This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Marian Adebajo, 96 years old, born on December 18, 1924, and passed away on May 9, 2021. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Rotimi Odutola on May 9, 2022
Another beloved year has passed and your loving memory will continue to warm our hearts. May God continue to bless you and may you continue to watch upon our hearts.
Posted by Olufemi Adebajo on May 9, 2022
Today make it one year that you left this world, even though you're no longer with us your legacy and love leave's with us.
Goodnight grandma till we meet on the resurrection morning. Femi,Nike,Samuel,Emmanuel, Deborah and Esther Adebajo (grandchildren and great grandchildren
Posted by Rotimi Odutola on June 8, 2021
To my dearest Grandmother, there is much to say about a woman who empowers the strength and kind spirit as you did. As I reflect over the years, I am very appreciative for all of the prays and blessings that you have bestowed to our families. In every God fearing family there is always a praying mother as the foundation. From that we build our lives and live accordingly to the principles and values nurtured by our mothers. As you transition in grace and reverence, your prayers and love will always be in my heart.
Posted by John Paul on June 7, 2021
"You may be gone from my sight, but you will never be gone from my heart. I may not be able to see your face again, but I will always see your sweet smile. I may never hear your voice again, but you will forever echo in my soul.” — Oluwatamilore Fadun, Great grand son
Posted by John Paul on June 7, 2021
"We had a wonderful grandmother,

One who never really grew old;

Her smile was made of sunshine,

And her heart was solid gold;

Her eyes were as bright as shining stars,

And in her cheeks fair roses you see.

We had a wonderful grandmother,

And that’s the way it will always be.

But take heed, because

She’s still keeping an eye on all of us,

So let’s make sure

She will like what she sees.” - Omowunmi Fadun, Grand daughter in law.
Posted by Adewunmi Fadun on June 6, 2021
Mama was a strong, lively and loveable person, she was always after seeing someone smile and being OK. Always asking about others and always wanting us to never forget the importance of calling one another. I really missed mama and Will never forget all she taught and said to me. Continue to rest in d blossom of God mama
Posted by Olufemi Adebajo on June 6, 2021
Good night grandma your death though very painful yet we rejoice in the fact that you lived a strict Christian life worthy of emulation continue to rest in peace in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ till we meet to part no more Amen. Ronke Adeshina (your grand-daughter)
Posted by Olufemi Adebajo on June 6, 2021

We think about you always, we talk about you still. you have never been forgotten and you never will. we hold you close to our hearts and there you will remain, to walk and to guild us through our lives until we meet again. Continue to rest in peace Great grandma... Meira Adebajo (Great grand daughter)

Posted by Olufemi Adebajo on June 6, 2021
Nothing breaks our hearts more than having a world that no longer has you in it. you weren't one in a million but just you and it was an honour to have shared this life with you. I am not saying goodbye forever but goodbye for now. i pray you find peace and rest in the bosom of the Lord...Rest in peace Grandma...Joy Adebajo (Grand daughter in law)
Posted by Olufemi Adebajo on June 6, 2021
As tears flow from my eyes with hearts heavy, with the weight of loosing you, I will also celebrate your life because you have taught me the true meaning of living. you were and still an inspiration to all, with a heart that radiated love and warmth through all our lives. you will truly be missed, forever loved and cherished...Rip in peace grandma...Yomi Adebajo (Grandson)
Posted by Olufemi Adebajo on June 6, 2021
My dear Sister in law, l was shocked about your death, I will really miss you forever showing me love. Rest in Perfect Peace. Love from Mrs J.S Akinde (Sister In Law)
Posted by Olufemi Adebajo on June 6, 2021
Grandma, Rest in Perfect Peace, there is a reason for every season and i know GOD has a purpose for your demise, you lived a good and fulfilled life. Hold on to GOD's lovely arms, Miss you ma, Mrs Folashade Soniregun.(Your Niece)

Posted by Olufemi Adebajo on June 6, 2021
My loving Sister as am writing this tribute, am on sick bed because it had never been my wish. GOD knows best Although you are gone physically but you shall forever remain in our hearts. Sleep well dear Sister Until We meet to part no more. Love from Engr Joseph Idowu Akinde.(Younger Brother)

Posted by John Paul on June 6, 2021
Tribute to Grandma
I remember most cakes came from you on our you make it colorful for us. I truly miss all that and the intense discipline to the letter... Rest in the blossom of the lord
Posted by Femi Adebajo on June 5, 2021
My dearest mother, you were a great mother indeed. I still have not come to the realization that you have left us as I can still see your smiling face, still laughing at your funny jokes, still singing your favorite praise songs and saying amen to your prayers as if you were still with us and just a phone call away.
You loved your beloved husband, your children, family and friends and would do anything for them. I remember the day I heard that the results of my “School Cert” examination have been posted, I told you I was afraid to go to the school, and you got in your room, got dressed and went to my school because of me. As I waited anxiously for you to return home, I saw that beautiful smile on your face as you announced that my best friend and I have successfully completed our secondary education. Of course there were other countless occasions where you demonstrated love, courage and strength as a mother to your children and as a wife to your departed husband.
You taught us Christian values and morals and modelled to us what a good loving mother and wife should be. However, you did not abdicate your responsibility to demonstrate tough love when it was necessary to discipline and impart the truth into our lives. These were important lessons that we all learned and are emulating with our own children and grandchildren today.
Your love for God was obvious and it did not matter to you whether you were in a church building, at a private home or at a friendly gathering, you were ready to happily sing and danced for the Lord. I am very thankful and appreciative to God that he gave you one last opportunity to worship him, happily sang your favorite praise songs, danced, prayed and paid your last tithe as you loved to do before you departed this world on that beautiful Sunday afternoon after service.
It was not surprising that you were selfless, kind and you cheerfully gave of what you had. You taught me to know that it was better to give than to take. I remember your amazing hospitality to our friends and family members when they visited us. It was not unusual for you to spend time and money to bake your tasteful cakes and then spent time to beautifully decorate them just to give them away as wedding or birthday gifts. Your jokes were amazing and funny as you had a way of making people around you laughing and joyful
Dearest mother, I know if you were to console your children, family and friends during this difficult time, you would say to your children, “I know you will miss me because I was your mother and you loved me dearly, then you would pray for us as you did during your life time. You will also say to us wipe your tears as I did my best when I was with you. Make sure you love your God and all people, do good always and never forget that one day, you will have to lay down everything to answer the call to depart this world”.
Dearest mother, I will really miss you and those countless phone calls, our long phone conversations, your funny jokes, your laughter, your special motherly prayers, your knowledge of the Scriptures and how we usually end our phone calls by singing your favorite song. “E je ki a fi inu didun yin Oluwa” 
I also know that your family and friends will miss you especially your “beloved little children” at the Redeemed Christian Church of God located on your premises will really miss you and your treats after Sunday service as they fondly called you MAMA.
Until we meet again, may your kind and gentle soul continue to rest peacefully with the Lord in Jesus name. Amen.
Your dearest daughter
Mrs. Yetunde Odutola.

Posted by Femi Adebajo on June 4, 2021
Mummy Bariga as I fondly called her was a wonderful mother full of love and so much humour, there was never a dull moment when you were with her.
Whenever I call she would always ask me if I was cooking "Ikokore" for my husband and always blessing me with a mother’s prayer.
I have so many sweet and dear memories but one I will always treasure is when she asked me to pray for her, in the presence of my husband, Femi who is a pastor yet she asked me to pray for her.
I thank God for the long life He granted our mother, in good health for the better part of it. We will cherish the memories we have of her.
Love you mummy. Rest in peace in the bosom of the one you loved.
Mrs 'Deji Adebajo
Posted by Femi Adebajo on June 4, 2021
To God be the glory, as Heaven has welcomed another angel of inestimable value!! A truly beautiful and wonderful woman who God blessed with long life. We will miss her infectious joyful, loving and energetic soul. Sincere condolences to the entire family. May she rest in perfect peace in the bossom of the Lord whom she served faithfully right to the very end. Amen -Kunle Adebajo
Posted by Femi Adebajo on June 2, 2021
Mami, as I fondly called you, I want to thank God for the Christian life you lived and the values you instilled in me. There are numerous values that I learnt from you that have helped shaped my life to this day. One of such is time management, even in our country where many people do not value time, you were an exception, you always keep to time. This is something I learnt from you, just like you, I dislike situations when people waste my time.
You were very truthful and frank which of course can make many to disagree with you but you always stand by the truth no matter what others may say. You will not take side with anyone just because that person is close to you, if the person is wrong you tell him or her straight away, that’s you mami. Growing up I knew you to be a person who is ever contented never jealous of anyone but rejoice with others when they are celebrating even when such people openly displayed their jealousy when you are celebrating. You do not believe in extravagant living such that you do not get yourself involved in the “Aso Ebi” culture and you specifically told us not to ask people to buy any aso ebi for your funeral. This culture of yours I have imbibed from a very young age and I do thank you for it. You also taught me home economics such that from the tender age of 13years, I do normally go to the market to buy foodstuffs and cook the meals for the entire family. You wake me up on Saturday mornings to help you with blending the ingredients for cake. Then I always ask why you are worrying me to make cakes that are free of charge most of the time!!!. You are such a generous person, you taught me the act of generosity. You made us to do household chores despite the fact that when we were growing up oftentimes we had house helps but you insisted on your children learning how to cook and take care of the home, thank you very much for this. Cooking and doing household chores to me now is what I do enjoy doing.
Looking back at my life, being a very rascally person growing up I wonder where I would be now if not for your strict discipline. I remembered when I was studying for my A levels and during my university days how due to your stand that I have to complete my studies before "chasing girls" how I had to “smuggle” my girlfriends to the house because if you see them there will certainly be fire on the mountain. I cannot understand this because as undergraduate why i cannot invite girls home. You normally sing to me the song “ati gbe iyawo o ja, owo obe losoro” (it is not difficult to get married, the problem is the responsibilities that goes along with being the bread winner of the family). Thank you for not allowing me to compromise my future for the benefits of short term satisfaction. One of the things people normally tell me is that I inherited your humorous nature, ability to crack jokes out of every situation, I guess it is one of the secrets of your good health as you always see the funny sides of life even in the midst of crisis. You make us laugh at times to the extent that we do not know when tears will be coming from our eyes!!!. I will certainly miss your good jokes.
Over the years, I had made it a point of duty to always come to Nigeria to see you at least once a year and it was rather unfortunate that it was not possible for me to see you this year due to Covid-19 restrictions, before your final departure, but I do take consolation that my wife and I were able to speak to you on the evening of 8th May 2021. When we spoke, you called me the usual nickname “Okefero” and "my husband who is now married to Deji". You asked if Deji had prepared for me my favourite “Ikokore” meal to which she answered yes. After speaking with you on that day I told my wife that your voice was not steady, that I hope you are not planning to leave us soon. So when I saw several missed calls on my mobile phone after the church service on that Sunday 9th May 2021, I immediately sensed that the Almighty God have decided to call my mother to rest at His bosom for eternity. Once again thank you very much my dear mother for all you have done for me with the help of the Almighty God to be who I am today.
Mami, we love you and we thank God for a well lived Christian life and say rest in perfect peace –Femi Adebajo (Son).
Posted by Christie Ekewuba on May 29, 2021
May your soul rest in peace,am comfort's sister in law. I pray God to comfort the family in Jesus name Amen
Posted by Twin Momma on May 27, 2021
Rest on mama. You are loved mama agba.
Posted by Adetoun olujoke Adebajo on May 26, 2021
My grandma continue to rest on I will surely miss you iyawomi as you always call me joke iyaoko mi .
Posted by Muyiwa Adebajo on May 25, 2021
The news of the home call of our dear and beloved Mummy, came to us as a shock, but we received it with total submission to the will of God and thanksgiving to God, for granting her the wonderful grace to live that long beautifully.

Our dear mummy, that we usually identified as Mummy Bariga or Mummy Igbo-igunu, was a jolly and jovial person at all our meetings with her and we thank God for the memories shared together with her.

She was a true and great mother who instilled on everyone of us, the fundamentals of purity, hard work and love for the family members and unit. At all our meetings with her, she tried as much as possible, to recite the rich Adebajo's family Oriki to us, which was always followed with a delicious meal.

She thought me in particular, to love the roasted beans and Ogbona stew with orisirisi meat and fish that she used to feed us at childhood during the Adebajo's Christmas get together at Ijebuode, then in the 1960s and she had to come from Jos.
She continued her hospitality to all, on her return to Lagos and we are grateful for the enjoyment and experience with her.
That meal has become preference meal to many of us, thereafter .


We have lost a darling with her death, definitely vacuum cannot be created within, we your children. This is because, you had created in us, love, unity, contentment and fervent trust in the Almighty God, whom we believe will continue to provide for us bountifully, through our faith in Him.

We are comforted by the fact that, mama left this world knowing and acknowledging God, through our Lord Jesus Christ, as her Redeemer and Saviour.

As we celebrate the hand of God in our mummy's life, we are very grateful to God for His grace, favour and blessings on her, through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Rest on beloved, and find peace in the arms of God, till we meet to part no more, ma.

'Muyiwa Adebajo

For and on behalf of Adebajo Decendants
Posted by Olufemi Adebajo on May 25, 2021
Grandma, from the first day we met you show to me the loving, caring, godly and accommodating person you are, you relate with me like you have known me for years even as a grand daughter in law, when never I visit it always end with anew experience of your kind hearted person you're, I thank God for knowing you and I promise to live by every of your motherly counsel given to me by you, Sleep well Grandma till we meet again on the resurrection morning. Olanike A. Adebajo ( Grand daughter in law)
Posted by Olufemi Adebajo on May 25, 2021
Great- grandma we love you but God love you more, we wanted to come to your place as promised by our dad during the children's day holiday and our dad said you are dead, it was painful to hear about your death but we take solace in the fact that you are with our Lord Jesus till we meet to see again at His feet, with love from us. Samuel, Emmanuel, Deborah and Esther Adebajo ( your Great-grandchildren)
Posted by Olufemi Adebajo on May 25, 2021
Grandma, you're a great person to always be with, one thing I will always hold on to as a principle from you is that every child is as important as the other, I keep telling every one that you thought me virtually all the Nigeria meal I know how to cook today and this is a principle I will also pass to my seeds(children). I could remember the day you came to report me to my Dad(your son) that some of my friends called me FEMO-SCOPION and I also cherish those bible study times we had together even when I still don't know that I will still carry the same bible to teach others, Thanks grandma for the seed you sown in me, till we meet at the resurrection morning, GOOD NIGHT GRANDMA. FEMI ADEBAJO(Grandson)  
Posted by mola amodu on May 24, 2021
Mama was a pleasant and endearing woman. Always had lovely stories to tell with a lovely smile. Rest in perfect peace. Amen!
Posted by Tosin Odutola on May 22, 2021
To my dearest grandma, it is with joy and happiness that I was able to call you that. I can not thank you enough for the countless nights you would spend praying specifically for me. I never knew the last time we spent together would truly be the last time, but it was the best time. Your joyful heart, warm spirit, and gentle soul will forever remain in my heart. I can not forget our last conversation where you imparted wisdom and guidance to me, and the laughs we shared from your amusing jokes. I know you may rest eternally now with our eternal father whom you loved so much. 

With love always and forever,
Your granddaughter Tosin Odutola
Posted by Adelaja Odutola on May 22, 2021
Dear Mother-in-Law, "Mama Bariga" (As I fondly called you). Thank you so much for the kind, and gentle words of wisdom you shared during our conversations. You demonstrated strength by your longevity, and you displayed a deep faith in the Almighty God with your words of wisdom. You were more than a Mother-in-Law; you always prayed for us and led us in singing a hymn or two in praising God whenever we called you on the phone. I will cherish your nickname for me, "Omo Jehovah", and precious memories of three-way conversations with you and my mother on the phone; sharing words of wisdom, exchanging jokes, and making us laugh to brighten our day. Again, thank you for being such a kind person to us. Jesus Christ said in John 11:25 "I am the Resurrection and the life. He who believes in me, though he may die, he shall live." I pray for God to welcome you into His Kingdom with open hands. Amen.
Posted by Muyiwa Adegboye on May 21, 2021
May Mama's gentle soul rest in perfect peace and her memory be a blessing in Jesus' name
Posted by Oluwaseun Odutola on May 20, 2021
My heart is replete with blissful memories when I remember my dearest grandma. Grandma's passion for God and her family was never hidden as she demonstrated what it means to be a Proverbs 31 woman. Though across the miles, grandma's ceaseless prayers, fasting and many jokes always melted my heart. Though I would've wished to have known you for much longer grandma, I thank God for the legacy you left for each one of us to emulate. May your soul rest in heavenly peace forever.

Loving you always,

Your Dear Grandson Oluwaseun Odutola
Posted by Babatunde Adebajo on May 20, 2021
Dear mother, you were a mother indeed, Your sudden departure left me in grief and sorrow, but come to think of it all your life was a mirror and you left me with good memories of your kindness, gentleness, meekness combined with your beautiful and dis-arming smile was always encouraging and will be missed.
Good night mama and God bless, keep and uphold the children all the grand and great grand children and families you left behind Rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus until then farewell Mama.Babatunde O. Adebajo (Son)
Posted by Olumayowa Ogunwemimo on May 18, 2021
Mama Adebajo had such a sense of humour and there was barely a dull moment each time I visited her. Her memory was intact even though she had aged and remembered almost everyone that paid her a visit.

I pray that Mama's soul rests in peace and may the family she left behind remain comforted by the Holy Spirit.
Posted by John Paul on May 18, 2021
I reallh miss those days growing up wit u nd aw much u wait to get the fragrance u lv to wear. I truly value the virtues nd discipline u instilled in us... RIP MAMA

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Recent Tributes
Posted by Rotimi Odutola on May 9, 2022
Another beloved year has passed and your loving memory will continue to warm our hearts. May God continue to bless you and may you continue to watch upon our hearts.
Posted by Olufemi Adebajo on May 9, 2022
Today make it one year that you left this world, even though you're no longer with us your legacy and love leave's with us.
Goodnight grandma till we meet on the resurrection morning. Femi,Nike,Samuel,Emmanuel, Deborah and Esther Adebajo (grandchildren and great grandchildren
Posted by Rotimi Odutola on June 8, 2021
To my dearest Grandmother, there is much to say about a woman who empowers the strength and kind spirit as you did. As I reflect over the years, I am very appreciative for all of the prays and blessings that you have bestowed to our families. In every God fearing family there is always a praying mother as the foundation. From that we build our lives and live accordingly to the principles and values nurtured by our mothers. As you transition in grace and reverence, your prayers and love will always be in my heart.
her Life

Biography of Mrs Marian Taiwo Akinde (Nee Akinde)

Mrs. Marian Taiwo Adebajo was born on December 18, 1924 at Ibadan to Mr. Thomas Okegbenro Akinde from Abeokuta and Mrs. Jerumana Titilola Akinde (nee Pereira) from Lagos, Nigeria.

She attended her primary education at the St. Mary Catholic School, Lagos. After her primary school education, she attended a private Fashion and Catering School where she received her training under the tutelage of Mrs. C. I. Cole initially at Ibadan and then at Igbosere, Lagos when Mrs Cole relocated to Lagos.  Shortly after completing her training, Mrs. Adebajo met her “husband to be” at a church they both attended and where she was a member of the Church Choir. As a matter of fact, it was her melodious voice and beauty that caught her husband’s eyes at one of the church services.

She married her beloved husband Samuel Oladipo Adebajo on April 24, 1949 at Ebenezer African Church, Oke-Bola, Ibadan. Shortly after they were married, she had to relocate to Onitsha as her husband who was working for the Ministry of Health in Ibadan was transferred to Onitsha. This was where she had her first son Babatunde Adebajo. A few years later, they were once again transferred from Onitsha to Jos where she had her daughter Mrs. Yetunde Odutola. Two years later, she returned back to Ibadan with her husband, there she had another daughter Pastor (Mrs.) Titilola Fadun. She and her husband lived in Ibadan for a few years before her husband’s job relocated them to Kaduna where she had another son Deacon Olutunji Adebajo. Eventually, they were transferred back to Ibadan.

After many years of traveling, and a desire to have a stable family home, her husband founded the Adebajo Maternity Home in Ibadan and it was at this Maternity Home in Ibadan that she gave birth to her last son Pastor Olufemi Adebajo whom she fondly called “Oko mi” (My husband).

As a devoted wife and mother, she was supportive of her husband’s aspirations and goals, therefore it was not surprising that she had a desire to learn and to support her husband in running the Maternity Home. As a result of her commitment to midwifery, caring and kindness toward the people, she was fondly called “Nurse Taiwo.”

In the early sixties, the family finally relocated to Lagos where she continued to support her husband in his career endeavors. At the same time, she started running her own fashion designing, baking and decorating business. The business flourished as she was well known for her wedding and birthday cakes. She was also known for her unique fashion designing which she loved to show case on special days such as at Easter, Christmas, birthdays or at special events. Even as she remained busy with her flourishing business, she also registered with the Ministry of Works as a contractor and did some works for them.

As someone who loved the Lord, she became an active member at the United Native African Church (UNA), Bajulaiye, Lagos. There she was actively involved in the church activities and was Matrons of some of the associations. After several years, she left the UNA Church to join the Jehovah Witness denomination of which her parents were former members. However, she remained a member for a brief period.

She later joined her husband at Gbagada Estate Baptist Church to which she remained an active member till her last day. Due to old age, she conveniently worshiped at the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) located in a separate part of her residence. Her favorite church song was “E je ka a fi inu didun yin Oluwa Olore”, a song she requested to be sung at her funeral before she passed.

Mrs. Taiwo Adebajo was a loving wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother who taught her children to fear and love God, and to stand on the side of the truth at all times. She was loved by her departed husband, family, church members and neighbors. She was also amazingly funny with her jokes that even strangers will remember how she kept them laughing and happy around her. She opened her home to her extended families and friends whom she treated as her own children. She raised children who were not hers as they were her own. Also, she inspired and encouraged her children and other young people in her home to be the best they could be.

She loved to cook and entertained her guests with delicious meals. She was generous and hospitable as she loved to make people feel special in her home.

She was a woman clothed with strength and dignity and spoke with wisdom and understanding. Most of all, she feared and loved the Lord and loved all people.

Mama transitioned to eternal rest in her sleep in her home after attending church service and dutifully paid her tithe on Sunday 9th May 2021.

Mama was survived by her dear brother Engineer Idowu Akinde, her children, and their spouses (Mrs. Iyabo Adebajo, Pastor. Dr. Adelaja Odutola, Deaconess (Mrs.) Comfort Adebajo and Pastor (Mrs.) Adedeji Adebajo), grandchildren, great grandchildren and several cousins, nieces and nephews.

“Dearest mother, we loved you very much but God loves you more. We thanked the Almighty God for blessing you with a long life that was well lived. May your gentle and kind soul rest in perfect peace with the Lord. We will miss you greatly. Until we meet again, Esun re o mama wa dada”.

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