peace.Amen!!!"

This tribute was added by hannah Johnson on 16th February 2016

"Mama, we missed you dearly. May you continue to rest in peace . We love you but Jesus loves you  more. Continue to pray for us your children. May perpetual light shine upon you."

This tribute was added by Pamela ORABUCHE on 16th February 2016

"It all seems like yesterday, Mummy, Dropping you off after morning mass one morning and you were kind enough to ask if I wasn't working because you saw me often at morning mass. I told you that I had lost my job and you promised to pray to God to give me a better Job. No doubt you did! I will always be thankful for that. Continue to rest in the bosom of the almighty..........."

This tribute was added by ify Azoba on 16th February 2016

"I had a special treat this afternoon.
I tried to book Mass in our parish but today was already taken.
As I took a walk in Covent garden this afternoon I popped into the Corpus Christe Catholic Church and attended the afternoon Mass.
Thanking God for the opportunity and for the examplery life you led.
Asking for direction and Gods guidance in coping with your absence. I now wish the tears to stop, but in some quiet moments especially when the bread is raised during Mass, I find myself very tearful. Oh mum I ask for your prayers from beyond. Your faith was unquestionable and gained so much for us...."

This tribute was added by Mary Osemeka on 16th February 2016

"Can't believe it's been three years since God took you into his kingdom. You are a shining star grandma, a perfect example of what a grandma could ever be. I miss the days we had together, like they say "you don't know what you've got until you loose it".
You are a perfect example of what a granddaughter wishes her grandmother would be. I love you soo much and im very proud to say im your granddaughter. You will always remain in our hearts. RIP grandma xxx"

This tribute was added by ify Azoba on 16th February 2016

"Mum 2016, three years gone and you're still dearly missed. Remembering the fun times, generous times, forgiven rimes, enjoyment times, the prayerful times, Block Rosary in the mornings and evenings at Onitsha, EWTN, and your last Mass on Ash Wednesday 2013..also as you ate your last meal as a special favour for me, you reminded me how Christ had his last supper with his disciples. Mum all this special moments, makes it even more difficult to forget you. I love & miss you loads. Your baby..Ify. Xxxx"

This tribute was added by NGOZI AZOBA on 4th May 2015

"Loving mother, I pray that your light will continue to shine in the midst of your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. You must be proud of your family. Ngozi O turns 17 today. Anthony is in High School. Chidi will be taking HRC common Entrance Examination. 5 of my Novices are preparing for Profession of Vows. Monica, Anthonia and Ify are getting emmersed in the Holy Family, thanks to your legacy for us all. Ejiofor Molokwu did his white wedding, Nneka Osegbu gave birth to a baby boy, Ugo got married, etc I miss calling to tell you I am not feeling well and hear your loving encouraging motherly words. Deep in my heart I hear you. Thank you mama for protecting your family from above. We continue to pray for you all over there. Love you forever! Adaeze"

This tribute was added by NGOZI AZOBA on 16th February 2015

"Sweet Mother I will never forget you until I meet to part no more with you. I miss you so much mama. Many times my sisters and I have reminisce your ideal life you laid out for us. Thank you for giving us life. We promise to live our life worthy of the Christian upbringing you gave us. My Ad Gentes Family is still growing. My faith in the support you gave me when you were with us on earth is still strong. Thank you for being my mother nnem Maria. Rest in peace until we meet again. Sister Lucia Benedict Ngozi your first daughter"

This tribute was added by ify Azoba on 16th February 2015

"Two years ago today, having refused to eat all day until I arrived at the hospital with jelof rice and supermalt, she ate and drank, she reminded me that this is the way Jesus and His disciples had their last supper.
Moments later, she closed her eyes and there was peace in her expression and silence fell.
My beloved mother, the most gentle soul I've ever known, Mrs Maria Azoba passed away.
Please remember her in your prayers.
I have booked a Mass for her and my other beloved family members who passed away recently today at our church.
Please join In wherever you are in praying for their souls to rest In Gods perfect peace.
Thank you and God Bless you.
Have a pleasant day. Ify..."

This tribute was added by Toyin Edeki on 16th February 2015

"Can't believe it's two years already. Loved by all that came in contact with you, a magnet of Christ; greatly missed by so many people. Heaven has sure gained a saint, rest in peace always ma."

This tribute was added by ify Azoba on 22nd April 2014

"Mum, One year ago 16th feb 2013 you left this world.
Not long after your passing, dad followed. Both buried in April 2013.
On 13th April 2014 you were both remembered at St Mary's Onitsha.
Memorial request placed for you too at the Obelagu site. I know you would have approved.
May you both rest in Gods' perfect peace. Amen. I miss you both greatly."

This tribute was added by NGOZI AZOBA on 19th February 2014

"Nnem Maria, so much have happened since you left me. I know you are interceding for us. The Ad Gentes Brothers finally got their approval. I miss you so much. I cannot believe it is one year since we commended you to Mother Earth. Go in peace and do not forget to commend me, my siblings, and Ad Gentes Missionaries to God. I Love You So Much. My father, Mama Mary Rozic have joined you nu. Adaeze"

This tribute was added by Francis Anyaji on 17th February 2014

"I still feel as if when i get to Wilkinson i will see you. Guess i'm still having those 'shock' moments where everything seems so unreal. No more tears for I know where you are, but there are still those moments that i get so heavy and miss you more than ever. Love you grandma"

This tribute was added by ify Azoba on 16th February 2014

"Gone but not forgotten. I love and miss you loads.
One year anniversary. Goodbye mummy.
In loving memory of my dear mother, grand and great grandmother.
Late Mrs Maria Nwabuogo Azoba. (Nee Agwai).
Kindly join us in prayer as we say, !
O God, glory of believers and life of the just, by the death and resurrection of your Son, we are redeemed. Have mercy on your servant Maria, and make her worthy to share the joys of paradise for she  believed in the resurrection of the dead.
May her soul Rest In Perfect Peace Amen."

This tribute was added by ify Azoba on 5th April 2013

"I arrived few nights ago in Nigeria to make arrangement for your funeral in Nigeria. I'm overwhelmed with good wishes and condolences from people. The whether is HOT.
I'm really tired and I feel exhausted.
Hope you are praying with daddy and all the angel to give us your children the strength to carry on."

This tribute was added by Patricia Turmel on 4th April 2013


This tribute was added by mabel ndiwe on 24th March 2013

"To a Great Mum who was so wonderful, kind, supportive and most importantly very humble. Your death has left a very huge vacuum in my life which can never be replaced. Your humility and approach to human needs will always be treasured. Your commitment to God was admirable and will never be forgotten. Your love for your lovely daughters was no doubt unconditional. I miss you so much. R.I.P"

This tribute was added by ify Azoba on 18th March 2013

"I gave them keys today with tear in my eyes. (It's over.) You can never have imagined how difficult that was. Mum you truly believed I'm POWER strong enough to shoulder all this responsibility. I tried & I'm glad I had the chance to tell u how much I loved u & wanted to take care of u & dad. I'm ur last born but u made me strong with the love & trust u bestowed on me. I love u mum."

This tribute was added by ify Azoba on 16th March 2013

"Today 16/03/2013 four weeks ago at 2020hrs, u gracefully left this world. Ur departure have caused a lot of heartache yet we've submitted all in Gods hand. We know u would have done the same. Thank you for directing us to love, care, and pray and most of all believe in the Trinity. Mummy, a woman of patience, faith and love.  Ur work here is done. ADIUS. Ezinne- Nne Okwukwe. Rest in Peace."

This tribute was added by ify Azoba on 15th March 2013

"I've got things to say mum, then I looked at the time and thought., its too late I have to wait till morning. Then I remembered, when I wake I will not have the privilege that I've enjoyed since Anthony was born - of having you here in London a stone throw away, all to my self.
God pls give me strength. I find tears at every corner."

This tribute was added by NGOZI AZOBA on 15th March 2013

"Mama I still could not believe you are gone. Your voice was so sweet that 02/16/13 that I did not know it was the last time I'll hear your voice. My heart is so heavy. Who do I turn to now to listen to my stories? My only hope is that you left a legacy for us. I promise you that my sisters and I will always stick together and pray always. My love for you shall never die. Go in peace of God"

This tribute was added by ify Azoba on 12th March 2013

"Just got in from seeing dad off. He's off to prepare for your home coming. End of an era. It feels so empty. Tidying mums things. Cancelling services. Sky- EWTN, gas, phone, electric, gas. All brought tears to my eyes.
Looking at your smiling photo and realising that you will never ever be there in human form for me. . Oh mum how could you leave me so soon. I need you."

This tribute was added by ify Azoba on 12th March 2013

"Everyday since your passing I feel really lucky and privileged to have been your daughter. I know you were really loved. Visitors are still trouping in to pay their respect.10th March 2013, I couldn't bring myself to celebrate Mother's Day. Maybe next year. But for now, I'll simply wish all mums a happy Mother's Day. Hope that all children will appreciate their mum as much as I did you."

This tribute was added by ify Azoba on 12th March 2013

"Saturday 9th March your grandson's birthday, we remembered and had a full funeral Mass for you mum. Mum you were loved. The turn out was Hugh. You would have said so yourself. The support, love, grief and condolences were tremendous. You Are An Angel Mum.! Everyday since your passing I find myself feeling really lucky and privileged to have been you daughter. I know you were really loved."

This tribute was added by Chioma Ahanihu on 11th March 2013

"Mama, I felt so sad when the news of your passing reached us. Each time I spoke with you on the phone, you always encouraged me and assured me that you are praying for me. Now you are no longer with us here physically, we cry because we miss you, but we are hopeful that we shall meet again. Adieu mama, Nne Okwukwe!"

This tribute was added by Princess Nky Ofodile on 8th March 2013

"Dearest Mummy, when i spoke with you on the phone a few weeks ago, you sounded sooooo strong on the phone.  The plan was that I would come visiting you and uncle Nwafo the following two weeks.  I have never seen such a proactive elderly mummy like yourself. You were a God fearing lady who taught me how to pray the Rosary. ADIOS the world's most active, caring, loving and friendly Mummy."

This tribute was added by Patty NWANOSIKE on 8th March 2013

"Dear Mummy,we are all sadden for your sodden departure but only God knows why. We treasured all the time we shared with you,  your smile and happy face will be missed.
Mama, ije oma.

This tribute was added by Okey Ononye on 6th March 2013

"News of mummy's demise was shocking to us because, despite her age and fulfillment, it was least expected at the time it happened.
I would be consloed by the fond memories of a very genorous lady who shared the pains of others at all times.
May God rest your kind soul peacefully, Amen"

This tribute was added by Chris Onilo Azoba on 6th March 2013

"Mummy, it’s your son KISOFA as she used to fondly call me. I promised myself not to cry anymore. A woman who took me like her biological son while a teenager not knowing what I would grow up to be. You always remind me of ’Mother Theresa’ - a selfless woman who gave the world everything and asked for nothing in return. God will surely reward you. ‘KA OMESIA EZIGBO NNE’."

This tribute was added by Frank Osemeka on 5th March 2013

"You lived an examplary life. Your memories will ever remain with us. May your gentle soul rest in perfect the mighty name of JESUS...Amen."

This tribute was added by Emeka Azoba on 5th March 2013

"Thank you for being so kind to all your grandchildren. Whenever you had the opportunity to be by my side you always were, and you never ever forgot me, even when you were in hospital. The thing that made me happy when I was around you was when you always said “Ewee, Ewoo!!” I am certainly going to miss that, for it always made me laugh and most importantly made me happy.  You were a great lady but"

This tribute was added by Beverley Azoba on 5th March 2013

"‘A   Special    Poem   For   a   Special    grandma’:
The journey of my life is like a golden key, my first giant stride you started with me.  The love you shared like no other, because you were the best grandmother. I remember you in springtime, how you loved the fragrant breeze. I remember you in summer, as the sunshine kissed your cheeks. I remember you in autumn, how you loved the turning leav"

This tribute was added by deborah ilechukwu on 2nd March 2013

"mother you were an invaluable and precious jewel to your kids, an inspiration to all that knows you your gentleness, peaceful nature and lovely smiles we shall miss. yes it is sad that you are no more, but God loves you more.  l have consolation in the word of God, "to die is to live forever" Sleep on mother until we meet to part no more."

This tribute was added by Loveth Susan Kokori-Herbert on 2nd March 2013

"Mama, I miss you so much, I will gladly give up all the diamonds, gold and silver in my possession to have one more chat with you. I miss you greatly and cannot find the strength to stop the tears from flowing within my private walls. I know that it  is not the tear that I will shed in a day. Peace perfect peace mummy as you rest under the wings of our Lord. Will always love you!!!!"

This tribute was added by nwakaego nduka on 2nd March 2013


This tribute was added by Trisha Destiny on 1st March 2013

"Mama, Its such a pity that I never met you when you were with us on this earth. but tonight I heard that you were no more with us. I was told about all your goodness and contribution you made to the lives of people you came in contact with.  YOU ARE NOW IN A PLACE WERE SICKNESS OR PAIN CANNOT TOUCH YOU ANYMORE. PEACE PEACE PEACE,  IJMN AMEN. love ONUWA ESENWAH"

This tribute was added by Loveth Susan Kokori-Herbert on 1st March 2013

""Mama you were my appointed angel, protecting me when in danger, directing me through the right path when I was lost, providing for me when I was hungry. The most wonderful thing about you is that you do not mind getting up at mid night to feed me when I return from work.  I will miss my bowls of bitter leave soup, most importantly I will miss you so much and cheerish your memory""

This tribute was added by mary osemeka on 28th February 2013

"Thank you Grandma for taking care of me and protecting me from those that meant harm to me. I am very greatful for all. that you have done for me. May your soul rest in perfect peace. Amen."

This tribute was added by Aloy Nduka on 28th February 2013

"Mummy, just like a candle in the wind. Gone.Just like that. Even as I write this, I still fight back tears. Your were a mother, a mentor, a pillar and comfort to all of us. No distinction between your immediate children, inlaws, families, friends. You treated all of us equally and lovinly. It is too painful to lose you mum. We loved you but God loves you more. Good night mummy."

This tribute was added by hannah Johnson on 27th February 2013

"Mama, you were such an inspiration to me,the way you always knelt down to pray for hours not withstanding your age.You are indeed a mother of faith.May the Lord grant you enternal rest and may He let his Perpetual Light shine upon ,may your gentle soul rest in Perfect Peace.AMEN.Though you have gone but your memory will ever be treasured.."

This tribute was added by Pamela ORABUCHE on 27th February 2013

"Mummy Azoba, "Grand Ma"( as you are fondly called) you were so dedicated to the lord, and was incredibly strong. Your courage and tenacity is that of legends. You were full of spirit Grand Ma! My heart is aching and puzzled, I just wish we had more time!! It arches my heart you are not here anymore just like you were always there especially to call me "Mama Ejima". I am assured that you are restin"

This tribute was added by Francis Anyaji on 27th February 2013

"Are WE going to miss you, grandma? The answer is a BIG YES. Your kindness, love, humility, caring spirit and personality are but a few of your traits that would make your departure even more "painful". Your peaceful nature and gentleness imprints on us all (family and friends) and for that we say "Thank you". You are LOVED and will forever live in our memories. Adieu Grandma"

This tribute was added by mary osemeka on 26th February 2013

"My dearest grandmother, what a great woman of courage, strength and faith. I have always known you as a strong woman that is able to endure great pain, even through all of these you had God in mind  and always believed that he will always lead you through your pain. Grandma, I miss you a lot and also love you a lot."

This tribute was added by Toyin Edeki on 25th February 2013

"When Father Jim announced your departure, d reflect in me was to look at ur normal sitting area and I had a tear drop. It's sad to know u r gone as u'be been part of us for so long and just thinking about having future African mass without u. We love u but we know God's will has come n u r in a safer, peaceful place, till we meet to depart no more, do rest in peace always ma."

This tribute was added by ify Azoba on 25th February 2013

"Mum, it was so cold today and I was busy. I felt that I must call your phone to make sure you were keeping warm and to say you mustn't go outside. Also to say if you needed anything that I'll be home soon to get it for you. I found myself reaching for my cell phone to call you, then I remembered that the reason I was so busy today is to buy your special dress for a befitting farewell. ***."

This tribute was added by ify Azoba on 25th February 2013

"Mother of Faith -
So much love you planted around the world with each little seed you came across. But just like flowers, you were part of God's plan.That's why when God looked at your tired face, He knew it was your time to rest. It's hard for those who love you, but God has a needs for your gentle soul. I miss you mummy, but I know  it's God's will and Mummy you were READY. Bye-Mum & I love you."

This tribute was added by stacy kelly on 25th February 2013

"I don't know Ms. Maria, but from the pics and kind words expressed, i can tell she was a delightful person. I'd like to express some encouraging words from the bible. Jehovah God promises mankind to eliminate death forever and to also resurrect those loved ones back to a paradise earth, in which we can live together in peace. You can find that promise in your bible at Revelation 21:3 & 4."

This tribute was added by osi onukwuba on 25th February 2013

"When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.  I missed your lovely smiles a lot, the smiles that bring happiness , encouragement and reassurance to every one around you. Mummy you never gave me time to say goodbye and to thank you for being their always for me, you were gone minutes before I came in and only God knows WHY.My heart still aches in sadness & tears."

This tribute was added by NGOZI AZOBA on 25th February 2013


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