This tribute was added by Yoel Delgado on January 8, 2020
Maria cuanto sentimos tu partida, no pense que fuera a ser tan pronto, nos hemos quedado sin palabras al saber lo pronto que te nos fuiste, pero siempre te llevaremos en nuestros corazones con esa alegria y felicidad con la que muchas veces pudimos compartir juntos, espero que descanse en paz, nunca te olvidaremos Yoli y Familia.

This tribute was added by Michelle Machado on January 6, 2020
I love you Abuela Maria. I may not have always been able to say it in words, but know that I admire everything about you. Thank you for your love, kindness, poise, class and of course your croquetas. From dance recitals to graduations and birthday dinners, you were always there by my side and because of it I am a better person today. Don’t know how I got so lucky but I owe that all to you. Rest In Peace Abuela.
This tribute was added by Rose Machado on January 6, 2020
I want to say to know Maria is to love her❤️ So many memories I will cherish, all the laughter she brought to my soul will live with me forever Her feisty spirit, her beautiful style, her fierce love for her family and it is an honor through the years to have shared so many special moments.  I honestly connected with her on so many levels.
I loved the way she would always have a place for me by her side. I have tears as I write this but I know she is resting at peace I cheers to such celebration of life she lived life her way her terms and to the fullest till we laugh again
This tribute was added by Kathy Machado on January 6, 2020
Mi querida Maria ! Mi hermana!
Nunca te voy a olvidar ,fuiste en mi vida alguien muy especial ,en los momentos duros de mi vida , siempre estuviste ahí para mi dándome tu apoyo ,cuando Carlos enfermo tu lloraste junto conmigo como si fuera tu hijo
Gracias mi hermana por darnos tanto amor ,y por divertirnos tanto en los momentos buenos ,
Te voy a extrañar mucho ,,Se que vas a estar con “Dios”
       Tus consuegros “Ma y Pipo
This tribute was added by Alicia Machado on January 6, 2020
Today my mother, my confidante, my biggest supporter, passed. She is the best mom, grandmother, wife and friend too so many of us. I have no words to express how she has touched all our lives and mine especially. She’s my rock. With so much dignity, she fought this battle. She has always been the light in our family. My children have been so blessed to have had the best grandmother ever. My mom and I have shared so much laughter, love and conversations. My life will never be the same. I love you, my mommy. You are an angel!
This tribute was added by Mike Machado on January 4, 2020
If you’re reading this, you were lucky enough - fortunate enough - to know my abuela. You were touched by her love and embraced with her warmth. You were enamored by her charm and taken by her laugh. You had the good fortune of tasting those delicious croquetas, or her tortilla, or her flan, or her arroz con leche. Well, at least Michelle and I did. We were the luckiest ones. And we still are. Not just because of the food, but because of her love and her lessons. This is the woman who would scold me for not wearing a coat while giving me la bendición outside of her apartment, in the snow. She lived for herself and she lived for others. For her family. For her best friends. For all of the loved ones who visit this website.

If you’re here, you also knew that around 9pm or so at any given family function, she was likely to have already peed herself. She’d hate me for saying it, but it’s the truth! She loved her wine. This is the person who she was, though. She knew how to love, laugh and smile better than anyone we’ve come across in life. At her core my grandmother was life personified. Sure, you couldn’t get her off of the dance floor quickly enough, and we all loved that. But it was also the way she carried herself each and every single day which proves, beyond all else, just how full her life was. Nobody could out-dress this woman; even in her pink tracksuit, she was the star of every crosswalk she jaywalked on Bergenline. Everything she did, she did with style and grace. When she stole ham from a supermarket and put it in her purse - not her finest moment - you better believe she looked good when she told the security guard “that’s not my ham”. 

But what you saw on the outside is positively a reflection of my Abuela’s being and soul. She raised two incredibly loving and wise children and was a second mother to my father. She gave what she had to God and to others; no woman was more generous or pious. And even with me saying all of this it’s very difficult to express in words what my grandmother meant to me specifically. The bond we shared will never die; it has to endure, or I have to believe that it will, because the love there was so strong and so real it sustained me growing up. It was I who relied on this woman - even in her old age - for strength, courage, and wisdom. She taught me how to love, how to laugh, and how to live. And the only thing she wanted in return from me and all of us in my family was personal success. For her, no gift was greater than seeing those whom she loved rise to new heights and achieve their dreams. She was and is a model of selfless love, and everything I do forever, I’ll do for her and in her honor.

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