Let the memory of Maria Odogwu be with us forever.
  • 72 years old
  • Born on November 1, 1946 in Ibusa, Delta, Nigeria.
  • Passed away on February 22, 2019 in Ibusa, Delta, Nigeria.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Maria Odogwu Odogwu 72 years old , born on November 1, 1946 and passed away on February 22, 2019. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Eby N on June 12, 2019
"K'azi Nne Baby? Je g'akpolu mu Nne baby!" (Translation: Where is Mama Baby? Go and call Mama Baby for me!) Those familiar words were spoken by our Mama ibadan ,(my beloved mother, of blessed memory) so many times over the 30plus years that I knew our beloved Aunty, Mrs Maria Odogwu. "Nne Baby" as she was fondly called, was one of Mama Ibadan's most trusted relatives and helpers. She was always there for, and with Mama and they understood themselves perfectly well. They shared a special bond. I have fond memories of her always being around, right from my very first day as a new wife and mother in Mama and Papa Ndep's household in Bodija. She had such a peaceful and calm spirit and there was always a harmonious relationship between her and everyonein the household. To me, she was always loving and caring - a true mother figure indeed. 
Nne Baby, the last time I saw you was at Mama's 90th Birthday celebration in 2017 when you paid a surprise visit to rejoice with Mama. We were all so happy to see you! Sadly, less than two months after that occassion, Mama passed on to eternity. Without a doubt, I know that you felt Mama's departure so badly.You were both so close!
Now , you too have also left us, Nne Baby! We are so sad that you are gone from this realm, but what can we do but accept that the Lord has called you back to be with Him? It may be a dream but I do imagine you and your beloved Mama and Papa, Mama Lagos, Nne Joy and others who went ahead all being together again! What a beautiful dream indeed!
Adeiu Aunty, "Nne Baby" anyi! We miss you greatly but we are happy that you are at peace with the Lord who you believed in and served so diligently. Rest in peace until we meet again one day , in His presence. Your memory will always remain with me.
Mrs Ebele Ndep ("Nwunye Peter")
Posted by Edith Odogwu on June 11, 2019
My dear Nnebaby your death has left a great vacuum of a generation of the great Odogwu family I know you are at peace with the Lord. Rest on gentle soul.
Adeiu Nnebaby.
Ngozi & Theresa Odogwu.
Posted by Edith Odogwu on June 10, 2019
Mama you were the truest,dearest,you were more than a mother to me. I could perfectly recall our first meeting, I called you Nne and you gave me the most precious smile in return. I barely believed how fast you accepted and called me yours, you became part of my life in no time. You touched my heart in so many ways, you would always say thank you to every single thing I help you with. Your strength and smile even in the dark days made me realise I had an angel beside me. Nne you heard God whispering to you to come home,you gave God your hand and slipped away quietly without telling me bye. With great grief and a heavy heart I say goodbye to you ma.
Posted by Edith Odogwu on June 10, 2019
Grandma I thank God for your life. May you continue to rest in peace. I will really really miss you.
Isaac Ajaere
Posted by Edith Odogwu on June 10, 2019
My beloved grandma I will really miss you for all your words of encouragement and discipline. I never knew you will passed on so soon. You have always be my bank that I often borrowed money from that I have never paid back. I thank you for everything. May you continue to rest in peace.
Ethel Ajaere
Posted by Edith Odogwu on June 10, 2019
My beloved mother I thank you for all your 
Support to me and my children. I thank God for you, you will always be in my mind. I will really miss you. May you continue to rest in peace.
Mrs Francisca Ajaere (Nee Odogwu)
Posted by Edith Odogwu on June 10, 2019
My internal mentor, it really hurt me knowing u are no more  in this sinful world, I have a lot to tell u but it pains me am saying it now when u are no more, just want u to know I love u so much and thanks for watching me grow and teaching me how to go in life u are the real definition of motherhood u bring Joy to my heart when all hope is lost u are a great fighter of truth u are d best among uncomfortable grannies, love u granny till will me again and never depart no more.
Chidima Ajaere
Posted by Edith Odogwu on June 9, 2019
It's been nice getting to know you grandma the times we spent together ma I will never take it for granted your words are inspiring and motivating you have been more than a grandma to me I didn't spend much time with you Grandma but you have always wanted the best for your children and your grandchildren my mum use to tell me stories about you how you have been a supportive and caring mother I Know wherever you may be you are watching your children and your grandchildren do great things and we will never disappoint you ma rest on grandma in peace
Your grandson: Sylvester Daniel ovie
Posted by Edith Odogwu on June 9, 2019
When I noticed that you had your last breath in my absence without giving me a word of farewell, I felt so bad. I wondered where the wrinkles had gone. Within a couple of minutes, a thought within overwhelmed me,awareness of God's visitation for the good and mercy of my beloved mother's soul but I felt the petting of your hands soothing and
admonishing me not to grief.
  I am still watching in despair. You have left me in this sinful world where people are neither loved nor valued.
   I so much appreciate the efforts and contributions you made to ensure that everyone increases in value in Odogwu's family
   May God rest your soul and give us the courage to conduct ourselves peacefully in the family. Adiu mama
                     Odogwu Ikechukwu
Posted by Edith Odogwu on June 9, 2019
Mama, it's true that you need rest. You deserve the rest. Rest is very sweet after Labour and indeed you laboured to enter into this rest of the Lord. It's painful seeing you go, so soon ! If it lies within my own power, then I'd love to keep you for more years, to enjoy more dividends for your hard labour. But, alas, mama, you have gone away from us. Sleep on, Maria Odogwu (new Sualim). Thank you for being our mother and our Children grandma. Thank you for unwavering support and unceasing prayer for my hope when my hope is lost. Mama Baby, Rest in peace.
From Vivian Odogwu
Posted by Edith Odogwu on June 8, 2019
To a very good grandmother who was able to help me demystify somany things in life. Continue to rest in the bossom of the Lord. Good bye..
Mr P A U Akpoilih
Posted by Edith Odogwu on June 8, 2019
Azuka Joseph Odogwu .
Posted by Edith Odogwu on June 8, 2019
My beloved mother I will always miss u rest in peace Odogwu jude.
Posted by Edith Odogwu on June 8, 2019
My Darling Grandma, as you enter your new heavenly home, may you rest in peace which you deserve . For you will be truly remembered and missed for your love and honor in which I will preserve, I love you always forever and may God be with you.
Nnena Onyonobie (Nee Ajaere)
Posted by Edith Odogwu on June 5, 2019
My heart overflows with a theme that reaches hot into the middle of my inner being.
I recite the songs of my heart’s breakage concerning the one I heap my love.
My tongue is the pen of a ready writer which scripts the mystery of what future refuses to reveal to me. How I wished I knew death would truly fulfill its promise so sudden, so soon. How I wished I could guess that the pains would hurt so intense and so fervent. At the entire end Mama, our joy has defeated our agony, death is the loser and heaven is the winner. For, in my mind’s eye, I could see you resting in Christ’s own blossom. Even admix Angels of immaculate minds and fair souls, I could see that your comfort is not compromised. Whereas you leaved on earth amongst the good and the odd, you are fairer than the sons of men. Grace is poured upon Your lips. Therefore God has blessed you with melodious songs forever, just as He has favored us with your memories till we see again on that day.
I will always remember my last word
with you as we all know that you are not a person of many words,you just smiled at me.
Remain in Peace mama.
Edith Martha Odogwu
Posted by Odogwu Emmanuel on April 21, 2019
You are a mother of all .,but a no nonsense one at that , who is hard working. She try all her best to make sure all is working in accordance with everyone.
It was a shock to me that the last words from you was, "the election has been postponed "my reply was are you going to vote and you smiled and kept quiet, not knowing that that will be our last conversation . We will all miss you if nothing but your words of cautions to all .
   Oh mama may your soul rest in perfect peace .
Posted by Cynthia Odogwu on April 7, 2019
It all came like a bombshell. I still remember our last discussion together, never knew it would be the last . Mama, you were and still is a great and wonderful mother-in-law who made sure Cee (as you fondly call me) was okay in all ramification. I am forever grateful to you for allowing me into your family with open hands and I promise not to fail you. I will miss all the wonderful memories, your care, attention and love. Sleep on Mama till we meet again on the resurrection morning. Adieu!!!
Posted by Obajide Ilugbo on March 31, 2019
Mama Odogwu. Its been a most pleasant experience having g you as a Mother-in-law. You are too wonderful to have. Losing you to the cold hand of death is just too painful. One would wish you'll live forever.
When we saw you in December, I promised to come and take you to Ibadan for Easter. You nodded and smiled not knowing you were laughing at my ignorance. Easter is coming g soon but you are gone. Now I understand.
Sleep well mama. You really deserve the rest. No pain anymore4e, no drug, no worries. Just rest on, sweet Mama!

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