Tribute to my Sister

My sister was the most caring lovely kind and sensitive person that I ever knew. I remember her as a happy child.Once she got stuck up a tree on the farm that we used to live on and my dad had to get her down.She was always a tom boy .She used to cut all the hair off her dolls . We would play in the stream at the bottom of the garden and make marbles from clay.We would run round the fields singing I have a brand new combine  harvester. A piece of me has gone but  will not  be forgotten .

                       Farewell ,

                     all my love

                                   Gordy. x

Tribute to my Sister

Since she was a girl Marianne was full of life. She was shy, considerate, loving and kind, She was never afraid to try new things such as learning to play the drums and going on to be a female drummer in an otherwise male band. She was unique . She had her own way of doing things. She never followed the crowd, more like she set the trend and lived her life to the beat of her own drum literally. She travelled the world. She lived in Paris and London. She had wild ideas and sometimes let her imagination run wild. I wish she could have harnessed the energy and channel it into some of the things she wanted out of life. She loved her family and was loyal to each and every one of us and to her friends who she treasured. She was a wonderful daughter sister and aunt. She spent the last years of her life giving endlessly to everyone she knew and to those she did not know. She asked nothing for herself but only sought to do good for others. I don't think she was ready to leave this world and her family and friends so soon. I think she always thought she could do more for everyone and for herself but it was not to be. Marianne is a light as bright as any star , moon or sun. We keep her in our hearts and feel blessed to have known her and wish for her to continue being a bright light where ever she is now . love you , Michelle

Tribute to my Lovely Daughter

Marianne it was always so warm when you were around. You were so Loving Gently and Kind. Always there to lend a helping hand. I have so many Fond memories of You, and know you will always be around  us even though we can no longer see you. We miss and Love you more than you will ever know. Sleep in Peace little Angel . Much Love mum xxx