Let the memory of Marialla be with us forever
  • 28 years old
  • Born on January 6, 1983 .
  • Passed away on May 19, 2011 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Marialla Magloire 28 years old , born on January 6, 1983 and passed away on May 19, 2011. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Alexandra Magloire on 7th January 2019
Happy Birthday Mari ! (I don’t know why my messages are not showing up, this is my fifth attempt since yesterday.) While we all stay in touch with each other, you are always in our hearts and thoughts. It goes without saying, we miss you and the family is not complete without you… Through our faith, we look forward to our reunion! Love you, Alex
Posted by Zita Magloire on 6th January 2019
Happy birthday sister! I love you very much and your family is remembering you in their own special way today. We spent Christmas in Vienna 10 years after we visited there for the first time as a family. You were with us in spirit everywhere we went. I think of you and pray for you often. Until we meet again...love zizi
Posted by Alisa Kulavska on 16th June 2018
Mari, I have some horribly mixed feelings it numbs my hands... so many thoughts and where do i start? I. Miss. You. I hear your voice and remember your laughter and how much fun you were to be around. I could never thank you enough for everything! Everything! Pls, take care, Mari-ella-ella, under my umbrella -ella-ella :) I love you!
Posted by Errol Van Der Hoeven on 6th January 2018
Although we have never had the honour to have personal contact with Mariella, we share the grief and sense of loss with her mother Harriett, her sister and brother. We encourage you to always treasure those wonderful memories you have of your daughter and sister.
Posted by Erin Michelle Smith on 6th January 2018
Whoa, hard to believe you'd be 35 today! Been thinking of that all week, like how and where we'd be celebrating & just interacting at this age on some other plain of existence. (Well, you know what I'm saying.) I like to think we'd be toasting in one of those hot tubs that float down the Regents in London. Also, it's been a while since I thought about this but recently remembered that some guy at school always called us the oreo twins ;)
Posted by Zita Magloire on 6th January 2018
Mari, Another birthday we are celebrating here without you in person, but always with your spirit and memory. I love you and miss you. As per our family custom I took the Christmas tree down today. I also cared for someone today who reminded me of you, which was the next best thing to being able to actually care for you. Love you!
Posted by Alexandra Magloire on 6th January 2018
Mari, HAPPY BIRTHDAY❣ We had to give Dad back the same way we gave you back. I could only imagine the serenity, peace and elation that the union between you and Dad have brought. You're in my daily prayers and thoughts.. I know somehow, someway, some form, some shape, some realm you're both with us❣ Alex ✌
Posted by Erin Michelle Smith on 19th May 2017
I watched a video about a month ago with the moral being that time is the most precious gift you can give someone because you give it knowing you'll never get it back. How lucky I was that you chose to spend your time with me! It was not wasted and shaped my life's path. Forever missed!
Posted by Harriett Paul on 19th May 2017
My Dearest Darling, Yeebee, and BFF, this is a bitter-sweet day. Six years have passed since that faithful day, May 19, 2011. It does not get any easier -- I will always love and miss you, and look forward to the day that our spirits will be joined again. In the meantime, your loved ones left behind work to honor your memory and your values -- helping those in need, in pain, who need some kindness. Forever Yours Mom.
Posted by Zita Magloire on 19th May 2017
Dear Mari, it's your sister zi. I miss you and think about you all the time. You are our inspiration and keep us focused on what's most important. I love you and know we will be together again. Hug dad for me♡
Posted by Alexandra Magloire on 19th May 2017
Mari, Your transition is not something we get over as time goes on… It's something we learn to live with. It feels more like yesterday than six years ago. I pray that you and Dad and all our love ones that have left this physical world are in God's beautiful perfect paradise, heaven! We are all here on borrowed time; I'm waiting to be In God's glory and reunited with you and Dad. Miss you Mari,
Posted by Alexandra Magloire on 6th January 2017
Happy Birthday Mari ! You are profoundly missed. The family was reunited due to a crisis... One day we will all be reunited in God's kingdom; what an awesome day that will be! Love You!
Posted by Zita Magloire on 6th January 2017
Mari we love you and miss you so much. Today we find ourselves in the midst of another trial as a family. We are trusting that God will bring us through as He did when we had to give you over to Him almost six years ago. We pray for your peace and rest, and our reunion in God's timing. Love you forever!
Posted by Erin Michelle Smith on 6th January 2017
Girlfriend, how long has it been, and still I've met no one who can touch your humor, charm, and brilliance. You come to life in my mind with every urge to share a photo, big news, or profound thought. I miss you deeply.
Posted by Felix Magloire on 20th May 2016
Mari, my beautiful sister. It's been 5 years since you left us but you live in my heart everyday. Your kindness, intelligence and humor live on. You are truly a positive force. Love, your brother Felix
Posted by Harriett Paul on 19th May 2016
To my dearest Mari, how I miss you my love! My most cherished thought and prayer is that one day we will be together again -- Best Friends Forever!! Your loving family tries hard everyday to contribute in some positive way to persons in need. I believe that you would be pleased with the work that we are doing through the Foundation we have established in your memory. You are forever in my heart.
Posted by Errol Van Der Hoeven on 19th May 2016
Although we have never had the honor of meeting you, we share the loving memories of that of your beloved mom, sis and bro.
Posted by Alexandra Magloire on 19th May 2016
Hi" Mari, It's Alex... Today is not the only day you are thought of and missed. You're in my prayers daily and in my heart forever. All is well down here… We are all doing the best we can. Through my faith, I await our reunion. Until then, "May you always walk in sunshine and God's love around you flow, for the happiness you gave us, no one will ever know. It broke our hearts to lose you, but you did not go alone. A part of us went with you, the day God called you home. A million times we've cried. If love could only have saved you, you never would have died." Big hug! Alex
Posted by Erin Michelle Smith on 19th May 2016
Still missing my best buddy like crazy. Here in Atlanta, I am reminded almost weekly of the crazy, dumb stunts we pulled at Six Flags and the unrivaled fun I had in your company growing up. So grateful for each day we had together!
Posted by Zita Magloire on 18th May 2016
Thinking about you now and always. So thankful for the work God has let us accomplish through your foundation. Knowing He has a much bigger plan than we could imagine is my hope and encouragement. Love you Mari!
Posted by Alexandra Magloire on 7th January 2016
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARI !! I'm so glad we had our talks over the phone… shedding light on our perceptions of our childhoods.You shined so brightly here on earth...may God's love shine upon you in heaven. Love you, Alex PS Only Mari knows that I began writing this on the 6 of January, but hit sent on the 7th.
Posted by Zita Magloire on 6th January 2016
Happy birthday Mari! Love you and miss you. It's really cool to realize how you're never really gone. I woke up this morning and I read your Bible, and I put on your big black fluffy jacket and it kept me warm all day. I even think I look like you when I wear it. Love you always and happy birthday. Love Zita
Posted by Harriett Paul on 6th January 2016
Happy Birthday my dear darling Marialla! I miss you so very much and love you more each day. Today, your birthday, is such a special day in the life of our family. We honor and cherish your memory and try very hard to continue your good works here at home in Tallahassee and overseas. We love you forever - and pray for your peace and rest. Your loving mother.
Posted by Erin Michelle Smith on 6th January 2016
Howdy, partner! Thinking about you as always on this special day. Coincidentally (?) a garnet and filigree necklace that only you would have rocked popped up in an ad on my phone late last night. Even the little things like that I remember. Miss and love you. Happy birthday!
Posted by Felix Magloire on 6th January 2016
Happy 33rd birthday in heaven. Ashley and I miss you dearly. Mari, you truly added light to our lives.
Posted by Erin Michelle Smith on 19th May 2015
I am still finding our notes, even after moving a half dozen times! Your strong presence is still felt four years later - also heard often, when I'll think of our old, obscure jams and they'll immediately pop up on the radio... Sometimes can't help but wonder what we'd be getting up to these days if circumstances hadn't changed. Can't help but wonder what expressions or mannerisms Ella would have picked up from you. You are forever missed.
Posted by Zita Magloire on 6th January 2015
Happy Birthday Sister! Missing you a lot today. Your christmas tree was beautiful this holiday and I will be taking it down today (per our family custom). You would be very proud of Gerard (aka Ticky), who worked very hard and is leaving tomorrow to study in France for 6 months. Wish you were here and love you very much. Until we meet again, Your sister Zita
Posted by Harriett Paul on 6th January 2015
HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear Marialla, I miss you so much! I have been comforted today by going through all of your photos on Facebook. On this, the 32nd Anniversary of your birth, I want you to know that you will be loved forever and we are trying hard to do good works in your memory through the MVM Foundation we've established in your memory.
Posted by Felix Magloire on 6th January 2015
Happy Birthday to my sweet, caring, funny, intelligent and charming sister. Time marches on but you live in my heart forever. We love you!
Posted by Erin Michelle Smith on 19th May 2014
Hey, old friend! We are all thinking of you and the best times we shared today. I don't miss a day remembering something you said or did. Yesterday, out of the blue, I was like, "Mmhmm ya." Figured you popped down for a visit. Lol. It's been rainy lately, so I'm thinking of that time when we used our free day to go & clean debris out of our creek after a tropical storm. Even back then, you were quietly trying to make a difference. I'm so glad I got to come along for part of the ride. :) Last week I accepted an offer for work in Atlanta...I just want you to know that you'll always be the first one I think of the moment I have big news to share. Dang, I miss you.
Posted by Adrienne Armstrong on 19th May 2014
Dear Marialla, I just want you to know how much you're missed and how much happiness you brought into my life, as well as everyone who had the honor and chance to know you. Love, Adrienne ("Erin's Mom")
Posted by Harriett Paul on 18th May 2014
My dearest Marialla, I will forever love you and cherish each memory I have of you. I pray that you have found peace and contentment and that one day we will be rejoined in happiness and peace eternal. We miss you Mari, and we try to honor your memory each day through the works we undertake under the Marialla V Magloire Foundation, Inc. We hope to make someone's life a little better because of your life and the heart you had for the poor, under-served, and forgotten persons in society. Kisses my love. Mom May 18, 2014
Posted by Zita Magloire on 17th May 2014
Remembering you today and always. Love you Mari
Posted by Zita Magloire on 7th January 2014
Happy Birthday Mari! I love you so much and wish you were here today--Florida State won the national championship on your birthday!!!! I know you would be so proud! I can't think of a better way to celebrate your birthday then to have friends over and laugh and scream and cheer for your favorite team. I miss you and love you. Happy Birthday!
Posted by Erin Michelle Smith on 6th January 2014
hApPy BiRtHdAy dearest girlfriend! Every day we spent together was a gift, & I will always celebrate your birthday as though it were my own. In a way it is, considering how huge an influence you've been...not to get all deep here :) I will give your mom a call a little later & see what great stories we can share. So much has changed, but my memories of you serve as a trip Home. Much love today & every day.
Posted by Alexandra Magloire on 26th May 2013
MARI, Acronym: Missed, Amazing, Rare, Inspiring Never to far from my thoughts.
Posted by Erin Michelle Smith on 19th May 2013
'Dude!' You've been on my mind so much lately. You're always in my thoughts & prayers, as you know from the notes I still write...If only we had the messaging technology back then that we do now :) I reminisced all week by sharing some of "our movies" with Ryan; my family will always know your name, sense of humor, wit, & spirit. The impact you made will long be felt.
Posted by Harriett Paul on 19th May 2013
My darling Mari, the days since you left us 2 years ago today have been difficult beyond description. We think of you everyday & long for your presence. Your wit, intelligence & energy is so missed. We are trying to put the best of who we are into the Marialla V. Magloire Foundation which we have establised in your memory. We will forever love you & keep you in our hearts. Kisses Mom
Posted by Zita Magloire on 19th May 2013
Mari, love you so much. We all miss you today. Each of us is trying to do something that would make you proud. Dad organized a home concert for Uncle Verio's brother with Lou Gehrig's Disease. Today we are donating items from your foundation to a silent auction to raise funds for medical work in Haiti. Love you and miss you.
Posted by Harriett Paul on 7th January 2013
Hello my darling daughter, we miss you so much! We celebrated your birthday yesterday remembering all of your funny sayings and jokes. No one in the family can tell a joke like you. We are making great progress with your foundation, you would be very proud. I pray each day that your soul is at peace. We will love and miss you forever. Kisses Mom
Posted by Zita Magloire on 6th January 2013
Happy Birthday sis. 30 YEARS OLD TODAY!!!!! Wow, we are all thinking of what you'd be doing right now--partying no doubt! Love you in so many ways I couldn't realize until now. Brother Ticky is doing good and I know you'd be proud. Love you, ZiZi
Posted by Felix Magloire on 12th September 2012
Hello Dear Sister, I miss you so much and you are often on my mind. I see your smile, your wit and your kindness shining through. I long for your presence and will be overjoyed to see you once again when it is my turn to leave this earth. Honestly, you are a genius with heart! Love You!
Posted by Harriett Paul on 22nd July 2012
Missing you Mari so much -- still can't believe that you are not here with us! Love You Darling. Mom
Posted by Zita Magloire on 21st July 2012
Loving and missing you every second of everyday! Love, Zita
Posted by Harriett Paul on 5th July 2012
My dearest Mari, my Yeebee Baby, I miss you every moment of the day. The world seems so empty without your jokes, constant telephone calls, and wanting me to put the cell phone with you on it in my pocket when the time or place was not conducive for talking. I love you more each day my darling first born and Best Friend Forever. Love you, Mom
Posted by Alexandra Magloire on 9th June 2012
Thinking of you, missing you, not just on the anniversary of your passing, but throughout my journey... Between my sunrises and sunsets the gift of Mari shines on. Love you, Alex
Posted by Felix Magloire on 29th May 2012
Happy 1st anniversary in Heaven, Dear Sister. Your caring ways, intelligence and charm live in my heart forever. Love you with all my heart! Your brother, Felix
Posted by Harriett Paul on 25th May 2012
My dear Mari and BFF, we miss you more than ever!! Know that you light is still shining on the things that you loved through the work that we are doing through your foundation. Kisses my darling! Mom
Posted by Harriett Paul on 19th May 2012
My dearest Mari & Best Friend Forever, today is hard as is each minute without you. However, we take solace in the knowledge that we, your family & friends, are working hard to continue your legacy of giving. Today, May 19th - on the 1st anniversary of your passing from this earthly life, we are launching the nonprofit that you and I envisioned. We have established it in your memory!!
Posted by Zita Magloire on 19th May 2012
Mari, I wish you were still here, but you left an imprint on this world that will not be forgotten. I love you and can't wait to see you again! Love, your sister Zita

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